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Final Fantasy 7 - Underneath the Rotting Pizza  


Aeris and Tifa exchanged mute expressions of shock as Don Corneo
leapt up onto his desk, proudly announcing his chosen mate for the
evening. Cloud was just as surprised himself -- after all, he had only
put enough effort into his disguise to get past the front door, not win
a beauty pageant. Still, all three knew instinctively that the best
solution was to simply play everything out just as they'd planned.

"You guys can have the others..." Don finished, hardly paying
attention to his goons as he shooed Cloud through the curtain leading
to his private chambers. "Just don't have *too* much fun. I might feel
like giving those huge knockers a whirl later."

Tifa turned an absolute crimson at the cutting remark, averting her
eyes from the slumlord as Jimmy and Koch saluted their master and
grabbed a girl in each arm. Aeris was starting to get worried now. She
had assumed that Don would have chosen the most voluptuous of their
group or the most innocent, either way leaving Cloud to deal with his
underlings. While the two women were seasoned fighters by now, it was
doubtful they would be able to fend off the attacks of a room full of
horny men.


"What about our weapons?" the former flower girl asked in a worried
whisper. Corneo's bodyguards had already locked the office door behind
them and were quickly dragging the two maidens to a seamy-looking room
at the other end of the second-floor landing.

"Shit!" Tifa shot back quietly, angry they hadn't thought to hide
their gear somewhere nearby for easy retrieval. She made a noticeable
gulping sound upon the realization that their predicament was actually
much worse. They each had an Iron Armlet, but the only magic between
them was a lowly Restore materia. Hurriedly, the black-haired female
turned to Aeris in the hope of finding a flash of inspiration, but her
companion was equally hope-less. Already they were at the door.

"Open up, you lugs!" Jimmy barked, sneering at the flabbergasted
Cetra. He fingered her long, auburn-colored ponytail while waiting for
his call to be answered, almost provoking Aeris to deliver him a harsh
slap, but the two girls were quickly ushered in before she could think
to react.

"Got us a pair of presents from the Don!" the repugnant lackey
proclaimed boldly, shoving Aeris into the center of the room while Koch
did likewise with Tifa. Immediately, both were enveloped in a flurry of
groping fingers and lewd catcalls, forcing the two females to furiously
duel hands with the crowd in a feeble attempt to prevent their private
areas from being felt up.

"Look at those tits!" one said, making a beeline for Tifa's mounds.

"Can't wait to see you suck, honey..." another chimed in as he
circled poor Aeris.

"Hope they're better than those last sluts!" came a voice from the
back of the room, glad to see some new faces other than the same old
Honeybee Inn girls.

"Come on, see if they're wet..." an overwhelmingly eager one said,
striding over to the slender Aeris with a smooth grin on his face. She
blushed instinctively as he slid his arm up under her dress, violently
rubbing her panty-clad slit straight away. Already, another had snuck
up from behind and started licking her ear and neck, gleefully telling
the trapped girl what he was going to do to her. Soon, she was aware
that rough hands were blatantly mauling her sensitive chest, and one
impatient thug was already grinding his crotch against her slender
behind. It was *much* worse than she thought.

Tifa was fending just as poorly, her skilled martial arts abilities
no match for such a superior number of opponents. Two men were vying to
kiss her pouty lips at once, fighting each other for the prize of her
mouth, while the majority contented themselves with fondling her
massive jugs. A single guard seemed to take interest in what was
between the young lady's legs, though, and from what Aeris could tell,
was not settling for copping a feel through her underwear.

Grimacing as an unforgiving male finger-banged her dry pussy, Tifa
was almost ready to cry out for mercy when Jimmy stepped through the
crowd, his commanding presence able to quiet the group down a bit.
"Geez, guys..." he interjected with exasperation. "If you keep that up,
you're all going to blow in your pants. Get these babes naked already!"

Mumbling vague assertions of dissent at having to withdraw from the
shapely vixens, the soldiers reluctantly dispersed, leaving Aeris and
Tifa alone amid a circle of aroused males. They were safe for the
moment, but knew what was to come.

"Well, then..." Koch announced coolly, leveling his rifle first at
the shaken brunette, then at her trembling companion. "You ladies know
what to do... Off with 'em!"

Looking at each other with abject humiliation, each girl strove to
summon up the courage to strip first. Eventually, Tifa finally broke,
her heart beating fit to burst as she hesitantly undid the back of her
skintight black miniskirt. A collective intake of breath issued from
the leering onlookers as the clasp separated, followed by a storm of
hooting and jeers while the buxom beauty sashayed her hips to slide the
garment off. The sacred material designed to protect her womanhood came
into view much to the approval of all watching.

Realizing she would end up getting even more flagrantly violated if
she refused, Aeris gracefully shrugged her shoulders, letting her short
red jacket spill to the floor. The room's attention continued to focus
on Tifa, who had started pulling up her white tank-top, but a few smart
ones kept their eyes on the ravishing Cetra as she unbuttoned her pink
dress to reveal a truly fantastic body.

Aeris' tits sat proudly on her chest, unrestrained or controlled by
a flagrancy such as a brassiere. The watching men immediately erupted
into cheering upon seeing her creamy globes unleashed, obviously not
expecting the prize to be so quickly revealed. Her skin was as clean as
fresh milk, and each magnificent orb was capped with a tiny, quivering
nipple that simply begged to be sucked. A few made zombie-like attempts
to move forward and examine them a little more closely, but a stern
foot-stomp from Jimmy quickly dashed their hopes.

Hoping to evade her friend's humiliation while the majority of her
voyeurs were distracted, Tifa quickly yanked her shirt up until the
bunched up hem was resting lazily across the tops of her breasts.
Unfortunately, she had much larger knockers than Aeris, and attracted
attention once again instantly. A bright red flush of shame spread from
cheek to cheek as the licentious males ogled her body at will, making
horribly crude comments about her larger-than-average sized features
before settling down somewhat, now focusing their attention on the
girls' still-concealed twats.

Neither girl had enjoyed many luxuries in the past, and times had
been especially hard of late with equipment and materia purchases in
addition to basic necessities. As such, Aeris and Tifa had been going
without proper undergarments for much of their life. Each delectable
bottom was concealed only by a pair of childish cotton panties, and
even they would not last much longer.

"Come on, hurry up!" Koch barked suddenly, cocking the hammer of
his weapon. Aeris and Tifa jumped together slightly at the noise,
realizing acutely that there was only one way out of this room now.
Glancing over at each other instinctively, the fair maidens traded
looks of extreme sadness, then regretfully did as they were instructed.

Looking fearfully down the barrel of the gun pointed at her, Tifa
grabbed the sides of her virgin-white underpants and brought them down
in one swift motion to her mid-thigh. She was hesitant to go any more
and give the thugs behind her an undeserved view of a martial-artist's
taut backside as she bent over, so the flustered girl simply stopped
there, waiting for Aeris to do likewise.

Her Cetra companion looked slightly less frightened than she, but
bore a face of woeful mortification while preparing to unveil her
prized womanhood. She waited a few blissful seconds while the crescendo
grew until she couldn't bear the suspense. Finally, with a huffing
flourish, Aeris slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties
and pulled them down just as far as Tifa had. Both girls stood still as
statues now, merely waiting for the ravishment to begin.

Don Corneo's lieutenants almost lost control of their throng once
again, and several burly fellows actually managed to push through and
grab the terrified ladies' exposed goodies before an angry Koch broke
it up with the butt of his firearm, shoving his way to the front to get
a good close-up view of the delightful pair of snatches on display.

Aeris had been hiding a very well-trimmed bush beneath her clothes,
just a thin strip of hair which barely surrounded her nether lips. Her
thighs were full and rich -- scarcely bulky enough so that when closed
together (as she had them now), there was the slightest gap between the
flesh of her legs and that of her slit. She was really a woman, and it
was clearly apparent by the breadth of her voluptuous pelvis that the
lass would be able to push back with splendiferous effort once some
lucky guy inserted himself into her pure tunnel.

Tifa, on the other hand, had a more northwards-oriented body. As
the surrounding men had already taken note of by quite plainly telling
her, the stunning woman had a pair of tits that were second to few in
all of Midgar. With larger nipples and aureoles, it was highly probable
that she could experience a heightened sense of pleasure compared to
her unwilling competitor. A spunky and wild, but not rabid patch of
puberulent hairs covered her womanhood, leading down to a set of thin,
defined legs well-maintained by the life of a warrior.

While utterly mind-blowing far and beyond the soldiers' usual fare,
Aeris and Tifa's bodies did not inspire the men to disregard their
commander's orders and heed only their own fortune. The one seemingly
omnipresent thought that pervaded the entirety of the room was focused
on one crucial aspect only -- to simply ram their cocks as hard and
fast up one of the beautiful ladies's tender orifices -- was tempered
by the sombering knowledge of the chain of command.


"Allright, enough of this!" declared Koch smugly, clicking his
rifle's safety and swinging it back towards a surprised trooper. The
man caught it expertly, his face darkening for only a moment upon
realizing that sex would trickle down the chain of command much as the
firearm just has -- and he was a sorry way from the top.

None contested Koch and Jimmy's claim to bed the girls first, for
every single one knew need of leadership. Without a deeply entrenched
code for them to follow, the resulting anarchy begotten of raging
hormones would likely result in the unfortunate shedding of blood, not
to mention what would most certainly become of their playthings. The
thugs had another reason to patiently wait their own turn as well in
that while their superiors had questionable morals, they were always
taken care off. Even the lowliest understood that they too would get a
go before the night was done.

"Time for the big show..." Jimmy sneered in agreement, grabbing
Tifa by the arm and looking over at his compatriot, who was advancing
on Aeris with similar, fiendish lust. Pleased their different tastes
would result in no argument, he dragged the black-haired siren over to
one end of the l-shaped chamber directly across from the doorway.
Throwing her down onto a sleeping mat with little regard, he began
undoing his belt in preparation for the fun to come.

Koch wasted no time in flaunting himself in front of Aeris. Wanting
only to stick it to her as soon as he could manage, the heartless cur
hauled the Cetra bodily to the other corner of the room, depositing her
messily into a seated position atop a small table that the guards used
for card-playing. Her spread legs dangled lewdly over the edge, and she
thought fleetingly to try and close them, but he'd already lowered his
pants by then. A hard dick was pressing firmly into her abdomen as she
felt herself get mounted, and all the terrified girl could muster a
short, feeble gasp.
"Hope you like it..." he cackled derisively, pulling away just far
enough to nestle the crown of his member between Aeris' furry labia.
She trembled uncontrollably as the head popped inside securely, trying
to reach behind and grip the green felt of the table to steel herself
for being raped, but he simply moved too fast. Koch pushed in without
care or restraint, marveling at the tightness of his partner and still
not understanding the significance.

Aeris, however, was acutely aware of something within her giving
way as the man slammed deep within her until embedded to the hilt. Her
precious chastity had been breached in one fell swoop, but already the
pain was being drowned out by continued emphatic incursions into her
womanly passage, each stuffing motion numbing the walls of her vagina
in an eerie displacement of what had happening. Dimly, the violated
girl was aware that she was letting out a long, wailing moan that
prompted only boisterous cheers from the anxious crowd, so she ceased
immediately and channeled her vocalization of displeasure into a low
groan, squeezing her eyes shut to try and tune out her awful lot.

Jimmy was on top of Tifa by this time, positioning his own piece at
the center of the prone vixen's densely-covered twat. She cringed upon
feeling it, lamely covering her breasts with her arms and staring
straight up as the firm instrument pierced her quim slowly, but with
great insistence that she was powerless against. Like Aeris before her,
she let out a cry of surprise as he poked through her hymen, emitting
great, heaving breaths until the tip was lodged near the entrance of
her womb.

"Shit, man!" Koch called from out of sight, continuing to rail his
brown-haired beauty as he discovered red streaks coating the length of
his shaft. "A virgin!"

"Ugh... mine too!" Jimmy shouted back breathlessly, peering down
to confirm what he already knew to be true. "Oh man..." he continued in
a more quiet tone, just loud enough for Tifa to hear. "I can't believe
my luck!"

Rolling her head to the side in fury at being addressed to so, she
gradually relinquished protection of her chest as the excited male
began to roughly grope each jutting globe. Her plan was to passively
encourage him just so he would get his jollies quicker and finish,
although it was proving difficult to put up with the flailing arms
assailing her bulging chest. Each pronounced nipple felt as if it were
being repeatedly jolted by a weak bolt spell, but it was nowhere near
as potent as the dull fire burning in her loins.

Tifa knew she was moaning -- her cries had to sound as if drawn
forth from a whore riding out another monotonous encounter. But it felt
impossible not to with the burning flame which began to bloom between
her legs. It was not pleasure just yet, but simply going from a chaste
life to suddenly having a domineering male shoving his thick length
inside her was channeling some dark, perverted sensations upwards from
her carefully-guarded vee with no outlet save her trembling lips.

Without realizing it, the striking female warrior had ceased her
affronted exterior and begun to casually bump her hips together with
the awful man, trying to tell herself that she was simply cushioning
his rapid slams to prevent getting a sore fanny. The leering males knew
better though, and cheered on their comrade as he yanked her arms
around his back in a cruel embrace.

The man's big dick plowed Tifa's sensitive hole relentlessly,
prompting the long-haired maiden to arch her back unconsciously as he
continued to penetrate her. It mattered very little, though, for he
possessed far less staying power than she and had and already reached
the limit of enjoying her. As Tifa blithely facilitated her own sexual
congress, she felt a peculiar warming sensation suddenly flow into her
genitals. Horrified, she could only squirm halfheartedly as the soldier
began inseminating her, making abundantly clear the reality of what
they were doing.

After he finished, the cruel male continued to brazenly slam into
her crotch, gleefully chortling as he worked his seed good and deep
into Tifa's ripe belly. The newly-deflowered girl's feeble attempts to
push him off met with little success until he was totally spent,
pulling his cock out with a loud sucking sound. Feeling somehow empty
and hollow now that her vaginal canal was throbbing impotently and
dripping cum out onto the floor, all Tifa wanted to do was turn around
and face the wall so she wouldn't have to look at any of them, but
another had already taken his place between her legs, lifting them up
without resistance while he slipped inside.

Meanwhile, Koch and Aeris will still going at it wholeheartedly,
albeit the violated Cetra was proving to be little less easygoing with
the whole affair than her overly-endowed friend. Gasping and sobbing
every time he rammed home in her previously well-defended pussy, she
could barely feel the full effect of the overbearing sexual act until
it was almost upon her.

"No..." she plead woefully, the shock of seeing a man inseminate
her companion having seemed distant until she was suddenly faced with
the reality of it happened to herself. "Please, just take it out!"

Koch didn't feel it necessary to even dignify Aeris's plea with a
response. Instead, he leaned back and took his arms away from her
shivering back where they were previously helping to keep her upright.
After calling the attention of his men, he tweaked the young girl's
exposed nipples jovially, causing the twin projections to become red
and puffy in clear opposition to their owner's true feelings. Wincing
away from the smarting sensation, Aeris almost forgot the insistent
pounding between her legs, at least until a strange, warm feeling began
to spread throughout her crotch.

"Noooooo!" she wailed piteously, sobbing as she struggled to roll
over and away but knowing it was futile anyhow. Koch's thick phallus
spurted her insides with hearty gobs of sticky goo, each successive
blast joining the others in contaminating the poor Cetra's pristine
womb with his dirty seed. Nearly spent, the lecherous man pulled back
and slammed into Aeris all the way, springing a pair of tears from her
eyes as she felt the sticky fluid jammed all the way up her uterus.
After what seemed like eternity with his fat prick jamming her hole
shut -- the foul cum stayed stopped up inside and soaking into her
vaginal walls, the malevolent thug finally exited her quim with a sharp
sneer, hollering along with his buddies as she poured forth pinkish
ooze all over the flimsy table.

Totally humiliated and momentarily stunned by the loss of her
innocence, Aeris slumped back and let her cum-streaked thighs lay bare
to the world. It didn't matter at this point since that man had taken
her most precious possession and now others were going to do to same.
Sure enough, a few of the higher-ranking goons swiftly grabbed every
inch of her naked flesh, trying somehow to bring her to the ground only
using the young lady's breasts and nether regions as handles. After
being roughly deposited on the hard wooden floor, she watched as her
next lover eagerly disrobed and climbed atop her, his erection pressing
menacingly against her slit. Turning her head to the side, Aeris tried
to put on as strong a front as possible when he finally slid completely
in, grabbing her shoulders firmly to help force himself deeper into her
worn cunny.

Like Koch, he penetrated Aeris hard and fast, giving no heed to the
prone girl's cries of horror as he freely imbibed of her most private
place. It was as if he were striving for speed in bedding her -- his
sole purpose to just ram his member up her abused slot and leave wet
proof of his trespass before passing her off to the next eager male.
Wracked with sniffling sobs as she tried to relax her loins on each
thrust to deaden the impact, Aeris could barely hold herself together
as he extended his tongue and slobbered all over her face, pressing it
against her lips until she finally opened up and let him explore her
oral cavity.

A second funny, moist sensation began to spread throughout her
secret place, and Aeris knew with a frightening casualness that she was
being sowed with a second helping of potent cum. Shutting her eyes and
shivering from the awful feeling splashing against her uterus in warm
blasts, she made a low moaning sound as the man continued to fill her
up, ceasing only when he finally came to rest deeply embedded inside
her body.

The exhausted Cetra allowed her cruel partner to stopper her
crammed nether orifice, relishing the minute respite of putting off
having to please yet another uncaring man. Before long, however, the
waiting crowd decided their comrade had more than used up his allotted
time, and pulled him off with a mildly annoyed grousing, as if he'd
committed some mere breach of protocol. Their discord did not last
long, for the sound of Aeris' wet labia snapping shut erotically as her
crack was vacated quickly aroused the next ready participant.

Even as Tifa watched in mute sympathy for her poor friend, (who was
moaning hysterically as she fought valiantly to open her legs obscenely
wide and take her current lover's immense shaft) more personal matters
were quickly vying for her rapt attention. With a deep grunt of pure
loathing, she grimaced loudly and grit her teeth as her hips bucked
wholly out of control. Emitting an equally flustered grunt of shame,
she another cruel burst of heat flooding her loins as a second helping
of cum splashed wetly against her womb.

Fighting back seemed so completely hopeless by now, and Tifa was
barely even conscious of the sated man slipping out of her sticky
depths, rubbing his prick through her damp pubic hair with a snicker of
satisfaction. Having become accustomed to being chain-fucked by the
brutes, she was not even completely cognizant of her surroundings.
Slowly coming to realize that her body was being casually positioned
for another to penetrate her, Tifa could only let out a weary groan.
Compelled to straddle her third lover, the exhausted girl's dripping
pussy hovered seductively over his jutting erection for just a moment
while she tried to resist the insistent pushing of the man's friends.
When finally spent, she simply sighed and slid down onto the biggest
penis so far, releasing a loud moan of exertion that sounded like
blissful pleasure to her cruel captors.

With no other choice but to place her hands on his muscular chest
to counterbalance her thrusting crotch, Tifa felt humiliated beyond
belief. The whole spectacle was slowly degrading into a debaucherous
scene she had witnessed all too often in the slums of Sector 7. As she
felt the thug's massive shaft pump deep into her sloppy womanhood, Tifa
actually sense herself wishing she was still on her back -- it was far
better than being an active participant in her own rape. The one
comforting thought was that a resplendent performance would result in
that awful goo shooting up her hole all the sooner, and bringing this
abasement to a swifter conclusion.

Turning her head to try and ignore the tantalizing sight of a thick
rod shimmying its way inside her, Tifa bucked her hips against the man
hard, long hair swinging gracefully back and forth behind her as she
vigorously rode his fat pole. The sounds emanating outwards from their
conjoined genitals were horribly revealing, and she found herself quite
unable to keep from blushing in deep chagrin at the knowledge that her
delicate, lubricated vee was blithely stimulating the Don's guardsman
without a whit of its master's approval.

Fortunately, she did not have to endure it long. After being graced
with not only the heavenly luck of being able to stick his piece in
such an innocent beauty, but also forcing the lass to bounce up and
down on his lap like a seasoned call-girl, the soldier hit his peak far
sooner than he expected. Grabbing her swaying hips with trembling
hands, he let out a victorious cry as the tip of his tool exploded
within Tifa's drenched slot, dousing her spongy vaginal walls with
more sticky cum. She shuddered slightly as a curious jolt of muted
sensation traveled up her spine, but there was little time to reflect
on it. Already the next in line was busy pulling her away to a clearer
spot in the room to bestride her from above once again.

Aeris was not so lucky to enjoy the relative ease of simply laying
on her back while an uncaring male shoved his length into her. After
her second mate had erupted spectacularly in her womb, spraying the
Cetra's uterus with powerful jets of semen, he had pulled her up to a
kneeling position while she woozily clung to his torso, spreading the
young female's thighs apart so every bystander could get an excellent
view of her sopping pussy literally gushing sperm out onto the floor.
The men continued to watch her dishonored maidenhood gape open in shock
and awe until another took his comrade's place, coming up behind Aeris
on his knees as well and pushing her top half roughly to the ground.
With her behind now so delectably "volunteered" to him, he took
advantage of the offer immediately, holding her creamy buttocks as he
slipped inside her quim from behind.

With only her forearms to bolster the weight of each thrust into
her upraised cunny, Aeris was momentarily distracted by the sheer power
invading her sacred place. She'd been trying to downplay what was
happening to her by not showing any emotion, but the mortification of
having to hunker down on all fours like an animal while an unwelcome
lover pounded her from behind was too much. Without thinking, she
emitted a surprised grunt as the plump knob pried open her swollen
entrance, then settled into a deep, exertive moan that enlivened the
rambunctious crowd by leaps and bounds.

Aeris' nude, sweaty body tensed all over as the man plowed through
deeper than no other. Being screwed this way allowed his dick to bottom
out nearly inside her uterus, much to the Cetra's astonishment. It felt
so peculiarly strange that the morbid urge to watch her own ravishment
finally became too compelling to ignore. Letting her head droop down
underneath her undulating form, Aeris peered down between her legs at
the massive cock currently stretching her womanly tunnel.

It was more shocking than she'd realized. All this time, she'd been
worrying that being so thoroughly chain-fucked like this would leave
her formerly dainty vagina loose and used -- it had never occurred at
all what her tender nether lips would look like. From her current,
unique perspective, she could see well her reddened labia bulging
outwards each time the long cylinder slid into her belly. It almost
seemed as is her vulva was gently sucking on the callous invader, not
at all minding being smashed up between her and her assailant's
crotches while nonchalantly stimulating him to a messy climax.

Then, with a triumphant roar he grabbed both her dangling breasts,
squeezing the soft flesh with meaty hands while Aeris grunted in weary
anticipation of what was to occur. Shutting her eyes hard as he roughly
groped her sensitive nipples, the transgressed Cetra steeled herself to
receive yet another viscous insemination. Hot torrents of sticky ooze
began spraying her innermost chamber, leaving slick streams of potent
ejaculate seeping out from between the gaps of their repeatedly-joining

Spent, Aeris collapsed onto her naked belly, breathing hard from
being so energetically fucked. Her gooey snatch gaped open after taking
so many hard members, but as it was far too late to try and prevent
getting knocked up, she left her bottom upraised, exposed to any who
felt like getting a good look between her legs as a load of semen
soaked into her fertile channel.

A few hazy seconds passed, and the exhausted female became suddenly
aware that the steady din which had accompanied each reprehensible act
was now curiously silent. Hazarding a meek glance to her side, Aeris
saw Tifa and her latest partner -- who was now well past the work of
thrusting. Pushing him manhood deep within her, the last of the
soldiers grunted and spent himself, spurting messily inside before
withdrawing with an almost hurried insistence. Tifa shamelessly reached
down and fondled her dripping hole momentarily before catching what had
apparently driven her unwelcome suitor to finish prematurely.

The approaching footsteps grew louder, and already aware of the
unconscious need to cover up what had been to them, the girls shifted
position so less of their nubile bodies were so blatantly exposed. Tifa
had just managed to back up against a wall and fold her legs in front
of her when a thick, meaty arm roughly pushed the curtains leading
inside open. Caught mid-movement, Aeris grudgingly covered her wet
pussy with her hand and stared defiantly at a piece of floorboard.

"Oh my, dears!" the Don announced happily, gesturing wide with his
sausage-like fingers. "No point in being coy now..."

Koch, who had been sitting down at the card table where Aeris'
chastity was taken away, wobbled to an attentive stance and tried to
salute his boss, but tripped on a discarded bottle and nearly toppled
over before righting himself.

"Just finished, eh?" Corneo asked umimpressedly.

"Yes, sir." Koch shot back quickly and with a hesitant sense of

"You're just lucky that the trap was on MY end..." the Don replied,
now showing much greater annoyance. "That's right, ladies, I saw right
through your friend's disguise!"

Mute looks of mixed shocked and confusion swept over both Tifa and
Aeris -- who had quite naturally let the nature of their visit to Wall
Market slip during the course of having such vigorous, unprotected sex
for the first time, with a group of utterly callous strangers no less.

"He was willing to provide a good deal of information to me..."
Corneo continued nonchalantly. "...once I had him convinced you two
would meet a bad end the second he used his weapon. Although, he really
shouldn't have blabbed the part about being a wanted terrorist. Do you
realize how HIGH the bounties on your heads are?"

Tifa shook in impotent rage, glaring at Don Cornero as he spoke so
casually about her friend's death. Aeris merely stared weakly off into
space, having a hard time coming to grip with the roll of the dice that
been dealt to her since waking up that morning.

"But, I'm an understanding man..." he finished with what was the
unmistakable rhythm of a rehearsed speech. "You two have done a great
service to my men, and you can see how thankful they are. It would be a
shame to deny the citizens of my little kingdom the pleasure of getting
to know you on such an... intimate... level. Your lives will be spared,
if you can adapt to a certain way of life. But, then again, I doubt Aps
is very hungry now anyway..."


Tifa had just finished applying blush to her cheeks when a buzzing
sound from the hall caught her attention. Dropping the powder puff
unceremoniously onto her bureau, she fluffed her now much-shorter hair
quickly and then crossed over to the door.

"He's here, Teef." Aeris announced, pushing her way in and making a
beeline straight for the long mirror Tifa had just been seated in front
of. She was elaborately made up as well, and both were sporting the
same cute outfit.

"The double?" Tifa asked expectantly, joining her friend in fixing
their matching stinger-shaped fannies and antennae-like headpieces.

"Yeah." Aeris answered curtly, grabbing a can of hairspray and
dousing her auburn locks with it. "I hear *great* tipper..."

The two had been working at the Honeybee Inn for a few months now,
and knew the drill well. No rough sex, nothing gross, and you at least
got forewarning if they wanted anal. Sometimes a big spender would
happen to pass through the slums, and they usually wanted the company
of two or more ladies to themselves. A double usually meant one of the

Cid Highwind strolled into his rented room with the same cocky grin
he'd had the day he'd become the first pilot to go into space. When
Avalance had seemingly disbanded on its own, Shinra was so proud that
the corporate machine had sorted out those ne'er-do-wells on its own
that funding was finally restored to Rocket Town. In town for the
annual report, he had decided to explore some of Midgar's more 'exotic'
locales, much to Shera's embarrassment.

The two women didn't at all mind performing as Cid requested, as he
was into fairly common stuff. First on his list was enjoying a blowjob
from Tifa while he caressed her large knockers, occasionally glancing
over at Aeris, who was spread wide on the bed and masturbating noisily
while her shaved slit glistened with fresh juices.

After his well-endowed hostess greedily sucked his shaft dry, the
sated pilot lay against the mattress' headboard and took a breather
while challenging the ladies to restore his vigor. Without hesitation,
they launched themselves into a well-practiced routine, grasping each
other firmly and dueling tongues right in front of him. Encouraged by
an approving smile while Cid lit a cigarette, Aeris snaked a fair hand
down the front of Tifa's panties and began diddling her privates, which
was quickly reciprocated.

Soon, the girls were wrestling completely nude on the bedspread,
licking and fingering each other's pussies as they cavorted about with
an occasional burst of gleeful passion. The women were so into their
sapphic experience, it was only when Cid eagerly plopped Tifa over at
the foot of the mattress to give he and Aeris some room to screw that
the randy Cetra remembered she had an audience. Warmly embracing him as
she opened her thighs to receive his pistoning shaft, the brown-haired
Ancient let him raise her legs up onto his shoulders and began to rock
her hips up against his as they coupled fiercely.

Several minutes passed, and Aeris moaned and cooed perfectly as she
executed her work, putting on a magnificent performance. Truth be told,
she was actually rather enjoying herself -- Cid's air of celebrity was
obviously well-matched by a sizeable prick. His thick, meaty rod
slammed home all the way, sending shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her
enkindled loins. However, Aeris knew her only job was to focus on her
client's satisfaction, so ignoring her own carnal desires, contracted
her vaginal walls around his bulging cock until a familiar tingle began
to envelop it.

A true gentlemen, he pulled out the last minute, glassy-eyed as he
jacked his tool over Aeris' taut stomach. She didn't miss a beat and
moved immediately to pinch her clitoris and nipples softly as he shot
his seed all over her creamy skin, giving the gracious pilot a show up
until the very end. Tifa, who had until then been trying to capture his
attention by drawing her knees up to her bountiful chest and merrily
shoving a long dildo off one of the endtables up her slick hole,
rapidly sprang into action.

Rolling over to the edge of the edge of the bed where Cid was
trying to escape Aeris' come-hither motions, she took his softening
prick in her hand and brought it into her mouth for cleaning up. Not to
be outdone, Aeris laughed and spun around, battling her companion for
the prime position to fervently suck on their customer's spent tool.
Eventually, the tame cat-fight degenerated into the two vixens flopping
back into the center of the bed, making out for Cid's benefit while the
satiated Captain reluctantly pulled his pants back on.

They begged him to stay, of course, but he knew that unless he was
able to restrain himself now, the girls would innocently whittle his
gil down to nothing as he spent days repeatedly bonking them senseless.
He did, of course, grant them one favor - recommending their services
to the Shinra board. Soon, all Shinra's high brass were taking frequent
sabbaticals down to Sector 6 whenever time allowed. Palmer, Reeve, and
Heidegger imbibed without even realizing they were fraternizing with
their former enemies, and Hojo was far too busy pumping himself full of
fertility drugs in an attempt to impregnate his long-lost 'experiment'
to inform anyone who she really was. Even Scarlett tagged along on
several occasions, and although the men all assumed she was disgusted
by their activities, the sexy blonde ended up keeping herself quite
busy by dropping in on Mukki and his friends.

All in all, Aeris and Tifa had a pretty good life. Easy job, nice
benefits, and virtually no worries. Well, except for forgetting to get
involved in stopping Sephiroth. Meteor slamming into the planet kinda
put a damper on their long-term plans.

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