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It was a crisp August morning incredibly unusual for our little city in Texas. I was on my way to school. Of course my mom was in the driver’s seat of our 98’ Malibu. God I wanted a car so bad. I also wanted a boyfriend. Humping my pillow while I read sex stories wasn’t cutting it anymore I wanted sex and bad. I was a tall brown haired, green eyed, athletic, slim, sixteen year old virgin. I had boyfriends before hell I even had a few girlfriends, but I never ever went beyond kissing I was too scared, but this time it was different I wanted sex from either a boy or girl and I new exactly who from. There was this teacher who just blew my mind. The weird thing is she wasn’t that sexy either. She was short middle-aged, a bit round but not fat, her breasts were small but I don’t know there was just something about her. I’d walk past her room everyday just to see if she was there. In class I’d daydream and have fantasies about her. I was what you would call the number one teacher’s pet. I had the highest avg. in the class and I was always doing little favors for her. This time I wanted a favor from her.
During class after hearing the longest ass lecture on atoms I fell asleep afterwards I went up to her desk and asked if she would be alone after school. She said she would and she asked what for, but the bell rang and I didn’t answer. It was 4:05 when I entered the room and shut the door. She was seated in front of her computer as usual and I stood behind the computer and said,

* Mrs. Zonim you grew up during the time of drugs and orgies right.
- Well umm yes I guess you could say that.
* Well have you ever had sex with a woman?
- Uhh… Astin… I’m not sure I should say, but I trust you so yes I have.
* And uhh how many years have you been teaching?
- About 14 or 15.
*And have you ever had sex with a student?
- ….No
* Well there’s a first time for everything.

And then I kissed her, and to my surprise she kissed back. Then there was an awkward silence and she just stayed there staring at me as if she couldn’t believe what she had just done.

* Listen I rented a room at the Holiday Inn meet me there at 8:00 its room 307 third floor.

I was beginning to feel a little bad and embarrassed it was already 8:10 then there was a knock at the door.

* I was beginning to think you stood me up.
- Well Astin you have to remember this is a bit of a weird situation. I wasn’t sure if I shou…
* Shhh….. Come on in and sit on the bed.

I sat her down and turned on the song “ Let’s get it on”. Then I walked up in front of her and gave her a passionate kiss. I pulled away and then began a little strip tease. I removed my blouse exposing my young perky breasts. Then I pulled down my pants and bent over to show her my nice round ass and my wet pussy that was partially covered by my thong. I leaned in to kiss her and began to unbutton her blouse and began to caress her left breast. I pulled down her skirt and her undies and stuck a finger in her hot wet pussy. Then I put in two fingers then three. Ohh….Ohh….ahhhh……Astin…harder…fuck me!! Fuck me!!! She was now on the bed naked with her legs nice and wide I took out my fingers and fucked her with my tongue. Ohhhhh Goooooooddddddd….ohhh ohhhh yes yes… then she orgasmed and her hot juices filled my mouth. Then with exahst in her voice she said alright hunny it’s your turn. Before she could do anything I stopped her and told her that I was still a virgin and that there was a dildo in my bag that I wanted her to fuck me with. She had this coy smile on her face and she said okay but let my use my dildo. I wasn’t gonna let you do everything. She laid me back and gently slid the vibrator in. I felt pain and pleasure at the same time it was mind boggling. She slid it in and out slightly slow at first, but then I wanted it harder and faster I couldn’t handle it when I was about to orgasm she took out the dildo and shoved her face in my pussy and licked me into unbearable ecstasy, then we repositioned ourselves and rubbed our pussys together until we both reached an orgasm. That was the most incredible night of my life. The next day things went by as usual and it stayed that way only this time I went to tutoring a lot more, at least until I graduated, but I continued to go back and see her I mean I was going to become a Chemistry teacher, and I still had a lot to learn. ;D


Posted : 09/07/2011 7:59 pm