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I met his eyes first  


Here I am, captured in them,
His eyes wide and bright
He couldn’t be more handsome,
Even in this dim light

He moves to sit right next to me,
I catch my breath in my chest
His touch is soft, his kiss is sweet
Must I tell you the rest?

(of course I will)

The way his hands flow down my back,
Make chills roll up my spine
I don’t think I can control myself
I want this man to be mine!

We get up and walk back to my room,
A puzzled look in his eyes
I open my door and look at him
He is no longer surprised

A sly grin flashes over his face
I know what he wants to do
We move into a warm embrace
Could my wish be coming true?

I back away and take his hand
To lead him to my bed
I push him down, but grab his shirt
And pull it over his head

His arms are lean and muscular
His stomach: sculpted and tight
His chest looks chiseled from stone
I can’t believe this sight

I start unzipping his pants
As he unbuttons my top
I want him to take me now
I feel like I’m going to pop

We’re both almost naked now
All but for two “fig leaves”
I’m still in my short black skirt
And he still wears his briefs

And since on me not one stitch is found
Of stalking or underwear
When he removes my skirt he’ll see
My skin goose-bumped with cold air

The same is for him and his sexy gray shorts
That I’m aching to take off
As his hands caress my breasts
His briefs I begin to doff

We stare at each other for a short few seconds
Taking in every last sight
My eyes shift to his waist and below
I could do this all night

I roughly pin him on his back
His body: like a rock
I slowly climb on top of him
And take position above his cock

At this gesture his eyes grow wide
I can tell he’s not ready for this
We exchange places on the mattress
My neck he begins to kiss

His kissing becomes more passionate
As he moves to my breast
Here he does unmentionable things
That makes me lose my breath

But his trip isn’t over yet
My body is his playground
I giggle, squeal, squirm, and moan
As he moves further down

My screams are growing louder
I’m swimming in ecstasy
His eyes gleam with amusement
As he crawls on top of me

Now’s my chance to turn the tables
Since he’s off his guard
I grab his shoulders and force him flat
His lips I’m kissing hard

This move all but surprises him
And he lets it show
He takes my hands and moves them
Where he knows I want to go

As I slide down low
To the part I want to taste
His body convulses in agony
His eyes say “make haste”

At last I reach his long, thick, shaft
That’s now hard and red
I run my tongue along the side
And roll it over the head

I move to part my lips for him
And take in every inch
The further inside he gets
The more starts to flinch

His breathing is erratic
My work is almost done
I proceed faster and harder
And prepare for him to come

Every part of him goes rigid
He shoves his pelvis toward me
He explodes over and over
It’s his turn in ecstasy

I licked up every last drop
Yes, I licked him clean
We’re only slightly fatigued
With sweat our bodies gleam

I crawl on top of him
And look him in the eye
God, this man is so hot!
And I did what to this guy?

He looks up at me and smiles
With his pearly whites
He tosses me on my back again
Why should I try to fight?

He positions himself between my legs
The time is finally here
He penetrates me nice and slow
His hands groping my rear

He works us into a rhythm
We’re picking up speed
If we were keeping score
He’d be in the lead

His thrusts become more powerful
I can’t hold on much longer
When I perspire and fall to weakness
He seems to get stronger

Abruptly our rhythm breaks
He pulls away from me
He stands at the foot of the bed
And grabs me by the knee

He pulls me up to meet him
Then he turns me around
He put his hand on my neck
And makes me bend down

His hands get to my hips
To help him stay more sturdy
By now his intentions are obvious
And his ideas are quite dirty

He loudly pounds away at me
His movements harsh and tough
It’s like he’s been inside my head
And knows I like it rough

As he’s slamming into me
Grinding mine with his hips
The noises I make simply increase
He puts two fingers to my lips

I anxiously take them in my mouth
To make his pleasure thrive
I felt as soon as it took affect
For then he began to drive

What happens now is in a haze
Something inside isn’t whole
A hunger burns within my heart
I must have control!

This sudden urge to have my way
In my stomach is a rock
I jerk away from him and demand
He lets me ride his cock

I wait for no answer
And shove him to the ground
I step to stand above him
And lower myself down

Our bodies are entwined again
I start out nice and slow
The more I’m rocking back and forth
The faster I want to go

His fingertips brush my thy
As he searches for my waist
I run my palms along his arms
To where his hands were placed

I slide my fingers between his
Again we find our rhythm
This immense pleasure drives me wild
As he pushes and pulls me toward him

I lustfully arch my back
My hands find the floor past his knees
What could make this moment better?
Don’t let it stop! Oh please!

He makes our pace get quicker
I can tell he’s almost there
I’m forcing him to slow down
By gripping my hands in his hair

I place my hand above his shoulders
On the floor as a brace
I swivel my long hair around
To dangle it in his face

His moaning starts down in his chest
And slowly starts to rise
I meet his lips with a deep kiss
We both close our eyes

Whatever control we once had
However so small
Seems to have disappeared
It’s nowhere to be found at all

We break our kiss so suddenly
I throw my head back
He grabs me by my hips again
My body he begins to rack

Our breathing turns to gasping
Our moans combine as one
Who ever said this part of sex
Never could be fun?

The volume of his sighs and moans
Exceed that of my lips
I can tell we’ll come together
By the way he grasps my hips

I explode and he does too
Our fluids mixing within me
The place I’m in is beautiful
This glorious ecstasy

The way he fills me, just feels right
Like he was made for me
The way our bodies fit together
Feels like this was meant to be

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:14 pm