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First Day At Boarding School


Rebecca was sent to boarding school when her Mother married again. Her new Stepfather did not seem to like her around and arranged for her to be sent to the new school. Her Mother was reluctant at first, but he convinced her that it was a well-known and established school and that it would be good for Rebecca to go there.

Rebecca was uncomfortable on the trip to the school as her Mother did not go, just her stepfather. They barely spoke a word during the 2-hour ride. When they arrived, Rebecca was surprised, they school did not look anything like it was described to her Mother.

"What kind of school is this," she asked.

"This is a special school that will train you. The Headmaster is a very good friend of mine and he has promised to take a personal interest in your training. He has invited me back in a week to see how you have progressed."

Reluctantly Rebecca got out of the car and entered the school. She figured once her Stepfather was gone, she could call her Mother to pick her up and take her home.

Her stepfather knocked on the door. The Headmaster opened the door and invited Rebecca in. "Thanks for bringing her Jim, I will see you next week and I am sure you will be pleased with Rebecca's progress" he said to her stepfather.

He did not speak until her Stepfather was gone. He closed the door and said, "I am Headmaster Johnson, you will call me Sir. Sit in that chair," pointing to a wooden straight back chair.

Rebecca began to protest when he slapped her face. Rebecca brought her hands up to protect herself. "Leave me alone, or I will tell my Mother."

"Your Stepfather gave me permission to use whatever force I need to get you to obey. We believe in corporal punishment at this school and if you fail to obey any orders or commands, you will be spanked or whipped." His hand reached out again, slapping her face again.

Tears began to run down Rebecca's cheeks as her cheek stung from the slaps and she feared what her Stepfather had gotten her into.

"Now sit down, or face more punishment," he commanded.

Rebecca hurriedly sat in the chair fearing more pain. Rebecca was eighteen years old but she had the body of a mature woman. Her breasts were large for her age, but without a hint of sag. She had long legs and a firm ass. The headmaster glared at Rebecca. He could imagine her stripped and tied, awaiting his punishment of her innocent body. He had promised Jim that by next week, Rebecca would be submissive and would allow him to pleasure himself sexually with her.

"Sit up straight in the chair, feet firmly on the floor, knees together and your arms on the armrest," he ordered. Rebecca quickly followed his commands, fearing him.

"You must obey every order I give you without hesitation. If you do not, I will punish you. As you have already seen, you will suffer pain for your disobedience. I have taught many young ladies like you obedience. At your young age, I find that humiliation works best to instill the correct attitude. You will be forced to do things that you thought was disgusting. If you make any attempt to resist, you will be dealt with harshly. Do you understand?"

"Yes" murmured Rebecca, fear gripping her.

The hand reached out again, slapping her face. "I told you to address me as Sir."

"Yes, Sir" shot back Rebecca.

"That is better. Now lets get a look at what we have to work with this week. You are a very attractive girl, Rebecca. Raise your arms above your head and lace your fingers behind your head and keep your back straight."

Rebecca did as she was told, and began to fear what was to become of her as she noticed that the pose he put her in pushed her breasts out.

"Very good, you have very large breasts for a girl of your young age. Now open your legs to the edge of the chair."

Reluctantly did as she was told, knowing that he now could now see up her skirt.

"Nice legs, open them further so I may see your panties."

Rebecca spread her legs further, turning red in humiliation as she was now posed with her breasts out and her legs spread wide. She hoped he would soon be finished and she could get out of his office.

"You are doing a good job obeying to my commands. You are going to spend the next couple of hours in this office. I am going to train you to obey all of my commands. In addition, I will administer a spanking, as you will have to learn to accept the pain. If you follow my orders I will allow you to go to your room for the night, but tomorrow morning we will again meet for further training."

"Please don't spank me, I am too big for that and you are embarrassing me."

His hand shot out again, slapping her face. Tears began to fall from her eyes, as she knew that there were worse things to come.

"Now, where were we, before I was rudely interrupted with your begging. Yes, I think it would be much better if you unbuttoned your blouse and pulled it from your shoulders. You have lovely breasts and I would like to see your bra now."

Rebecca's hands moved to the front of her blouse and began to unbutton each button. By time she reached the bottom, he could see her cleavage.

"Open it wide and push it off your shoulders, arms behind your head and push your breasts out again."

Rebecca sat in the chair, pushing her bra-encased breasts out for him to see. She saw him pull a chair in front of her and sit on it, only inches from her. His hands moved to her shoulders and began to move down to circle the top of her breasts.

"Hold very still and do not move." Rebecca froze as her hands grasped her bra and squeezed her breasts. She gasped as a stranger began to manipulate her breasts against her will, but she was frozen in terror of the consequences of disobeying. His fingers became more insistent, searching out her nipples.

"Stand up and remove your blouse and than your bra. I want you to bare your breasts to me. Obey quickly."

Rebecca stood up in a daze and let her blouse drop to the floor. She reached behind her bra and unsnapped it. She pulled it forward and it too fell to the floor. Rebecca had never let anyone see her naked breasts before, and here she was now stripped naked to the waist in front of a stranger.

"Back in the chair and stick your breasts out again." His hands moved back to her breasts and now began to fondle her naked breasts. He pulled on her nipples, stretching them out. He grasped a handful of naked tit and squeezed it tight. Rebecca trembled in fear as she submitted to the fondling of her breasts. Her nipples began to become erect from the unnatural stimulation. This allowed the Headmaster to grip them tighter, forcing a groan of pain from Rebecca.

"Up again and remove your skirt and panties. Leave your shoes and socks on."

Rebecca stood up again and unsnapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her with only her panties hiding her nakedness.

"Quickly, we do not have much time, off with your panties."

She grasped her panties and pushed them down her legs, showing her naked pussy for the first time.

"Step out of your panties and move forward. Put your legs outside of my legs and spread them open."

Rebecca did as she was ordered and now stood naked only inches from this stranger; her legs spread open and her pussy only inches from his face. He moved his hands up her legs, toward her naked pussy.

"You have a lovely pussy, Rebecca. How do you like showing it to a stranger?"

"Please let me go, I am so humiliated to be stripped naked in front of a stranger."

"You will get used to it. By next week, you will be forced to strip naked in front of many strangers. When your Stepfather comes next week, you will willingly undress in front of him and allow him access to all parts of your body."

His hands reached her pussy and began to run up and down between her pussy lips. He fingers reached her clit and began to circle it, eliciting a moan from Rebecca. His other hand reached behind her and grasped her naked ass.

"You have a nice ass, Rebecca." His hand grasped her cheeks and began to move toward the crack in her ass. "Stand perfectly still and submit to me. I am going to make you cum on my fingers."

His fingers began to move into her opened pussy. One finger was pushed into her and as she moved back to escape the ravishment of her pussy, his other hand found her anus. The finger pushed against her virgin anus, forcing Rebecca to again move forward, pushing the finger deeper into her pussy. Rebecca began to move back and forth from the twin ravishment of her pussy and anus, each time pushing his fingers deeper into her body. Soon he had both fingers buried deep into her pussy and rectum.

Rebecca could just barely stand, naked with his fingers buried deep into her body spreading her open to his touch. He began to fuck them in and out of her pussy and rectum, with a second finger joining the other, opening her up. They began to spread inside her, forcing her to her toes to escape the cruel ravishment of her twin orifices.

"Cum for me Rebecca, cum on my fingers." His fingers became more insistent, forcing her pussy and rectum open. Her body began to rock back and forth, her inexperienced body reacting to the forced stripping and finger fucking of her body.

"AAAAAHHH," she cried, "OOOOGGGHHH, it feels so strange, what are you doing to me," she cried, her orgasm overcoming all other emotions. Rebecca finally calmed down, her legs just barely holding her up. His fingers in her pussy and rectum were holding her up.

"Now that you have felt the pleasure, you must now receive the pain." He pushed Rebecca over to a large overstuffed chair. "Lean over the chair and push you head into the seat and push your ass out."

Rebecca did as she was told, the eighteen-year old now naked and spread over a chair. She felt hands grab her ankles and tie them to the edge of the chair, spreading her legs wide. She could feel the cool breeze on her anus and knew that she was exposed.

"Do not move your hands, I am going to spank your ass. You must feel the pain after you receive the pleasure." His hand slapped hard onto her right cheek, forcing a groan of pain from Rebecca. The hand again swung down, this time hitting her left cheek. His hand massaged her cheeks, feeling the hot glow from the spanking. His hand moved away and she knew that she was about to receive another spanking.

His hand again spanked each cheek before returning to caress her cheeks. This time they spread her ass open wide, allowing him access to her anus. She felt his fingers run over her anus again, than one hand was gone to return with a resounding spank directly on her anus.

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"OOOOOWWW, that hurts," she cried. The spanking continued, alternating between her ass cheeks and directly on her anus. After twenty-five spanks he stopped.

"Stay very still as I am going to pleasure myself in your ass."

Rebecca could hear his zipper being pulled down and felt him as he pushed his hard cock against her ass.

"I am going to push my cock into your ass. It will hurt, but you will get used to it. You must accept the pain."

His cock pushed against her anus and began to push it open. Rebecca groaned in pain as her anus was forced to open and accept the head of his cock into her ass. "OOOOWWW," she cried as his cock began to force its way into her tender body. The head of his cock was now in her, spreading her open. He began to pull it out and than back in, each time pushing deeper into her rectum. Soon he had two inches, than three, than five and now he had all eight inches buried deep into her rectum.

Rebecca gasped in pain as he flexed his cock deep into her body. It began to give her cramps when he was deep in her. He pulled his cock from her body, the retreat of his cock almost as painful as when he entered her. Once her stretched anus gripped the head of his cock, he forced it deep into her rectum with a single thrust that knocked the air from her lungs.

Rebecca raised her head to scream in pain and tried to push her body away from the awful rape of her ass, but only allowed him greater access to her defenseless anus. He pounded his cock in and out of her stretched anal track, forcing groans and gasps from Rebecca as she was forced accept the brutal rape by his cock.

Rebecca was constantly rocked with the deep thrusts of his cock deep into her rectum. Her sphincter gave up the fight and relaxed to accept his hard cock. Her anal track began to spasm from the pain of the deep thrusts, milking his cock as he continued to tear her insides.

His hand reached over the chair and grabbed her breasts and began to pinch her nipples. His other hand reached between her legs and began to fondle her pussy again, forcing her to push her ass out to receive the pounding in her rectum.

"I'm going to make you cum again, this time with a cock up your ass." His hand moved up and down her pussy lips and massaged her clit, forcing groans of pleasure mixed with the pain of the rape of her ass. Just as Rebecca began to have another orgasm, the cock in her ass pushed deep into her rectum and began to shoot hot cum deep in her ass. Her orgasm milked the cum from his cock, deep into her ravaged rectum.

The Headmaster pulled his cock from her ass and untied her legs from the chair. Rebecca slumped in the chair, exhausted from cumming twice and being raped and spanked.

"You can go to your room now and clean up and get some rest. I will bring you back down here tomorrow and we will continue with your training. I will pleasure myself in your mouth and your pussy and you will enjoy both the pleasure and pain."

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Rebecca left the Headmasters office her ass, inside and out, hurting. She did not understand what just happened. First, she was stripped naked, humiliated. Then he masturbated her while she stood there, fingers in her pussy and asshole, making her cum. Then her legs were bound to the chair, her ass up and open as she was spanked and then ass fucked. To make it even worse, he had made her cum with his cock hurting her tiny asshole. She went to her new room and took a shower and climbed into bed, curling up into the fetal position, trying to put this day out of her mind. Her asshole still stung from the brutal ass fucking he had given her. She never even knew people would want to do things like that.

The knock on the door woke her. She sat up, unsure of where she was and what had happened. A knock again. “Yes, what is it?

“Report to the gym in one hour. You will see the PE instructor for orientation. The Headmaster said not to be late or you will suffer the consequences,” the voice told her.

“OK, I will be there.” Rebecca got up and yesterday began to come back to her. Her asshole was still sore, as was her ass cheeks. She looked in the mirror, her ass cheeks still red from the spanking. She spread her ass cheeks and looked at her asshole. It was red and swollen, a testament that last night really did happen. I have to figure out how to get out of here. I am just going to have to go along until I can figure out how to get news to Mom. There is got to be a way. I just have to stay away from the Headmaster. I cannot survive another day like yesterday.

Rebecca looked into the closet for some clothes. The selection was limited. White button down blouses and plaid skirts. She looked in the drawer and found bras and panties, all her size. The bras were very silky and thin. The panties were all thongs. All were colored black. She looked around for socks, but there was none. In another drawer she found nylons. Not panty hose, but genuine nylons. And a garter belt to hold them up. Shoes were three-inch heels.

She looked at the paper on the mirror.

New Student Orientation

All new students must attend for the first two days. Each instructor will have 4 hours with the new student to acclimate the student into their new life at the school and also evaluate the individual talents of the student. The students should attend these orientation sessions in the standard school attire of blouse, skirt, bra, panties, nylons, garter belt and heels.

The following is the schedule:

Day 1 8:00 to 12:00 Physical Education Day 1 1:00 to 5:00 Sex Education Day 2 8:00 to 12:00 Art Day 2 1:00 to 5:00 Dance Day 3 8:00 to 12:00 Complete Physical Examination

Breakfast from 7:00 to 8:00 Lunch will be from 12:00 to 1:00 Dinner from 5:00 to 6:00

The student will have a progress meeting with the Headmaster at 7:00 PM each night. Students will be informed of the attire for the progress meetings each day.

Students disobeying any of the school rules will be given demerits. Spankings will be given out according to the following accumulation of demerits.

2 demerits-Hand spanking 3 demerits-Spanking with ruler 4 demerits-Paddle spanking 5 demerits-cane

Each spanking will consist of 25 blows. The area being spanked will be under the discretion of the Headmaster. Repeated offenses will result in public spankings in front of the entire student body.


Rebecca quickly dressed, the nylons and garter belt taking longer as she was unfamiliar with them. She looked like a whore in just the underwear, an innocent schoolgirl with the blouse and skirt. She did not know what they intended to do to her in the “orientation” classes, but if they were anything like her first session with the Headmaster, she knew that she was going to be sexually abused and humiliated. I just have to put up with it until I figure out how to get out of her, she thought. Once out of here, my stepfather will wish he was never born.

First Day at Boarding School Part 3-Pysical Education Orientation

Rebecca showed up at the gymnasium five minutes before eight. She knew that she did not want to be late. She had read the demerit list and knew that they would enjoy inflicting the punishment on her at any chance that got. Rebecca entered the gym, inside were two men.

Coach Alan and Assistant Coach Josh were waiting for her. Coach Alan was forty-five, tall, 6 foot, 2 inches, a great build even at his age. He had taught at the school for five years now. The pay was less then he previously made, but the fringe benefits were tremendous. All the young ladies he wanted, to do with as he pleased. Assistant Coach Josh was twenty-five, 6 foot, blonde hair, blue eyes and had a surfer body, tanned and buff. Alan had known Josh from his previous alma mater and knew that even though Josh could get any woman he wanted, he liked his women to be reluctant and he liked to humiliate them. The school gave him this opportunity.

“Step this way, Rebecca. We only have four hours and we have a lot to cover.” Alan motioned for Rebecca to the door at the side of the gym. The door let into the locker/work-out room. All around the room was various exercise equipment. There was a steam room, shower room, Jacuzzi’s and rub down tables. “The first thing we are going to test is your muscles. Please sit on the bench of this machine so we can test your arms and upper body strength.”

Rebecca sat on the narrow seat, her legs parted on each side. On each side, level with her head, were two bars hanging down, attached to a rotating mechanism they drew up the weights from the center of the machine. The bars would rotate in an arc from directly in front of her eyes, where her hands would meet, to behind her ears, when her hands would be spread apart the greatest distance. When behind her ears the maximum amount of stress and weight would be placed on her arms and chest, the weights raised up high from center. This would also push her breasts out firmly in front of her.

“Grip the handles, Rebecca and draw them out to the sides. I am going to start with 70 pounds of weight. A girl like you should easily be able to handle that. If you release the handles before I tell you to, you will receive one demerit. Do you understand, Rebecca?” Alan smiled as he looked down at Rebecca. I am going to enjoy this one.

“Yes,” I have done exercises like this before, she thought. Rebecca gripped the handles and drew them to the side, the weights easily pulled from the center. That was easy, she thought.

“Very good, Rebecca, now hold that position until I tell you to let go, remember a demerit if you release it. Josh, will you assist me.”

Rebecca watched as Josh went to one side of her and Alan on the other.

“Now stay in position, while we check your muscle tone.”

Rebecca felt each of them began to run their fingers over her arms, feeling the tension in her upper arms as she maintained the position. Their hands massaged her arms, the back of their hands occasionally rubbing along the side of her strained breasts.

“Very good, we’ll now check your upper body muscle tone. You are being a good girl, continue cooperating.” She felt the hands move up her arms, over her shoulders and now down her chest, slowly rubbing over her upper breasts. Her outstretched breasts strained in the position, almost begging to be touched. “You have a nice set of tits, do you know that, Rebecca? I think we are going to have to check them also. Now keep the position.”

Rebecca cringed when she heard what they were going to do. It was starting again. Just like the Headmaster. Her arms began to tire. It was getting more difficult to stay in the position. She felt two large hands grab her large breasts. “AAAHHH, too hard,” she cried out.

Alan grabbed her left tit. He loved the feel of young teenage breasts. So firm and resilient and he loved that they submitted to their groping. His fingers began to mold her firm flesh, Josh doing the same to her right tit. He watched her squirming on the bench, attempting to hold the position.

Rebecca felt her nipples begin to harden. No matter what they did to her she could feel her beginning to get wet. She didn’t understand why. “OOOWW,” fingers searching out her nipples, grabbing the delicate flesh, pulling hard.

“Grab her nipples, Josh,” Alan’s fingers searching out her nipples, pinching small pieces of young flesh until he found them, “she’s getting hard, the bitch likes it.” Alan saw her push out her breasts further, pushing them into their hands.

Josh loved fondling Rebecca’s tits. They were so firm and her nipples so hard. He couldn’t wait until they had stripped her. His fingers moved down the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it, slowly, revealing her teenage flesh to their eyes. His fingers moved down until they reached the bottom, pulling the blouse out of her skirt, pushing it to the side. She now sat, blouse open, her breasts thrust out in their silky bra, straining to escape.

“Please, don’t, don’t make me naked,” tears beginning to form in her eyes as her arms strained. She felt her blouse being opened and pulled to the side. Hands returned to her breasts, this time on her bra, the thin fabric affording little protection from the cruel fingers. Fingers sought out her nipples again, this time little in their way as they pinched cruelly on the erect flesh. She arched her back more, her arms tiring. “Please, I can’t hold them open much longer.”

They both smiled as they watched her strain, her tits pushed out, their hands massaging the teenage flesh. They enjoyed this, the begging, the straining, the forced stripping. It always made their cocks hard. And their victim was always available to satisfy their lust when they were ready, young pussy and asshole ready to receive their hard cocks.

“Would you like to put your arms down, Rebecca? Alan watched for her response. He saw her nod her head. “You may, but I want you to remove your blouse and your bra, can you do that, Rebecca?”

Rebecca looked into Alan’s eyes and only saw his lust. She nodded again, knowing that they would have their way with her no matter what she did. She released the bars, her arms falling down, tired from the strain.

“Strip to your waist, now.” Alan looked as she pulled the blouse from her arms, letting it fall to the floor.

She reached behind her, unsnapping the bra, her arms going to the front, holding it over her breasts. She used one hand to allow the bra to fall from her shoulders as her other hand covered her breasts, her hand just barely able to contain her large breasts. They were both watching her. She knew what they wanted. She slowly lowered her hands, her breasts uncovered, her nipples hard and pointed. She turned her head, not wanting to see them looking at her breasts, but feeling their gaze.

“Grab the bars again and push them open, come’on little girl, obey.” Alan watched as she raised her arms again, her breasts arching up, her arms straining as they moved to the side, her breasts pushing out. “Yes, that’s good, Rebecca, such lovely tits. And such big nipples, hard and erect. You like this, don’t you Rebecca, you like being forced to strip.”

Rebecca felt hands reaching out for her breasts again, this time grabbing her naked flesh, digging into her tender flesh. Fingers sought out her nipples, fingernails digging into the tender aureole, scratching as they began again to pinch the hard nipples. “MMMMGGGG,” her nipples now being pulled from her body. Her arms were fast becoming jelly as she strained to hold the bar as they continued to molest her naked breasts.

Alan pinched her nipple hard and began to pull it away from her body. Josh, seeing what he was doing began to copy him. Soon, both of Rebecca’s nipples were pulled far out, her back arching to relieve some of the strain. Alan’s other hand reached out and slapped the tender underside of her breast, making her breast heave, the pinched nipple forcing it to accept the slap. Josh, not to be outdone, slapped her other breast, digging his fingers into the teenage nipple harder, making sure that he would not release it.

“Oh, God, that hurts, please, your tearing my nipples,” Rebecca cried out as they both began to slap her breasts, making them move about on her chest, her nipples aching from the cruel fingers molesting them.

Alan released her nipple, but he hit her fully onto her battered nipple, sending her breast flying. Josh did the same, making her other breast slap against the one.

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“You’re being a good girl. Now get up and come over her. We are going to check your legs muscles, especially your thighs.” Rebecca was led over to a new machine, stripped naked to the waist, her breasts red from the slapping, her nipples hard and erect from their pinching. The new machine had a bench for her to sit on, a back support to keep her upright. Her legs were placed on the inside of the two leather pads. The pads were joined at the center of the machine, each one spreading out. “Now, spread your legs outward until you get to the end. I am going to put 70 pounds of weight on it again, a young girl like you should easily be able to attain that. “

Rebecca began to spread her legs, her skirt riding up higher as her legs extended. She knew what they intended to do to her, but she would have to endure the humiliation. She saw them staring at her legs as her legs widened. She finally reached the maximum extend for the machine, Her legs already began to ache from the wide stance the machine forced her into.

“Very good, Rebecca.” Alan’s hand reached out to her leg, his fingers sliding up her inside thigh, her skirt hiking up as he moved towards her pussy. He watched her face as she cringed when she felt his callused fingers crawling up her naked thighs.

Rebecca felt them begin to molest her again. Josh joined Alan, their fingers pinching and grabbing her tender thighs as they moved up her leg, dragging her skirt up higher. She felt Alan pulled her skirt completely up over her waist, her panties now the only protection from these cruel men. Fingers grabbed small pieces of her tender flesh, pinching it, watching her pained expression as they moved up towards her spread pussy. She felt fingers on each side of her pussy, waiting for the moment to pinch her pussy flesh.

“Are you wet, Rebecca? Tell the truth, we will know in a minute.” Alan watched as Rebecca nodded her head. “I thought so, you like being taken, don’t you?” His fingers grabbed down onto her pussy lips, squeezing it tightly. Josh, not to be outdone also grabbed her pussy, pulling her pussy lips open.

Rebecca squirmed in the seat, her thighs aching from the forced spread of her legs as they groped her pussy. Fingers moved between the lips of her pussy and pushed her panties deeper inside her slit, fingers moving up and down her pussy, her panties soaking up her pussy juice. She jolted upward as Alan grabbed her pussy within his large hand, tightening up on the tender flesh, his fingers tearing into her moist pussy. “AAAWWW,” her ass arching up from the seat as Alan pulled her higher, his fingers biting into her tender pussy flesh, pulling her up by her pussy.

Alan felt her teenage pussy fill his hand as he grabbed the tender flesh in her grip. He pulled her up by her pussy, seeing her strain to keep her legs open and also raise up her ass to relieve some of the pain. “You have such a hot pussy, Rebecca.” He relaxed his grip on her flesh, her ass back down on the chair. “You make close your legs, but I want you to remove your panties. Then spread them again. We want to see your naked pussy spread open.”

Rebecca closed her legs, her thighs grateful for the brief reprise she received. She raised up her ass, pulling her panties down over her hips and down her legs. She kicked them off her ankles, sinking back down on the bench, her sparsely covered pussy naked before them. Her blonde hair just barely showed up on her pubic area, giving it the impression that her pussy was bald. She felt Alan ran his hand down over her stomach, sucking in her stomach trying to avoid his touch. It moved further down, over her bush, two fingers pushing between her pussy lips, drawing them apart as they slid down until they would not move any more because of her closed legs.

Alan grabbed her pussy lips in his fingers and pinched hard, grabbing the tender flesh between his fingers. He felt her body shudder in pain. “Open your legs again and keep them open,” he ordered her. He watched as the young girl slowly spread her legs, her thighs straining against the weights as they extended out. “Yes, that’s good, can you feel the cool air on your spread pussy, you are so open for us. Do you like to do that, Rebecca, do you like to open your pussy for us?” He watched her face, the humiliation spreading across it. “Josh, help me spread little Rebecca open for us, grab her other pussy lip and spread it wide. I want to hear her moan in pain.”

“OOOOWW, you’re stretching me too wide,” Rebecca cried in pain as Alan and Josh both yanked her pussy lips open, feeling like they were trying to tear her pussy lips off. She lay before them, her teenage pussy, all pink and wet, open before them. She never felt so naked as now. Fingers began to push down her pussy slit taking the moisture. A finger reached her pussy and began to push in, Rebecca straining to keep her legs open and also receive the finger in her pussy. Another finger reached out for her clit and began to rub over the hard nub, her hips beginning to move in rhythm to the finger inside her pussy.

“You like that, don’t you Rebecca, you like all those fingers playing with your teenage pussy, all nice and wet and pink.” His finger pushed further inside her, her tight pussy clamping tightly on it. “Such a tight little pussy. We only have an hour left of our orientation, so I think we are going to have to fuck that tight little pussy before you leave.” He pulled his finger from her pussy, it gripping it tightly, trying to prevent it from leaving. He slapped her pussy hard, her body jerking up, her pussy turning red from the slap. “You can close your legs and lets move over to another machine. It’s time for a fucking, time to take a big cock up your teenage pussy.”

They watched her as she stood up, head down moving towards the other machine. Naked, wet pussy, nipples hard, waiting to be fucked. They pulled her over to a padded bench, sloped upwards. They pushed her down onto it, on her stomach, her naked ass perched before them. They pulled her legs to the side, her ass cheeks opening, her pussy and asshole peeking out, tiny and tender. The bench stopped at her stomach, forcing her to bend forward, her upper body unsupported. Josh stood before her, holding her head up.

Rebecca looked up, Josh’s hands lifting her chin up, a hard cock before her. She watched as it pushed forward, the large head a dark red, swollen, precum already leaking from the slit. She tightened her lips as it moved over her lips, leaving a trail of cum glistening in the lights. She clenched her lips tightly, refusing to allow the erect cock inside the confines of her oral cavity. Her asshole had been raped, but not her mouth and pussy. She knew that she had no choice with her pussy. While she was not a virgin, she had never taken such a big cock into her tight pussy before. And she refused to suck his cock. She felt hands fumbling around behind her. They pushed her thighs apart, running up between her legs, over her wet pussy, pulling her ass up higher, making her pussy more accessible to the cock that would soon force itself into her tight pussy.

“That’s good, Rebecca, spread open,” Alan’s hand fisting his cock, running it over her naked ass cheeks, They were so firm and resilient, the Headmaster already had spanked them. He felt her body squirm when she felt the big head of his cock run up and down her pussy slit, gathering pussy juice to ease the passage of his cock inside her pussy. He followed her ass, as she moved back and forth, his cock hardening from her motions. He continued to follow her movements, not letting her escape the cock that would soon slide inside her. He slapped her ass hard, feeling her body jerk in pain. She relaxed for a second. Another slap and this time he took advantage of her relaxing and pushed his cock inside her pussy, watching as her pussy lips spread wide to accept the head of his cock. He pushed harder, spearing her pussy with his cock, her pussy lips spreading tightly over the head, almost choking it. Alan slapped her again and this time pushed ruthlessly inside her pussy, feeling her young teenage pussy spread wide to accept the large cock, beating a path up inside her.

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over the head, almost choking it. Alan slapped her again and this time pushed ruthlessly inside her pussy, feeling her young teenage pussy spread wide to accept the large cock, beating a path up inside her.

Rebecca felt the cock against her pussy begin to push inside her, her pussy aching from the stretching that it had to do to accept the cruel cock. Her ass was being spanked again, the sharp pain running straight to her brain. She let her guard down for a second and the cock tore into her pussy. “OOOOWWW, AAAGGGHHH,” she yelled. Her mouth opened to scream in pain and as she did, Josh pushed his cock quickly into her hot mouth, filling it with his meat. It pushed deep inside of her, hitting the back of her mouth, making her choke and gag. Hands held her securely on the side of her head.

“Suck it like a lollypop, Rebecca, suck it good. Josh held her head, rocking her face back and forth onto his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around his hard cock. He felt her jerk forward onto his cock, forcing it deeper into her mouth. Alan must be drilling her cunt with his cock, forcing her mouth onto his cock.

Alan pushed into her pussy almost painfully as her teenage pussy tightened onto his cock. He continued to drill into her body, forcing it in, pulling it out, then back in again, stabbing deeper inside her with each push. He heard her muffled screams, Josh’s cock in her mouth muffling her cries of pain. He grabbed her hips hard and pulled her ass back onto his cock, it half way into her pussy now. He pulled it out, then pushed it back in, it sliding effortlessly over her wet pussy, driving deeper inside her. “You ever had a cock this big in that little pussy, Rebecca," pushing his cock ruthlessly into her pussy, wanting her to feel the pain of his cock. He changed angles on his cock, forcing it to hit new parts of her unused pussy, her body jerking in pain as he continued to fuck her. He now had all of his cock buried in her pussy. He paused, her pussy clenching and unclenching on his cock involuntarily, reacting to the rape of her body. “Is she sucking your cock good, Josh. You should feel this pussy, its hardly been used, its so tight.” He began to pull out and fuck her. Pushing hard into her body, his cock beating against her cervix, bruising her insides as he fucked her. He watched her body jerking forward with each thrust of his cock, her mouth forced further down on Josh’s cock, her throat forced open, gagging and choking her.

Josh held her head tightly, saw her hands clenched in fists as she took the brutal fucking they were giving her. He saw Alan fucking her hard, forcing her onto his hard cock, pulling her hips onto his erect cock, then fucking hard into her, pushing her forward. He felt her mouth forced down on his cock, grabbing her by the ears, forcing more of his cock down her throat, her gagging and choking on his cock making him harder. He could see tears running down her eyes, her nose running as she was forced to take his cock in her mouth. Her hands were free, but they stayed at her side, submissively accepting the taking of her mouth and pussy and the same time by their twin cocks. “Don’t make me cum, Rebecca. I am saving my load of cum for your asshole. The Headmaster says your asshole is so tight, so after Alan drops a load of cum in your pussy, I am going to fuck your asshole.”

Rebecca cringed in pain as they cock in her pussy forced fucked her, stretching her unused, teenage pussy to accept its girth. It felt so big as it fucked in her, backs out and then forcefully backs in until it banged against her insides. She felt hands reach under her and begin to grab her clit, pulling and pinching the hard pea-sized sex organ. Her hips raised up, forcing herself onto more of his cock as she tried to escape the painful pinching of her sensitive clit. “AAHHHGG,” the cock in her mouth forced down her throat, her air supply cut off, sucking in what air should could through her nose as her throat spasms on the hard cock, trying to suck the cum out of him. He said he was going to fuck her asshole. Her asshole still hurt from the Headmasters fucking and did not think she could stand another cock up her asshole, stretching her open.

Alan pushed with all of his might, pushing his cock into her teenage pussy until it banged inside her, her pussy tightening on his pole. He felt his cum move from his balls, along his cock, and begin to shoot from the end, filling her cunt with his hot cum, bursting against her tender insides. He ripped his cock out of her pussy and pushed back in again, her tight pussy yanking another load of cum out of his balls as he bottomed out into her pussy again, his balls slapping harshly against her upturned ass. “Suck the cum out of me Rebecca,” his fingers continuing to torment her enlarged clit. “Cum on my cock, Rebecca, show me what a slut you are, cum with me,” his fingers continuing their forced masturbation of her body.

Rebecca bounced on the machine, her pussy fucked ruthlessly, filling her pussy with hot cum as she felt the first stirring of a cum beginning. His fingers on her clit teased the tender morsel, the hot cock filling her mouth, forcing her to suck it. It was all she needed. She began to cum, a long, sweet cum, her pussy grabbing tightly to the large cock that reamed her out, her tongue bathing the cock in her mouth, her clit enlarged to over twice its size. She began to cum on the cock in her pussy, mixing with Alan’s hot cum, her pussy went into spasms, clamping on the cock inside her, the pain of her stretched pussy mixing with the pleasure of her clit pulled and twisted. “AAAHH, IMMMMM CuuuMMMMIINg,” she yelled, her hips pushing back on the cock, forcing more of it inside her as her clit continued to receive the fingers bringing about her orgasm. “OOOHH, GGGGOOODD,” she screamed in ecstasy as another orgasm overcame her, sucking the strength from her body as she slumped on the machine, spent, her pussy still stretched tightly around the now softening cock in her pussy.

Josh pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop, her lips stretched tightly around it. He watched Alan pull his softening cock from her pussy, cum dripping down her thighs, her pussy still a gaping hole from the fucking she had received. He saw her slumped, her orgasm draining all energy from her body as she stirred on the machine. Josh pulled her from the bench, her limp body barely able to stand. “Don’t go limp on my yet, Rebecca, you still have a ass fucking coming.” He moved over to a railing, the upper edge padded and draped her body over it, bent at the waist. Her head hung down one side, her large breasts falling towards the ground. He pulled her leg over to one side, spreading her open again. He grabbed a piece of rope and tied her leg to the lower rung of the railing. He grabbed the other leg and began to pull it open, spreading her legs wider and wider, her pussy still open and leaking cum, her tiny asshole now peaking out between the cheeks of her ass. It was still red and swollen, but looked tiny compared to her stretched out cunt. He heard her moan in pain as the spread of her legs began to make her thighs ache.

Rebecca felt her body bent over the railing, her ass now pushed up high. Hands spread her legs wide, ropes holding them open. She was now totally exposed again, this time her asshole the target for his cock. “Please, not there, fuck my pussy,” she begged, her asshole still sore from the Headmasters fucking. She felt Josh’s hard cock pushed against her defenseless asshole, her saliva having wetted it for her own ass fucking.

“You’ll take it up your asshole, your pussy is too used and wet. I want a dry hole to fuck, hot and tight and your asshole is begging for my big cock.” He humped his cock against her asshole, watching as it forced itself in, her asshole slowly spreading open, forced to accept the head, wrapping itself tightly around the erect cock.

“OOOWWW, take it out, its too big,” Rebecca screamed, but as she did, Alan stuck his cum covered cock into her mouth. The cum filled her mouth with its taste, a mixture of his and her cum. She gulped as she felt the soft cock already begin to get hard again.

Alan pushed his cock into her mouth until her lips were pushed against his abdomen. He would hold her like this, forcing her mouth to take his cock deeper and deeper as he cock hardened. Soon it would push to the back of her mouth and begin to enter her throat. He would enjoy feeling her struggle around his cock, unable to prevent it from entering, her choking and gagging massaging the cock into even greater hardness.

Josh felt her asshole pop open, his big cock spreading her wide, the head pushed into her rectum. He felt her body trying to expel the large cock, tightening onto it in forced response to the spreading of her anal tract. His cock twitched inside her as she involuntarily clenched and unclenched her asshole onto her cock, trying to force it from her teenage asshole.

Rebecca felt the tearing and rasping of a hard cock in her asshole again. The cock brought back the pain of the Headmasters cock. Her body tried to expel the cock, her body not being able to accept the fact that anyone would be perverted enough to want to stick their cock in her tiny asshole. But they did, and they seemed to enjoy doing it with as much pain as possible, forcing the cock into her, the pain shooting up her spine, feeling like it was tearing her flesh, a giant spear, pointed and big pushed relentlessly into her body. She bowed her legs out more, hoping to ease some of the pain, but only succeeding to open her asshole more as the cock now began to push inside her body, forcing itself into her colon. Her stomach began to cramp on the huge cock, her colon forced to straighten out at it ruthlessly pushed aside anything that got in its way, her inner organs included. “OOOHHHH, pppllleaasse, no more, don’t go any deeper, OOW,” a cramp smashing into her belly as the cock banged her tender anal tract. Her body shuddered and jumped as she felt the cock tearing inside her, unable to stop the cock from pushing deeper into her body.

Josh smiled as he looked down between the cheeks of Rebecca’s ass. He saw her tiny asshole spread wide over his cock, over half of it now pushed deep inside her reluctant asshole, her insides clamping down on the marauding cock, attempting to force it from her body, but only succeeding to make it harder. He gave her a brutal thrust, watching as almost all of his cock was buried in her asshole, her head pulled up and heard her muffled screams. Alan had her face smashed against her abdomen, his cock buried in her mouth. He could see by her throat gasping and grabbing that Alan’s cock was beginning to harden again, moving relentlessly inside the confines of her hot oral cavity, forcing itself down her throat again. She was being double fucked again, this time his cock spearing her asshole open. “Hold on, Rachel, it’s now time for a hard ass fucking. Your asshole feels so good gripping my cock. I going to ream out your asshole. You wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.” He pulled his cock all the way out of her asshole, watching as her asshole stayed open a gapping hole, red and abused. As it slowly began to close, he forced his cock into her in one brutal push, forcing her asshole again to spread wide as he made her take all of his cock deep inside of her. He felt her body shudder in pain as his cock tore her teenage flesh aside, pushing deep into her colon. He paused for a second before ripping his cock out as painful going out as going in, her silky insides clinging to his cock, her sphincter grabbing it as it pulled from her asshole.

Rebecca shuddered in pain as she felt every lump and bump on the cock in her ass rasping along her tender asshole. Her sphincter began to spasm on cock as it pulled from deep inside of her colon, the cramps stopping for a minute, but the pain shooting up her spine like a knife. She could not control her asshole, the pain forcing it to try to expel the cruel invader. Josh’s cock began a hard fucking, pushing deep inside her colon, her stomach cramping in pain as it beat down inside her and then her tightly stretched asshole stretching painfully around the cock as it was pulled from her body. Then it started all over again, the painful fucking continuing. “No, don’t make me cum again,” as she felt fingers reach for her sensitive clit again. She arched her back up, hoping to escape the gripping fingers, but only succeeding in pushing the cock deeper into her backside. Rebecca choked as the rapidly expanding cock in her mouth pushed into her throat, unable to stop it, held tightly against his abdomen. Her fingernails tore into her own skin, drawing blood as she clenched them in pain, unable to stop their unmerciful taking of her body for their own pleasure.

Josh began to fuck her harder, feeling the cum in his balls ready to fill her colon with his hot cum. He tore up and down her anal tract, her asshole clinging to his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. He continued to tease and pull her clit, feeling her body bucking under him, accepting his cock up her asshole, her clit begging for the forced masturbation. “Cum again for me Rebecca, cum with me as I shoot your asshole full of my hot cum.” He twisted her clit with his fingers and pushed his cock into her colon one last, brutal push, tearing her teenage asshole open. He cock began to swell, her asshole squeezing tightly around it as it was forced open wider, her cum shooting out the head of his cock, filling her colon with cum,

Rebecca screamed in the cock clogging her throat open as she began to cum, feeling her colon begin to fill with his hot cum, burning deep inside her. Her hips bumped up and down, unable to control her bodily functions as she fucked hard on the cock inside her, milking the cum out of him as her pussy juice began to run down her thighs again as his cock tore from her body before thrusting back in her again. She felt another load of cum fill her, hot and sticky deep inside her. The fingers coaxed another cum from her body, almost exhausted forced masturbation of her body. At the same time, Alan again filled her body with his cum, this time deep inside her throat. Cum shot out Rebecca’s nose as she choked on the load filling her body. The cock slipped from her mouth, leaving a trail of cum on her lips and chin. She arched her body up as she felt the cock, already softening, pulled from her body. She heard the sound of a fart as the cock pulled from her asshole, the vacuum inside her asshole broken, the air escaping from the brutal fucking she had received. She turned red in shame, her body soaked in sweat and cum, her sex organs red and swollen.

Josh slapped her ass hard and untied her legs. He saw her slump to the floor, cum dripping from her pussy and asshole, a puddle forming on the floor. “You’re a good fuck Rebecca, a real nice hot and tight fuck. Welcome to Physical Education. You should have no trouble passing any further tests,” he laughed, pushing his cock back into his pants.

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