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fun with a friend  


My wife and i have been married for 11 yrssex has been very good for us but now has gotten better.While in school my wife had dated a guy before me and never got intamentwith him.since then this guy has become a very good friend of mine.he had broke up with his girlfriend and needed a place to stay.bein good friends we asked him to stay with night of drinking and playin cards i brought up the idea of havin a 3 some. our friend was all for it the wife wasnt sure what to think.after a few more drinks and continues talk of a 3 some our friend walked over to where my wife was sitting and began to kiss on her neck and rubbin her breast.i dont think i have ever been as hard as i was then.quikly my wife became into it she began rubbin his cock and suckin on his tongue as they kissedwe then decided to continue in the bedroom where we all stripped down to wife laid down as we rubbed all over her and her shaved pussy.she was anxious to suck him i could tell so i began lickin her soaked pussy as she took all he had in her mouth.and then she began to cum loader then ive ever heard before.i was ready for him to slide his cock in her nice tight pussy and he did just that. she began to moan almost like a cry for help and then she begaan to come for the second time and my cock was throbin like a scared heart beat and our friend began breathin faster and pumpin her harder it was easy to know that he was cummin in her and i soon cam in her mouth she was soaked from his cum after we finished and now its an every other night thing we would hate to see him leave. our sex life is the best its ever been

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:32 pm