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Hi, my name is Cindy. I'm a twenty year old college student living in Southern California. Now you might think that it is odd that someone as old as I am still babysitting. The truth is I'm good at it. I'm dependable, take good care of the kids and am usually always available, even with short notice. I could get a job at school, fast food or retail, but I find that I make more money babysitting (and tax free). I end up making considerably more then minimum wage; my tips are pretty good, especially when I take a job on short notice. Most of the people I baby-sit for are wealthy so their time is a lot more valuable then mine, so they tend to tip and pay better.

I guess you can say that I'm pretty, just not beautiful. I have brown hair, where most in Southern California are blonde. My breasts are rather small, where bikini's and abundant cleavage are the norm. You could stay that I don't stand out. I guess my best asset (a play on words) is my ass. I do work out; most of the people I baby-sit for have gym equipment. My cheeks are firm and tight. If I had more nerve I would look great in a pair of short shorts.

I don't date much, hardly at all. My problem is I am shy, really shy. Especially with boys. I'm not a virgin, having lost it when I was sixteen. I'm sure you will be surprised to learn that it was with two boys at once. Hardly the romantic way you would think. They were both older, 20 year old college students. Not what you would have expected from me? That is another story. Let's say that I still have fond memories, bringing about a delicious orgasm each time I think about it while masturbating.

Yes, I masturbate. Masturbate a lot. I have a very vivid imagination and as I blossomed into girlhood, my imagination became more sexual. So I masturbate, there is nothing else to do unless you want me to run around horny. Now I know you boys would love that. But you don't have a 4.0 average in college if you're perpetually horny. It's tough to masturbate when you live in a dorm, so my babysitting jobs also have an added incentive for me. Once the kids are asleep at night I have lots of time to let my imagination run wild, my hand in my jeans rubbing my pussy until I cum.

Now to my story. I have been reading Powerone stories for a long time, loving his tales of submissive girls. One day I sent him an e-mail which he answered. We sent back e-mails a couple of times until I started telling him of my fantasies. He liked them and thought they would make a good story. I would tell him one of them and then he would write it. He is much better then I am and much more perverted. Since he put them down on paper, my orgasms have been much better. Only he could have thought of the things that were done to me in the fantasies. None of these really happened; they are just figments of my very fertile imagination. So here it goes.

Chapter One Naughty Girls Get Spanked

Mr. Johnston, Michael as he asked me to call him lived in Rancho Santa Fe. He has a five year old daughter and a very attractive wife. They are very wealthy. I baby-sit for him often, Michael appreciating it with very large tips, especially when I do it on short notice, which is often. Their house is always immaculate, I'm sure they have a maid that does it, but he is very picky about it. I make sure that I leave it that way, spending about the last half hour before they get home picking up and cleaning.

I was babysitting them last Friday night. It was about ten o'clock when I heard a noise. It scared me because the Johnston's were not supposed to be home until after one. I was laying on the couch, a drink and some potatoes chips on the table, reading one of my textbooks. I jumped up when I head the click of the door and a noise in the front hallway. Now this is a big house, so it took me a while before I managed to get to the door. And I was peeking around the corner when I saw Michael. He looked a little angry and he was alone. I was relieved. At least it wasn't a burglar.

"You scared me Michael," I said as I peered out from around the corner. "Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," he said gruffly. "I came home early; Lillian decided to stay for a couple of more hours. Is the baby okay?"

"She's sleeping. Let me get my things and I will go." I remembered the mess in the living room. I would just clean it up real quick and get out of there. He didn't look very happy. Maybe he had a fight with Lillian.

"What is this?" He stared at the mess on the table, potatoes chip crumbs on the floor. His voice seemed even angrier.

"I was just going to clean it up. I didn't know you were coming home early." His rage seemed to be directed at me. I had never seen him like that. "I'm sorry," I quickly added.

"Being sorry wouldn't cut it today. You know how much I like my house clean. I didn't mean for you to mess it up and clean it up before I come home. I expected you to keep it clean all the time. I expected much more from you Cindy."

He was looking at me a bit strange now. It was a mixture of angry and something else; I wasn't sure what it was. "I understand Sir. It wouldn't happen again."

"I think you need to be taught a lesson. If you don't want to accept, you are free to leave and I will find someone else to do your job. Somewhere more willing to take responsibility."

Cindy started thinking quickly. She was making over $800 a month babysitting for them. A quick calculation showed that her tips were often very big, earning her about $20.00 an hour. God, how could she ever replace that? She also got two other jobs because of Michael. Would he tell them about her? Would she lose them also? Taught a lesson. What did he plan to do? She looked at him, his anger seemed to be going away quickly, but there was a different glint in his eyes. He was looking at her strangely, eyeing her body uncomfortably. Could he mean something sexually? She began to feel dampness between her legs. "No sir. I'm willing to take responsibility." There, she said it, almost feeling a relief.

He smiled at her. "That's much better." He moved over to one of the chairs, sitting down on the straight back chair. "Do you know how naughty girls are punished?"

"No Sir," but she knew she was about to find out. He beckoned her over to him. She let her hands slide down to her side, clutching her short skirt to her hips.

"I think a spanking is in order. Maybe if your lovely ass cheeks are sore it will remind you to obey."

"Spanking! You're going to spank me. I'm too old for that." But she saw in his eyes that he wouldn't take no for an answer. She trembled as she moved closer to him, his hands already outstretched to touch.

"Turn around." His voice was firm and demanding, making sure that Cindy would submit. His cock jerked in excitement as her cute ass turned towards him, her head hung in shame. He felt her body tremble when his hand touched her hips, jerking forward as if she were burned.

"No!" She cried out when she felt him touch her. She tried to jerk away, but his hands became more insistent, pressing harder into her hips, pulling her back towards him. Her hands went back to protect herself.

"Don't you dare! Put your hands in front of you." He pulled one hand free and slapped her hard on her upper leg, the sound of his hand hitting her naked flesh ringing out in the room. "Stand still!"

Her leg stung from the blow, catching her off guard. It still felt as if his hand was still touching her there, the skin hot and aching. She moved her hands forward, but not before she touched the spot he had hit, feeling the hot, tender skin. "Please," she could only beg. But she obeyed him, her hands hanging submissively at her side, waiting. Waiting for the touch of his hands on her body again. She didn't have to wait long, the hands returning to her hips, firm, strong hands that pulled her back towards him. At least she didn't have to see his face.

He enjoyed the way she obeyed, standing, waiting for him to make his next move. He let his hand begin to slide down her hips, her short skirt highlighting the long tanned, naked legs. She shivered when he touched her skin, his hands clenched motionless as she grew accustom to his touch. He slid back up, his hand sliding under her skirt, caressing her naked flanks. Her skin was so silky smooth. She didn't even flinch when his hands slid under her skirt, reconciled to the fact of his power over her.

She couldn't believe it when his hand slid under her skirt, her body frozen as he ran up her naked hips. His hands slid up high, her thong doing little to cover her naked body, his hands freely exploring her body. She almost forgot that her ass cheeks would be bare, not even flimsy panties would stop any of the pain of the spanking. She felt a sense of relief when he moved his hands from under her skirt, but they returned, this time on her skirt, but starting at her waist and moving down the gentle slope of her butt until both hands gripped her cheeks. He squeezed the taut cheeks, Cindy tightening her buttocks in response, his hands powerful, gripping her flesh tightly. He clenched and unclenched her cheeks in his hands.

He loved the feel of her naked skin, pleased that she was wearing a thong; her lovely cheeks would be naked when he pulled up her skirt before spanking her. Her delicate flesh would feel the entire brunt of his large hands spanking her cheeks. He gripped her cheeks with his hands, loving the way she fought the intrusion, her cheeks tightening in response. He would use that against her; let her feel what happens when she tightened her cheeks later, a surprise that she could never have expected. "Your ass is built for punishment Cindy. Nice, full round cheeks. I'm going to turn them a delightful red." He released her cheeks. "Over my lap now. It's time to begin your punishment."

Her face was already red in shame at his fondling of her flesh, but she was unable to stop him. He touched her as if he owned her and she let him have his way with her. That is what scared her so much. How far would she let him? How far would he go? She hesitantly moved closer to him, blushing as she saw the bulge in his pants. She was exciting him. His arms came out and gripped her waist, pulling her until she was standing to the side of him, his arm pushing down on her back as he bent her over him. She could feel her breasts hanging down; glad he at least couldn't see down the front of her open blouse.

He let his hand stroke down over her outthrust butt, his other hand on her back, forcing her to bend over onto his lap. "Yes," he moaned in pleasure as her body touched his throbbing cock, feeling the flesh quiver in lust. He let his hand roam over her ass cheeks, her skirt riding up as he forced her into position. He enjoyed her squirming, his cock receiving such a delightful rubbing. He couldn't believe how submissive she had become, resigned to the fate of a spanking, or more. His hands enjoyed her tight ass, massaging the firm flesh while she squirmed beneath him, not even fully understanding the delightful masturbation her squirming was giving his hard cock. He made his cock jerk twice; her body stopping as she fully understood what she was doing to his cock. He slapped her one cheek hard, the sound of his hand hitting her tight ass ringing out in the room. "Don't stop squirming!" His voice was firm.

She felt the cock jerk against her, suddenly the realization of what she was doing to him dawning on her. Not only was she masturbating him with her body, but also herself, her pussy getting wet as she rubbed against the hard cock. She was almost humping him as if she were a dog in heat; all the while his hands were molesting her flesh. She stopped instantly, ashamed at the way she was acting. "EEEEHH," the slap of her ass stung. She could feel the pain even after he removed his hand. He wanted her to continue, to masturbate his cock with her pussy by rubbing up and down. How humiliating to be treated as just a sex toy, but she couldn't deny the tingling she felt between her legs, the way her clit seemed to rub against his cock. She began to rub against him again, squirming her lower body back and forth over his cock, feeling it jerk in pleasure as she began the gentle masturbation of his cock again.

"You learn well Cindy. You just need a little physical pain as encouragement to make you perform." His cock jerked again from her artful squirming, noticing a change in her. She seemed to be enjoying the movement of their bodies rubbing against each other. Even his cock jerking didn't slow her down; in fact it made her move quicker. His hands ran freely over her luscious cheeks pushed out on his lap, his other hand on her back keeping her pinned down. Her skirt had ridden up high on her legs, barely covering anything now. He began to lightly slap her naked legs, moving from her knees up her inner thighs, pushing out on them, forcing her legs to part slightly. While his slaps weren't very hard, they were consistent, moving up and down the same tender inner skin, turning the skin pink. He couldn't wait any longer, eager to see the taut naked ass that lay beneath her tiny skirt. "Reach back and pull up your skirt. It is time to spank your ass. Your naked ass."

It was humiliating enough to be forced to masturbate him all the while he slapped her tender inner thighs, the burning increasing as he continued to slap the same spots over and over. Now he wanted her to uncover her naked ass so he could spank her. The thought of him seeing her naked body, afraid of where it would go from there. Afraid of where she might allow him to go. Her pussy was drenched, his hard cock bringing such a delightful sensation as she rode her slit up and down the throbbing member.

"Now!" She seemed to be daydreaming, a sharp slap to her ass bringing her back to reality. She stopped moving as her hand reached back and submissively began to draw the tiny skirt above her waist, letting it fall onto her back, her hand returning to prop herself on the floor, her lower body beginning again the gentle masturbation.

She felt the cool air of the room on her ass, knowing how exposed she must look. She closed her eyes, her fantasies clouding her mind as she rubbed against him again. She tightened her thighs and cheeks, hoping to keep him from seeing her naked sex. She felt the rush of air before she even felt it. A sharp slap sounding in the room, then the rush of pain as it shot to her brain. God, it stung so badly, much more then she remembered as a child. Another to her other cheek, the skin feeling so hot and tingling. She tightened her cheeks even harder as his hands began to explore her naked ass, a finger trying to slide between her tightly clenched cheeks, moving up and down her crack. She wouldn't allow him access to her most guarded treasures.

Each time he spanked her, her masturbation became more urgent. She was enjoying the pain or the submission, not caring which, just enjoying her enthusiastic masturbation of his cock. But he needed to have her submit to inspection of her most private treasures, her clenching thighs and cheeks preventing it. "Get up and go to the kitchen. In the refrigerator crisper you will find a ginger root. Do you know what a ginger root looks like?" He was counting on her nativity, hoping she wouldn't realize the purpose.

She felt his hands pulling her up. Why did he want a ginger root now? She was confused, but she obeyed, her skirt falling back down to cover her naked buttocks. "Yes Sir."

"And bring a paring knife. Now hurry back. You still have your punishment coming." He watched her ass sway so sensuously as she left the room, unaware of what lay ahead for her. He heard her in the kitchen, quickly bringing back what he requested, her face red in embarrassment at having to face him. "Good girl." He had arranged the coffee table in front of the chair, a few pillows for cushioning on top of it.

She handed him the ginger root, a large root about an inch in diameter. She knew it was used in gourmet cook, not understanding why he wanted it. But that is what she feared.

"Turn, your back to me," he ordered her. She obeyed instantly, his hands reaching out to grab her hips. "Move back," pulling her backwards. "Spread your legs," he ordered when she bumped into him.

She was afraid of the last order. Spread your legs, her face red in shame as she slowly did as he requested. She felt her body being moved back until she was straddling him, her legs on either side of his hips. She almost had to bow her legs out to accommodate his request. She felt his hand on her back, pushing her down again. Now she understood. Her ass rose up as she was pushed down, down towards the cushioned coffee table. His hands were on her naked hips, having slipped under her skirt again.

"Put your hands on the table. I'm going to lift your legs up. Spread out on the table." His hands eagerly slid lower down on her legs when her body touched the table, supporting her. He pulled her up until her body was positioned on his lap, her legs now hanging uselessly behind him. She looked back, her face red in shame as she finally realized how vulnerable of a position she was in.

How did she get in such a position? She was almost lying on top of him, her lower body supported on him, his hard cock pressing into her sex again, this time with her legs spread, she was so much more vulnerable. She felt his hands returning to her legs, sliding underneath her skirt, moving up to her naked ass. "Please no," she begged as she felt her skirt pushed up higher and higher, moving up until she felt his hands on her naked ass cheeks, knowing the view that she was affording him.

He let his hands slide up her inner thighs, feeling her muscles tighten, as he got closer and closer to her sex. With her legs straddling his body, she couldn't stop him from exploring her sex. He pushed her skirt until it was on her back, her luscious ass revealed in all her naked glory. His hands began to explore her lovely flesh, moving back and forth her cheeks, feeling her tighten when he moved closer to her crack, teasing her by sliding one finger up and down the moist opening, her cheeks pinned tightly together as she sought to hide her treasures from him. His fingers moved to her crack, his thumbs on each side, digging in and pushing out. He heard her moan as she tried to prevent him from pulling her cheeks apart, his fingers too powerful, finally relenting with a grunt. The string from her thong still hid her asshole, but he could make out the edges of the dark brown wrinkled opening, his finger sliding so close to it that he saw the edges pucker in and out. He slapped her ass hard, her body jerking up in pain. His hands moved to her hips, making her body move, making her masturbate his cock again with her pussy. "Continue."

He was going too far now, teasing her too close to her asshole. Why would he want to touch her there? His powerful slap stung fiercely, his hands urging her to squirm on his cock again. She knew it must look as if she were a two dollar whore, humping him with her pussy, but she obeyed, her pussy wet with desire. His hands stopped touching her, her eyes closed as she heard movement behind her, too scared to look back.

Michael began to prepare the ginger root. What Cindy didn't realize is that the ginger root produces a burning sensation when introduced into the anus. It is used to humiliate and chastise the victim, as well as preventing the victim from clutching her buttocks during spankings, the pain increasing when the ginger root is squeezed by the sphincter. The burning sensation is also known to induce intense pleasure. He used the paring knife to skin the root so it was smooth. He carved a concavity around the finger of the root about two thirds of the way down. This acts as a retention device, similar to the way the tapering portion of a butt plug is locked by the sphincter. Cindy would be experiencing some very new and uncomfortable feelings in her anus, hopefully adding to the squirming she was doing on his cock. He didn't need any lubrication, the natural juices of the root more then sufficient. First he had to prepare her, knowing that she would fight any intrusion into her anus. A brief spanking and then a gentle masturbation would suffice.

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"OOOWWW," she yelled when she felt his hand slap her cheek. Again, it slapped at her other naked cheek, alternating back and forth. They weren't particularly hard, not what she was expecting, but they still stung, her hips moving back and forth, her pussy rubbing over the throbbing member beneath her, feeling it jerk in pleasure each time he hit her. Five times he spanked her, then stopped, his hands returning to rub her flesh sensuously. She felt him touch the top of her thong in the back and then heard the snip, feeling the pressure release, knowing that he had cut it. "No, please don't take it off, please," she begged, not wanting to be naked, sure that he would be able to see her sex from behind.

Another slap was Michael's response, his fingers pulling the thong from her cheeks, letting it slowly slide down until he got to her sex, pausing. He took two fingers and gripped her lips from behind, squeezing harshly, pulling on the fleshy skin.

"EEEEHHH," shocked at the unexpected touch on her sex. She bucked under him as he pulled on her lips. She felt his finger slide between her lips, pushing the thin material between her wet lips, ashamed at how her body was responding. She squirmed harder as his hands pinched her tender flesh, squeezing her lips between his powerful fingers. She was afraid when he pulled her thong away.

"You're pussy is drenched. You're enjoying this. Well, I have so much more for you to experience." He pulled her thong, throwing it on the floor so she could see it. He pushed out on her legs, spreading her wider for his gaze, her pussy glistening with her juices, her lips spreading wider. "Such a lovely pink pussy."

She knew she was grossly exposed, but even though she was humiliated by it, she was also aroused. Even the thought of him spanking her made her wetter. How could be so dominated by him be so sexually arousing? Would he take advantage of the situation? "EEEEHHH," his fingers jolting her back to reality, clamping onto her naked pussy, squeezing her tender pussy lips, yanking on them harshly. She rubbed against his thick cock faster, feeling it jerk in pleasure each time he pinched her pussy. His fingers became bolder, sliding up and down her slit from behind, rubbing her juices up and down, her legs spread wide, unable or not wanting him to stop. She humped up and down, sure that she was giving him quite a show, but she no longer cared. Suddenly his fingers moved up higher, Cindy clenching her cheeks as his finger slid along her crack, sweat aiding in making it slick. "No! NOT THERE!" A sharp slap to her ass, then another one, this time harder. "OOOOWW."

"Relax your cheeks. NOW!" His fingers moved to her crack, slowly spreading her cheeks when he felt her relax, watching as her tiny wrinkled opening came into view. The crinkled dark brown hole looked so tiny, a dimpled hole barely as big as his little finger. He would have to open her up for the ginger root first. He slapped her cheeks again, alternating between the two, moving lower so that his fingers barely grazed her pussy from behind, feeling her shudder when he did. "Don't you dare move."

"NNNOOO," but she didn't stop him as his finger slowly ran over he anus, slick with his juices it slid easily, rubbing the her intimate hole. She felt so exposed, continuing to rub his cock, her pussy receiving pleasure in return.

"Are you enjoying my cock?"

She was embarrassed, but it was true. She loved the feeling of his hard cock sliding back and forth over her naked pussy. "Yes," she murmured softly.

"Reach underneath you and take my cock out. I want you to rub your naked pussy against my hard cock."

She was afraid of taking his cock out. Would he fuck her? She began to raise up her ass, suddenly stopping when she felt his finger poised at the entrance to her anus. If she continued, she would impale her asshole on his fingertip. "Please. Move your finger."

"I said take out my cock!" His voice rose up, more domineering. "Do it now." He kept his finger on her anus, pressing slightly inward; watching as her anal ring slowly began to open.

She was afraid of his finger, but she was more afraid of him. She let her ass slowly rise up, feeling the pressure on her anus as her anal ring expanded to engulf his finger. It felt strange to feel something push inside, moving higher. "EEGGHH," his finger suddenly sucked into the hot depths of her rectum as she reached underneath him, her fingers quickly unzipping his pants, reaching inside his shorts to grasp the hot flesh in her fingers. She pulled it out, the hard cock bending slightly as she wrapped her fingers around the thick cock. It jerked and shuddered in her hands as it popped out. She finally moved her hands away, sighing as she felt the hot flesh touch her pussy. His finger didn't move, pushing in as she moved downward, tightly encased in her asshole.

She was so tight, her hot asshole felt as if it was sucking his finger in deeper. He felt her anal ring sliding down his finger as if it were a tight condom sliding over it, her rectal muscles clenching on his digit from his unnatural probing. He twisted his finger inside her, causing her to hump up and down his naked cock, feeling her pussy juices bathing his cock.

Suddenly his finger was gone, Cindy not sure if she was relieved or disappointed. She felt empty, the spasms in her anus continuing. His cock felt so good, the hot flesh rubbing so sensuously up and down her slit, Cindy fighting the urge to push it into her pussy and let him fuck her to death. "WWHHAAATT!" She felt something returning to her anus, this time much bigger. It wasn't his finger. She felt him slap her ass again.

"Hold still." He pressed the Ginger root against her anus and began to push. "Push out and it will go easier. I'm going to push the ginger root in your asshole."

"Why!" She couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Hold still," not answering her. He wanted her to experience it. He pushed, her anal ring opening wider, stretching, the dark, hole now a light brown as the skin stretched to accommodate the thick finger of the ginger root. He saw her ass rise up as she strained to accommodate the thick root forcing entry in her backside.

"EEEGGGGH," suddenly she felt the root slide inside her, his powerful hands pushing aside all resistance until she felt it inside her rectum. She felt a cool sensation as the root sat inside her asshole, her anus in spasms as she bucked up and down. "It's getting warm," she cried out, tears falling from her eyes. "Take it out."

He pushed with his finger, sending the root inside her asshole, the air whooshing from her lungs as her asshole was suddenly filled with unnatural object. He lightly tapped the end of the root, sending vibrations deep into her asshole. He waited and watched while the Ginger root began to do its work. Her hips became more active, moving back and forth, dragging his cock over her slick pussy. She clenched her cheeks, a soft groan from her lips, her cheeks relaxing again. She did this three times, obviously finally figuring that the burning sensation deep in her asshole increased with her clenching. He let his fingers slide down to her vagina, suddenly impaling her pussy with three thick fingers. He was surprised how easily they slid in, her juices soaking the dry digits. She arched up on his lap when she was impaled, his hand slapping her ass cheek harder, driving her hips back down, impaling his fingers deeper into her hot pussy.

She felt so full and vulnerable. Whenever she clenched her cheeks, the burning pain would increase deep inside her anal passage. Her pussy was filled with harsh fingers, knuckles stretching and scraping her tender insides as her hips fucked back and forth on his hard cock. And his hand kept her moving, slapping her tender cheeks, the fiery pain in her skin increasing as he slapped her harder and harder. And to keep her vulnerable, his finger lightly tapped on the end of the ginger root, reminding her of his domination of her body, sending such intense feelings deep in her asshole.

Michael fought to keep from cumming, her wet pussy sliding so sensuously up and down his thick member, bringing such delightful tremors through her body when he spanked her. He kept it up for twenty minutes, noticing a change in her demeanor. She was masturbating his cock with renewed vigor, pressing harder onto his flesh, sliding her pussy up and down with long strokes. And her cheeks were almost always tight together. She seemed to relish the deep, burning pain deep in her asshole, his finger gripping the end of the Ginger root, sliding it up and down in a mock sodomy, his fingers fucking her pussy with deep strokes, her pussy clinging to the thick fingers. He knew it was time, her breathing deep and heavy, a coating of sweat covering her body as she masturbated his cock for all she was worth.

She knew it was time, unable to control it any longer. The deep, hot burning in her asshole brought tears to her eyes but a delicious feeling between her legs. His fingers playing the Ginger root in and out of her asshole felt as if he was fucking her asshole with his cock, his fingers bringing such pleasure to her clenching pussy. "Spank me hard," she yelled out. "I'm going to cum."

Michael didn't fail to help her, his hand raining down five powerful blows to her ass cheeks that made her body jump in pain. Four fingers plunged into her pussy, spreading her tender insides wide to accommodate the thick digits. He gripped the Ginger root and pulled it almost all the way out before plunging in back into her resisting asshole. He didn't wait any longer, feeling her body tremble and shake then explode. His cock jerked in pleasure as he felt her gush on his cock, his balls spewing a load of cum that shot on her.

She came just as he did, his blows raining on her cheeks in a fiery pain that shot to her sex, her asshole reamed out by the Ginger root and finally his cock shot a load of cum that felt as if it were coming from a fire hose, the powerful stream of ropey cum shooting directly on her clit. The orgasm that hit her body was so intense that she felt as if her heart stopped, between her legs she felt a tingling that started with her clit, spread to her pussy and ended deep in her asshole, her whole body beginning to spasm in pleasure. She came on his cock, feeling as if she were peeing on him, their cum mixing together to coat the organs with the slick fluids. Again he came on her clit, again she came on his cock, her hips fucking up and down driving more pleasurable cums from his cock, spewing his hot cum all over her pussy.

She rode his cock even when he finished cumming, her pussy slick with juices sliding effortlessly up and down his cock. She finally slumped down, exhausted, her body covered in sweat. Her ass was a delicious pink, the skin feeling hot as he let his fingers roam over the burning flesh. He tapped at the Ginger root, Cindy not even stirring as he did, too exhausted to move. He gripped the end tightly and began to pull it out, seeing her anal ring clinging to it as if it didn't want it to leave, her ring pulling upward as he slowly extracted the root from her asshole. He watched as her anal ring slowly spread wider to release the end, a sigh coming from Cindy as it popped free. He watched the spasm in her asshole after the ginger root left, her anus still open, the darkness of her hole visible. He teased the hole with his finger, feeling the tremors running through the slick opening. "Turn over onto your back," his hands grabbing one ankle to bring it around as she turned over. He watched her pussy spread out as her legs spread wider to accommodate his request. He got up and stood next to her, making sure her legs were still spread wide.

"Did you have an enjoyable cum?" He smiled as he looked at her, her body drained.

She turned red in shame at having performed as she did, cumming while being spanked and anally impaled. After the orgasm, she felt even more humiliation. "I'm sorry."

"I hope that taught you a lesson. Next time this is what will happen to you if you displease me." He grabbed her legs, pulling them up and pushing them wide so her pussy began to spread out. "Raise up your ass." She obeyed; her ass rising up until it was almost a foot off the coffee table.'

What was he going to do now? She shut her eyes, not wanting to see. She waited. Suddenly it hit her. His hand shot out between her legs, the palm of his hand slapping hard against her pussy, slapping puffy labia, slapping against her sensitive clit. "GGGGGOOODDD," she screamed in pain.

"Next time it will be your pussy that will be spanked. And maybe with a riding crop to beat between your pretty lips." He noticed that she didn't move back down again, her ass still raised up higher, presenting her pussy to him. Not to disappoint her he rained down another blow onto her pussy, the sweet sound of his hand hitting her wet flesh ringing out in the room, another scream torn from her lips.

It hurt. And felt good, her pussy taking such punishment but also bringing such conflicting feelings to her body. The second one was even better then the first, Cindy already thinking of what she might do wrong next time she babysat.

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