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Kasara and Shelly Get Laid!!! Part 1  


Kasara and Shelly Get Laid!!!!!! Part 1

My name is Kasara, I'm a bisexual female from Illinois, I have a girlfriend of 3 years. We're both married and we love having lots of fun together, and sometimes with our husbands along us as well. I plan on submitting plenty of our stories, and i hope you come back for them all.
Shelly and I were bored one night so we went into the bar that is our hangout. We always know everyone who goes in but to our surprise there were a few new guys. I'm 5 foot tall long blonde hair, brown eyes and as shelly says STACKED! Shelly is about 5 foot 4 inches, strawberry blonde, all the right curves, and deep sky blue eyes. We walk up sit on the bar stool and order our drinks, jim and coke as usual. The bartender Joe asks us to go back and have a 'y in and out and while im doing that i go back to lickign her little button. Joe decides his dick is too hard to be licking and he decides to stick it in her asshole. I watch as he reems her asshole harder and harder, I start cumming so Shelly licks more andholds me so i can squirm away, she sticks 2 fingers inside me then 3 making me cum harder, Shelly starts cumming when i do so i stick another finger in her pussy and shove them in harder and harder, joe starts reeming shelly's ass harder, we all three shoot our loads all over each other.Shelly licks my cum out of my box and i do hers the same and joe gives us each a cloth to wipe off with and we all get dressed and go back out to the dancing and partying...............if youd like to know more, come back soon, there will be more.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:06 pm