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double trouble  


it was on a friday night that my hormones started to rage i was home watching a music video when i realised that one of the girls had no panties on and she had such a fat pussy, that just turned me on immediatly, thats when i started to feel creamy between my legs and i knew i had to do something about it. i stuck my hand in my panty and slid my index finger between my pussy lips forcing them open. feeling them all nice and wet i started to probe my clit with one finger then two making them nice and wet.this is when my door bell rang and it was my boy friend mark and his friend ryan. with me in only my panty and bra mark and ryan both realised that i had a wet spot in my crotch. thats when mark just grabbed me by my bra and pull me towards him as he grabbed my breast feeling my hard nipples and started to rub them thru my bra thats when he asked me baby do u mine if ryan join us, i told him sure as long as he get up between my legs and licked my pussy. ryan willing dropped to his knees and spread my legs to get to my moist pussy.

we moved over to the coach and thats when i got on all fours my boyfriend came infront of me and ryan went behind. ryan started to eat my pussy from behind using two fingers to open my pussy lips to lap up the creamy juices that where flowing out. i felt him start to tougne fuck me with his nice big warm tougne while using his finger to play with my big clit. he then flipped his tougne over my clit sending me over the edge bringing me to an outraging orgasm that made me shake the whole time. with my man's cock in my mouth i started to gag and he started to fuck my mouth. he grabbed me by the back of my head and went in and out real fast while i was gaging, till i felt his cock start swelling in my mouth so i started to play with his ass and his balls sending him over the edge making him cum in my mouth. some dripped from my mouth and he kissed me and kissed it off.

after i started to suck their now limp cocks they got hard in less than a minute. thats when i told both of them that i wanted to feel both of them inside me. i then got on top of ryan and started to mount his thick 10" cock making me scream when he pulled me down the full legnth of it, to my suprise i felt mark started to use vasiline to moisten my ass hole and moisten his dick then sliding his slender 9" cock in my asshole. they covered my mouth with their hands because of how much noise i was making seen that this is my first time being fucked in the ass. they both fucked me with great intense pumping me reall hard, real fast. mark rammed my asshole making me feel like i was bleeding but it was very pleasurable while ryan fucked my pussy hard while sucking my big 44dd breast, both men was on the verge of cumming when i stoped them both and let them pull out. i flipped over on my back and lift my legs in the air and spreading them so they could cum on my pussy. after both men came, they both dropped to their knees and licked their juices along with mine when i started to cum. they licked my pussy clean and i thanked both boys for such a wonderfull fuck and told them to cum back later for more pussy.

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Posted : 09/07/2011 8:58 pm