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The flames from the fire in the hearth shot shadows across the dark, warm room. They reflected an orangey glow across the bed where you lay, cuddled up in a pure white down mattress and duvet. The smell of lavender mixed beautifully with the natural wood walls and vases of fresh flowers in the log cabin. Your hair on the pillow shinned red as the firelight caught it in its flickering light.

You smiled at me as I entered the room, sending shivers throughout my body. I closed and locked the door after putting down the two mugs of steaming hot chocolate next to the bed. In the glow of the fire, your eyes glistened and sparkled. I pulled the duvet away from your face and softly kissed your smooth neck, just under the earlobe. Your skin was warm, smooth and velvety. You moved your shoulders slightly as I softly moved my mouth across your neck, and, needing no encouragement, I took off my shirt and climbed under the duvet beside you.

You sat up and we held hands talking as we sipped the hot chocolate, warm and content together. We spoke and laughed about our walk in the woods that morning- how beautiful the rays of the sun looked sparkling through the snow covered pine trees, and how cold your nose was sticking out through your scarf covered face. You smiled as you reflected on our snow fight, how I had let you win, just for the excuse of a congratulatory hug and kiss.
As we giggled and joked, your hand in mine, warm, smooth and sensitive, your sexy silk gown opened to show the rounding of your smooth white shoulders. With your body still tingling from our earlier bout of rough animal-like exploration, you looked into my eyes as you allowed the collar to slide down your upper arms. Tied at the waist, the silky material opened between your breasts, showing your cleavage, which earlier, in our wakening hour, I had explored. Now, in the firelight, the material over your sexy mounds shimmered. Of course you noticed me looking at your enticing, suggestively covered pleasure peaks, but you only smiled when our eyes met…”What is it?” you asked seductively, putting your warm mug on the bedside table. I took a huge breath subconsciously, trying to act as nonchalantly as possible, as I replied “You really are a pretty woman , I am so glad ……” You smiled to yourself as you stroked down my leg with your left hand and then casually, as if by mistake, rubbing across my swelling root, only just contained within my shorts. With just that brief brush, you said, “Come on big boy, time for our bath.”

The bathroom on suite was rustic but warm. The corner spa-bath was sunken into the rough terracotta tiled floor and surrounded on both sides with one way mirror glass. The view over and among the snow covered landscape was like something we had only seen on a postcard. And quite rightly so, as it was the first time we had been to Austria. I turned on the bath and added some pine scented bubble bath. From a wooden bowl on the side of the bath, I took a handful of rose petals, tossing them onto the steaming water. After brushing my teeth and a quick shave at the wash hand basin, I turned around to find you admiring the scenery, wrapped in an extra large beige fluffy towel, your back to me. I liked what I saw, and liked it even more as you, without turning around, let the towel fall slowly to the heated floor. It was as if you were standing naked in the landscape, the one way glass in front of you. I stood admiring the sight of you for a while, before taking off my shorts. You sensed the movement and slowly turned to face me, smiling, your arms outstretched…in each hand a glass of sparkling white champagne.

The warm bubbly scented water engulfed you as you stepped down into the bath. Sitting down, the bubbles covered your shoulders. I positioned myself on the higher step behind you, so that you rested your head under my chin. As I massaged your neck and shoulders softly, you reached for a glass of champagne, and had a sip. I too took a glass, and poured some of it into the hollow on your shoulder caused by the collarbone. Licking it out was delicious, the cold bubbly feeling on your skin, mixed with the sensation of my tongue caused you to shiver, goose bumps appeared on your skin, which were so beautiful to touch. You lent back against me, tilting your head back to look at me. With that I took the half filled bottle of champagne from next to the bath and poured it from my arms length up, in a tiny stream into your open mouth and chin. It bubbled out of the sides of your mouth, over your chin, down your neck, and formed rivulets across your chest and into the bubbly warm water. Some of the champagne splashed on your cheeks, going down the side of your face, your neck, shoulders and back. Some streams of fizz, splashed onto my chest and stomach before joining the bath water. The feeling and sight was erotically sensual…the cold champagne contrasting with the warm water, the tasty fluid splashing out of your mouth and over our tingling bodies, well, was like nothing I had ever experienced, a sensation that started rearousing me, as it did you.

Your mouth was cool as I kissed it, by bending my neck to meet it. We kissed “upside down” with my chin on your nose, your forehead on my chest as you looked up to me. It was different; my tongue explored your mouth as I started to stroke softly down your chest with both hands. Our mouths stayed glued as I stroked your chest ever so lightly with the tips of my fingers. The slightly oily bubble bath soap caused your skin and my hands to be smooth and slightly slippery. I reached your breasts and softly caressed the sides of them under your arms, taking care to avoid your swelling nipples which poked out “accidentally” every now and then. ( Now that I think of it, I’m sure you did it on purpose, knowing that your breasts sticking out through the bubbles was a very sexual sight for me- )

You lifted your arms, grabbing the back of my neck as you felt my hardened cock pressing against your back under the water. With your arms raised, your pinky warm nipples peeked through the bubbles and you pressed my open hungry mouth harder against yours. It seemed like hours that we enjoyed each other like this. You tried, by moving your body towards my hands to make me feel your nipples, but I didn’t, teasing and arousing you. You could feel an excitement brewing up deep inside of you, your hairy mound was warm, and you squeezed your legs together, as if trying to keep the pleasure hidden and out of sight.(Meanwhile I knew exactly what you were doing)

I turned on the spa jets and added some more hot water. Immediately, warm, air filled jets of water shot out from the sides and floor of the bath in pulsating bursts. Firm but not hard, the streams of water pressed against our bodies. The movement in the water stirred up the bubbles. You started squirming, and I moved down onto the same step as you, sitting right behind you, a leg on each side of you, hugging you, pulling you back towards me, pressing my erection against your sexy bum cheeks while I started for the second time that day to feel your nipples. I moved one hand over your hip towards your stomach, and felt why you had started to squirm: you were sitting with your legs wide spread, a pulsating stream of water massaging you right on your warm hole. As I brushed my hands over the soft, inviting area, I could feel the water blowing and pressing. “You don’t mind do you, My man?” you asked shyly, wondering if I would be upset by the way you were pleasuring yourself. “Not at all” I replied as I pushed myself harder against your arse, shifting my shaft up and down against the small of your back. The stream of water and bubbles on your fanny began taking effect and you lifted your legs up, out of the water, to enable the tickling pressure to reach the whole area, also your anus, which was still open and sensitive from the mornings’ animal, hard, unladylike raw sex we had enjoyed. I held your legs open from under your knees, stroking your upper thighs and bum as the jets did their pleasuring task. It was a great turn on for me as you started feeling your breasts with both hands as it always is. I watched as you held them, squeezed them and tugged on your nipples. You started moaning and groaning with excitement before I decided that the water was not going to have all the pleasure….

I entered two fingers into your warm swollen love channel, it felt fantastic with the water blowing on my hand as I reached upwards and into you.. With my free hand I nudged you around while I stood up. I encouraged you to kneel on the step where you had been sitting, your arms outstretched, hands bracing yourself on the edge of the bath. In this position, a jet of water rushed down between your tits, across your stomach and the last softer bubbles trickled up between your legs. Another jet was aimed at your bended over rear, sending an amazingly kinky feeling through you. I positioned myself, standing behind you. In anticipation, you shifted position slightly, poising your fuck hole exactly in front of my anxious, throbbing dick. I held your hips softly as I penetrated your depth. Your swollen, warm and wet hole swallowed me. Slowly but persistently, I pressed my whole long veiny man into you. The water lapped at my balls as I rhythmically shafted you, the water jets hitting you from the back and front, to add to the pleasure. Knowing it was not your favourite position, I withdrew, realising too, that after a few more strokes I would explode inside you.

I sat you down and reached for the big bar of Dove cr me soap. Standing in front of you, I washed every centimetre of your body, turning you around to wash your back. You enjoyed it ... my soapy, slippery hands gliding over your sexy shape. You returned the favour, your sexy soapy hands really touching the right spots in the right way…. We stood up, washing the length of each others bodies, softly and slowly while we kissed. Never before had I had such a bath!! Your soapy hands on my big veiny cock felt so good a you pulled back my foreskin and softly washed it…you’d never done that before and I wondered why you were making so sure it was spotlessly clean……

I should have known why when you suddenly pushed me backwards, making me sit on the tiles around the bath and you kneeled in front of me. You took my purple mushroom between your lips and used your tongue, in small strokes over it. I arched back, pushing it into those warm lips, and you pulled back, unable to take the width, (never mind the length) into your perfect cock sucking mouth. It felt beautiful, and after a few minutes of absolute fireworks, I pushed you away for fear of squirting in your mouth.

I told you how fantastic it felt, and thanked you for making me feel so good. It was now my turn to return the favour.

I asked you to sit on the warm tiles, your feet on my shoulders. The bathroom was warm and steamy, the windows covered in steam from roof to floor as I savoured you.
You tasted warm, juicy and delicious, as I licked you from top to bottom, softly and repeatedly. Every few seconds you tightened your thighs on my head, keeping my mouth on your sugar plum for a little longer. I watched as your stomach contracted and relaxed, your tits wobbling gently with each tonguing. You moved your bum on the tiles seductively, pushing yourself onto my face. Your pleasure excited me more, satisfied in knowing I was pleasing you. Forcefully and moaning, pulling my hair, you pushed my head away, your back arched, and head tilted back.
You slid back into the bath, sitting back on the seat. You looked sensational. I came up towards you, pressing my hot pole onto your bubble covered breasts. You cupped them with your hands, forming a tunnel almost engulfing it. It felt wonderful, standing on tip toes, slipping my cock up and down between your globes. You rubbed your tits, pressing against my ramrod as it slid smoothly, pulling my foreskin back as I pressed upwards towards your throat…
Pulling away from you, I turned your shoulder slightly, and pulled up your arm. Entering my hungry meat into your arm pit, you lowered your arm, capturing it in the soft sensitive cavity. I stroked, fucking your armpit, the cock head exiting at your shoulder blade every time my groin hairs pressed against your breast and nipple. Your smoothly shaven armpit, soaped and wet, was smooth and sensitive as I slid in and out. Not wanting to end our session quite yet, I stopped and sat down next to you. We kissed, I held your face, stroking your cheeks as we sucked each other’s tongues, twisting and twirling our lips and mouths hungrily. It was you who suggested that perhaps we should get out of the bath and return to the bedroom. After all, who was I to argue?

We dried off each other with soft towels taken off the heated rail. You requested to do some toiletries while I went in to the room to prepare it:
I put some more logs on the fire, remade the crumpled bed, lit a big thick sandlewood scented candle, and placed it on the dressing table at the end of the bed, tilting the big mirror towards the bed as I did so. From my suitcase I took some sexy lingerie I had bought in Paris the day before without you seeing…a matching red set of a peephole bra, crotchless panties, a suspender and sheer silk stockings and laid them out on your side of the bed. Your red high heeled shoes I put on the floor next to your bed. On your pillow I draped a string of big round pearls. Next to my bed I put 5 long scarves. In the darkened room, only the single candle and fire providing any light, it looked as if the bed was floating in the darkness. I put on a CD playing softly, and poured you a glass of wine , putting it next to mine at the candle on the dressing table.
On the floor next to my side of the bed, I put the opened tin of body painting chocolate and a thin soft paint brush, after putting a DVD in the machine and pressing play..

The scene was set….oh boy was it set.
I was having a smoke sitting on the bed when you came into the room. You were naked and looked absolutely stunning…you had put on dark eye make up and a red glossy lipstick which really emphasised your model features. I smiled in appreciation and told you how beautiful you looked, and stood up. You asked me for a puff, and we shared a cigarette standing next to the fire, hugging, my impossible to hide excitement pressing against your hip.
With the butt thrown into the fire, I softly pulled you over towards the bed and asked you to dress in the underwear I had laid out or you. I lay back on the big continental laced pillows and watched every move as you dressed. The red contrasted superbly against your soft white silky skin, your nipples peeking out the holes in the bra. Your fluffy love triangle outlined by the fine silk opening in the panties. The shape of your long legs was amplified in the shimmering red stockings. Oh fuck, you looked absolutely delicious. You put on the high heeled shoes and paraded across the room. I couldn’t handle it and jumped off the bed, and grabbed you by the arms, flinging you onto the white fluffy bed. Pinning you down with your arms, I laid across you, kissing your neck and face. I kissed your closed eyes, your eyebrows, forehead, down your nose, and meeting your mouth. I paused and told you that I wanted to tie you up and pleasure you.” Only if I can do the same to you later” you replied…I was only too happy to agree as it was a fantasy I had dreamed of for a long time.
I blindfolded you with a soft scarf and moved you around, positioning you in the centre of the bed, placing a pillow under your bum, raising your pussy.

I turned on the DVD. It was a porno movie, of a fuck fest; about 6 girls and 8 guys, going into a sitting room and getting started with one another. Not being able to see, the sound of the movie made you feel like you were right there in the middle of the scene. Your imagination began to run away with you as I took the scarves from next to my bed.. Holding and kissing each arm and leg in turn, I tied you down, spread wide open, each arm to the corner posts, and each foot to the opposite feet of the bed. It was warm in the room, and the soft scarves did not hurt you. You were however completely powerless. As a girls’ voice on the surround system moaned and begged to be eaten, I knelt down between your legs and licked you out. The sound emanating from the movie included a guys balls slapping a young blondes arse, heavy breathing, a squelching of a pair of cock sucking lips, a guys bum being slapped by a big bosomed brunette, a woman groaning as she opened her legs wider to accept the biggest cock I had ever seen, and the grunting of a guy performing anal sex on a screaming black model. All coming from the high quality sound system in the room at once, it was amazing…you started imaging it was taking place all around you. Once you were bucking against the restraining scarves, trying to twist away from my prying, pleasuring tongue in your now hot and swollen cunny, I forced myself to stop devouring you and positioned myself over you, forcefully pressing my burning hot cock into your warm accepting hole. I leaned forward, pinching your exposed nipples through the holes in the bra. I lay on you as I entered you to the absolute hilt, your clit being rubbed by my hairy pubic bone as I ground into you.

I looked down, it was a kinky sexual sight, my bone ploughing into you through the opening in the panties. Sometimes the material rubbed the side of by sliding dick, but it was soft and only contributed to the eroticism. As you started panting heavily, almost deafened by the sounds coming from the orgy playing on the DVD, I pulled out, and kneeling in front of you, rubbed my swollen head all over your warm, soggy cleft, careful not to enter you. Only after you begged me the third time to enter you again did I stand up, leaving you spread eagled and blindfolded on the bed.

I stood next to the bed admiring you as you listened to the sounds of a wild orgy in surround sound…Behind you, a guy moaned…”suck me babe, please suck me..” To your left there was just the grunting of a blonde guy shafting the shaved wet hole of a woman who had her feet wrapped around his back.. In front of you, the speaker blasted the sound of a guys’ heavy panting as his cock slid in and out of a young Chinese looking girls’ mouth. She was on her knees eating him as another big body builder kinda guy was fucking her doggy style. You lay back enjoying the kinky sensations, before I knelt over you and started undoing the scarves with my teeth. As I untied the last scarf and the blindfold, you hugged me, and we kissed . It was one of those long, soft, hard, wet mmmm, delicious kisses. When you pushed me off you, you looked into my eyes and said “Come on you cunt, lie on your back…I want to tie you up and fuck your stick till I come..” With talk like that I could only comply…my fantasy was about to come true.

You downed a few big mouthfuls of the wine I had poured, and proceeded to tie me down as I had done to you, only with my feet at the head of the bed…. You did not blindfold me. The TV at the foot of the bed against the wall was still showing the fuck marathon as you knelt down between my splayed legs. You watched the DVD as you went down on my veiny, glistening penis. As the TV was behind me I could not watch the picture, but the sound obviously was erotic enough. Not only did you do fucking amazing things to my cock with your mouth, but also rubbed it with your high heeled feet, your nipples, and teased it by crouching with your cunt one inch away while you felt your tits…It nearly drove me mad, being tied down and thus unable to thrust into you. Just when I wanted to break the scarves from utter pleasure and frustration, you sat on my thighs, your open petal almost against my tower of passion.

Reaching over me, your sweet pussy a centimetre from my face, you took the burning candle from the dressing table and holding it in both hands, sat back. You had a horny grin on you face as you tipped a few drops of melted wax from the brim of the candle onto my chest. ” There you cunt…that’s for fucking me in the arse this morning” you quickly tipped some more on my nipple..”and that you bastard is for biting my nipple so hard last night” moving downwards, the next splash of hot wax narrowly missed my now very erect cock, landing just above my pubic hair “.. and that is just to remind you that this is MY cock…if you ever put it into any other hole, I will fucking cut it off” The screams of a guy ejaculating on the tits of the Chinese chick deafened mine. “Baby, I haven’t and I never will…and you know that.” You smiled to yourself as you put the candle down….Shit, it was painful, but so fucking nice.

The afternoon had clearly just begun……

Having the ultimate power over me made you mad with desire….

You positioned your hungry hole over my pole and unceremoniously grabbed it, positioning it as you lowered yourself down, impaling its whole width into you. Because you were so hot and wet, it slipped in, despite its massive size. As you sat down on me, you threw back your head in ecstasy. A growl of pleasure came from deep inside of me as you took in the whole length. Coincidentally, on the movie in front of you was a shot of a chick fucking a guy in the same position as you were doing me….you started riding me like she was doing…it was almost as if you and I were on the screen…the thought drove you wild as you watched and almost copied her…riding hard, thrusting, your legs doing all the work. I watched you as your fingers dug into your bouncing tits, squeezing, hurting…behind me I could hear the effects of what I was seeing in front of my very eyes. It felt a fucking mazing. Just when I thought you were going to reach orgasm, you lifted yourself off my cock, my obedient tied down body having no choice but to obey.
You moved up, kneeling a leg on each side of my chest, presenting your gash for a licking…”This is your present for such a good fuck” you laughed…”Now eat me!”
You squatted, literally on my mouth and I began to eat and breath your innermost. In this position you were able to control the exact place, hardness and softness of my tongue in and on your oh so juiced up and delicious cunt. While I ate you like never before, you lent back, and taking my shaft in your hand and wanked it with a vengeance.
I started begging you to stop, twisting and pulling against the scarves and bucking my hips off the bed your pussy still locked against my sucking and licking mouth. After what seemed like an hour, you left my cock, just as I was about to cover your back with warm jizz, and lifted off my face.
You took another swig of your wine and bent down over me , kissing and spitting the mouthful into my mouth. ”Now THAT was nice” was all you could say as you started untying my hands….”very nice” I replied into your sexy eyes as you stroked my wrists and arms. You could see I was mad with desire, and in order to prolong the afternoon’s sex, you suggested we have a smoke and a drink together. I agreed on condition that you didn’t touch me as I was so close to coming, any physical attention from you would mean I would burst!

We sat cross legged on the bed, facing each other, drinking and smoking. The DVD had finished, and I put on the CD again. Only after the second drink was I back to my normal state, with some blood in my real brain.

I asked you to lie back as I wanted to paint you. Not quite knowing what to expect, you did so.
I took the paintbrush and tin of painting chocolate from next to my side of the bed where I had put it earlier, and sat next to you. I started…writing “Baby” across your breasts, the middle of the B over your right nipple, the bottom of the y on your left one. It tickled and was a little sticky, causing your pleasure buttons to stand up to attention. It was a surprisingly sexy thing for me to do…and I could feel it! You started giggling as on your stomach, I wrote “My man”, taking time with the tail of the Y, curling it down to your bush, and a little bit into it. You enjoyed it and I purposefully took my time over it. Now came the fun…I’d have to lick it off. This of course started the whole ball rolling again…….especially coming down to the tail of the Y!!!!!!

When I finished licking, we kissed, the chocolate taste delicious…..and you decided it was your turn. You smiled and laughed trying to write your name on my man…but there was even enough space to write “Baby light my fire”!! By the time you had licked that off, boy were we ready!

You stood up, and I watched in awe at your sexy bod as you took off all the undies, stockings, panties (now with a bit of chocolate on) and bra. You knew I was watching as you undressed and purposefully bent over as you took your red stockings off, pointing that delicious sight right at me. As soon as you were completely undressed you jumped under the duvet and cuddled up to me…...

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