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I awoke, drilling my hips down into my mattress. My cock, rigid, was pinned tightly against my body, my hand pulling gently on my naked cock. My mind was fuzzy. Fuck! Another dream left me on the verge of cumming. Glancing at my radio, it flashed 11:45 pm.

I had plenty of sexual experience. I had a girlfriend that would fuck me when the opportunity arose. We played, she would blow me, swallow my cum even while driving down the road. We encountered many swerves across the line as I closed my eyes and drilled her face. Once on the way home after a football game, I even had been stopped by a traffic officer wondering if I had been drinking. Rene had been giving me head. It was tricky getting my cock back in my pants and zipped up before the officer got to the door. I wonder if she knew what Rene had been doing, because she could not have seen two passengers in the car. Her only comment, "Please drive carefully, Mr. Mullson." I thought it was a funny comment to make. Since then, Rene and I often share a quick memory with repeating the comment in company and laughing. Our secret signal shared openly.

I needed Rene. I wanted to fuck! Damn my cock hurt. Engorged, rigid, it stood out perpendicular from my body when I turned over to my back. Throwing back the covers, I stroked him softly, sliding my hand up his shaft, and back down. I needed release. I rolled over, sat up abruptly, and headed down the hall to the bathroom. I grabbed several feet of toilet paper, folding it in a roughly 6-inch length. I would use it to catch my cum.

I heard noises. Muffled sounds, coming from down the hall. I tiptoed out of the bathroom, silently heading down the hall. A night light gave enough light to see my destination. As I got closer to my sisters room and my mom's room, I was able to isolate the noises. My mom! She was grunting, loudly. I leaned to the door, peeking around the edge, surveying the room. No lights, but like the hall, had a night light near the bathroom. My mom always explained that these little socket lights would help find our way around during the night should we need to move about.

Looking hard, I could see the silhouette of my step-father Jack standing beside the bed, his left side to me. I looked harder into the darkness. My mom was in front of him, her ass high in the air, her body dropped down on top of the bed. "Come on Jack, fuck me harder," whispered mom. I could almost see Jack pull back and slam forward, his hips smacking my mom's ass. Based on the sound, he was pulling back and thrusting forward quickly. Mom was encouraging him. "Yeah baby! Oh baby, that's it, fuck me hard," she continued to whisper hoarsely. My eyes strained, but I could not see anything. "God I wish you had a dick," my mom laughed and abruptly moved forward, lying back on the bed in the darkness. "I need to cum! Eat my pussy" she told him. He moved forward, disappearing in the darkness. "Good, lick my pussy", she grunted.

I reached to grab my cock. I could hear him slurping. I imagined him licking her cunt. I quietly slipped back down the hall. My cock ached. My balls swelled, filling with cum to be blown out. I quickly got to my room. It did not take long, but I jerked my pud to a great orgasm. I closed my eyes, and imagined my mom's ass high in front of me, open for my cock to invade. Wet, inviting, I slammed hard into her. My orgasm was a good one. I filled the wad of toilet paper with cum, grasping my cock and gripping him tightly as I stroked upwards, forcing any cum out that might be left inside. After several strokes, he began to deflate. I folded the paper in half, tossed it to my night stand, turned over and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke, smelling breakfast cooking downstairs. I love a good breakfast, bacon, eggs, and hot cakes. I jumped up, threw on some old shorts and a t-shirt and headed off downstairs. I found mom alone in the kitchen. "Good morning baby," mom cheerfully greeted me. "Get a good night sleep?" she asked.

"Had trouble getting to sleep, but once I settled down, I slept well," I responded.

"Did you now," mom stated, glancing at me.

"Where is Jack this morning?" I asked.

"He left early this morning," she replied. "Did you hear Rachel come in last night?"

"Nope, must have been after midnight," I responded. I took my place at the kitchen table. I had not really looked at my mom as a sexual partner before. My friends always said my mom was the greatest. A real cutie they said. I looked at her now, noticing how petite she was. Her hair reached down below her shoulders. She had her bathrobe on, tied around the waist. After a fresh shower, nothing would give the impression that she had been fucked and eaten the night before. I stood and moved to the sink beside the stove. I leaned back on the sink, watching her cook the breakfast. I noticed her face. She was 39, her face looked years younger I assumed. I always heard people comment how young she looked.

"What," mom said as she glanced at me.

"Sorry mom," I said embarrassed about being caught staring at her. "I was just looking at you. You look great," I emphasized. I leaned to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and returned to the table.

"Hold it son. You don't get off that easy. Set the table, include dishes for your sister," she finished. "Then go wake her, we will eat in 10 minutes,"

I quickly grabbed the dishes and silverware, placed them on the table, and headed upstairs to Rachel's room. I knocked lightly, opened the door and peeked in. Rachel was stretching so I entered. "Morning sis, Mom's got breakfast almost ready," I told her. As Rachel stretched, she growled a stretching noise, threw her hands up high above her head, arching her back, and kicking her feet slightly. The blanket fell away as she did. "Jesus," escaped my lips. Rachel was naked. Her nipples were hard from the cool, morning air, standing atop firm mounds of glorious tit flesh. Her flat stomach gave way to a neatly trimmed bush, a flat, hard mound. I lost all thought.

"Jason, get out of here," she said as she threw her pillow my way. I turned quickly and bolted out her door.

"Wow!" I said loudly as I headed down the stairs.

"What honey," mom called from the kitchen. I stopped mid stairs. I had just seen my sister flat out naked. Man what a view. I grinned ear to ear.

I rounded the corner of the kitchen just as mom was serving up breakfast. I slid quickly to my place. Mom finished serving up the food, placed the skillets on the stove and moved to her spot. Within seconds, Rachel bounded down the stairs, rounded the corner, and stood behind her chair.

"Mom, Jason saw me naked!" she exclaimed.

"Jason," mom queried?

"I did not do it on purpose," I laughed. "She kicked off the cover and happened to be naked," I offered. "Not my fault," I turned to Rachel, "But boy was it nice," I grinned, covering my head expecting her to pummel me to submission.

"He sees more than he should," mom stated. "Now sit Rachel, eat your breakfast,"

"Not till I see his first," she stated, hands going to her hips, staring intently at me. "He has to show me his first," she repeated.

I sat stunned, staring at her. "Like that is going to happen," I heard myself say.

Rachel turned to mom. "Mom, what are you going to do?" she asked. "It's only fair!"

"Well, fair is fair Jason. I believe you watched us last night, at least from the shadows I saw," she said. "So, be fair. Let's see it!"

I am sure my mouth dropped open. I stared first to one, then the other. I was not sure how to respond. And of course, my cock with his little brain was thinking on his own. He started chubbing, wanting to get displayed. I squirmed in my chair. "This is a joke, right Mom? Rachel?" I asked. Neither said a thing. I scooped a mouthful of scrambled eggs and stuffed it in my mouth.

"Mom, he has to do it now!" Rachel stated. "Right now!" She stood tall in her short athletic shorts and half t-shirt. I glanced at the t-shirt, just hanging below her tits. I could see little nubs through the grey cotton material. As she moved, the hard nipples swam around the material.

Why not I thought, I am pleased with my cock and balls. I hesitated, putting thoughts together. I was getting harder by the minute. I was definitely getting more aroused at the thought of it. "Only if Mom shows me hers as well," I blurted out. I was not sure where that came from, but it was out there. I sat and stared at my mom.

"You too Rachel, if I do it," mom said. The air was thick. This could not be happening.

"After breakfast," I stated. "I want warm food." Man, I could not believe that I said that. A chance to see naked women and I wanted food.

"OK!" Rachel yelped. She quickly took her place, and began eating as well.

"So Jason, what did you see last night," Mom asked. I almost choked on my food.

"Nothing really," I said. "I only came down the hall because I heard noises," I continued glancing first at mom, then Rachel.

"Really," Mom responded. "What did you hear, baby?"

"Mom, you really want me to say?" I asked, looking directly at her.

"Yes," she stated. "I want you to tell momma what you saw and heard," she continued. "What were you doing," she asked.

Now the ball was in my court. "Well Mom, I saw Jack standing behind you. You were on the bed, your ass was high in the air. I saw him thrusting forward and backwards, heard his hips slapping your cheeks." I said, staring directly into her eyes.

"And," Mom asked?

"I heard you tell him you wished he had a dick," I stopped short. "You then crawled up into the bed and commanded that he eat your pussy," I stated flatly. "I could hear him slurping your juices."

"And," Mom again asked?

"And Mom, I stoked my cock. I went back to my room and jerked off till I came." I continued. My cock was now rigid under the table. I was blatantly telling my mom about my masturbation.

"Did you fantasize about fucking me, baby?" she asked. Her fingers were tracing circles on her chest, above the top button on her robe. Her eyes were glossy.

"Yes Mom, I imagined holding your hip bones, pulling you hard back on my cock. I fantasized about my cock ripping into your cunt, driving my hips against your soft ass. I closed my eyes, I could hear you grunting as you drove your hips back against me. I fantasized about you screaming for me to "Fuck you, cum for momma". Yes mother, I came hard fantasizing about you," I offered.

I glanced at Rachel. She was staring at mom. She was hearing, but not believing. She squirmed in her chair. Her hand was rubbing her mound, her fingers gliding back and forth over her hidden clit.

"Does Rachel have a good body," continued Mom. "Did you want to suck her tits, play with her pussy," Mom whispered huskily?

"Mom," breathed Rachel. She looked at me. "I want to see his thingy. Now!" she continued.

"Show us your cock, baby" Mom growled. "I bet we have made it hard haven't we?"

I sat, my mind racing. Both watched me intently. I pushed my chair back. My rigid cock was sticking out the leg of my athletic shorts. I looked to Rachel. Her eyes were fixed on my leg. She had to see my cock. She just stared. Her hand raised off the table, reached to her tit, cupping it gently. Her fingers closed in, squeezing her tit. I stood, arching my hips forward slightly. The bulge in my shorts was evident, protruding. I reached to the waist band. I leaned forward, bending over. Pulling the waist band down, I slid the shorts down over my ass, but kept the front high to hide my cock and balls. I straightened up, standing tall. Nothing was visible to Mom or Rachel.

"Mom, make him show us!" whined Rachel. Rachel, my poor 19-yr old baby sister.

I stared at my mom. I wanted to watch her. I wanted to see her reaction to my monstrous cock. I wanted to make her crazy. I reached for the leg of my shorts, pulling the material up. I could feel my balls as I pulled the material up. Pulling to the side, I exposed one of my hairy balls. Neither said anything. I was disappointed. I released the material, allowing it to fall back in place.

"Baby, now," whispered Mom. I reached down into my shorts, adjusting my cock to allow his freedom. I pushed the waist band downwards, dropping my shorts. They fell to my ankles. I kicked them at Rachel. She stared at my cock. "My God baby," Mom whispered. "It's beautiful," she continued. Rachel sat quietly. She ground her ass against the chair.

"Now you two! Show me," I whispered. "I want to see your bodies," I continued. My cock pointed at 3:00. I stepped to the table, allowing him to rest on the table top near my plate. I pushed the plate aside.

Mom scrambled up, untied her robe, and pulled it off her shoulders. Underneath, she wore a normal nightgown, buttoned at the neck. It came down to mid-thighs. She unbuttoned the neck quickly. Her hand caressed her tits. Her arms crossed, grabbed the hem, and lifted swiftly. Her body came to view quickly. Small, petite, her body looked toned, beautiful. Her tits were nice, small by size, but with large, dark, protruding nipples. I glanced down her body. Her hand reached to her pussy, covering. As I looked down her body, she opened her hand outwards, allowing me to see her mound. She smiled, intently watching my face.

I turned to Rachel. Her t-shirt was gone. Her tits were stunning, firm, tanned, nipples taunt. Your could see the skin tighten, her nipples firm and extending about half an inch off her flesh. She quickly dropped her shorts, showing her mound. Athletic, toned, muscular, she looked terrific. Her cunt glistened with moisture. Her fingertip penetrated her slit, sliding front to back, and returning. She caressed her exposed clit.

"You're both beautiful," I stammered. I stepped away from my chair, moved toward Rachel. I threw my arm around her, and stepped toward Mom, pulling Rachel with me. My other arm encircled my mom, drawing her tight against my body. Each of us was touching the other two. Mom's arm was around me, with the other around Rachel. Her hand slid down her torso, caressing her ass. My cock pressed firmly between their bellies. Mom stepped back, lifting my cock upwards. Precum glistened in his eye.

"Rachel, your brother is happy to see us," she laughed. She leaned, stuck her tongue on his head, licking my juice for his eye. "MMmmmm," she growled gutturally. "Baby, do you know how big it is?" Mom questioned.

"9 ½ inches long, 7 ½ inches around," I replied. "Rene measured it for me," I continued.

Rachel stood mesmerized. "Can I touch it," she asked. She reached out tentatively. "It's so soft," she said as she grasp it gently, stroking my shaft.

"Let's go to the living room," mom quipped. She pushed Rachel in that direction. Mom reached to my cock, tugging gently. I followed, my cock in her hand.

We settled on the soft carpet, each cross legged, facing one another. With their legs parted like that, I had unobstructed views of their pussies. Both looked great, Rachel's more youthful, with wispier hair adorning her mound, but mom's was inviting.

"Rachel, taste your brother," Mom told her. I leaned back, my cock laying on my leg. He dripped, anticipating more to come. Rachel quickly grasp my cock, leaned to engulf his head in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head. Her head bobbed as she drove more into her mouth. Mom reached to her, intertwining her fingers in her hair. She pushed Rachel down gently. Pulling her hair back, mom leaned to watch Rachel engulf more of my cock. "Doesn't her taste good, baby?" Mom asked Rachel. Rachel groaned deeply.

I reached to mom's hanging tits, pulling on her nipple. Mom shuttered, her body begging for more. Standing, she moved to straddle my torso. She arched her hips towards my face. "Lick Mommy Baby," she whispered, grabbing my hair and pulling my face to her cunt. "Oh God Baby, lick Mommy!" She arched her hips to me, her wet clit jumping into my mouth. I reached up, my hand sliding quickly up her leg. Without hesitating, I drove two fingers into her wet box. Her knees buckled, her hips thrust against my mouth hard. Her breath escaped her, a loud hiss as the air rushed from her body.

My other hand wrapped to her backside, I grabbed her ass, pulling her tighter against my lips and teeth. My mouth opened, sucking her clit into my mouth. My teeth grabbed it, holding it softly. My tongue danced over her clit, mashing, driving it quickly back and forth. I thrust my fingers in and out of her cunt hard, quickly. My fingers made slushy noises as I hammered her wet hole. Mom humped my fingers, grinding her clit into my face. Words poured out of mom's mouth. "Fuck me! Fuck me!" she kept repeating. I obliged.

Rachel continued her assault on my rigid cock. Her hand, wrapped tightly around the base, would milk up my shaft as she drove her mouth down. She was getting most of my cock into her mouth and throat. She did not hesitate to drive more into her waiting mouth. Faster she drove her head up and down, almost piston like in the timing. And God was she sucking. She was sucking the precum from out of my balls, milking, wanting more. She wanted to suck me, to coat her throat with my sticky cum. My body tried to thrust more into her mouth, but with mom on my face, I could only flex the cheeks of my ass. Rachel would have to drive herself down to get more. I could not help her.

I sucked hard on mom's clit. I held it firmly, shaking my head back and forth, mashing the surrounding flesh and lips as I drew it deeper into my mouth. Mom's eyes were wide open, watching me devour her cunt, suck her juices into my mouth. A vision of a cowgirl, holding the reins firmly in one hand, a bucking bronco underneath, her remaining hand with her cowboy hat flailing in the air came to mind. I sucked harder. Mom bounced on my face as I drove my fingers deep. I hammered her cunt!

Within seconds, both of mom's hands grabbed my head, pulling me deeper into her cunt. She started quivering, grinding harder on my mouth. "Yes, oh fuck yes!" Mom was screaming. Eyes closed, chin down on her chest, mom started twisting her head quickly back and forth, humping me for all she was worth. Suddenly mom froze, breathing stopped. I assaulted her clit. My fingers drove deep. I wanted her clit more than everything else. I sucked it deep into my mouth. Mom's body went limp, her knees buckled, she slid down my chest. Rachel moved quickly out of her way as her ass started to settle on the back of her head. Mom was limp, resting on my lap and chest. My fingers were still in her cunt.

"Oh fuck baby," she whispered. "Do Rachel like that baby! Do Rachel!" Mom continued.

I pushed mom to the side. Standing, I pulled Rachel up off the floor. Intertwining her fingers with mine, I backed her to the wall, stretching her arms out, pinning them against the wall. My thigh pressed between her legs, putting pressure on her mound. I kissed her neck, nipping on the nape of her neck. I licked up to her cheek, moving to kiss her for the first time. A soft, gentle kiss, my tongue slowly extended, reaching into her mouth, dancing with her tongue. I kissed my way down, reaching her tits. Slowly, tantalizingly, I licked around her nipple, blowing cool air over the wet skin. Goose bumps jumped up, drawing the nipple even tighter. I leaned quickly, grabbing a mouthful of soft, firm tit, sucking as much as I could into my mouth. My tongue pressed hard on the flesh in my mouth, pushing the nipple inwards, my tongue dancing deep into her tit. I started nibbling across the side, moving to the other neglected tit. Kissing, small kisses, moving to the firm nipple, I lunged to get a big mouthful. Rachel hissed, groaned, and drove her tit into my mouth. I tugged on the stiff nipple, my tongue flicking it back and forth hard. I pulled upwards, holding her nipple, lifting her tit. It popped out of my mouth.

Releasing her hands, I held her by the waist, kissing lower down her torso. I kneeled. Before me was a wisp of hair topping her pussy, supported by toned, tanned, beautiful thighs. I leaned forward, my tongue reaching to touch her wet, protruding clit. Her hands reached to my shoulders. I drove my chin between her thighs, my lips surrounding her clit. I sucked it into my mouth. Rachel quit breathing. Her hips involuntarily arched forward, driving her slit over my mouth, her clit between my lips. God she tasted good.

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My hand slid up her thigh, pushing her legs apart. I lifted the left leg, pulling it up, draping it over my shoulder so I could have total access to her. I licked back, reaching her hole. My tongue rimmed her hole, teasing. I moved back to her clit. Her hips started little thrusts, humping my face gently. My hand slid upwards, my thumb penetrating her slit, slowly finding her hole. My fingers wrapped up her ass, cupping the flesh. I pushed my thumb into her pussy, slowly. Painfully slow.

"Mom," groaned Rachel. It struck me as funny, but that is what she groaned. I slid my thumb deep, her spread lips even covering part of my hand. I fucked her slow, deeply as I continued to suck her engorged clit. Her hands pulled on the back of my head, pulling me deeper into her cunt.

Mom leaned to Rachel, sucking a nipple into her mouth. Her hand slid down, also helping Rachel pull me tighter to her clit. I licked, sucked hungrily. Rachel tensed, her body readying itself for her approaching orgasm. I pushed my thumb deep, grinding my hand over her asshole as I pushed hard into her hole. I sucked her juices, tugging on her clit, flicking it quickly with my tongue. Mom sucked her tit, and twisted the other nipple with her free hand.

Without more warning, Rachel came hard. Her hips thrust into my face. She started screaming, her words not understood, but definitely loud. She thrashed against my mouth. Over and over, she convulsions racked her body. I held on and sucked for dear life. Juices flowed from her cunt, running down my hand and wrist. I jammed my thumb deeper. Within seconds, she was pushing me off her clit. My tongue stretched to reach it. Pulled straight out, it stood through her lips, wanting, needing my mouth.

My cock, rigid, was looking for a warm, wet place. My turn!

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