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home sweet home  


Home sweet home [adults only]

I was born on a farm in the highlands of Europe, and as grew up I saw many such scenes that got me aroused like mating of dogs, cows and especially horses whose pric fascinated me as I had never seen of a human and wondered why all horses didn’t have one but soon found out. I was very fond of dogs and specially my ‘German shepherd’ to whom I was very close and often slept with him along with my sister. Where all other dogs didn’t let me see there mating he let me do so and was seeing this that I menstruated for the first time and was caught by my older sister. She made me a deal that she wouldn’t tell ‘Ma’ if I did a few things for her [she made me her slave], I eagerly accepted this cause I was scared of being punished. With this the matter was settled and she to sat there with me watching telling me what they were doing and kissed me hard in such a way she had never done before. That day at night when we were lying in the bed she told me to lye closer to her and then she locked the door and threw down her skirt, then she took a packet of rose petals and told me to stuff them in her slit, I was hesitant at first but she threatened me and as I started stuffing the petals in her slit she started to groan and squirm and soon I started enjoying it and soon we indulged in more things like petting and often slept together naked kissing and exploring each other but what I liked most to take a bath with her.
Then one day when I was walking around the shed I heard groans and when I checked it I was shocked to see that Jerry [my sis] was mating with my dog Broono [my G.S.] I was scared so stopped her as she lay there, she told me that it was alright and when I told her that her babies were going to be pups she laughed and told that it was only with dogs. Being doubtful I accepted her explanation. Then that night she got broono in the room but I didn’t mind and then like everyday we slept together and when we both were heavily wet, Jerry got up and told me lie down and close my eyes soon I felt a rough tongue licking me on my slit and I came with pleasure, but when opened my eyes I got scared to see that it was Broono and that his member was really big and hanging out my sister told me not to be afraid and to relax and spread my legs hesitantly but trusting her I did so suddenly I felt sharp pain but it was followed by immense pleasure. I couldn’t believe that I had lost my virginity to a dog that night was my first and last night with my sis and broono that was my first best cause the next day Jerry was going to be married. Sometime later I was sent to the city to study where I lived with my aunt but my life was never again that wet. Now I have completed my studies and married live in the city and Jerry in the farm cause she and her family takes care of the farm now, but even now when I go to visit her we sleep together with Broono’s kids but now we have advanced from among us to sis’s daughter and seldom try out with horses to tame them and what do u know we now ride them with their cocks in us and can tame even the wildest of their lot [for our purpose only]. There at the farm we still together live like us primitive people experimenting and discovering new pleasures.

Thank you.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:08 pm