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Best birthday


Eighteen years old, that was my first thought as I woke that morning. It was my birthday and I'd so looked forward to reaching this age, mainly because I could now do stuff I couldn't do before.

I had a surprise coming to me, at least that's what my older sister told me the day before, and I couldn't help wondering what it was. Getting out of bed I quickly freshened up by throwing cold water onto my face and got dressed. Upon entering the kitchen I was greeted with a chorus of happy birthdays, with everyone wishing me the best.

My father hugged me close and then kissed me on the cheek, whispering happy birthday princess as he did so. I just knew it was going to be a good day from that moment on. I found five presents waiting for me in the lounge, which I hurriedly opened. All of them were nice presents, from music cds to a new pair of shoes.

So that is how my day began, but BOY was it going to get better. I was a pretty liberated young woman, at least I like to think I was and still am. Yet, what was about to happen to me, left me wondering just how much life had to offer?

I was already sexually active, in that I'd had several sexual encounters, some of which were memorable whilst others were eminently forgettable. So while I knew or thought I knew about sex, I was about to receive a lesson I would not soon forget.

That afternoon my sister, who then ran off before I could read it, handed me a note. Opening it, I read what looked like an invite to a party, with just the where, time and what to wear printed onto it. I thought that this must've been the surprise she'd mentioned, so I proceeded to get my outfit ready for the night.

I wore a short skirt and matching low cut top, with stockings and suspenders as stipulated in the note, also cotton panties and no bra. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was justifiably proud of how I looked. My bust had developed well over the past couple of years, so I could go braless without it looking all wrong no matter what I wore.

By the time seven o'clock came along, I was ready and keen to leave for this party. I wanted to say goodbye to everyone before I left, but they'd all gone out, so I left a note telling my parents where I was going, and not to wait up for me. I arrived at the address given, only to discover my entire family were there, I knew because of the cars parked outside.

As I reached for the doorbell the door swung open, to a shout of surprise from just within. I was greeted with hugs and kisses from all my family, and all those that lived in the house, to which I knew only a couple. Adam was one of the people I knew, for he was always calling on my sister, and we all knew he was sweet on her.

There was a lot of drink on hand and a cake made especially for me, with eighteen candles already to be blown out. I received a couple more presents after blowing out the candles, and it was all perfect I couldn't have been happier.

As the night wore on, the drink started to get the better of me, and my father suggested that I take a nap. It sounded good to me, so Adam showed me to an empty bedroom and waited until I lay down before turning the lights off. I felt very dizzy as he closed the door, so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

I vaguely heard the door open a little while later, and was sure I heard several people coming into the room. At first I thought it was a lovely dream, for suddenly I could feel hands touching me. I felt my skirt being unzipped and my top being unbuttoned, and then I felt these things being removed. I didn't know whether I opened my eyes to see what was happening, or whether this was a dream and just thought I had.

For my father and sister were there, along with Adam and his mother. My father was removing my cotton panties, and I tried to say goodnight to him, thinking he was putting me to bed as he once used to. Closing my eyes, or thinking they were closed, I suddenly felt his tongue licking my pussy.

I could then feel hands all over me, with my breasts receiving a lot of attention. I liked this dream, but I wondered why I should be dreaming of my family and not some stud or two. I then felt something poke my mouth, and gladly opened up to receive a hard cock. It was just like being a child again, for I started to suck it like it was a pacifier. My pussy started to give me sensations that were very nice, for I could feel how wet I was becoming.

My father was very good at licking my womanhood, and I began to relax more as this supposed dream continued. The cock in my mouth started to move with more urgency, and I tried to take in as much as I could, but he was a little too big for me. I gagged on a number of occasions, but each time I recovered quickly. I could feel a mouth now on each of my nipples, both biting and pulling gently.

The sensations I was feeling were more than I'd ever experienced in my life before, and a sort of animal instinct took a hold of me, for suddenly I was reaching up and grasping hold of the cock in my mouth. I started to stroke it; I so loved to feel the tip touching the back of my throat. My first orgasm was approaching, as I felt sperm spewing from the cock in my mouth, and it was enough to let my body go.

I could feel the tongue lapping at me as my juices started to flow, and with each flick of my clit I came some more. I swallowed as much of the seed in my mouth as was possible, but some inevitably escaped down my face and onto my neck. I then felt tongues on both sides licking it off, and following it up to my mouth.

I kissed someone, and felt it had to be a woman, for those lips were so soft. Opening my eyes once again, I discovered it was my sister, and saw Adams mother licking his cock dry. I must have slowly come to my senses after that, for I now knew this wasn't a dream, yet I never protested, it just too good to say anything. My father moved up the bed shortly after that and I could feel his hardness pressing against my still wet pussy.

When he entered me I was feeling so horny, and the shock of finding out how thick his cock was really made me wet. My sister was kissing me still both around my lips and on my neck, and then I felt her guide my hand between her legs. With the thrusts coming from my father and an extremely wet pussy covering my fingers, I felt like I was in heaven.

I watched Adams mother for a moment, still sucking her son off, and managing to keep him hard; his cock seemed to disappear down her throat. My father was fucking me with more intensity and I could feel my next orgasm approaching, I think I was shocked when he came. For he pulled it out of me and I watched my sister take the first explosive exit of his semen, she sucked him like it was such a natural thing to do.

I was then turned over with Adams mother getting into position beneath me her legs open and her pussy glistening with moisture, just beckoning to be licked and sucked upon. Adam then got into position behind me, and the feelings coursing through my body as he pushed his hardened cock all the way in, were electrifying.

I couldn't help myself as I leaned forward and started to lick the sweet pussy before me. With a cock going hell to leather inside my excited pussy, and a woman's hips bucking as I pushed my tongue deeper I felt truly alive. I'd never tasted a woman before but I'd always wondered what it felt like, and I wasn't disappointed. Her orgasm when it came got me really excited for I'd never experienced such a vibrant and clearly enjoyable climax.

It was enough to make me cum again, and just as Adam was reaching his peak too. He pulled out as he started to ejaculate, and I could hear my sister sucking him off as he moaned out loud. It all ended shortly after that, with all of us talking about it in and around the bed. It turned out that both families have incestuous backgrounds, and that they found each other through the Internet.

Their only strict rule was that no one in the family could be included unless they were of a consenting age, hence my birthday present. Also, if any family member didn't like or want what the others had to offer it wasn't forced upon them. I can tell you now, I did like what happened and in fact I had other adventures with both families.

I can honestly say that was the best birthday of my life.

Posted : 13/03/2011 1:19 pm