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It was a first but not the last  


The Oral’s

You know there is a lot of talk about the sexes and this has been going on for years. Men fuck women, and vise a versa, and that is that. We have men, women and nothing else.

I really feel that there should be a third accepted category. The Oral’s. The Oral’s are pretty normal people, they work and pay taxes, they have families they love and they take care of. But there is something special about the Oral’s that just regular men and women are missing. You see the orals are so in tuned with the feeling of the person that they are fucking that they don’t care if it is a man or women. The orals only true fix is the pleasure that they are giving to the other person.

They are a harmless group and I really don’t believe they judge others. More of a live and let live attitude, which I think, would be wonderful in this world. The Oral’s only real desire is not to be put in a certain group so that others may judge them. After all they don’t judge so why should they be judged.

The other thing about the Oral’s is that they love using their mouth, hence the name. They feel that using their mouth on a sweet wet pussy, or a throbbing hard dick, is the best way to take care of the other person. They don’t just suck; they make love to the other person. After all what better way to show some one you care about how they get off than to use your mouth on them, it is window to the soul, using your mouth.


As harmless as the group is you would think that they would be left alone to their own devices, but this is not the way of the world. Everything has to fit into a certain order, straight, gay’s, and nothing in between. I think there should be a third. Straight gay’s and Oral’s.

This would relieve a bunch of stress put on people about how they really feel about sex. If everyone were honest they would admit that one time or another they thought about licking a pussy or sucking a dick. But this behavior would put them outside the realm of the rest of the world. Such a waste.

Now for the story I will tell a tail about two of my friends Fran and Rick. To the outside world these two appear to be quite normal and loving, which they are. The difference is that they happen to be oral’s. I first learned this quite by accident one day. It wasn’t a drunken party but just a nice quite afternoon.

I happened to be over and we were discussing a number of things over a nice cup of coffee. During the course of the afternoon, sex came up and they started giving me the ideas about the oral’s. I played along and said it sounded good on paper but I believed the old fashioned way. Men, women period.

After a period of time Rick looked right at me and said. "You mean that if I offered to suck, no not just suck, but to treat your dick better than anyone ever has, you would turn me down". As I was sitting there I could feel my dick start to stir. Whoa, guy now don’t move on me right now, I thought.

I was speechless; thinking he was joking I just did not say anything. Then I asked, "you mean the both of you?" Rick answered by nodding his head toward Fran who got up and came toward me.

Without saying a word she dropped to her knees in front of me and started rubbing me through my shorts. I guess they meant both of them. Fran continued and when my dick was growing she pulled down my shorts and just looked. I could hear her moan as she put her head closer to me.

Instead of just plunging her mouth on my dick she was taking her time. Kind of like getting into it. She took the time and sniffed around my dick, getting the smell and the difference down compared to Rick. She cupped it with her hands and to be honest a more sensual feeling I have never experienced. It was like she was paying homage to my dick while it became harder.

She then started taking little licks first around the head and then down the shaft. The time she was taking was quite different, a truly oral experience. During this time I failed to notice that Rick had moved closer, he had moved a chair right next to his wife and just sat there watching. When I looked over at Rick to see if he was going to smack me for allowing his wife to suck my dick I notice he did not even look up at me. He was too busy watching his wife and what she was doing.

I learned later that it was not his wife he was watching, it was my dick and he just wanted to make sure this was the most intense experience that I had ever felt.

Fran then lead me over to the couch and pushed me down so I was sitting then she put herself between my legs. Fran then started doing things to me that I can’t explain with words, but I will try. She more than sucked my dick, she made love to it. I could tell she was getting more out of mouthing my hardon than I was. She went from deep throating me to licking the shaft, then to the balls and back to deep throating. She was quite good.

The look in her eyes was of lust and love and sex all rolled up into one look. She was getting off on getting me off. To say it was good would be to minimize it, it was beyond good. I knew that I would not last long with this type of action and just sat back waiting to coat her throat with a big wad of cum. The one thing that I did not count on was her desire to make this last and she knew when to stop so I would not cum.

After awhile I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, I decided to just let it cum, so to speak and get it over. That is where the Oral’s and the others differ, they are in no hurry at all and know all the tell tale signs when you are getting ready to cum.

Fran just kept doing new things to me I had never been treated like that before. She brought me to the edge and backed down so many times I lost count. I honestly did not want it to end, I thought the cuming would ruin it. After about fifteen minutes of this I was hooked. I became an Oral.

Like I said I just rested my head back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I started to want to shift my position and move around a little and opened my eyes so I would not step on anyone and got a little shock. Rick was now sucking my dick and I did not notice one bit of difference nor did I know when they switched, I was just into the feelings.

I decided to watch Rick and he had the same look on his face that Fran had one of total service to my dick with his mouth. He deepthroated me and licked the shaft just like Fran did and to be honest he was just a little more gentle than she was. I was being blown by a guy whose only function in life was to please me. How could this upset me?

By now I had been brought to the edge and back so much I had an overwhelming desire, one in the pit of my stomach, to do the same for one of them. I honestly did not care which one I just wanted to show them that I understood and wanted to be a part of the Oral’s.

I stopped Rick and said to the both of them that I would like to take care of them, like they were doing to me. Fran spoke up and said that before I had come over she was taken care of by Rick and if I did not mind would I be willing to take care of Rick.

Now this is how it is with the Oral’s giving you a choice and then asking you to do it, if you don’t mind. I shook my head and said I did not mind that it wasn’t the dick or pussy that I wanted to experience it was just the Oral feeling of taking care of someone with the same care I had been shown.

There was not anything hurried or any feeling of remorse, not any negative feelings at all.

Rick slowly got up, bent over and buried my dick in his mouth again and then kissed the head and stood up.

He slowly pulled down his shorts and sat on the couch next to me. He had a look I could only describe as sublime and he seemed perfectly content. With the orals just taking care of someone is enough to make them satisfied and he looked it.

I had sucked a few dicks in my time and they were just that, dick sucking. It was after too many beers and no women and it just happened. I really tried to forget the experience as I had mixed feelings. I felt it was wrong but they had sucked my dick first and felt I owed them. To be honest I did not know how we got to that point but we did. The first guy came quicker than I normally do and I was only sucking him for a few minutes before he came in my mouth. Not being able to spit easily I just swallowed it and that was that. I think he even called me a cocksucker and this is after he blew me. I felt like smacking the asshole.

The second guy was hung like a small pony and had a beer hardon. I must have sucked his dick for a half an hour or more the entire time I was using my hand jacking him off just praying for him to get it over with. Finally he blew a load in my mouth that was at least a full cup of cum, I gagged and swallowed and gagged some more.

Neither time was something to write home about and I felt bad because " guys are not supposed to do that". I saw both of them afterward but it was never talked about, something to keep a deep secret. We acted like something was wrong and I guess it was.

Now I am getting ready to suck Rick’s dick and I am stone sober and more turned on than I ever had been. I got up and got in front of him, his dick was hard and stiff. The veins were bulging all around it. To be honest it looked beautiful, I then realized something, and it was not about what I was getting ready to suck, it was that I was going to bring satisfaction to another human. It could have been Fran there and I would have felt the same way.

I knelt in front of Rick and gently took his dick in my hand; it felt warm and quite stiff.

I leaned toward it and took in the smell wanting to get to my job. I knew before I put that dick in my mouth that I was not going to give him a blowjob, I was going to make love to his dick with my mouth. There is quite a difference.

I really wanted to enjoy this whole experience from top to bottom so to speak, and was looking forward to it. I leaned forward and just smelled him, it was like ambrosia. The smell was unique to Rick and I took it in. I cupped his balls in my hand and wanted to get to know the feel and taste of them. I nibbled the shaft of his dick and worked my way up to the head. I think I was more excited than Rick was and wanted the feel of that hard dick in my mouth.

I got to the head of his dick and plunged my head down letting his dick fill my mouth. It felt great. I could feel it throb and a small amount of cum seeped out, I just held it in my mouth. I did not feel a sense of urgency at all, no need to make him cum right away and get it over with, just a desire to please him like they did me.

I guess because this was my first time as an Oral I lacked the experience on how to get to the edge and back. Or maybe it was because I let my mind take over and wanted to taste a mouth full of cum, either way I started working way to hard on a task that should be savored. I was thinking about the guy who could not cum because he was too drunk and thought Rick could take as much time as he wanted, I did not care.

There was no feeling that I had to perform at a certain level or do anything that I did not want too, I did all those things on my own. I wanted to suck his dick, I wanted a mouth full of cum, but it was not about what I wanted, it was about Rick.

I lost track on how much time had gone by and I kept at my task. Then I let my mind take over again and decided I wanted to end it. I wanted to taste his cum, I, I, I,

So my head moved up and down his dick with a purpose, I cupped his balls with my hands and looked forward to them filling my mouth. After I took Rick out of the mix and decided to do what I wanted it did not take long.

I could feel his dick become super hard and his balls tighten up, I was more than ready for this load. Rick started to hump my mouth he rested his hands on my head, not to make sure I did not stop, but more of a caring touch. The first blast was an incredible thing to experience to want what was shooting out the head of his dick in my mouth was great. But I wanted to swallow it, not just to keep a clean dick, but to make it part of me. And swallow I did.

He kept cumming and shooting into my mouth and I was moaning and swallowing for all I was worth. There was one thing I had lost track of, my own dick. The entire time I was sucking Rick my dick got harder than it had ever been before. No one touching it, it just happened on its own. As Rick was cumming in my mouth I started cumming I remember shooting all over the couch and had no idea how it had happened with no one touching it. But it did.

I was in another world I knew what had happened and wanted more, much more.

I did not take my mouth off Rick’s dick until he was done and it started to become soft, there was no mess to clean up, I had it all. He was a part of me now. But I needed more.

I looked to Fran and she was just sitting there watching with this incredible look on her face. She came to me and kissed me on the lips. Not this great hot sexual kiss but more of a "I care for you and welcome you" kiss.

I begged Fran to please teach me the way to make a woman happy, I now wanted her pussy as much as I wanted dick. But I wanted her to show me how to make love to a pussy with my mouth. How to satisfy a women and make her feel special. Fran did not say a word but pulled down her pants. She was not wearing any panties and as soon as the cloth dropped to the floor I was able to gaze on the second most beautiful site I had ever seen. She was well trimmed, not shaved, but the pubic hair was trimmed to a very short length. This allowed me to see her pussy and the little pouting lips that covered my new target.

Fran sat on the same couch right next to Rick, I could see them holding hands and Fran gave Rick a kiss that was truly passionate. I am a guy and that kiss turned me on. It spoke volumes about their relationship; they truly loved each other and were willing to share this love with others.

Fran slouched down on the couch and was lying so her pussy was at the edge of the cushions. She looked at me and said, "go to it boy, and take your time".

No problem ma’am I thought. I got closer to the task at hand and wanted to take in the smells. You could tell Fran had came earlier that day there was a slight musk odor. Not offensive at all but your could tell her pussy had been damp. I loved it.

I leaned forward and parted her pussy lips with my fingers then I slowly started to lick away. This was more to clean up the juices from before but still seemed to bring Fran a great amount of joy. She moaned and put her hands on my head. Again it was a loving touch not one of a controlling nature. I started to think, you ought to moan, getting your pussy eaten by two good-looking guys in one morning, hell I think I will moan too.

I finished licking the remnants of her first orgasm and proceeded to give her one or two more. The problem, I was going too fast for her. Fran told me to slow down and enjoy it.

So I did. When she gave me directions I looked on them as being guided by one who knew. I did not feel it was in anyway telling me I was not doing a good job.

She directed me to her clit and told me to lick it until it became hard. I did it.

Then she told me to suck it into my mouth and tongue it, I did it.

After awhile she became quite and just lay back to enjoy the tongue bath I was giving her pussy. I looked up and saw that Rick and Fran were still holding hands with Frans finger tracing little circles on his palm.

All of a sudden it hit me, what the fuck. Here I am sucking Rick’s wife pussy while he sits next to her; I wondered what he was thinking. Then I looked and saw he had another hard on. No Problem.

I really got into sucking that pussy and Fran started moving her hips like she was fucking. I knew that she would soon cum and really started to work on her clit. Her moans and movements drove me nuts she humped and ground her pussy into my face and started to scream. What an experience I reached around and grabbed her ass to bring as much of her into my mouth as I could. She came in that position not just once but three times in quick succession. Her body convulsed she shook and humped for about three minutes before she stopped. My face was covered with pussy juice. The couch was covered in pussy juice. My hands were covered in pussy juice. Fuck the world was covered in pussy juice and was much better off for it.

I gave it a minute and backed off I was going to see where my next job might be. Then I realized something, I had cum again. No on touched it, no help I just came because I was so intent on giving someone else pleasures.

I was going to give Rick a quick blow job and relieve his hardon but I found he came all over his chest. While Fran was coming she reached over and jacked off Rick with her hand and he had came the very same time she did. Fran now busied herself with licking the cum off his chest. She looked down at me and asked. "You want some"?

I answered, "no thanks I’m full right now", to which she laughed and licked the rest of the cum from his chest.

After a few minutes we were again sitting around the table and I was having a fresh cup of coffee. I really did not know what to say, but I don’t think they expected me to say anything. I was hooked, I was an Oral, I looked upon them differently now but it was a good difference. To say they opened my mind up would be a gross understatement. They did more than open my mind they lifted it.

I did not have to feel guilty because I had those feelings any more. I realized it was ok to want to taste a hard dick and have cum shoot in my mouth, because I wanted to also taste a wet pussy and have that cum also. It was not about what the current feelings on men and women were and how we, as men, should act. Case in point, any guy gets off on seeing two women together. But to think about the other, two men together, is a no no.

Not in my mind, not now at least. It not is about what you are doing as much as how you are doing it for someone. A truly Oral state of Mind.

Posted : 09/07/2011 10:05 pm