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Family Matters


At midnight I wake up of a heavy noise of falling something in the room. I stood up from the bed and tried to find out that what happened. In the dim light of the night lamp I could see that flower pot was fallen from the table and it was lying on the floor just nearby my dad’s bed. Than my sight gone to my dad. He was sleeping in kutchhi lungi and banian as usual. But today it was seemed to be unusual as his lungi was lifted up to his waist and he was not wearing any undergarment. I shocked to see him as his massive cock was bare open. I thought to move my sight from him but my eyes sticked to his cock. I never seen any grown cock before except on porn websites. Now I was watching real big cock just in front of me. I move little ahead to see it closely but I was trembling because of some hidden fear and sense of sin to watch my dad’s cock. As I watched it closely, I got some inner heat in my body and could not move from there. My dad was snoring and there were very less chance of his being awaked. But my sense of doing something wrong has ordered me to move from there and go to my bed.

Before I move from there, Parul placed her hand on my shoulder. I afraid of being caught. I looked at Parul in a helpless situation but she was smiling at me and murmured in my ears to do not move from there. Than she asked me “ Hey, how did you found our papa’s dick?” I didn’t answered but than she told “ Let us play with it”. In reply I said “What? Are you mad? He is our papa and what if he wakes up?” Parul laughed lightly and said “He? he will not wake up till morning and we are not going to hurt our papa, we are going to just have some fun with his dick” I didn’t agreed to her but she moved ahead and touched to the big monster tenderly. She started running her fingers all over the cock of dad. I stunned on her daring and constantly looking at the face of dad as I was afraid a lot of his waking up. But nothing happened till Parul bent forward and kissed to dad’s cock. I seen some movement in dad’s cock. It was getting bigger and harder. Parul was pleasingly playing and kissing on it. Dad was sleeping like a log. I could not believe the next step of Parul. She took a tip of dad’s cock in her mouth and now she was sucking it slowly.

I got excited with the seen, my earlobes became hot and my body was thrilling of excitement. I felt a wetness between my legs and my nipples were getting erected. I never felt such excitement before. I forget for a few moments that we are all family members here. I slipped more close to dad and Parul. Parul made me sign to join her, making dad’s cock free from her mouth for me. With fear in mind I slowly touched to cock of dad. Goshhh… It was very hard and throbbing. I could not hold it any longer. Parul suggested me to kiss on it which I followed like an obedient child. I showered a few light kisses on dad’s cock. While I was doing so, Parul hold it and placed dad’s cock in my mouth. I gave a tongue bath to tip of the cock. I tested dad’s aromatic pink cock head. I wondered that dad was still slipping. But I was wrong. Dad was not sleeping. When I lifted my head from the cock of dad I seen that Parul was French kissing to dad and dad was playing with her boobs inserting his hand in her nightdress. It was an another shock for me. Now dad stood up and hold me his strong arms. Parul has started laughing. I could not understand that what was going on. But I realized that dad was not sleeping and Parul was aware of it. Dad kissed on my forehead and relieved me from his arms.

Dad placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to do not worry. He added that he is already having sexual relations with Parul and Neha and now if I wish I can join them. I was stunned on daddy’s statement and proposal. I could not reply to him. Than dad said me sorry for the whole drama he and Parul made tonight to trap me but at the same time he said that if I do not wish, he will not force me. During all this time Parul was playing with dad’s hard dick and was silent. When I watched at her she blinked her eyes at me and said “Hey, What are you thinking? Join us, let’s enjoy with dad. Papa is really a very nice man to enjoy sex with.” In reply hardly I could speak that “I cant understand what to do? But…” I left my sentence uncompleted and downed my eye lashes. Than Parul came to my help and said “ Ok, darling, if you are hesitant, don’t decide now. You can watch me making love with papa. And if you wish you can join us at any time.”

Than Parul moved to dad and started kissing him. Dad hold her in his arms and pressed her tightly with him. After few kisses and caressing each other dad moved his hand on Parul’s boobs. Now dad was playing with Parul’s boobs from over the night dress and Parul’s hand was moving on thighs of dad. Than dad started unbuttoning her dress and placing hand behind her unhooked her bra. Parul was co-operating him in undressing as now she lifted her butts and dad was pulling out her night pant. Dad kissed on her boobs and licked her nipples. Parul’s boobs were very nice and attractive. She was wearing a bra of 34D cups, while my bra size was 34B. I was aware of bra sizes of Neha and my mom too. Neha was wearing 36C and mom had same size of Parul 34D. Going back, Now dad has widened legs of Parul and bent forward to kiss on her pussy. Parul was clean shaved and she raised her butts to put it against dad’s mouth. Parul’s fingers were moving on dad’s dick and testicles. Dad has started licking pussy of parul and parul was moaning slowly….Uhhh…Ahhh. I got excited again and started enjoying the show. I felt little comfortable now as dad and Parul were busy in their sex game and were not giving any attention to me. Now Parul was turned around and started kissing and licking big cock of dad. Slowly she grasped a tip of cock in her mouth and pressed her lips tightly around thick cock of dad. Parul started sucking dad’s cock taking it in her mouth. Dad’s entire cock disappeared between pink lips of Parul. I amazed that how Parul could accommodate that big dick in her mouth.

Both of them were busy in sucking and licking each other’s genitals. It was a great show for me. I became very hot now and inserted my hand in my panty lifting my skirt. Ohhh. It was very wet and my pussy was dripping constantly. I played with my pussy lips for few moments and than inserted my index finger inside. When my finger touched to my clit, I got more sensation over there. I played little more with my clit and got mad of ecstasy. I inserted my two fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking my pussy. I was also moaning in excitement. I forget about everything and I became a part of lust full atmosphere in the room. I was moving my fingers in and out of my pussy with a high speed and with another hand I was squeezing my both boobs one by one. I closed my eyes and rested my head on back side. Soon I felt some deep sensation in my entire body and I was feeling that my entire body was melting. As I masturbated earlier few times, I could understand that I was Cumming. I reached to orgasm. Ohh it was a great orgasm I ever felt.

When I opened my eyes, Dad and Parul were watching at me. Both of them were smiling at me. I smiled at them with some shyness. Parul reached near to me, kissed on my chicks and said “ Ohh my little sister, You are very hot and horny, come on darling Dad will give you real orgasm of the life.” Than she lifted my t-shirt up and removed it. She played lightly with my boobs and than unhooked my bra. Now, I had nothing to have any objection. Dad was watching at me and my tight boobs with erect nipples. I gave an inviting smile to dad. Dad wide opened his both arms so I moved ahead and rested my head on his chest. Dad hold me tightly with him and caressed my back for few moments. Than he lifted my head and kissed me on my entire face. I opened my lips apart. Dad seen it and fixed his lips on mine. I started sucking tongue of dad. Dad’s hands were exploring flesh of my tight boobs. I wrapped my both hands around him. Our kiss lasted for more than 4-5 minutes than dad moved his lips from my lips and kissed on my boobs. His tongue was moving all over my boobs and nipples. I got aroused with never felt excitement. Than dad took my one nipple between his teeth and slowly chewed it. I got little pain but more of excitement. My hand was rested on dad’s thigh, which was moving slowly and reached between legs of him. My fingers were touching to his strong cock. I teased it for some time than hold it tightly. Dad was now sucking my nipples with a heavy suction. I was moving dad’s cock up and down. Than dad hold me in my waist and with another hand pulled down my panty and placed his palm on my pussy mound. Dad pressed my entire mound with his palm and than rubbed it with my own pussy juice. I was now feeling dad’s fingers moving in my pubic hairs and finally on my pussy lips. Dad inserted his one finger between my pussy lips and was now playing with my clit. Dad stroked my clit in such a ways that I could not stop to moan heavily. I was begging my dad to fuck me with his hard dick. On my request dad has removed his finger from my pussy and pushed me to lye down on bed. Than dad opened my legs and placed his head between my legs. I cried out “ No..daddy, Please put your dick there.not your tongue.” Than Parul hold my boobs from behind and told me “ Ohh my poor babe, Let daddy do what he is doing, You will get ultimate pleasure of sex.”

Now Parul was playing with my tits and dad has parted my pussy lips with his fingers. His tongue was moving all over my pussy lips and inner side. Dad darted his tongue little more and it touched to my clit. Dad stroked my clit with his tongue. My sensations were on it’s height as my pussy was stroked by dad’s tongue and my boobs were played by Parul. I was on ultimate climax of sex and my pussy was constantly oozing pussy juice. Daddy licked my pussy for almost 10-12 minutes and gave me 2 successive orgasm. I was making lot off sounds and throwing my head from left to right and left in never felt excitement.

With tears in my eyes I was begging my dad to fuck me with his cock. I wanted to have heavy monster of my dad in my pussy. I wanted my dad to ride on me and fuck me hard. I was begging him constantly. Finally dad has lifted his head from over my pussy and take position over me. Dad placed his cock on my pussy and I was dyeing of excitement. Dad pressed his cock little inside my pussy. I cried out of pain, I felt that somebody has inserted a knife in my pussy. Parul patted me on my shoulders and tried to control me. But Pain didn’t last long as dad has started giving strokes of his dick on my pussy, I started feeling well. With few more strokes Dad entered his entire cock in my pussy, for which I was begging a lot.

Ohhhhh… It was very nice moments of my life. I was enjoying a movement of dad’s cock in my pussy. Dad’s rock hard cock was moving tightly in and out of my pussy. My pussy lips were tightly pressed around surface of his dick. Dad was moving ahead with every stroke and my boobs were pressing with his hairy chest. I was feeling so so so good that I can’t describe it. I wrapped my both legs around his butts and I was moving my butts up and down to match with rhythm of dad. I could not count that how much orgasm I experienced. But now dad has speed up his rhythm and I felt length of his heavy cock up to my womb. I was out of control when dad shoot his hot thick cum in a jet speed into my hot cunt. My cunt filled up fully with sperms of dad. Dad now stopped and rested for few seconds keeping his body on mine. I wrapped my both hands around his butts and kissed him here and there. Than he stood up, took me in his arms and said “ My child you are fantastic, You are as good as your both sisters in sex” In reply I smiled and said “ Papa you are also a great in sex , I enjoyed like never before and thanks Parul that she has prepared me to have a sex with you.”

Now Parul came between us and said “Oyye, You have enjoyed a lot with papa, Now it is my turn.” All of us laughed and than Parul made me aside and sticked to papa. In next 10-15 minutes Parul got success in making papa’s dick hard again. I also co-operated them. Than dad fucked Parul in a doggy style. While dad was fucking her I played with hanging boobs of Parul. Soon they reached to their orgasm and exhausted. It was 4 am of morning now. All of us shifted to double bed. We were not in mood of sleeping. We were playing with bodies of each others and I was inquiring about dad’s relations with Parul and Neha.

I came to know that when Parul was just 16, dad caught her masterbating. Dad got excited and seduced parul to have sex with him. Which Parul liked and their sexual relations started from that day. They were getting very less opportunity at home, So Parul started going to papa’s office after school and papa used to fuck her in the office. They kept their secret for almost 3 years. But after earthquake we all family members used to sleep outside our house in compound due to fear of aftershock. At that time Neha had seen Parul and Dad making love behind a papa’s car. Next day Neha asked Parul that what she was doing with Papa. Parul get a great shock but somehow she convinced Neha to keep it secret. Then after Parul used to discuss everything with Neha about her relations with papa and their fucking sessions. After few days Neha shown her desire to join them, which Parul wished to keep her secret for ever. And one day Neha brought Parul to papa’s office and deflowered her chastity. Neha was just 17 at that time and at the age of 17 I too joined their incest club. Dad was lucky to have his all three daughters in his bed. We are also lucky to have a very expert fucker like dad.

Before going to campus for my admission both me and Parul sucked dad’s cock and in turn dad licked our pussies. Than we gone for my admission, I got an admission in EC Engineering at Ahmedabad. We stayed there for two more days to pay admission fee and term fee at college, where I got an admission. These two days were golden days of my life. We enjoyed a lot with dad. I fucked with him in every position and all the times.

Than we returned to Bhuj and started staying normal as family members. Next three years I stayed at Ahmedabad. Dad used to come to Ahmedabad on every month to see me , if really speaking to fuck me. In vacation I was quarrelling with parul and Neha to have me more share of Dad. But we all were very close to each other and our poor mom never came to know anything. Last year parul got married and started enjoying her second inning with her husband. She is settled in Rajkot and comes to Bhuj at the interval of every 2-3 months to see us, actually speaking to renew her old relations with our papa. Now Neha got engaged and after 2 months will get married also. She will go to Mumbai after marriage. Than after I will be alone to have my papa exclusively except my poor mom, who requires sex hardly 2-3 times a month.

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