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This is a true story. A story of about how I first made love to a woman I adored from the moment I first set eyes on. (sorry the names have been changed)

I am Ravi, the only son to my parents and the only brother to my little young sister Ramya. Raised up in the beautiful city of Bangalore, we grew up rather posh and of the outgoing kind. Studies were the only thing on both, my mind and my sisters and we passed with good ranks. Our parents loved us and gave us all that we ever needed. We were of the upper middle clas:herz:s and lived life the moderate way and that is when my father had striked it lucky with the Karnataka state lottery giving our lives a total facelift.

I was 27 years of age still looking for a girl to lock the wedded ring. My sister married and settled in the states. It was my Parents all time desire to construct two villas one for me and one for my sister, both adjacent to each other and very next to our family house. The idea was that me and my sister should always live next to each other.

The houses were completed in full swing and we never knew what to do about it. I preferred living with my parents till I get married and with my sister already living with her husband and their little daughter in states, the only option we had was to rent out both the villas.

The word “To Let” was soon advertised in almost all the daily and there began the incoming calls from different classes of people. I couldn’t take up the responsibility, as I was employed with a software firm, my father busy with his business activities, so ultimately it was my mother who was given the burden to short list two best family’s who ever visited us for the houses.

It was a fine day and the day was reaching its close and as I returned home, my mother called out to me saying that she has found a fairly good couple and she has handed over the keys to the house. She said they will be moving in within the next couple of days and I had told them to call on you if any help would be needed. I hesitated at the idea but saying not a word walked straight upstairs into my room wondering what kind of people are the new tenants.

The day being a Friday my father as usual finished his weekend visits to the English Club and had arrived late. Dinner was served; and we quickly had our dinner and got to bed. Somewhere down the line I was not catching sleep and laid restless on the bed not knowing why. I slipped over and over all night wondering what went wrong and that is when it struck. Well! I have been trying to figure out what sort of neighbors are we going to have. I recalled Mom saying it was a newly married couple, so I started to wonder what kind of a couple it would be? Well! especially the lady. Thinking over and over about the same issue I never knew when and how I fell a sleep.

I woke up late knowing it was a Saturday and a holiday, but about 9am my mother called me out of the bed saying the new tenants called up saying they will arrive at 10am and would require some help with the house. I hated to wake up because of the morning winter chill of beautiful Bangalore, but soon made my way out of the bed, into the toilet and out of my bedroom.

As I sat lazily having my breakfast, I heard the gates to our house strike open. I instantly peered through the window and to my surprise I was amazed, simply astonished to see this beautiful, young woman walk towards our house. I was so much engrossed in her gorgeous looks, that I even forgot to notice that there was her husband walk along her side. I quickly moved away from the window making sure that neither of them saw me and soon sat on the table consuming my breakfast. The door bell rang its melody and soon I heard my mother call out to me requesting to check who was at the door. I said I was at my breakfast and would appreciate if she could take a look at the door.

My Mom with a deep sigh walked to the door and as she unlatched and opened the door half way, with a surprise said, “Hello! Prem, Hello Amla, please come on in. I was feeling all so excited about having to meet them and indeed imagining about how it would be to see that beautiful lady eye to eye. Showing them to sit down my mother soon called out to me. My father as often leaves early so I had no escape but to face the consequences. Quickly I walked to the living room and as we introduced ourselves, I secretly knew that I could not take my eyes of that beautiful lady, I started to secretly admire her but I dint want to make it obvious so I quickly shook hands with Prem and sat next to him on the sofa.

Prem, needed me to help him out with some of the latest fittings my father had installed in the new villa so I quickly pulled on my jean a t-shirt and followed them into the rented out house. As we left my house I walked behind the two of them so that I could take a better look at Amla from behind her. She was perfect with the right height, colour and a body that measured approximately "36-24-36", her long black hair cascaded like a sheet of water down her waist line and her bottoms swayed gently as she walked slowly by the side of Prem. I felt something strange in me, I was feeling magnetically attracted to this beautiful lady.

As we reached the door to the new villa Prem quickly keyed the door open and asked me in. I walked in quietly still admiring Amla through the corner of my eyes. There was neither furniture nor a thing for them to ask me to sit, so I quickly guided them to one and very room explaining the complex fittings. When Prem entered one of the master bedroom and went into the toilet, I slowly turned over to Amla and as I caught her eyes look into mine I smiled looking deep into her beautiful eyes trying to convey that there is something in me that I feel for her. Prem called out to me and in a flash I turned around and walked answering Prem. We finished the up-stairs and down-stairs in just a few minutes and as I started to leave them, I quietly asked, when are you both moving in? Amla, smiled and said….we have already and our material will arrive in about an hours time. I said that was good as I wished they never leave. Taking no more of their precious time I stared to say “bye and as I left I saw Amla stand leaning against the door frame looking at me with curiosity. I knew there was something that was happening in between the two of us but never bothered to believe in my thoughts because I knew, she was newly married and far from reach.

I quickly got back home and rushed into my room where I sat down on the bed to think about how beautiful Amla was. I couldn’t take my thoughts of her and started to wonder about how it would be to hold a woman of that caliber. Slowly I jumped out of my bed and walked to my bedroom window facing their house. Sliding the curtain a little I peeped out to see if I could catch a glimpse of Amla, but in vain. I spent most of my time that day peeping through the window to catch sight of beautiful Amla and every time I saw her I simply admired her. There are couple of times when Amla has noticed me peep at her and it had given me shocks, but I understood from her easy ways that she was in a way secretly enjoying the attention I had on her.

An hour later a big pickup van drove into their front yard and I knew that it was their household. I rushed out of my house and extended to offer help. Prem was delighted and said he would appreciate a helping hand. To be Honest I was feeling lazy and never wanted to do a thing but I need to see Amla again and again and I knew that this is the best possible way I could see her as close as possible. Soon we shifted the furniture and all the household ware and as we got to talk more and more I understood from Prem that he works for a shipping company and travels a lot. Somehow I felt good to know that Prem travels a lot. I knew there wasn’t much to hope for but still the thought of knowing Amla will at times be all alone kept sending shivers up my spine. I said to myself that some day I could get lucky. I dint have any sexual thoughts towards Amla but all that I wanted was to sit by her side, admire her, look deep inside her beautiful eyes and enjoy her company. I needed to know Amla better. Soon we unloaded all the material and as we finished placing the furniture in its appropriate location, I nodded bye and soon left.

Days, weeks and a few months passed on, we kept meeting each other and Amla kept seeing me peeping at her through different corners of my bedroom window. Sometimes I had decided that this is final and Amla is sure going to complain about me giving her improper looks, but no she never did. Prem in the mean time kept traveling in and out of Bangalore and every time he stayed in town for a week or so he invited me for a drink and this is what I really enjoyed. Amla even though she only had a little wine, often gave us company sitting with us and joining us in our casual talks. I secretly craved for Amla to join us for I could enjoy her looks, her beauty and every curve of her beautiful body. I knew that Amla enjoyed me admiring her but never took a chance to head for her.

Amla and I became very close friends within a mater of time and every time Prem went out of station, Amla called me over the phone and spent hours talking different things. We soon started talking personal matters and we started calling each other best friends. Sometimes Amla invited me home saying she has cooked something special and would like me to taste the dish and listen to my comments. These calls for lunch turned out to be special occasions and I treasured every moment of it. Once while having lunch when Prem was away, Amla softly said “Ravi, would you tell me the truth if I asked you a personal question ”Of course, I replied with a little bit of hesitation, wondering what she was about to ask but giving no break she said “I have many a times seen you watch me from your window, why Ravi? Why are you doing that? I was embarrassed and started to blush not knowing what to say but gathering all my guts I replied “to be honest, I don’t know Amla, but ever since the day I first saw you, I kind of liked you, “somehow you seemed to be the finest person I’ve ever seen. I just wanted to see more and more of you and giving no second thoughts I softly said “I’m sorry if I have hurt your feelings. “Oh no Ravi, it’s just that I was curious to know what was in your mind. Amla looked deep into my eyes and with a shy on her face said “to be honest, I actually felt good about it Ravi, you made me feel someone special, some one very important. Softly I extended my hands and held her fingers and said “you are a pretty lady Amla, You are indeed very, very beautiful. I could sit hours together simply admiring you

We finished our lunch and as Amla started to clear the table, I stood by her looking at her and asked “Does Prem know that I visit you while he is away? No replied Amla with a little bit of confusion on her face and said “I would like to keep it this way Ravi, I like your company and to be honest you make me feel wanted, it is not that Prem does not make me feel the same, but you, I some how feel comfortable with you. I had to leave for office so I quickly walked up to Amla and as she stared at me with wide open eyes I softly held her by her cheeks and said “You are a very important person Amla, I like you, and as she stood motionless I slowly pulled her forward and softly kissed her on her forehead and said “bye for now. Amla saw me at the door and as I climbed down the few steps, she softly uttered, I will keep longing for your company. “Sure Amla I replied and quickly walked away.

It’s rainy season once again and Bangalore, as usual stood all wet and chill. My parent’s trip to the states to visit my sister was nearing and in a weeks time they would be gone. Days passed by quickly with my parent’s excitement of visiting my sister. I felt sad at the thought that they would be leaving and that too for three long months but some where down the line, deep within me, I felt a kind of thrill thinking about being all alone and may be at the thought that I could invite Amla over.

Sunday the 12th of the wonderful rainy season has arrived and my parents were all set to leave, My father’s office car has arrived to drop them off at the airport and as I loaded their baggage in the boot of the car, our gate clicked open and to my surprise it was Prem and Amla, well I knew they are here to bid good bye to my parents. Soon my parents hugged me and as they asked me to take care, my mother turned around to Prem and Amla and said “do have an eye on my son, he’s ‘gonna be all alone. I blushed at the thought and quickly said, Mom, I am not a kid any more; I will take care of myself. A big laugh sprang up among all of us and my parents boarded the car and soon drove away. I invited Prem and Amla to come on into the house but Prem quickly said, “I have a train to catch up within the next two hours Ravi, and I think I really ought to go. They both wished me luck and soon left.

It had started to rain heavy and the house looked empty and quiet, I missed my mother and as I sat by watching the TV, the phone rang and to my surprise it was my father, “We have got our boarding passes son he said, and we will be taking off within the next hour. He once again requested me to take care and promised me to call on me as soon as they are with my sister. We hung the phone and as I turned around to watch the TV the phone once again rang, I hesitated but as I picked up the phone I was thrilled to hear Alma’s sweet voice. For a moment I paused to think about how she could call me when Prem was around and as I quietly said “hello! Amla said “Ravi we are sorry to bother you but do you think it will be possible for you to drive Prem to the Railway Station? She continued “we are truly sorry but it is just that it is getting dark and more over we are unable to find a taxi or a rickshaw. I asked them not to worry and soon pulled my car out of the driveway and into their front yard; my eyes caught sight of Amla standing by the door with a warm welcoming smile. She was dressed in an elegant sari and I wondered if she was going away with Prem. I parked the car under the car porch, and as I offered to help them with their luggage, Prem said “not to worry there is only one case and I will load it myself. As Prem boarded the front seat and Amla on the rear. “What time is your train Prem? I asked, “7 ‘O’ clock Ravi and before Prem could complete his statement I asked “for how long are you both gone? Prem laughed aloud and said “its only me who is traveling Ravi, I told this lady, she does not have to take the trouble of seeing me at the railway’s in this pouring rain, but what to do she says she’s got to pick up some stuff for the house. “I hope it won’t be a problem for you Ravi, to stop over at a store for a little while. “Absolutely not Prem I answered, “I have nothing better to do at home any way. Few minutes from then we arrived at the railway station and as I helped Prem with his baggage from the car boot, Prem kissed Amla by her cheeks and said “you both don’t have to take the trouble of coming on to the platform. Prem soon bided goodbye and saying that he was getting late walked away.

Amla once again sat at the rear seat as I jumped into the drivers seat and pulled the car off to the main road, we were silent for a while and with a husky voice I asked “which store would you like to go Amla? “If you don’t mind “Spensors would be the best and continued by saying “if you pull the car over, may be I could jump into the front seat. I liked the idea for I have been waiting for Amla to be seated by my side. Soon I pulled my car to a side and as I opened the door for her, she quickly got into the front seat and said “If you are free and have nothing important to be doing, may be we could do some shopping and provably have dinner some place. I loved the idea but said nothing in reply but Amla quickly said “if you don’t feel like it, it’s ok Ravi, may be we can, some other day. “Oh No, I would love to have dinner with you, it’s just that I was trying to figure out a nice and indeed a cozy place to take you. Amla smiled and in a few minutes we were at the car parking of Spensors. The lift cabin to the 4th floor was literary full and as I decided to wait for the next, Amla caught hold of my hands and pulled my way into the lift cabin. There was hardly any space left and we stood sticking to each other. I loved the feeling of having Amla’s soft and tender body pressed against me and soon started to feel a tingle down my private area and secretly wished the lift never stopped.

Arriving at the designated floor, Amla quickly walked into the food section and quickly grabbed some stuff and there came the buzz on her mobile phone. She quickly picked up the call and answered “yes darling and I knew it was Prem. Amla wished him good luck and as she disconnected the line she looked at me and said “it was Prem, he always calls when his train is pulling off the station. The trolley was almost overloaded with all the stuff Amla have picked up and as we walked together to the cash counter she turned around and asked “is there any nice place you know off? “somewhere we can have dinner? I said I have a good idea Amla and if you don’t mind, it would be the ideal place. With surprise in her eyes she asked “which one is it? Well I said it is a nice place, very cozy and they have some dark corners where we could sit for a quiet dinner. “It’s nothing much Amla, but I like the place and it’s the “Oaken Cask” the best pub in town. Amla said “I have never been there, but if you feel it’s good let us make it there. The Oaken Cask was not far from Spensors and as I helped Amla load the boot of my car with the stuff she has picked up, she asked ‘are you going to drink? I said may be a beer or two and without giving a break I quickly asked “don’t you like me drink? Well! She smiled and said, "I wouldn’t mind d having some wine myself.

Upon arrival at the pub Amla asked “are you a regular here Ravi? “No, I’m not but may be I have been here a couple of times, a long time ago. “Good she replied and as I asked her why, she said “it's good to go places where people don’t know us. I said it is true and as we entered Amla looked all around and with astonishment said, “This is a wonderful place Ravi, I love this place. A waitress met us at the door and as she guided us to the dark couple’s corner Amla said “you really know about how to take care of a lady, don’t you Ravi. I said nothing in reply but smiled at what she had to say.

Quickly we ordered for some beer, some wine and some food and as we sat across the table sipping on to the drink we gazed into each others eyes trying to convey something we both never knew. Amla, I whispered softly and as she looked into my eyes and said “what, I said “can I make an honest comment. Sure Ravi why do you ask, and before she could complete I softly held her hand from across the table and said “you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. You make me feel important when ever you are around. Amla looked down at the table expressionless and softly placed her other hand over mine and said, you are a nice man Ravi, I took to like you the very first time I saw you and to be honest, you make me feel I’m some one, I feel wanted, important and indeed comfortable in your presence. I whispered the word thanks and holding her fingers drew her hands towards my face and softly kissed her by her palm. We stared at each other with craving in our eyes and I softly said “if only I had known you a day before your wedding, I would have carried you away to a distant world. Amla said nothing but after a moment she softly said, “I would have gone with you Ravi, No matter which corner of the world you would have asked me to go.

It was raining cats and dogs, time was running out, it is 9 pm and we needed to get back home and as the waitress served the cheque and I en-cashed the bill, I stood up over by Amla’s side, held her by her hand and saw her to the door and into my car. Throughout the drive home we remained silent and as I parked my car at her door way and as she slowly disembarked the car, I helped her with all that stuff she has purchased, she turned around and asked “do you have to leave so early or would you care for a cup of coffee. Silently I said “may be next time Amla, and wishing her a good sleep drove away. I felt sad to leave her and as I ran up to the front door of my home under the pouring rain, I saw Amla stand by her door and wave at me. I quickly passed a flying kiss and ran into my house. My thoughts were all around Amla and I knew for sure that she would be thinking about me. I knew that she wanted to hold me in her arms as much as I wanted to hold her but it was too late now, we are both away from each other in two separate houses.

The rains had gotten heavier by now and there came the threatening thunder and lighting. I reached for my bedroom with a chilled bottle of beer and as I changed myself into my pajamas, and turned on the TV in my room, there went the power with a sudden thunder. It was dark all over and with the sound of the pouring rain and the occasional streaming light from the lightning, the whole area looked scary. I peeped through the window and there was no electricity in any of the neighboring area. I wondered what Amla would be doing and wished if I could be there by her side. I sat down at my study table with a little candle lit and as I swigged through my beer I suddenly jumped with fear. The phone was ringing and it sounded like an alarm blunt with the sound of the pouring rain. I picked up the little candle and as I climbed down the stairs the sound of the ring got louder and louder, I wondered who it could be and as I lifted the receiver Hello! “Ravi….said the voice on the other end. “Ravi it is me Amla, “yes Amla, is there anything I could do for you? “Do you have a candle Ravi, with absolute fear in her voice she said it is too dark out here and I really am scared. I felt touched by her words so I quickly hung up the phone, ran to the kitchen drawer, pulled out a couple of candles and locking the front door ran to Amla’s house. Drenched in the pouring rain I knocked at the door and the voice answered “who is it. Amla sounded feeble and as I answered “it’s Ravi, She quickly opened the door, lighting a match stick. Amla asked me in and as I handed over the candles and set to leave, She lit up a candle and softly said” do you have to leave Ravi? I stood there motionless for a second and as I looked at her I saw Amla’s beautiful eyes cravingly shine under the thin candle light. I found no words but slowly stepped into her house and as she locked the door behind me and planted the candle on the corner table I turned around and spread my arms wide open welcoming Amla into my arms. Amla stared at me with amusement and in a second sprang into my arms. We hugged each other vigorously and in a thin voice Amla said “may I trust you Ravi and can I be assured that we keep our beautiful relationship sacred and confidential? I nodded yes and Amla buried her tender body deep within my arms. Her firm but yet so soft breasts remained pressed against my wet chest and as I ran my hands over her back and in through her long silky hair we moaned in silence. We hugged and we caressed each other speechlessly and as I softly moved my mouth over to the sides of her delicate neck and started to softly kiss the tenderness of her ear lobes and her neck Amla held me tight whispering words of love. I rolled the tip of my tongue in and out of her soft ears and as I tenderly bit her earlobes she cried in excitement. I could wait no longer to kiss Amla by her mouth and as I moved my mouth up her fore head, down her nose and down her lips, with a thud the lights turned on and there was power back in our houses. I gripped Amla tight as she tried to move away feeling kind of shy in the bright light, I quickly ran my eyes all over her beautiful body, and I noticed that her house gown had gotten partially wet due to my drenched cloths and the falling drops of water from my wet hair

The buttons of her gown were set loose, but this I knew was provably because the power had failed while she was just changing into her gown. The beautiful firm mounts of her well shaped breasts were clearly seen and as she caught sight of my eyes quenching its thirst watching her breasts, with a shy on her face she quietly covered them up. She said you are all wet Ravi, why don’t you change into something dry? And without saying another word she held my hands and guided me into her bed room and as she came up to me with a towel, I caught her by her hands and pulled her back into my arms, I threw the towel over to a corner and started to softly kiss her by her fore head and with my palms softly gripping her by her soft cheeks gently kissed her on both her eyes. Amla stood motionless and as I moved my mouth down her face and softly kissed her over her lips she trembled in excitement. Her lips were tightly closed but as my hands started to move gently all over her back, up and down her spine she let loose her lips and let me kiss her fresh, fluffy lower lips. I gently kissed her lips and as I slipped my tongue down into her warm mouth Amla shivered in excitement, her mouth tasted beautiful and as I rolled my tongue deep in her mouth she softly bit my tongue moaning every now and then. Our hands played vigorously over each others body and to my surprise Amla suddenly caught hold of my wet pajama top and pulled it over my head and threw it on the floor below. Amla vigorously ran her fingers through the little hair over my chest and soon we started to kiss each other deep in our mouth, our tongue rolled desperately in each others mouth as though we were searching for love, we kissed, and we quenched our thirst with the delicate taste of our mouth. I couldn’t wait any longer to feel Amla’s bare skin over my body so I quietly caught hold of her gown and pulled it over her waist line, up her chest and out through her head and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Her well shaped soft and tender breasts stood pronounced. The black brazier she wore stood proud holding those wonderful breasts in place and as we kissed and as we felt the different corners of each others body I pulled my hands up over her spine, over to her bras and softly unhooked her bras with ease and as I turned her body facing away from me I secretly admired her well shaped body from top to bottom. Holding her by her waist line and pressing her body hard against mine I softly moved my hands up above her chest and played the tip if my fingers at the bottom curve of her soft breasts. Amla shivered and she trembled. Kissing her neck and her shoulders standing behind her I gently cupped her full breasts and there was all excitement. By now I had developed a full hard on and my big hard cock stood pressed against my underpants. I craved for Amla to hold my cock but wanted to give her time. I caressed, squeezed and I cuddled her soft and tender breasts and as I played her nipples between my thumb and my index finger, Amla cried and she moaned. I couldn’t wait to feel her pussy so I slowly and sturdily slipped my hands down her stomach, her soft belly and down her waist line. I could soon feel the band of her silky panties and with a little bit of hesitation slipped my finger in through her panty. I could soon feel her pubic hair, they were trimmed, her pubic bone stood erect like a rock and In a second I felt the warm lubricant oozing from her warm pussy. Amla’s pussy was all warm and hot and as my one hand caressed her breasts, my mouth kissed her delicate skin behind her neck and as my fingers played soft over her warm pussy Amla moaned and she kept whispering calling out my name. Kissing her softly and gently by her neck I turned Amla around and she stood motionless engrossed in the wonderful feeling of togetherness. She stood in front of my naked eyes half nude with only her black panties and I admired the perfect curves of her young body. I lowered my mouth down her chest and softly kissed both her almost chocolate coloured erect nipples with wet lips, Amla begged for more in a craving voice. Amla’s breasts were juicy and full and as my hands played with one; my mouth sucked and kissed the other. She shivered and she quivered every time I softly rolled the tip of my tongue all around her hard nipples and all around the beautiful curves of her two beautiful breasts. Now and then she held my head and pressed my mouth hard against her beautiful breasts and moaned wanting more and more. She trembled, she moaned and she whispered while I pierced the tip of my finger nails soft against her breasts and pulled them all around her beautiful mounts. Amla hung on to my body as though she was loosing balance on the floor and the weight of her tender body laid soft against mine sent shivers up my spine.

We soon became a part of one another and simply forgot the world outside, Amla enjoyed every move I made and she enjoyed it as though she was never touched by a man. She was curious, and vivacious she never let me wait so I slowly and sturdily walked her to the huge 6 x 6 bed and as I sat her on the corner of the bed still holding her by her waist she gazed into my eyes with watery eyes. Sitting Amla on the corner of the bed I stood next to her watching her perfectly shaped young body. Her breasts stood firm with her erect nipples slightly facing the ceiling. Her almost flat stomach with that cherry sized belly button looked silky in the falling light. She was still in her black panty and I dint want to rush her to take them off. Amla’s thighs were full and well shaped, they looked as though they were carved out of molten butter, they were elegant and slender and I couldn’t wait to feel the softness. Amla looked at me desperately and as I slowly knelt down in front of her she placed her hands over my shoulders and softly said “you are the best Ravi, you will always be a treasure that I have lost and then found. Her words kept lingering in me and as I held her by her waist kneeling in front of her she bent forward and kissed me soft on my eyes. Amla’s beautiful breasts stood facing my mouth and as I softly kissed her by her nipples she held my head and whispered, please suck me Ravi, Please do it harder. I vigorously sucked and licked Amla’s delicate breasts and her hard nipples and as I continued she softly held both my hands and gently placed them over her soft stomach. The feeling was astonishing and as I played my hands over her the curves of her soft belly I slowly lowered my mouth playing the tip of my tongue over her delicate skin. Amla shivered and as she inhaled deeper breaths feeling the sensations, I ran the tip of my fingers over her back and over her spine slightly piercing my nails in through her tender skin. Reaching my mouth down below her chest I delicately kissed Amla by her belly button and with a pierce inserted the tip of my tongue into her belly button. Amla trembled and she threw her legs wide apart, I rolled my tongue in and out of her tender belly button and as I continued, she softly laid her body on the bed facing the ceiling. Her eyes were closed and little drops of tears of excitement rolled out of her lightly closed eyes.

Kissing Amla by her belly, I softly moved both my hands up over her chest and cupped her breasts in my palm. Her breasts seemed softer and silkier now and as I leaned forward still wanting to taste her beautiful breasts, my body felt the sensations of having her warm pussy pressed against me. Amla’s panties were all wet and I felt the warm lubricant against my raw skin. The feeling was awesome and I just couldn’t wait to feel her warm pussy. Quietly I stood by Amla’s side and as I stood still and admired her body, she loosely opened her eyes and as she looked at me into my eyes, she spread out both her arms and asked me in. I knelt down on the bed besides her as she held me by my shoulders and I helped her whole body over the bed. Amla looked at me confused, totally astonished and as she stared into me, I got down on the floor and once again knelt down in between those beautiful pair of thighs. Amla’s feet with her well shaped toes and her finely trimmed nails looked like diamonds in the thin light and holding her by her heals I softly kissed the curves underneath her feat and Amla shivered with pleasure. I tickled the curves of her feat with the tip of my tongue and as I softly inserted my tongue in between each of her toes she moaned and she squeezed her breasts. Tears rolled out her eyes and she swayed her head right to left and left to right. I knew Amla was enjoying and all I wanted was that, so gently opening my mouth I started to delicately suck her toes. My hands played vigorously over her soft calf and I as ran my finger tips piercing my nails over her skin she threw her body here and there. She twilled and she shivered as my finger tips played soft under her knees, I could feel Amla’s pussy ooze more and more and my body pressed against her warm pussy slip-lidded over. The warm and gentle smell of her luscious pussy intoxicated me and I could no longer hold my cravings, so I delicately caught hold of her panties and softly pulled them down Amla’s soft thighs. It was tough but Amla soon adjusted her hips letting me take her panties away from in between us. The sight of her young and luscious pussy was mind blowing, her closely trimmed pubic hair formed a triangular shape and I simply couldn’t wait to taste her woman. I moved my head up above her calf, her knees and as I sucked and I licked the tender skin of her inner thighs Amla whispered, she moaned and she cried with excitement. I gently spread her thighs wide apart and as I reached my mouth closer and closer to her hot pussy the sweet, musky smell of her pussy sent quivers up my spine. I couldn’t wait, Oh! No not any more, I needed to taste that heaven in her so I gently licked the delicate skin all around her pussy and with a will of wanting, spread my mouth wide open and cupped her cunt lavishly. Amla jerked and she screamed out my name and as I swayed my tongue up and down the whole length of her cunt walls she caught hold of my hair and pressed my head hard against her pussy.

Amla’s hot cunt tasted awesome and I loved the warmth of her pussy. I sucked and I licked her cunt and as I started to suck in the delicate walls of her pussy she trembled with shear pleasure. She swayed her body left to right and as Iicked her vigorously she moaned requesting me not to stop. As I enjoyed the ravishing luscious taste of her hot cunt I spread her legs wider and wider and gently lowered the tip of my tongue deep into her hot cunt, her cunt was tight and it was like no one has ever explored her before. I moved my tongue in and out of her sweet cunt and she cried in thirst for more. Slowly I started to spread her thighs more and more and as I did I slowly moved my mouth a little lower to taste her tight anus. I reached my tongue with ease and as I started to fondle my tongue over and around her anus, Amla screamed with excitement and softly said “you are mine Ravi, you are all mine, you make me feel so wanted sweetheart, please, please believe me Ravi “I’ve never known such pleasure. Kissing, Licking and sucking the tender walls of her tight anus I reached my tongue once again to her hot cunt and started to suck the delicate skin deep within my lips. Amla screamed and as she swayed her body she held my head and pressed my mouth tight over her hot pussy. I was vigorous this time and as I continued enjoying the luscious taste of her pussy, softly I inserted my middle finger down into her warm cunt, her cunt was tight and my finger found it’s way deep within her with a little bit of struggle. My mouth cupped over her pussy, my tongue licking her clitoris and with my fingers buried deep inside her luscious cunt, I could feel Amla at her heights, she was in another world, she was in the heavens and with a sudden thrust she flung her body, she jerked, she trembled and with a cry said “Ravi, I am reaching it, I am Ravi, Please don’t stop, Please don’t stop it Ravi. Letting her down was the last thing on my mind so I continued sucking, licking and inserting my tongue deeper and deeper into her hot cunt and all of a sudden with a deep sigh Amla went motionless simply breathing heavy? I knew she has reached a great climax and I loved to see the satisfaction on her face. She looked content and happy and with her eyes open half she spread both her arms welcoming me. We hugged and we kissed each other and she thanked me saying “I will never forget this great day and such a great man like you Ravi.

Thanking Amla for all that she has given me I slowly got up over the bed and as she spread her arms wide to hug me, I deliberately pulled off my pajamas and laid nude in her arms. Amla watched me with amusement as she saw my big hard cock fully erect and standing high almost rubbing against my lower belly. She looked amazed and with surprises said. I’ve never seen something so big and hard Ravi. We laughed and as we hugged each other we rolled over the bed in complete happiness. It’s my turn now Ravi, said Amla in a faint voice and as she saw me underneath her on the bed she sat down on my waist, placing both her hands over my shoulders she slowly bend down and started to kiss me on my mouth. I could feel the rich and almost round cheeks of Amla’s ass press against my hard cock and as I laid motionless over the bed facing the ceiling, Amla slowly and gradually moved her mouth down my neck. She vigorously kissed under my ears and under my neck and to my surprise she soon reached her right hands behind her body and grabbed my hard cock. She curiously looked into my eyes and once again said “you really have a big, hard one Ravi, I am feeling scared at its size. I gave a slight smile and as I watched her beautiful body sit high over me, my eyes caught sight of her firm breasts. They were awesome and I soon reached my hands and grabbed them. Amla loved my hands over her breasts and every time I twisted and turned her hard nipples with my fingers she closed her eyes in content. Amla’s hands were vigorous on my hard cock and as she sat over my belly with her legs spread wide open and placed on each other side of my body, her warm pussy rubbed against my belly giving sensations. Slowly and sturdily she moved her body down words and I soon felt her warm pussy pressed against my hard cock. She rubbed her hot pussy vigorously making sure that my cock dose not slip its way into her hot cunt. May be she had better plans. Amla soon reached her mouth above my chest and as she ran her tender finger in though the hair over my chest she soon cupped my nipples with her wet lips and started to suck my nipples. It was a wonderful feeling, a kind of feeling I’ve never felt before. Her belly button pressed hard against my hot cock sent sensations down my whole body and I could feel my cock at the verge of bursting. Amla sucked on my nipples for a while and as her hands got more and more active over my hard cock, I felt myself ooze with pain of satisfaction. Soon her mouth traveled the distance covering my belly button and as she rolled her tongue around she paused and staring into my eyes softly asked “Do you love me Ravi? Shockingly I replied “I sure do Amla, I really, really love you and without a second word Amla knelt in between my legs, she grabbed my long hard cock with both her hands and softly kissed the ripe head of my cock. The feelings are hard to explain but I got on the 9th heaven in just a matter of seconds. My cock felt harder than ever and as I felt her warm breath against the head of my hard cock I trembled in excitement. I wished and I craved that Amla would take my cock deep into her warm mouth and as I thought with closed eyes enjoying the wonderful feelings, she opened her mouth wide and took the head of my cock deep within her lips. She spread her saliva all over my cock and in a matter of seconds started to move her mouth up and down the whole length of my long cock. I shivered and I grasped for breath. Her hands gripping my cock tight squeezed its way up and down the length. Her left hand played soft over my balls and the tender inner skin around. She rolled her tongue hard around the head of my cock and as my eyes watered with shear pleasure she softly bit the head with her teeth. Minutes passed by and Amla still kept sucking and licking my cock and I started to feel a strange urge in me.

I held Amla by her arms and as she looked at me with love glowing in her eyes I pulled her over and we started to kiss on our mouth. Amla’s body lay pressed against mine with my hard cock squeezed in between her soft thighs and as I felt her pussy oozing over my cock, I softly slided her body over my side and climbed over her. With both my legs in between Amla’s thighs I kissed her and guided her hands to hold my hard cock. Amla soon caught the message and as she looked deep into my eyes with shier excitement she guided my long cock towards the opening of her wet cunt and started to rub the head of my cock all the way up and down the whole length of her pussy. The feeling of my hard cock rubbing against her little pubic hair added fire to the sensations and I started to slowly and gradually push my cock into Amla’s luscious cunt. She requested me to do it slowly and as I did, she spread her legs wider and wider allowing the whole length enter her tender body. Amla’s cunt was tight and my big hard cock traveled its way with difficulty. It felt as though no one had ever made love to her but with a sudden thrust I inserted the whole length. Amla moaned with wide open mouth, her eyes watered and she whispered “Ravi, you make me feel real good. The lips of Amla’s hot cunt gripped my cock and as I began the up and down moment she trembled and she moaned with shier exhilaration. Amla gripped my body tight and I felt her nails pierce into my raw skin, she bit my lips and she squeezed the cheeks of my ass. She cried out aloud and she threw her legs over me holding my body pressed against her.

Soon I threw myself on the bed facing the ceiling and as Amla climbed over me, I held my long cock high up in the air allowing her to easily insert my long and hard cock down her juicy cunt. Sitting over me with both her hands rested over my chest she guided her juicy pussy towards the fully ripe and rich head of my cock and started to slowly rub the opening of her wet cunt over my cock. Softly and gently she lowered my cock inch by inch into her hot cunt and we enjoyed the feelings with closed eyes. Amla’s cunt gripped my cock hard and as she moved up and down allowing the whole length to penetrate deeper and deeper we moaned and we cuddled each other. Our movements got faster and faster and as I started to feel the tingling down my spine I soon guided Amla to change positions. Amla looked at me amazed and softly said “Ravi, you make me feel so good, please do all that you can and let me feel at the top of the world. Her words sounded like music to me and I soon positioned her kneeling down on the bed with both her hands placed firm on the bed. Quickly I got behind her and as she stood in a dog’s position, I slipped my head under her and started to vigorously suck her hot cunt. Amla screamed and as she said she needed more, I turned myself around and we soon began to suck and fondle each others. The No. 69 pose was my all time favourite, but even though I had never tried it out, I was well aware that it would be the best act on bed. I sucked and I licked Amla’s cunt pulling the delicate walls of her pussy deep within my mouth and as I did, she vigorously traveled her warm mouth up and down the whole length of my hard cock. We moaned and we shivered and when all was said and done Amla soon positioned her flat on the bed facing the ceiling. I couldn’t resist any longer and soon climbed over her, spread her legs wide apart and quickly slipped my long, hard cock deep in her hot pussy with a thrust. Amla screamed with wide open mouth and as her eyes watered, I placed both her legs above my shoulders and started to heatedly push and pull my cock in and out of her luscious cunt. We jerked, we shivered, we trembled and we moaned, we cried in ecstasy and as we moaned aloud, with a sudden thrust I splashed into Amla’s warm cunt. I continued with my in and out movement for at least another two to three minutes and softly and gently laid my body over “Amla’s. We hugged and we caressed each other. We kissed and we pampered and as we listened to the heavy breathing of each other we promised to keep our friendship forever and ever.

Hugging each other, we grasped for breadth and as we softly thanked each other for the wonderful feelings and the sensations, we promised to keep our relationship sacred, and indeed most valuable. I thanked Amla for all that she had done for me and as I slowly stepped out side the huge bed and pulled on our cloths, She held my hands and said “You are my favourite Ravi, you will always be. We kissed each other and Amla saw me at the door and said “Will you see me tomorrow please?

We started to see each other when ever Ravi went out station, we still see and after all these many years that have passed by, Amla and I remain best friends.



May be we could be Friends!!!!!!!!

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