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Doing it in a train in India  


When I was young, I had a dream - to join the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. The dream became an obsession, and I wonder today how my parents and friends put up with me during my childhood.

As a result of my obsession, I joined NCC when I reached college, and I joined the Air Wing, no less. Due to my unusual high interest, I excelled and was chosen to represent my unit at various camps and competitions.

At one such camp, I came across Vasundhara - she was the niece of one of the Lt. Col.-ranked officers, and was well known in the camp because of her gooseberry-green eyes. She also had a very desirable bod, and I am sure she inspired many a wet dream among the guys at the camp. I later came to know that she stayed in the same town as mine, and therefore we would be traveling together on the train back to our home town once the camp was over. I looked forward to the journey.

One afternoon, during a common lecture class we had with the girls, she happened to sit next to me. I had had a very tiring day and leaned back in my chair, since I was sure that the instructor could not see me showing so much indiscipline. She was leaning forward in her chair, listening attentively. I put my arm across the back rest of her chair, and she unconsciously leaned back the next moment. Her bare neck touched the bare skin of my arm, and her warmth and softness were electrifying. I did not move my arm for fear of alerting her to my presence. After some time, she again moved forward and I removed my arm, thanking my stars that she hadn't noticed it. At least that was what I thought.

On the day of our return back to our town, we faced a 36-hour journey back from Delhi, where the camp was held. There were five of us from our State, two boys and three girls, including Vasundhara. As luck would have it, all our seats and berths were confirmed, except Vasundhara's. Try as we pleaded with the train ticket examiner, but he did not allot her a seat or berth saying there were none vacant. We decided to stay together, and manage through the two nights we would be travelling. She could share the berth of one of the girls during the night, we reasoned, and asked the TTE to at least allow her to stay with us. He agreed. So, here we were, five people with four berths between us.

Night came, and none of the other two girls wanted to share their berths with her, since they felt she was a snob during the camp and wanted to get back at her. I gallantly offered her my berth, but she saw how tired I was, hauling our entire baggage almost single-handed since the other guy had injured his right arm during one of the competitions. She politely declined, but when I insisted, she suggested that I sleep half the night with my head in her lap, and she would do the same for the rest of the night.

I agreed, with visions of her soft lap clouding my judgement. I slept off in her lap, into beautiful dreamland, where I had lifted her clothes up and was licking her cunt through the salwar of her dress. I was rudely awakened from this heavenly dream by someone urgently tugging at my hair. It was Vasu (we decided to use short names for each other). She said that she couldn't control her sleep any longer, and therefore could we both sleep together at the same time? I looked around the compartment - the others were sleeping soundly, and it was quite dark. I told her that it was fine by me, as long as she did not mind. So both of us settled down side-by-side on the narrow berth. She had turned herself away from me, and I put an arm across her. She lifted her arm to give my arm more room, and this was all the encouragement I needed.

I pulled her close to me, and she did not object. I pulled a blanket over the two of us. I put my palm over her right breast, and lovingly massaged the soft flesh. There was no response from her. Thinking that she had fallen asleep, I whispered into her ear, asking her to turn towards me, and to hold me. She immediately obliged. I felt her hand groping over the lower half of my body. I released her breast and guided her hand to my aching, stiff dick. She pressed and caressed my dick through my trousers for some time, while I went back to her breasts. I couldn't believe this was happening, with so many people around us. I guess she was as hard up as I was. A little later, she expertly undid my belt and fly, and slipped her hand into my underwear.

All these days, no other hand except mine had touched my dick, and I felt beautiful and thrilled. I lifted her kameez up, with her raising herself up so that the dress slid up easily. I found her bra was already open (I guess she did it while I was dreaming about her cunt), and I felt the warm softness of her breast meeting my hand. I felt I was holding something warm, soft, lovably lickable and smooth in my hands. I wanted to experience the feel of her breast in my hand for as long as possible, but I wanted to move further fast, before we both felt too tired to continue.

My hand traveled down the center line of her body, finding the tip of the lace which held her salwar up. I pulled open the half knot, and the salwar was open. She let out a very soft groan. I went lower down her body, to feel her panty-covered crotch. Her panties were also very soft, just like the rest of her. Being inexperienced, I asked her where her cunt was. She just said "Lower down". I moved my hand lower, and felt a hot wetness on her panty. She opened her legs to help me touch her organ.

I tugged at her panty, and she raised her buttocks to help me lower them. I pulled down her salwar and panty to her knee level, and made my first contact with female flesh. I felt that this must be the best moment of my life - holding a girl's vulva can make you feel very powerful. She turned onto her back and spread her legs open. I moved my fingers up and down the slit, feeling her wetness. I noticed she gasped whenever I reached the top of the slit, so I guessed this must be where the clit is, and decided to focus my attention on it. I moved my head lower down, and put my mouth around her stiff nipple.

My hand moved around her clit. She arched her back, expressing her pleasure. I was eager to please her, and continued with my sucking and stroking. Meanwhile, her hand around my dick was doing wonders there - I had never felt so good with my own hand down there. She once again pulled my head away from her, and raised herself on her knees. She asked me to lie flat on my back, and put a knee on either side of me. She then lowered her head to my cock, and took it into her mouth. I do not have a very long one, but it gets wii-ii-de when it is aroused. She took it all into her mouth, then brought her tongue to wet the eye of my dick.

She brought the foreskin down, and wet the glans similarly. She then rose again, and positioned her cunt above my throbbing dick. She put it in place, and with her salwar and panties around her knees she slowly lowered herself onto me. This was the first time that my foreskin was pulled back so much, and it hurt me some. She sought my mouth and bit my lip and drew blood.

I almost screamed, but the sound was muffled by her mouth on mine. She just remained there, on top of me, with my dick in her cunt for a few seconds. Then she slowly started to fuck. This was now getting more and more pleasurable by the minute. I could feel contractions in her cunt, and asked her not to press her cunt around my cock so much. She replied saying that it was involuntary, and that was how girls came, didn't I know? I asked her if fucking was so pleasurable every time, or if it was so only the first time. She replied that she didn't know herself, since this was also her first time too. I confronted her with the ease with which she pulled off my belt, and the way she had licked my cock in her mouth so expertly, and she said that she and her cousin had masturbated together since they were seven years old. Quite early, I thought. But all thoughts were soon banished from my mind as I concentrated on getting to fuck her. I felt her wetness flowing out over my dick and down my balls. I could not last long, and soon spurted all my pent-up sperm into her.

Afterward, she lay on me with my softening cock still inside her, forming a plug and thus not allowing my sperm to come out of her cunt. In the semi-darkness, she rose and asked me to follow her to the bathroom. I went, raising my pants along the way. I hadn't fully closed my fly, and when I reached the bathroom, I saw red stains on my pants and on my dick. She washed them off me, and then proceeded to do the same to her clothes. We then wet her dupatta, and went back to our berth to wipe off the bloodstains. Tiredness took over, and we both slept in each other's arms till 11.00 hrs the next day. Our companions took one look at us when they awoke, and decided to embarrass us when we awoke. She woke up first, and didn't move for fear of waking me up. I woke up shortly thereafter, and together we both sheepishly faced our companions.

One thing led to another, and today, seven years later, none of us are married and we all get together often to fuck ourselves silly. Both of us guys have sterilised ourselves, out of concern for our girls. Their parents only think of our group as a very close knit group and do not suspect any wrongdoing. I am sure that our arrangement must continue long.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:55 pm