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Human Douche Bag  


I would be very honored to serve as your HUMAN Douche Bag.
What I would really like would be to take you to the mall and purchase for your enjoyment the following:
An entire new set of black lingerie.
Black lace Bra
Black Lace Camisole
Black lace French Cut Bikini Panties, deep Vee cut front with the cotton crotch removed
Black lace Garter Belt.
Black Seamed Stockings
Next to the ladies Department. Why this fantasy evolves around Slacks I don't Know, I prefer a Lady in a dress. But this time it is slacks that come UP. These slacks would be very Tailored, very sophisticated
OFF-WHITE Wool, Pleated Front, Zippered Front, Satin Lined.
Next to the Blouse Department. For a RED Satin Blouse maybe with a Cascading Neck line. All Very sophisticated.
Now it is off to home to Bathe you and do all of the preparations for you, Wash your hair, Pedicure your feet. May I please ask that that we not trim your Bush as this scenario calls for a full BUSH. Last but not Least a DOUCHE from your Personal Feminine Hygiene Syringe.
You see You have a very big date with your Lover tonight. You need to be all sparkly clean and fresh for Him.
After the bath I would Oil your precious skin from head to toe with BABY oil. Then very gently pat Your Gorgeous Body dry.
Please may I have the honor of dressing you for this big outing with Lover.
I would be honored to place your new Garter Belt around your beautiful trim waist. A lady always wears her Garterbelt inside her Panties when anticipating Intimacy, Attach the Stockings to the Straps of your new Garter Belt. Guarantee that the seams are straight. Slip on those sexy Black lace French Cut Bikini Panties with the Deep Vee cut front with the cotton crotch removed.
Assist you in Placing your Beautiful breasts in that Beautiful Lace BRA we picked out for you this afternoon.
Then that new Camisole. Next Your New RED Satin Blouse.
Finally Your New Tailored OFF-WHITE Wool, Pleated Front, Zippered Front, Satin Lined slacks.
Finally your Highest Heeled Black Fuck-ME Pumps. YOU LOOK Like the Goddess You are. All this time I have lusted after you in my heart.
I will patiently await you return from dinner and coupling with your man. "Please after you have shared your pleasure with your lover do not use the bathroom or clean up in any way, simply put on those new panties and Slacks as soon as possible"
When you return from your date I will be awaiting on bended knees.
Please March in place your hands on your hips and scowl at me in a humiliating manner as to the mess that is in your divine cunt, as a result of how gorgeous your manner of dress was this evening, as you unzip the FLY of your New Tailored OFF-WHITE Wool, Pleated Front, Zippered Front, Satin Lined slacks, and reach in the fly and slide your hand inside your new Black lace French Cut Bikini Panties, with the deep Vee cut front. Reaching all the way to you vagina and drag three fingers across the lips of it to fill them with Love Juices from the evenings activities. Upon removing your hand from your crotch please take my chin in the finger tips of your other hand, instruct me to stick out my tongue and wipe those three Love filled messy fingers on my tongue.
Then I will apologize for getting you into this predicament and will GLADLY offer to Orally extract ALL traces of LOVE& CUM from your Beautiful Divine Superior Pussy.
Upon Your consent I will relieve you of your outer Garments. Next I will slowly Suck the cum from the crotch of your new Black lace French Cut Bikini Panties, with the deep Vee cut front. After which upon your request I will remove your panties and proceed to extract with my tongue the balance of the evenings Love Juices from your Cunt. Hopefully the Juice will be copious from within, "Remember the Full BUSH" and there will be dried CUM all through your Full bush, which I will gladly Orally remove for you.
If you need to urinate please feel free to use my mouth as a repository for you urine at will.
Mistress I want to be Your Post Coital Douche Bag. If you will have me.
If you would care to share me with your friends please DO SO!!
The only thing that could make this any better would be to be taken to an ORGY and be put on display and at the disposal of all the women there to use as their own personal DOUCHE BAG!!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:13 pm