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I start in the middle of this one… Steve and I are playing… I am spread eagle on the bed… corset and stockings in place… make up done… black leather cuffs at the wrist and ankles... belt on and holding plugs deep inside… as well as holding me down to the bed… blindfold and gag on… I have been left to stew like this for a while and now I feel things loosening… my arms feel some slack but as the waist belt is released from the bed... I feel hands pull me down the feet still tied off to the bottom corners… knees now bent… arms tight again in this position… I feel the belt attached to the same corners as my feet holding me there completely exposed… I am left to squirm there imagining him watching me.. seeing me drip… I know, I’m dripping.. I’m so turned on I feel it running from around the plugs and belt and down my inter thighs… then I feel the chastity part of the belt being removed… allowing access to the plugs inside… the small clit vibrator comes off first… and a warm mouth replaces it… I think I’ll die… then as the lips and tongue devour me I feel pressure on the 7 inch dildo planted in my pussy… slowly moving it in and out just a little then I feel the butt plug start to move a bit too as pressure is applied and released from it… the gag is then removed… but the mouth is still working on my pussy… this is the first clue I have that we are not alone… how could he be in both places at once? As a hard cock is pressed against my lips… as I open my mouth to except it inside I hear Steve’s voice from across the room telling them that he needs to be the one to remove the butt plug but that they can do what ever else they want… it starts to sink in that of the two people, one who’s dick I am sucking on, neither one is Steve. The dildo is pulled out of my pussy and fingers replace it.. moving and twisting up inside me as the lips and tongue lick up all my juices… I suck on the cock in my mouth that much harder as I feel myself cumming again… this does not stop either of them… the cock in my mouth starts to moved inside me… pumping my face slowly… the mouth on my pussy licks at the juices flowing out of me… then I feel who ever between my legs stand up… I feel another cock press against my pussy… wanting inside… I just moan… two guys and Steve has not been back over here yet. I think I’d die if I were not having so much fun… This feels absolutely great… I start to cum yet again and as I do who ever between my legs pushes his cock deep inside me. I feel the cock in my mouth erupt, mmmm, tastes good, I suck on it till it stops jumping in my mouth.. then I am gasping for breath again as I am getting pumped by the other guy…. Cumming yet again… I hear Steve say ok lets try something else for a bit… I wait to see what happens as both the guys move over out of his way. He releases my bonds with the bed, but leaves my cuffs on. I feel a short spreader bar attached between my ankles and then straps attached at the belt to both sides of each ankle cuff pulling my legs up tight in a kneeling position, my hands behind my back. I feel as one guy lays down on the bed… the other two help me mount him… spreader bar across his thighs… I feel him raise his knees forcing me to lay out chest to chest with him then someone starts to play with the butt plug still inserted inside me… I feel lips brush mine and kiss him back hungry for more touch… he slides his hard cock upside me.. I feel it pressing against the butt plug through the thin wall… then the butt plug is removed… I can tell from what is use to clean up that this is Steve dealing with the plug… as he cleans me up he then presses into my anus pumping me hard a few times… then he slowly pulls out and I hear the door close… I am still being fucked with long, slow strokes by whomever I am laying on top of. The other man moves around behind me… I feel him run his hand across my butt, he says to the other you know she would be in the perfect position to be spanked right now… any idea where her paddle is? I go limp on top of the one that answers… it should be in that black bag right there… I hear him digging around… finally knowing whom I’m laying on top of at least… I know who knew the paddle was in the black bag and as he spoke I recognized his voice. Steve did pick this one good… I have wanted to be able to fuck him or be fucked by him for a long while now. I hear him say… let me get out from under her before you start that though… don’t want you to miss and hit me…. They both move me off him and leave me on the bed on my knees… I feel the cool leather of my own paddle caressing my bare butt… then I feel fingers move under me and start to play with my clit and everything down there is so slippery that he presses 3 fingers deep inside of me as the first smack lands… I scream… I could not help it… Steve rushes back into the room… he was just washing up… he sees what the other two are doing and lets them know it works better if the gag is put back in… so he grabs the gag and as he slips it on my head he takes off the blindfold and I get to see who is playing with me… I was right about Mark. I knew he was here. It shocked me to find David here as well… I looked around for his wife… did not expect him to ever show up here alone… Then the next smack lands… I scream into the gag and Mark slips his fingers under me and back up inside… Steve takes the paddle from David and says watch this… I start to ride Mark’s fingers as he finger fucks me… Steve waits till my butt is high in the air before letting it land hard on my skin… my butt is on fire… a few more wacks with the paddle and he puts it down…. this time it’s David below me… I feel him slip deep inside me… he lifts his knees like Mark did and forces me to lay out on him… then I feel another hard cock press against my ass hole… I moan around the gag as Mark enters my back door… I cum hard right there with them both buried deep inside of me… David kisses my lips around the gag… then Steve gets on his knees in front of me and removes the gag… his throbbing cock standing up… I lean down and take him in my mouth and start to suck on him as the others thrust in and out of me… I am cumming again and again… sucking for all I’m worth… David cums deep in my pussy first… he is holding me as I shake and quiver… Then Steve shoots his load down my throat… I keep sucking… trying to suck him dry… and then I feel Mark cum in my ass… I have clamped down on him so hard that he did not stand a chance of lasting much longer… I lick and suck on Steve’s dick.. cleaning him up… as I let the rest of my muscles relax… soon Mark is able to come out of my ass… he goes to the bathroom to clean himself up…. David just holds me while I tremble… Steve and Mark start to untie me.. and get me out of this corset… David even soft stays buried inside me… I move and squirm on him… I can’t help it… I feel him start to grow so when Steve slips my corset off I start to slowly ride David’s cock again… then I feel hands rubbing and caressing my ribs and sides.. down over my hips… rubbing all the imbedded lines out of my skin… this makes me squirm even more… I roll off David and lay on the bed looking up at these three guys that just pushed me higher then I’ve been before… I knew even in my dreams it would be intense… I was right… but then I look at David and Mark and know it’s not over… they both are hard again but I don’t think I can take any more… they each grab a foot and start to rub.. letting me relax first then start to suck on my toes… I start dripping again… I love my toes sucked on and they both know it… then Steve comes in and licks and sucks on my nipples and breast… I arch my back and wrap my arms around him… he slides head first down my body between my legs… saying he wants to taste me now that I’ve had someone else in there… I lean my head back and take his dick in my mouth as his mouth finds my pussy… the others stand back for a few minutes and just watch us… I am so swollen and sensitive that I cum again even though I did not think I could cum any more… I reach out and take David and Mark’s hard cocks in my hand and start to jack them off… rubbing and caressing… Steve gets off me and David moves down between my legs… I think he will put his hard cock back up my pussy but he surprises me by entering my ass hole … Mark moves over the top of me and as I take his dick into my mouth I feel his go to where Steve’s just was… eating me out as David butt fucks me… I cum again and again that day… the guys taking turn on who does what… till I fell asleep and I felt each of them try to wake me but after that day… I did not budge… I have a lot of questions as to how they all got together but till then I am basking in the glow of how badly they all spoiled me… I am definitely a well fuck… very satisfied woman… wondering why I did not verbalize this fantasy earlier.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:19 pm