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It feels so Big Now she said.  


A Story for my Wife.

I want to hear any and all sounds, words, moans and gasps you make as well as seeing the look on your face as you move yourself onto all 4's so another guy, with a 9 1/2" to 10" cock, can fuck your ass. I beleave it will go like this . . .

You look at me as your dropping your shoulders down onto the bed and wiggling your ass up high, and I see you looking like a woman full of lust. Then as you feel him crawling up behind you, firmly squeezing the cheeks of your ass, you gasp as you look up at me.

I know you'll gasp out loud and suck in air the very moment you feel the large head of his cock touching your overly excited asshole. But he catches you off guard by pushing 1/2 of his cock into your pussy and pulling it out all the way.

Your pussy spasms as he does this 3 or 4 times, pulling completely out each time. When he pauses for a few minutes, you look up at me and roll your eyes and I can tell your nervious, I can see that you are scared, yet excited.

And then as your feeling his hands rubbing baby oil on the cheeks of your ass you begin gripping the mattress hard and when you feel him push the head of his cock in your asshole you make a low, yet deep moan and start 'Hissing' from breathing harder and harder.

He slowly pushes all of his 9 1/2" cock in your asshole and holds it there for a few moments. When you raise your head and look at me your eyes are 1/2 closed and your mouth is opened.

You look amazing to me, very erotic. Then your eyes open wide as he starts pulling his cock back out, All the way. He pauses a few seconds before pushing it back in again.

Now your taking all of his rock hard cock deep into your asshole; all of it. He starts a steady pumping action with his big cock in your ass. You are moaning and I notice that with each of his 'in' pushes you grip the mattress tighter. For almost 15 min. he fucks your ass. He pulls out and leans over and bites your neck as he rubs your pussy. Then he is teasing your ass with his fingers and working on your clit. 5 min. later he stops.

He moves back behind you and as he leans down on your back you feel his throbing cock bouncing on your asshole - I look at you as you softly say, "It feels so big now. Oh God . . ." He takes his right arm and wraps it over your right shoulder and reaches for your Left tittie and pulls you up a little.

Suddenly he bites your shoulder and nibbles on your neck. He then says, "That was just a tease. Now I'm going to really fuck you. Ready?" Then with a squeeze on your tittie, and another bite on your shoulder, he thrusts his thick, hard cock deep in your pussy; Hard.

He gives you 5 thrusts then pulls out and quickly pushes his cock completely in your asshole. He put his hands on your shoulders (the top of them) and begins pumping your ass. With each forward thrust he pulls you into him from your shoulders.

And after 15 thrusts he pulls out and moves to your pussy and begins giving you several thrusts and then pulls out only to do the same in your asshole again .

He then stops and puts you on your back with a pillow under your hips and begins licking your pussy wildly. After you have another orgasm he crawls up and puts his cock between your titties.

You wrap your tits around his cock and he fucks your tits and soon squirts cum all over them, as well as on your neck. You rub his cum all over your titties like it was lotion and tell him how awesome it was to watch him cum like that.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:32 pm