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Alien Encounter  


It was about 1:00 in the morning. I was asleep in my tent, when I was woken by a bright light. The light was a mystical blue. A low hum could be heard, and the ground slightly shook. The hum got louder and the ground shook more. I thought Shit a Bulldozer or something. I unzipped my tent and leaped out to see what the fuck was up. I stood there frozen as I gazed directly into a sleek iridescent ship of some sort. It was the size of a blimp, but flat and low to the ground. Then someone emerged from underneath the ship. Not someone, "Wholly Shit!" Something! It was deep red, blood red, with tentacles and a slimy skin. Something shot out from it sticking to my head. I was knocked out cold.

As I came to, I looked around in a daze. A woman was entering the room and said "Hi Earl." My head hit the pillow, I couldn't hold it up. I heard her speaking, but couldn't make it out. She said "Don't be afraid. It is wonderful here."

Then I remembered that red slimy mother fucker. I looked over to her, she was dressed in some sort of latex, it was light blue and tight fitting, very tight. She walked over and stood next to me. It looked like she was dipped into latex, it showed everything. It was almost transparent. I said "Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you?"

"I have been chosen to orient you here." she said. Her voice was soft and in way too much control.

"Where is here? And how the fuck do you know my name?" I demanded.

"They told me your name... the red slimy mother fuckers as you put it. We are on a vessel, which is, let’s say not from around here." she responded.

"No Shit." I replied. "Just looking out the fucking window I know that much, I know I aint in Kansas." Then it hit me, I didn't mention anything about those red slimy mother fuckers.

Before I could say anything she said, "They can read your mind. They can also talk to you telekinetically."

"Bullshit!" I retorted.

"No bullshit Earl. What they read in your mind and what they say in your mind is most enlightening." she said closing her eyes.

"Enlightening? They got you snowed lady." I said almost jokingly. Then she smirked. She turned around and put one leg on my bed, her latex cover seemed to vanish, exposing her perfectly smooth ass and pussy. Her asshole was a perfect circle, with lines pulling it in, it was so inviting. There wasn't a hair on her pussy either, no stubble, no razor burn. It was perfect. Then her pubes started growing, dark black pubes, a 1/2 inch long and in a perfect heart shape.

"You think it and they do it." she said turning back around. Her latex cover was again covering her excellent body. She looked down at my hardened cock. I looked down as well, suddenly embarrassed. I also had the latex stuff on. My cock kept growing. She sat next to me and rested her head in her elbows next to my crotch. My cock, kept on growing. I have never seen it that big before, then twice its normal rock hard size and it kept growing. She lifted it; it was about 2 feet long and as thick as a bedpost. She dropped it. It hit my chest with a loud smack. I couldn't believe it. My cock was fucking huge.

She stood up and said, "We are going to have a lot of fun." "My name is Sarah, by the way." She said as she walked out the door.

I looked down again and my cock was back to normal. My latex was a light purple. I tried to peel it, but it wouldn't come off. I stood up to see Earth, I couldn't find it. There were stars, everywhere. Some small some large. We were passing by a yellow star or planet or something. It was beautiful. Was it real? Was I really in outer space? My mind kept drifting. Man that Sarah was a knock out. I heard a knock on the door. I looked for something to cover my almost naked self in, and then looked down to see my latex revealed little, kind of like Batman. Pretty cool I thought. Walking to the door.

It was Sarah. She walked in right past me. The room changed. We were suddenly in some sort of palace bedroom. She was at the foot of the bed wearing jewels all over. She had on a gold bustier. Her hair was now perfect blonde, instead of the black it used to be. Her pussy was a well manicured blonde as well. No dark pubes at all, just soft blonde ones.

"Am I to your liking Sire?" she asked as she stretch on the bed. "Your other concubines will be here shortly Sire." she said.

I walked over to her, taking her beautiful body in. Gazing into her yellow bush. Her tits were small with very erect nipples. She poured warm oil over her body and began to rub it in. Her golden skin glistened in the light. Here eyes closed as she caressed her perfect tits. As her hands cupped them, they grew 2 sizes. I kneeled in front of her spread legs. I watched her body roll as she rubbed her own tits. She began to moan. I leaned in and ran my tongue slowly up her pussy lips. Her mouth opened and she moaned louder. She gripped her tits harder as my tongue slid slowly up and down her pussy lips and clit. She lifted her pussy, angling it toward my mouth. My mouth engulfed her pussy, as I pushed my tongue in. Her taste was intoxicating. I needed more. I licked faster and deeper into her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep and then ran it on the inside top of her pussy. I felt the roughness of her g-spot and ran my tongue up and down it as she started to scream. My teeth pressed hard against her clit as I licked her pussy deep. "Oh fuck oh yesss" she screamed. "Suck his dick." she moaned. As I licked her pussy I felt someone slide between my legs on the floor below me. A mouth wrapped around my hard cock as my tongue felt a gush from her pussy. Her juices filled my mouth, dripping down my chin and her legs. She tightened her highs around my head uncontrollably as I made her cum.

Sarah sat up as I cleaned her pussy and legs with my tongue. My cock was being suck very slowly as Sarah ran her fingers through my hair. "Can I suck your cock too?" Sarah asked softly.

I stood up as my mouth slide out of a redhead’s mouth. The redhead was about 5' even and 100 pounds. She had tiny fucking tits and buttons for nipples. The redhead stood up behind me, wrapping her arms around me. Her nails scraping my chest. She pressed her body tight against mine. "I am Tori" she whispered as she grabbed my cock. Sarah sat on the bed in front of me also scraping my chest. Tori stroked my cock. "Come get it Sarah." she said. And Sarah did. Sarah got on her knees. She put her hands on my thighs and lifted my cock into her mouth with her lips. I watched her take my cock deep, sliding it as far in as she could then slowly out. She rolled her tongue over the head of my cock. She looked up at me and began to suck me faster. Tori's tongue slid down the crack of my ass. She pushed on my back to lean forward, I did. She pushed my legs farther apart. Sarah began to moan as she sucked my cock, sending vibrations through it. Tori ran her tongue to my asshole, circling it. Her tongue licked it and pushed on it as Sarah sucked faster. One of them gripped my balls tight, pulling them. Nails dug into my ass as my asshole was in bliss from Tori. I grabbed Sarah by the hair and pulled her off of my cock. I bent her over in front of me. My cock drove deep into her soaked pussy. Tori licked Sarah's pussy as my cock slammed into her. Tori pressed a finger against my asshole as I fucked Sarah harder. Sarah was screaming. My cock thrust deeper into her pussy, lifting her legs off the ground with each thrust. I slowed my thrusts as Tori began sucking my balls. I stopped thrusting. Sarah began to fuck my cock as I stood still. She slammed her pussy back against me and fucked it in a fast deep rhythm. Tori was licking sucking and fingering. She rolled her tongue across my balls rapidly. Her finger was slightly pressed into my ass. Her nails dug hard into the back of my ass. Sarah pushed back hard, holding my cock deep in her. I felt her tighten around my cock. She let out a loud scream. My cock burst. Tori pulled it out as it exploded with cum. I came on Sarah's ass and then Tori devoured my cock as I kept cumming. Cum dripped out of her mouth. Gushing from my cock. Sarah rolled over and Tori pulled my cock out of her mouth. I kept cumming. Spurting all over Sarah. Sarah opened her mouth and a huge long spurt of cum shot all the way to her mouth. She caught it and moaned.

I stopped cumming. I came more than I ever have before. I swear it was no less than a gallon of cum. Sarah sat up as Tori licked the cum off of her body. Sarah watched Tori. Then she looked up to me. While gazing into my eyes, Sarah reached out and wiped cum from my cock and licked it. "I guess Tori is hungry." Sarah said smiling.

Tori stopped lapping at Sarah's body. "You taste great Earl." Tori said. She gave Sarah a gentle kiss, then leaned into me and kissed me deeply. "I am so glad you are here with us Earl. You are something special. Maybe you will get a bit more adventurous next time." she said walking out the door.

"You are something special. And you will open up even more next time won't you?" Sarah repeated, holding the door open.

"Next time." I said. And the door closed.

Can I really live out all of my fantasies here? Can I get as kinky as I always wanted to, but had to hold back? I stand up and walk over to my space view window. Hmm, but why am I really here? Are Sarah and Tori aliens? How many women are their here? Next time. Next time.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:54 pm