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It tasted ok i guess lol  


When I was about 18 I used to go round to a mates house almost every Friday night and have a few beers while playing the nintendo or whatever was the games console of the mid nineties. We used to watch porn and being pretty immature we would sneak alone to the bathroom to wank off.

I had been with a couple of girls by then, but not since I was sixteen. I knew however that this friend of mine had never so much as kissed a girl, let alone tasted any pussy. As the weeks of Friday nights wore on and the drinking got more serious, I used to tease him about being a virgin mercilessly. He said he had fucked a girl on holiday, but having used this lie myself when I was fifteen, I saw straight through him. As the teasing got more serious, I used to ask him if he was getting hard talking like this all the time. Embarrassed, he would call me a gay fucker and laugh it off, but I could see I was getting to him with the bulge in his pants.

One night when his folks were away, we got drunker than usual and were playing a football game, when I suggested a forfeit. Whoever lost the next game had to play the following one in their boxers shorts. I lost on purpose and duly stripped off in front of him. I sat across from him and purposely openend my legs so that he could peer through the gap and maybe catch a glimpse of my balls. After I lost the next game, he just laughed when I said I would have to strip off, but I did it anyway. When i turned away to take them off, I could feel his eyes staring at my back so I bent right over to let him see my ass. When I turned around he made a big play of not wanting to look, when in fact I knew he was hard as hell. We played on and I now hit back winning the next two games easily. After the first he point blank denied stripping off, but when I won the second he relented and went down to his boxer shorts. When he stood in front of me I teased him about the wet marks on the front which I knew were pre cum. At this point I took a girlie mag from under his bed and looked at a few pics until I got hard. I knew this was turning him on, but he was trying dsperately not too get hard, as he didn't want me to think of him as gay.

We played one more game and I told him it was just so that I could see his cock too. Oh yeah and what if I beat u he asked? Well then I will do whatever u want me to do. I could see that this flung him a little, but also that it worked. He beat me fair and square this time as I actually was enjoying teasing him and wanted to see him take his shorts off. After we finished i said 'well I guess u better choose my forfeit'. He said their was no way I would do what ever he wanted so I told him to try me. Ok, he said wank in front of me. I stood up, walked over and just inches from his face puled my foreskin back and started playing with my cock. After a minute I asked him if that was it and that surely he wanted more than that as a forfeit. Ok then he said do that to me. I took his shorts down and boy was he hard!! He was big too, at least 2" bigger than me and thick with it.

When I started to play with him he was jelly in my hands. His legs were shaking and the sweat was pouring from his brow. Then without warning I gave him the surprise of his life. Quick as a flash and without warning I took him in my mouth. Now, remember this was a first for me as well, although I had fantasised about it before. I have to say myself that for a novice, I think my technique was pretty good. I felt like one of the sluts u see in a porn movie and gave it my all. It didn't take long and before I knew it, I was slurping down his cum. I don't think he even palyed with himself, because too this day I swear I have never seen so much of the stuff. He kept spurting for what must have been half a minute.

It was then his turn, but he was playing hard to get. You gotta beat me first he said, and it took me four more games to do that. I reminded him that the forfeit was not necessarily a BJ as that was his fault for not taking it further. It will do for starters mind u I told him as I forced my cock inti his mouth. Now if I was good at it, then he was the opposite. He did nothing, just opened his mouth and let me put my dick in and out. No sucking or licking or anything like that. Fuck it, i thought time to punish him for a bad BJ. Igot two of his work ties from his wardrobe and against his protestations I tied his wrists to his headboard. So, there he was naked and flat on his back on the bed. I then got a scarf and tied it round his eyes and then another scarf round his mouth.

He was my slave now I told him and he was going to pay for cumming in my mouth so much. All he could do was nod, and I could see it was working because he was again as hard as before. I got on top of him and fucked him like he was a female, pounding my cock to where a girls pussy would have been. Then I told him I was going to fuck him. I went to the bathroom and brought back a botttle of shampoo which I smeard over his cock, balls and arse. I wanked his cock again for a while as I did the same to mine. The wetness of the shampoo was having the desired effect and with us both rock hard, I put my finger up his arse. No gentleness or slowness, just right up there which made him squirm and squeal behind his gag. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders now and with his hole wet and ready forced myself into him. I knew it hurt because his legs clenched almost shut and forced me back out. I wasn't to be denied though and for the next minute or so I got back in and fucked him until I came up his arse.

I started to untie him and then thought, no fuck it, he can be my slave for the night. Over the next five hours I wanked him off, sucked him again, came over his face and fucked him twice more. I even put a few things up him like the shampoo bottle and a doedorant can. The only thing was that I had to get a bowl and hold his cock while he peed in it. Over the next couple of years we repeated this until I met my now wife at which point, I thought I better stop. Even now though I am hard as I write this and hope that one day I can have a threesome with my wife and probably an older guy. If you read my story last week in the wifelovers section, you will know I have set the ball rolling for this scenario. I have not told my wife about my bi sexual tendancies yet, but I suppose she may have guessed it with the fact I want to see other mens cocks in her.


Posted : 09/07/2011 10:59 pm