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It happened late one night  


Margie was late again! This made the third time this week that she was late for her home economics class and to make things worse...she had been late for her other classes as well!! Her teachers had warned her that if she didn't straighten up and start getting to class on time she was going to be very sorry and she hoped that today wasn't going to be the day she put them to the test.
Approaching the door to the classroom, she hesitated. Mr. Kline was lecturing and she wanted to listen before going in...maybe she could time it so he had his back to the class and wouldn't see her slip in.
Peering through the window in the door she could just make him out at the front of the room. He looked like he was turning round...yes!, she quietly opened the door and slipped inside. Crouching low, she hurried to her desk and sat down, breathing a soft sigh that she had made it.
Quickly, Margie opened her book and pretended to be up on what was being said, looking totally engrossed in the lecture and hoping against hope that she had been successful in her little ploy.
Time crawled; Mr Kline never even looked at her and she prayed silently for the class to end. Finally...bells rang and the class began to gather their books and papers together...Mr. Kline spoke quickly.
"Ms. will stay a moment if you please. The rest of you, remember that we have a test in two days on the previous 6 chapters so I recommend that you all study...this one is worth 20% of you grade. See you in two days. Dismissed."
Everyone filed out of the doors, some looking back at her as Margie slumped in her chair. Caught and not an excuse would come to her befuddled brain. What on earth would he say to her? Worried and just a bit scared of what he would do to her, Margie waited impatiently.
Mr. Kline approached her and sat on the edge of the desk in front of her, watching her discomfort with a slight smile of satisfaction.
"You were late again Ms. Kincaid...this makes three times this week in this class alone...and you were late to our other class twice this week and I understand from Mr. Jones that you were late to his class twice this week as well. We have warned you repeatedly that this behaviour will not be tolerated here at the academy and so, together, Mr. Jones and I feel that some disciplinary action is required for you to learn your lesson. I want you to meet us both in Mr. Jones class this 7 pm for some "homework". Should you be late for this, I promise that you will receive double the discipline tomorrow. Do you understand?" he waited.
Margie nodded, too stunned to speak. Tonight? They wanted her to meet them tonight? She had a big date planned! She thought briefly about just ditching them but he must have guessed because he spoke quietly.
"I meant what I said about doubling your punishment should you not appear or be late tonight Margie. Be there and on time or suffer the consequences. You may go now."
He didn't move, just waited. Margie licked her now dry lips and started to get up.
"Remember...7 pm tonight. Room 414."
"Yes sir. 7 tonight, room 414. I will be there."
Grabbing her books she rushed from the room and headed for her dorm. No more classes today, thank God, but now she had to call Greg and tell him the date was off and why. She would tell him she had some work to do and make plans for tomorrow instead. Greg was a good student and he would understand...she hoped.
Greg did, and told her not to worry about it, just study hard and get a good grade on the test. He had had Mr. Kline before and knew how tough he could be. They would get together tomorrow for dinner or something. No problem.
Margie felt a little better, but was still nervous about her upcoming meeting with Mrs. Kline and Jones. What would they do?
Her head began to ache so she took a couple of aspirins and laid down for just a minute...
Opening her eyes, it took several minutes to focus. She felt groggy and sat up, shaking her head slightly. No headache. The room was dark, and sighing, Margie reached for the lamp beside her bed, her eyes falling on the clock. 6:55. It was later than she thought...reality hit her and she gasped out loud. Jumping from the bed, she brushed her hands down her wrinkled shirt and slacks, no time to change now! Grabbing her purse she bolted out the door at a run. 5 minutes to get cross campus...she had to get there.
Margie was late. She entered the door to room 414 at 3 minutes past 7 and stood just inside, breathless and shaking. The room was dark. Had she actually beaten the teachers there? A movement to her, it was to her right...
A light came on with a soft click...blinding her for a moment. Then the voice from the darkness...
"Late as usual I see Ms. Kincaid. Step forward and sit at the table if you please."
Stumbling slightly, Margie did as she had been told. Sitting stiffly, hands clasped in her lap she waited.
Mr. Kline spoke from behind her.
"We need to discipline you Margie. I warned you not to be late, that doing so would result in doubling your punishment, didn't I?"
Nodding, Margie licked her lips. She heard a slight, was it a groan?, off to her right. Turning her head slightly, she saw Mr. Jones sitting at his desk, but his face looked like he was in pain.
Slowly, he spoke.
"We have decided to share in your punishment my girl. In doing so, we will in fact be doubling your discipline, and our pleasure, should you agree."
"Of course Mr. Jones. I will agree to whatever you and Mr. Kline suggest. I know that I have been wrong and that you are both unhappy with me, so I leave myself to your judgement."
"Really my dear? How very good of you. In that case, we can proceed immediately. You will stand and follow me if you please."
With that, Jones stood and led her towards the rear of the room where the tools were kept. Here was where the students did their metal work, bending, molding and shaping the pieces that would become works of art for some and pieces of junk for others. Pointing to the long table, he turned to look at Margie with a slight smile.
"First of all young lady, you will remove all of your clothing and then climb up onto the table and lay down with your arms extended over your head and your legs spread. You have exactly 2 minutes to comply." and he looked at his watch.
Startled, Margie simply stared. Glancing up at her, he merely said, "One minute remaining".
Margie understood. She quickly pulled her blouse over her head and dropped her pants to the floor. She was unhooking her bra when he said "times up" and she was unceremoniously pulled forward and bent double. Before she knew what was happenening, she felt the first blow and yelped in surprise.
Landing 6 sharp blows to her buttocks, Mr. Jones released her and told her to get on the table immediately. She did so, but before she could do more than lay down, her arms were grabbed and she felt a rope bind her. Next, her legs were tied and she was now helpless. She was scared, but only slightly. She trusted these two men not to hurt her...but still...
She shivered slightly when she saw the scissors and gasped as she saw her bra and panties cut away from her body.
"You agreed to be our pawn, taking the discipline we dish out, did you not?" asked Jones.
"Yes sir. But...what are you going to do to me?" she asked softly.
"Enjoy you, teach you a lesson about time...and fuck your brains out." snapped Kline with a wolfish grin.
He had long wanted to get inside this hot cunt and now he was going to. Jones nodded and Kline undid his pants and climbed onto the table. Jones stood at her head, his hands rubbing and squeezing her large breasts. Without any preamble, Kline knelt between her spread legs, and shoved his hard, thick cock deep. She cried out in both pain and shock, and a hand quickly covered her mouth. Kline lost no time in ramming in and out, showing no mercy and taking only a few moments before shooting his load deep. Without losing a second, he jumped down and was immediately replaced by an equally hard and horny Mr. Jones.
Kline grabbed a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and shoved it into Margies' mouth. He then began to lick and suckle on first one breast and then the other, all the while watching her face as Jones fucked her now sopping cunt.
"Shes' almost ready Tom", he said as he saw her tighten. Jones shot his load all over her stomach as he pulled out of her and then he jumped down, standing beside her.
"Lets turn her over and get her ready for the buttbuster, Joe" he said as he reached for her leg ropes.
"Fine by me", Kline said as he followed suit with her other leg. In no time at all they had her flipped over, and on her knees and rebound, legs spread apart, arms still tied down. Her gag was loose, so they tightened it with a secondary cloth tied around her head. She could breathe but not speak.
Joe Kline went into the storage closet and returned with a large paddle that had several holes cut into it, and a long metal rod. Margie blanched as she saw these implements and began to shake her head vigorously.
The two teachers only smiled and nodded.
Jones took the paddle and pulled up a small step ladder. Climbing the ladder, and without any warning he swung his arm. The paddle connected with a loud smack and Margie screamed into her gag. Again the arm swung and came down and Margie screamed once more, tears falling from her eyes. Five more times she felt the sting of the paddle land on her buttocks and fire burned all the way into her head and toes.
Nothing happened for several minutes and Margie hoped that they would release her, but then she felt something cold and hard press against her butt...pushing its way into her ass and forcing her head down where she screamed in pain and cried.
Joe had lubed the large knob that crowned the 3 inch thick rod and was slowly pushing it into her virgin ass...he could see it stretch and suck as he continued to push and! The rod was now buried a full 9 inches and he was still pushing...he could feel the bowel open and accept the intrusion as he continued to push another 2 inches inside her well-stuffed ass. He stopped and allowed her to rest a minute, nodding towards Jones.
Jones moved the stepladder to the end of the table and mounted it. He was now at the proper height for Margie to reach him. He could see she was hurting, and he smiled at her.
"You see Margie, discipline is both painful and fun at the same time. I am now going to remove your gag and you are going to give me a blowjob. You will not bite...not even a little...or you will get 10 swats with the paddle. Do you understand?" Margie nodded, and he removed her gag.
"I am soooo hard Margie, and I want you to drink every drop. Lick me and suck me and take me deep. Do it now girl." and so saying, he shoved his cock into her mouth.
Margie gagged slightly before she could stop herself, but then she breathed in through her nose and began to lick him and suck him off. It didn't take long to get him good and ready, but during the whole time she had been sucking cock, her ass was being reamed good and hard. Kline had wasted no time in shoving that rod in and out of her now hot asshole and soon she felt herself getting ready to climax. Just as she climaxed, so did Jones and she swallowed his jizz and shot her load. Kline was it was his turn.
In no time at all, Jones had been replaced by Kline, and Margie was instructed to lick and suck him off...he had a massive cock, fully 12 inches long and as big around as her wrist! He slammed deep into her throat and then she felt the rod pop out of her ass. Relief made her giddy and she began to lick faster. Kline grabbed her hair and held her still..."Take your time, my girl. I want to enjoy this..." he said softly.
Tom had taken the rod over to the washbasin and had given it a thorough washing before returning to the table. Wasting no time on words, he simply shoved it home. Margie opened her mouth to scream as she felt the ball and rod ram into her sopping wet hole, but Kline forestalled her by ramming his cock deep into her mouth, thus effectively cutting off her scream.
Jones pumped iron in and out of Margie, making her squirm with each movement. Soon she was peaking again and was climaxing full blast when Kline grabbed her head and shoved deeply one last time. As he shot his load she swallowed and gulped quickly, catching every drop. Soon he was spent and allowed himself to slide from her stretched mouth. With a pat on the head, he stepped down and moved away from her.
Margie could hear whispering off to the side, and wondered what was next on the agenda.
Surprise had her opening and closing her mouth like a codfish when she was unceremoniously released and told to stand.
Doing as she was bid, Margie stood, naked on the table.
"Have you learned the lesson for this evening, Ms. Kincaid?" she was asked.
Margie nodded her head slightly, and licked her lips.
"I can not hear you. Speak up girl. Have you learned your lesson tonight?"
"Yes sir. I have." she said, her voice slightly rough and uneven.
"Good, good. Then I trust that we may deduce that you will be on time for classes from now on and we won't have to repeat our 'lesson' again?"
"Oh no sir! I promise I will be on time and I won't be late matter what!" Margie said with feeling.
Mr. Kline and Mr. Jones merely smiled. They knew that they would be seeing much more of Ms. Kincaid before she really learned her lesson...but for now they would wait and see. They were very good at waiting...they had been doing so for over 15 years and so far with great success.
Margie was told to go to her dorm room and clean up and get some rest.
"And don't forget to study for that test!" said Mr. Kline as she bolted out the door.
Laughing, Mrs. Jones and Kline slapped each other on the back and headed home. They wanted to get fucked by their wives and both were eager to have it begin...

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