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Friend's Sister


I was sitting in Denny's unwinding after the last day of the Bar Exam. Jerry Jones and I had finished earlier and we were dealing with the uncertainty of waiting for the results. I am Tim Sharp. I was finally out of law school and on my way. I hoped.

Jerry interrupted my revelry. "Tim, that was tough. But at least its over. I need a favor."

"What kind of favor?"

"My sister has this friend I'm stuck on and I can't get her interested in anything but coffee. She thinks of me as a brother because of my sister, Melissa. You had a friend, the Master Hypnotist. Do you think you could give me his number? I want his help."

Jerry was my best friend in Law School. I had never told him I was the Master Hypnotist.

"Jerry, the Master Hypnotist was me. What do you want me to do?"

"Could you hypnotize Melissa's friend and get her to go out with me?"

"What does Melissa say about all that?"

"I've talked to her and she says she can't make Gail go out with me if she doesn't want to."

"Would Melissa let me hypnotize her?"

"I think so. She saw the Master Hypnotist perform and told me that she was turned on by the show. What would that do?"

"I could use Melissa to get to Gail. Trust me."

"When can you do it?"

"I haven't got a job yet, so lets do it as soon as possible. Invite Melissa and me over to your apartment at the same time."

"I'll call you tonight."

That evening Jerry called me. I was going to go trolling and had forgot all about the conversation. "Tim, I worked it out. Can you come over tomorrow night at ten o'clock? Melissa will be here."

"Okay, Jerry, I'll be there."

I had known Melissa for several years. She was really cute. About five feet four with a Meg Ryan look. She thought of me as a brother and I never could go out with her. I was going to solve my problem too. I thought she was darling and I wanted to have her. I had been concentrating on getting through law school and had let my love life slide. Now, I had some time and lots of pent up need.

Jerry lived in a very upscale neighborhood. His family was very well off. I made a point of getting to his apartment a half hour early. I called first to make sure Jerry would be there and I wouldn't have any surprises. My plan was to gain control of Jerry first and then go from there.

Jerry greeted me at the door. "Hi Tim. Why did you want to come early?"

"I want to hypnotize you so I can use you as an illustration of how enjoyable hypnosis is. You remember that that's how I did it at the show."

"Sure, okay. What do I have to do? Couldn't I fake it?"

"Jerry, it is impossible to fake being really hypnotized. You will enjoy it. Sit over there." I pointed to a sofa that was in the next room. I wanted to move fast before he thought too much about it.

"Watch my finger, as it gets closer to your nose you will feel yourself going into a deep trance." Jerry had seen me successfully hypnotize several people and he was well conditioned. I used the relaxation drill for several minutes and then woke him.

"Jerry, when I count to three you will waken from a very deep trance feeling terrific. When I tell you to sleep, you will go into an even deeper trance." I counted to three.

Jerry woke with a start. He had been very limp. "What happened, was I hypnotized?"

He was clearly a good subject. Now if Melissa was as good. I put Jerry back and forth several times just to deepen his trance and to keep myself occupied until Melissa arrived. Jerry got very confused about time passing without his knowing it. When the doorbell rang he was very well conditioned. I told him that he would do everything I asked without thinking about it and without being in a trance. I told him that he would go into his deepest trance whenever I snapped my fingers.

"Jerry let Melissa in and have her sit next to me." He went to the door and brought Melissa in. She really looked like Meg Ryan.

"Hi Tim, how are you?"

"I'm fine, Meg." She laughed. I had teased her about her resemblance many times.

Jerry sat her next to me. She turned to me and gave me her dazzling smile. "Jerry tells me that you were really Master Hypnotist. Really?"

Great start. "I plead guilty. Why do you point it out?" I listened to myself. I sounded like a lawyer in a courtroom. Melissa didn't seem to notice.

"I want to lose five pounds and I understand hypnosis is wonderful for that."

I wasn't sure where the five pounds were supposed to come from, but that was her problem. "Sure, that is easy. I'll just condition you to eat a little less. When do you want to do this?"

Obviously, I was hoping she would say now. She didn't disappoint me. "Can we do it now?"

Oh yes. "Certainly. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"

"I think so. I was at a party and I think I was hypnotized and I felt like I was going under when you were the Master Hypnotist."

She was going to be very easy. "Close your eyes and imagine you are floating. Your whole body is getting very limp as you float. You are floating into a deep, wonderful trance. Your trance is wonderful and very deep. Your body feels warm, comfortable and totally limp. You cannot move any muscle unless I tell you."

I snapped my fingers and Jerry went completely limp in his chair. Melissa was already completely limp. "Melissa, how do you feel?"

"I feel warm and wonderful."

I whispered in her ear. "You are feeling very aroused. Your vagina is very wet. Your breasts are very sensitive. My voice turns you on more than you have ever felt. Are you a virgin?"

She answered softly, "no."

My nose was telling me that I was being successful in arousing her.

"When I count to three you will wake up feeling very horny. When I say sleep or touch your left hand you will go back into an even deeper trance." I counted to three and she opened her eyes and sat up.

"I feel very strange, was I hypnotized?" She looked at Jerry.

"Why is he like that?"

"I put him out so I could have you to myself."

She laughed a throaty laugh. "What did you have in mind that we would do?"

I decided to gamble. "Fuck."

She laughed again. "Why would you think we would do that?" She did not look repelled by the idea.

"Because I have wanted you since I first met you."

She looked me in the eyes. "Tim you are nice and I seem to be attracted to you right now, but you are like a brother to me. It wouldn't be right."

I took her left hand and she collapsed. "Melissa, do you have a boy friend?"


"Are you on the pill?"


I am going to be your Master and you will be my sex slave, do you understand?"


"From now on when we are alone you will call me Master. Jerry will not count. I will be his Master also. Do you understand?"

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"Yes, Master."

"Have you ever seen Jerry naked?"

"Yes, we used to play a game we called Pretend Sex."

"What did you do when you played that game?"

"We would both get undressed and Jerry would insert his penis inside of me."

"Why was it Pretend?"

"He was ten and I was eight. Nothing happened."

"Why did you stop playing Pretend?"

"Jerry said that we should stop. It was wrong. So we stopped. That was when he was eleven. He learned that in school."

"Did you enjoy the game?"

"Oh, yes."

"Do you ever think about the game now?"

"Yes, I wondered what it would be like to have sex with Jerry and I conditioned myself not to think about sex with my brother. It upset me too much."

" Is that why you didn't want to have sex with me?"

"Yes, I thought of you as my brother."

"Do you want me to fuck you?"


"Do you want to fuck Jerry?"

"I guess I'd like to see what it would be like."

"We can do that without Jerry knowing."

"How can you do that?"

"When I count to three you will open your eyes and awaken your body. You will stay in a deep trance." She opened her eyes.

"Jerry is in a deep trance. I can have him strip, you could mount him and feel what it would be like. He will never remember."

Melissa looked at me without speaking. "Jerry, take all of your clothes off."

Jerry stood up and stripped. His penis was huge. "Jerry, make your penis erect."

It promptly came to attention. It extended well past his navel. "Jerry, lay on your back on the floor."

He did. "Melissa, take your clothes off."

"Yes, Master."

She stared at Jerry for a moment and then started to unbutton her blouse. She shrugged the blouse off and pulled her jeans off. She was now in her cotton panties and a conservative bra covering her magnificent breasts and wonderful cunt. She unhooked her bra and stepped out of her pants. I was very hard. I almost changed the plan. I would let her get warmed up on Jerry, but I would finish.

I felt her pussy. It was sopping and giving off a pungent odor.

"Melissa, sit on Jerry and put his cock in you."

She went over to him and took his huge cock in her hand. Her small hand did not go all the way around his cock. While standing up she put herself over his tool and lowered herself. Very slowly. When she got it all the way in she stopped.

"How does it feel?"

"Very large. I feel very full. It feels good."

"Now, get off him. I want you to fuck me."

She sat there a moment then slowly pulled off his engorged prick. She had to almost stand up to free herself from Jerry's pole. His pole was now shiny with Melissa's juices. "Melissa, get a paper towel and dry his penis."

She went into the kitchen and got a paper towel and dried him. I was large, but nothing like Jerry. When she finished I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. "Do you want me to make love with you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you want to remember when you wake up?"

"Yes Master."

"When you have your orgasm you will wake up. You will feel terrific and you will have a diminished appetite when you have your meals. When you lose five pounds your appetite will return, but not enough for you to gain weight." For the life of me, I could not figure out where the five pounds were supposed to come from.

"Why do you want to lose five pounds?"

"My waist is ½ inch bigger than Meg Ryan. I figured five pounds should do it."

I took her and laid her on the bed. I took my clothes off. My penis was straining to be free of my shorts. I took the 69 position and began to lick her. She took me in her mouth without being told. We were both getting very close to cuming. Her mouth felt very wet and warm on my cock. She took my entire length into her mouth and throat as I licked and slobbered her cunt and clit. She was starting to hmm around my cock. I pulled up and gently pulled out of her mouth. I put my prick at the opening of her pussy and pushed it all the way in. "When I am all the way in" I gasped, "you will have a large orgasm." I certainly did. As I was shooting I felt her vagina walls spasm on my cock. We lay together for a few moments. She sat up and looked at me.

"What did you do to me? I feel glorious." She gave me a passionate kiss. "That was the first time I have ever had an orgasm. You are a wonderful lover. I feel like I should call you Master and do whatever you tell me. I am going to have to trust you completely." She gave me another kiss.

"We are in Jerry's bedroom, he will wonder what is going on."

"I don't think so."

We slowly got dressed and went in the living room. Jerry was still lying there with his pole fully extended. Melissa laughed. "What did you do to Jerry?"

She went over and looked at his "pole." "He is large, isn't he." She laughed again. She took his cock in her hand and pulled on it.

"Does he feel this?"

"I think so. He can't move unless I tell him to move."

She dropped it and it plopped on his stomach. "Jerry, how do you feel?"


"When I count to three you will get dressed. You will wake up after you are dressed. You will not remember anything that happened. One, two, three."

Jerry got up and put on his clothes. "Jerry, now we need to address your problem." He looked puzzled.

"Melissa, Jerry wants a relationship with your friend Gail. I want you to have her meet us at this apartment tomorrow night, if possible. You and Jerry will also be here. Tell her that she will have a marvelous experience being hypnotized. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I think so. Gail is pretty adventurous. She will try anything once."

Once would do it. "Good. I will see all of you tomorrow night, call me with the time."

Melissa called me the following morning, it was Saturday. "Gail will be at Jerry's apartment at eight o'clock tonight. Can I come over to see you now?" It was ten o'clock and I had just woken. Having Melissa here would be fun.

"Sure, come on over."

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She made it in ten minutes. I was still not dressed. All I had on was a bathrobe. When she came to my door, she looked agitated. "I could not stop thinking about you. I dreamed about you. We were making love in every way imaginable and a lot of ways that I didn't think I could imagine. I woke up so turned on, I couldn't stand it. I had to be with you. I want you to fuck me in every way you can think of. I want you to be my complete Master."

With that little speech, she bent down in front of me and opened my robe and took my enlarging prick into her mouth. I was hardly awake. The feeling was almost overwhelming. I was not ready for this and the feeling was more sensuous then I remember ever feeling. It was so unexpected that I was quickly ejaculating into her mouth and throat. She swallowed the whole thing. When I slowly pulled out I was licked clean.

"Master, make me cum, please?"

"Melissa, cum."

With that command, she proceeded to shake and moan. I put my arms around her and kissed her as she came. She started to come down after about two minutes. "How do you do that?"

"You do it to yourself. You were ready to cum when you walked in here. You just needed my permission. Melissa, I have errands to run. You can stay here or come back around four o'clock."

"I'll stay here."

I said okay and got dressed and did my errands. I was back at four. My apartment was like I had never seen it. It was completely clean and everything was neat. All of my shirts were washed and ironed. Melissa did all of this without being asked. "Are you pleased, Master?"

"Yes, Melissa, I am pleased."

"Thank you, Master."

"Melissa, I have brought steaks. Can you prepare them?"

"Oh, yes Master."

"Fine, I am going to take a nap. Wake me when dinner is ready."

I hadn't gotten that much sleep and I was tired. I fell asleep on my couch. The next thing I knew, I felt something wet on my penis. Melissa had opened my pants and was sucking on my overworked penis. "I thought you would like to be waked up like this."

We had a very nice dinner. I had plans for the evening and I didn't want Melissa to blow my plans (pun intended). When she went to start again after dinner, I stopped her.

"Melissa, you would do anything for me, right?"

"Right, Master."

"Well, I want to fuck Gail tonight, before I turn her over to Jerry."

"What ever you want Master, I will help." She looked a little sad.

"Melissa, you will still be my favorite." She brightened.

At eight o'clock we went to Jerry's apartment. Gail was already there. She was striking. Tall and slender with large breasts. Her hair was jet black and down to her shoulders. She wore jeans and a sweater. Gail and Melissa hugged. "Gail, I want you to meet Tim, he is wonderful."

She sounded so sincere I was embarrassed. Jerry didn't comment. His attention was focused on Gail. "Hi Tim it is a pleasure to meet you. Melissa, went on and on about how wonderful you made her feel. I told her that I would have to try it."

"Gail, that is very nice. Would you like me to demonstrate on Melissa, first?"

"If you think seeing her go under will help, sure."

This was a smart cookie. "Melissa, sit in the chair and relax." She sat down. I was afraid she would go limp too fast, but she didn't.

"Melissa, I am going to count t ten and you will go into a deep trance." I counted to ten and she let go and went into a deep trance. I plopped her arms to demonstrate to Gail."

"Melissa, when I wake you, you will feel radiant and wonderful." I woke her.

"How do you feel?"

"Tim, I feel so good." She practically gushed. Gail laughed, a deep, sexy laugh.

"Okay, try me."

I knew that I would have to be very careful with her. She would be evaluating everything I did. I had her sit in the couch. I got her to be comfortable. I held my finger up about two feet from her face. "Watch my finger. As it gets closer to your nose your eyes will get tired and close. You will start to go into a trance."

I very slowly moved my finger closer to her nose. The point was to force her to cross her eyes. That would make her eyes feel fatigued and they would close. Eventually her eyes did close. I continued to suggest that her limbs were limp. It seemed to me they were getting more limp. I had her take deep breaths and hold them. Her trance seemed to be deepening. After about ten minutes I told her that I would waken her and she would feel very good, but when I say sleep, she will go into a deeper trance.

She opened her eyes. "How do you feel?"

"Relaxed." She did not ask about hypnosis. I was afraid to ask. If I got the wrong answer I might lose her.

"Gail, sleep." She immediately went limp. I was convinced I had her in a trance. Now the question would be if she was a somnambulist and not remember what happened when she was hypnotized. With some people you have to tell them not to remember. Gail may be that type. I had to try.

"Gail, you are going into a very deep trance. I will count to one hundred and with each number, you will go deeper." I counted slowly to one hundred. As I was counting I suggested she was feeling wonderful, every part of her body. I emphasized the word 'every.' "When you wake up, you will feel very, very good. You will not remember being hypnotized."

I woke her. She looked around. "How do you feel?"

"Very good. You are good. What did you do?"

It worked. "I'll show you. Jerry, sleep." Jerry collapsed.

"That is what I did to you."

"I don't believe you."

"Gail, sleep." She collapsed.

"Gail when you awaken you will raise your arm and keep it in the air until I let you lower it."

I woke her and she raised her arm. "Why are you raising your arm?"

"Because I feel like it."

"Are you hypnotized?"


"Gail sleep." She again collapsed. Her arm stayed up. "You can drop your arm. Are you modest?"

"Not particularly."

"Melissa, is that true?"

"Oh yes, she will walk topless at the beach."

"Gail, take your jeans off." She did and she was not wearing panties.

"Gail, when I give you an instruction you will feel compelled to do it. You will not be able to stop yourself. Do you understand?"

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"I will be your Master and you will call me Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Gail wake up." She woke up and again looked around. I decided I was not going to challenge her anymore. The point was moot. Jerry was still laying in a heap on the floor.

"Gail, pull Jerry's pants off."

She went to him and pulled his shoes off and then his pants. He wore boxers. "Gail take his boxers off."

She did. "Take his cock in your mouth."

Her hands were much bigger than Melissa. She took his large cock and put it in her mouth. She did not suck. I hadn't said to do that. "What do you want to do with it?"

"Put it inside me."

I felt her cunt. Wow. It was very wet. "Do it."

She pulled him flat. She then proceeded to sit on him while holding his nine inch pole. She aimed it at the proper spot and sat on his cock. "Now, bring yourself to orgasm."
Gail started to vigorously bounce up and down. Soon she was screaming and her juices were flowing onto his belly. Jerry was still stiff. "Jerry, you can cum." He grunted and bucked and shot into her. She came again.

"Both of you, sleep." They collapsed.

Melissa was watching this. "I thought you wanted to fuck Gail?"

"I do. But I thought Jerry should go first."

"He won't know he did anything."

"You're right. But, I will and he can do it again."

"I'm feeling incomplete. You should fuck Gloria."

"All right. I'll fuck her in the ass. Gloria, remain in a trance and wake up. I want to fuck your ass."

She got up and knelt down with her head in her arms and her ass sticking up. She had done this before. I pulled my pants off and approached Melissa. "Lick my penis so I'll be lubricated for Gloria's ass."

She licked and sucked me to perfection. I got behind Gloria and pushed into her cunt for more lubrication and then pushed into Gloria's ass. "Keep your sphincter loose." She did.

With pushing, I was in. She was tight and warm. I knew I would not hold on long. Within three minutes I shot into her bowels. Gloria had a terrific body, but I much preferred Melissa. I pulled out and turned to Melissa. "Well, you delivered me Gloria to fuck. Thank you. I prefer you by a lot. Jerry, Gloria go into the bathroom and take a shower together. You will wake when you get in the shower. You will remember having sex, but not the hypnosis. You will wash each other and enjoy it. You will then make your own arrangements for future meetings. Gloria you will decide that Jerry is a good lover and you like to be with him. While you are bathing, Melissa and I will leave. You will not remember our being here."

They picked up their clothes and went to the bathroom.

"Melissa, how do you feel?"


"Lets go to my apartment to solve that problem."

We did.

* * * * *

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