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Kayla's Fantasy  


i'm kayla, 5'4 36C nice ass if i do say so my self. sligtly tanned, blonde, sum freckles, 110lbs. Perfect body!
lori, 5'4 36C spanish perfect ass, and also a gorgeous body.

Lori came to visit me at our grandma's house for two weeks. she is my closest cousin. we are just one year apart. best friends. now during our usual visits we would just hang otu, and talk abotu boys, but this visit was very different.

It started in the pool, we were swimming in the moon light all alone, when lori turns to me have you ever had an orgasm?"
and i was like "yea...have you?"
i now knew that this would be my best visit with my favorite cousin lori ever!!!

Later that nite we were watnhing HBO when a lesbian porn show came on...i had the remote..adn i didn't want to change it.neither did she. so were sittign there watching these girls fuckign each other with dildos...and to be honest i was VERY i turned to my cousin....
"so you've never had an orgasm?" with a smie on my face
"well honestly i dont kno how to make myself have one..."
"i'll show you" and i walked over to her...she eagerly pulled off her pajama pants just as i did...and we sat on the bed facing each other(legs wide open for each other to see)

so i began fingering my slfand playign with my was hott...especially becuz my even hotter cousin was watching me! I looked up after a while...
Lori said "nothing's happening...aren't i supposed to feel something?'
"well you have to massage your clit to make you wet."
"where's that?"
"i'll show you"
I didn't even bother with my hand i just let my tongue do the talking. ANd i licked up an down her virgin cunt...and began to suck on her clit. she began to moan softly...which was turning me on!
So i licked and sucked and bit on her clit until i knew she was goign to explode...and i then let her cum in my mouth and i licked up al that didn't go in. she was so sweet!
After she came i stradled dripping pussy on her stomach....and kised her more passionatly theni have ever kissed any1....i let my tongue explore all over her mouth...then i licked and kissed down her neck to her left nipple...and kissed it..then looked up at her and siad "it get's better" then went to work licking and sucking and nibbleing on her left nibble while i played and squeezed and twisted the other with my left hand whiel i right oen traveled to her pussy...still dripping...i massaged then twisted ans played with her clit tilonce again she oragsmed....and what an orgasm it lasted a few minutes...
then sh elooked at me and said "thanxz!"
and i said..."your turn and she looked at me with a confused look...btu caught on in a minute...

i let her lie back on the bed...then i lowered my pussy over her face and told her to do just what i did to her to me...and she nodded and pulle dmy pussy to her mouth...and for her first tiem eating pussy...she was good!!!! she gave my clit h attention i was gunna burst...and i just sat there and rode her face! somethign no guy would let me do!!! i then knelt down and ate her pussy while she finsihed mine..she climaxed quickly...and she came together...then i kissed her once more...this time her tongue was involved...and we layed back and fell asleep each others arms

By - X Bunni X

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:36 pm