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Early Arrival  


I had just returned home from work. Quietly, I opened the door, hoping to surprise my husband. As I tiptoed into the hallway, I heard faint moaning, and I grew worried that perhaps my husband was injured. Carefully, I climbed the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks. Through my bedroom door I saw a woman and a man in a semi-state of undress. Her red blouse was unbuttoned and her large breasts were straining against the hands that fondled and groped them. My husband was in my bed with another woman!

Unwittingly, my eyes fixed on the site of these two beautiful lust-filled people enjoying each other. I had been so quiet, they had no idea I was there. Perhaps a small part of me was angry, but my breath quickened and I backed further out of sight around the corner, Still I had to look, thinking to myself, what does she have that I don’t? She was younger - in her early twenties, and her breasts were magnificently huge! Even though I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of, I could never compare my pale blonde prettiness and c-cup breasts to the sexiness of her long dark hair and her jiggling D-cup breasts.

She moved towards my husband and pulled his face towards those succelent mounds. Eagerly, he laved his tongue around those large red nipples and tugged at them with his teeth. Her full red lips opened and small gasps of pleasure emitted from that beautiful mouth. My own breath quickened along with the dark haired slut’s on the bed. Overcome with lust, my hands reached for my own breasts straining against their bonds beneath my conservative business suit. Hard nipples met desperately seeking hands as I stroked my own prominent nipples beneath my silk blouse.

However, on the bed he was ready to begin his next move, and he slid his strong tanned hand up her thigh and pulled those black panties down around her long legs and over the vamp’s high heels that graced her lovely little feet. Quicker he moved, as if realizing that time was short. Her vaginal folds were opened by his insistent hand and he eagerly placed his head between her legs and thrust his tongue in and out of her moist cunt as if he were a starving man. Frantically she thrashed back and forth on the bed under his labial assault.

I remember acutely being the recipient of that very skilled tongue and mouth, and I grow even wetter knowing what she is feeling. His head is bent down to her and he is pressing that tongue hard against her clitty while he occasionally dips his finger into her cunt hole for added stimulation. Surrounded by the sound of her desperate gasps and his muffled grunts, my hands of their own accord found themselves under my skirt, seeking my own release. I felt my wet warmth and rhythmically began diddling my clitoris through the cotton of my practical panties, all the while watching the scene play out before me.

The slut’s hands were wrapped around my husband’s dick and she had maneuvered him around so she could wrap her lips around his rock-hard cock. She had so much lipstick on, that when she lifted her full pouty, fuck-me lips from it, I saw the red lipstick smears. One hand on my engorged breast and one hand on my engorged clit, finger growing more confident as my own pleasure increased, and my panties slid down.

Meanwhile, they were ready to begin the fucking. She laid back waiting for what he was so prepared to give. Her red-tipped hands went to her pussy, as she stared seductively at him. His hand went to his cock as he stroked himself to his fullest potential. Staring hungrily at him she lowered herself to the pillows of my bed waiting for him to enter her. However, he had other ideas. He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her to her stomach on the bed. My finger by now was rubbing hard, and my climax was fast approaching. He pressed his luscious dick against her pussy and entered her hard from behind. The grunting from the bed became more bestial as he began fucking her forcefully, talking dirty, telling her that she was a slut and that she needed her pussy fucked hard. She moaned in agreement and I saw her face through the long strands of her hair. The slut's eyes were closed, spilling forth from her lips were moans of pleasure. His ass gyrated as he ground his dick into her hole, while his hands would go to her large bobbling breasts stabilizing her body so he could thrust deeper and more forcefully.

While witnessing her pleasure and hearing his moans of great ecstasy, my finger moving against my clit insistently. I leaned back against the wall that had been supporting my body during my masturbation and finally brought myself over the edge-cumming violently. I withdrew my hand after an unknown number of minutes covered in my own juices and realized that the movements on the bed had stopped.

Terror whipped through my mind as I realized that they had finished. What a site I would be with my panties around my ankles, blouse opened, breasts hanging out and the evidence of my masturbation on my hand. After all I was hardly in the position to yell at hubby about his cheating when I was a willing participant. Frantically, I looked around wondering where to hide, after all I didn't want to be discovered..did I?

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:00 pm