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Being A Gym Aid Gave Me Some Fun  


HI, this is my story of why being a gym aid was a great choice my junior year. Many of the younger girls of the sophmore class were very hott in the period i aided for. But many were stuck up on themselves and wore too much make up or were bitchy. There was one thoguh that many called the white ghetto girl, her name was Daina. She hung out with the group of black people who called themselves ghetto. She had vary nice 34B tits and a nice soft, juicy ass to die for. She talked to me sometimes and always stuck her shest out as we talked. It was the first sign to learning she was interested in me. Other signs she had shown me were when she ran after a loose volley ball and bent over right in front of me showing ehr lovely thong, she ahd turned and given me the nice innocent naughty smile. I knew i would have her soon enough.
After about a month of the flirtacious teasing play she put on me, i found my oppurtunity. I knew she ahd to come in and make up a test. I planned an exciting time for the two of us. My teacher ahd to leave for a short while and asked if i could watch her for him after school. I did not have one objection. She finished the written portion and ran the fitness portion of the test. She finished earlier and faster than i had expected. This was very good. I told her there was somehting i needed her to help me within the storage room. I led her into the room and closed the door behind her. I met her turn with a passionate kiss. I touched her tongue with mine and frenched with her for a few minutes. She broke away and looked deep into my eyes. I touched her face and stroked my thumb down the side. She shuddered a little bit and leaned up to kiss me again. We locked lips again and kissed more fiercely, breathing hard we held eachother closely. No words were needed in this time, we both knew what we wanted. I reached my hand down slowly sliding down her body and touched her crotch area, she immediatley became wet and i could feel the soaking through the tight track shorts she was wearing. My cock began to grow. She must have sensed it because she instinctively reached down and touched me. I pulled her shirt over her head exposing her red lacy bra. I removed my shirt and exposed my muscular upper body, i weighed 175 pounds and was 6'0". I rmeoved the bra she was wearing and tossed it aside. I started to suck on a nipple and caress the other one with ym thumb. She moaned softly. She slid her pants and panties off, exposing her fully nude body. I touched ehr clit and she shivered with delight. I continued to make her moan and edge closer to climax. She then dropped down on her knees. She undid my fly and dropped my pants to my ankles. She actually ripped off my boxers and exposed a 7 inch thick monster befor her eyes. She gasped and looked at it closer. She slid ehr mouth onto it and engulfed it. Slowly using her tongue she licked it and sucked. Using her lucious lips to form a circle around the montster, she continued to give me the best blow job of my life. She bobbed her head up and down faster each minute. She started to fondle my balls and play with them. That did it, i blew my load all inside her mouth. She licked me clean my cock looked as if it ahdnt had a drop of cum on it. I dropped down with her and kissed her some more. I pushed her back onto the cold floor and slid my head between her legs. I could see her lovely red clit wanting some attention. I licked around it first teasing ehr and making her try to throw the clit in my face. I smiled and licked her pussy lips a little bit and then hit the clit with ym tongue fast and hard! She immediatley screamed. Her hands were on my head now. I likced her pussy as juices flowed out continuously. She screamed and screamed, wanting me tog ive her more, her elgs wrapped around me i clutched her lucious ass. It was as soft as i had imagined. She climaxed for about the third time adn i was hard and ready for more action again. I spread her legs again and slipped on a condom. I slid my member inside of her. She gasped at first and began to moan later on. I thrusted nice and slow, letting her feel every inch of my cock. She rolled on top of me and took control. She pounced and bounced on my cock like a ride. I grabbed her ass and squeezed the soft lucious thing to death, it drove her crazy! Her tits bounced joyfully and she arced her back. Her hands now clutched to her tits and mine on ehr ass she orgasmed. Screaming loudly, i flipped her over. I thrusted my cock into her form behind fuckingdoggy style. I pulled her hips in with each thrust. Making her ass jiggle as i pumped my cock in her. Her purse which she put in there was bigger than a normal pusre. I soon found out why! A 5 inch dildo wa sin it, she grabbed it and handed it too me, no explanation was needed. I took some juices from her pussy and loobed her ass hole upa dn the dildo up. I stuck it into her ass and met the normal resistance. It soon worked its way in and she went nuts. I thrusted my cock as i thrusted the dildo in her ass. She came again and hit the next orgasm right afetr that one because of the dildo. I took it out and tossed it to the side. I turned her to ehr back one more time. I threw my self inside her, knowing this was the big one. She wrapped her legs around my body and moaned with each thrust. I was sucking on her neck and thrusting the 7 inch cock in her faster and ahrder each time. She placed eher hands on my ass and helped me since i was tiring. She let out another scream and her juices gushed out. Her grip tightened and ehr knuckles went white, her pussy clenched down on my cock making the firction increase. I finally shot out cum for what seemed like ages. I pulled my head up and kissed her whil my load was still shooting. The door opened and there was my teacher. He closed the door immediatly. We didnt care, we continued to make out.
As i pulled away from her she layed there exausted not able to move. I dressed and helped her up to her feet. She dressed slowly and kissed me every now and then. We exited the stoage room and there stood the teacher,
"Well i hope you two enjoyed that!"
"Im sorry sir i dont know what happened" i said, lying out of my ass.
"It's ok, we'll leave it a secret between us three, as long as you guys continue to fuck like than and bring me details" I laughed, my teacher was a perv but it begated the fact he could tell the school and get us expelled. I gave her my number and expected her to call soon. Later that evening i recieved a call fomr ehr, she said ehr parents werent home on friday and wanted to knwo what my plans were.....

The end! [maybe! ;)]

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:12 pm