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Adventures with Mel the older sister  

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My sister looked at me and laughed, we were in my bedroom and it was late and we were very drunk.

"Go on then take them off!"

I looked at my scruffy well worn jockeys and shrugged.

Wait that's jumping ahead. I need to go back a while and explain why we were in the situation we were in. Let me introduce myself and my sisters.

I'm James and I'm thirty eight, in pretty good shape, although since giving up regular Sunday league football I'd gained more than half a stone. To be fair though those eleven pounds were not all on my belly, but I knew I should get some exercise soon. Oh yes! and I have brown eyes, the only one in the family that does. My Mum and Dad used to say I was adopted, which wound me up pretty good, they were joking of course, but at seven or eight that was a nightmare that wouldn't go away.

Annie's thirty three, blue eyes, she's pretty tall, long legged and skinny. Not scrawny skinny, but just adequately covered. I think she'd prefer it if I said she was "Willowy" rather than skinny, but she's my kid sister, so she's always been skinny to me. "Scraggy Annie" we used to call her when she was little, which considering she was as tall as me by age eleven shows how thin she was. She is dark haired, which she keeps long, just as it was when she was a kid and she tans easily.

She's intelligent, but not pushy or aloof about it. She has the worst taste in music, ever, ever. She's good at racket sports and plays a mean game of table football, she's not bad on a real pitch either. At eleven and onwards when all her friends started to develop little puppies under their tops, Annie didn't and as far as I can recall that's still the case. Guess Mother Nature had to compensate for the big titted ladies around and Annie got the short straw. She'd had her fair share of pain about it from the boys and some of the girls, but she just shrugged it off.

I bet, if she wanted too, she could be snapped up by the fashion agencies, except she loves her job and here life as it is. Anyway as kids we never played Show Me Yours, or Doctors and Patients or anything like that. We saw each other naked often, especially at bath times and such, but we never seemed that interested. I think we had a pretty good childhood. Holidays on the beaches, endless sun, Ice Creams, chips. That's how I remember it anyway.

We have an older sister: Mel or Melanie, married with kids, great husband. They have a manageable mortgage and go in for all the festive trimmings come Christmas, which is where we usually end up.

Good old, sensible, down to earth Mel. She has great big boobs and a curvy figure, Annie reckons Mel stole her boob genes, as she's so over generously provided for. We both loved her dearly, but she is so bossy with us we regulated our visits to once or twice a year to keep it bearable. Mum said she suffers from Older Sibling Syndrome!! Mel is forty three but looked mid-thirties. So much for kids aging you! I try to phone Mel monthly or else I get my Mum on the phone saying Mel's worried about me as I never call.

Meanwhile Annie and I are still unattached and ended up living at opposite ends of the country. We see each other two or three times a year and alternate between each others houses. I'm a website designer in the South East and I'm doing OK.

Annie works in the oil industry up in Aberdeen, real techy stuff. She goes out on the platforms and has a team of guys working for her. She's doing really well and I don't blame her for going where the work is. Quite often she'll swap a visit for me up there, if she's got to come to London for a meeting at the Companies Head Office, although it's usually sleep and run for her, but we get time to chat and share a glass of wine and a meal.

As for what we did after finishing sixth form , well while Annie went to Uni I went to the pub. She studied hard, I lived off the dole and Mum and Dad. When she got a first class honours degree, I got a serious de-merit for pissing it all up against a wall. Our parents despaired of me and worshiped Annie, well so did I; I guess.

Our parents have retired to Spain, and that means a free fortnights holiday in the sunshine, well apart from the cost of a flight and few meals out. They fuss over us when we arrive, but by the second week we're all done in on "family" and can't wait for it to be over. Even so I love my Mum and Dad totally and can't find a way to say sorry enough for the fuck ups or thank you's for the love and support they gave me even when I looked like a loser.

For me reaching twenty seven was a pivotal year. I decided to put my wasted years behind me and actually do something with my life. I got a grown up proper job and they paid for my part time degree course, which I passed with a distinction. I joined a gym, learned to play squash and badminton then joined a team in a local Sunday amateur football league.So here I am. I love my job, my mates and where I live. I also love Annie's visits.

It was Annie's turn to come down to me. She flew on a shuttle flight to Heathrow and picked up a hire car, then drove over to my place. Annie is independent and would never, ever, allow me to come and pick her up. She arrived and dumped her bags in the spare room. It seems ages since we'd seen each other and we had a lot of catching up to do. We had tea and sat and brought each other up to date on work, play and partners.

Well it seems we'd both landed our ideal jobs, had great friends and a reasonable social life, but somehow the love of our lives hadn't made it to the party so far and we were both still unattached.

I suggested we went for a meal at the pub, which we did, walking so we could have a drink (or three). After a decent enough meal we then wandered back and demolished two bottles of a little known German red wine. I'd picked these up from a walking tour in the Rhine Valley a couple of years ago and it seemed a good time to crack them open.

Somehow we got onto the subject of our being unattached, which led to general drunken silliness over our looks and sexiness.

"Maybe the word is out about how deformed you are, you know, down there!"

Annie giggled

"Funny, well perhaps I could say the same about you, not enough light in the attic to find out if the chimney needs sweeping!"

We traded back and forth, then Annie went quiet.

"I am odd looking though, aren't I? I'm too skinny, no boobs, my hips are too wide and I've got a scrawny bum."

"Babe you're fine, it's just that Mr Right hasn't met you yet."

"Right, but listen to this; last year on the beach in Spain, I was topless and a bloke tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me mate do you have a light?" "

I collapsed laughing, imagining her look and his as she turned round.

Well I'll tell you what, if I show you my willy you've got to show me your boobs."

"Like that's going to happen perver, anyway you've nothing I need to see, and I've nothing you can see, so there."

We laughed and hugged, then Annie's eyelids drooped, bedtime I guess. I suggested we should go to our beds but as we went upstairs we continued to goad each other. Without thinking she followed me into my bedroom. Then Annie grabbed my arm winked,

"Go on then you show me yours and I'll show you mine!"

I giggled and said she wasn't old enough to see me naked it would spoil her for other men. She roared and suggested I wasn't man enough to show myself off to a real woman. She slipped her dress off and stood in her underwear.

"Right then Buster, let's see the merchandise, what's God given you then for the delight of women?"

"I'll have you know, many a woman has swooned at the sight of me naked."

"Swooned or passed out?"

"Probably passed out, but hey let's not get picky."

"Go on then take them off!"

She nodded at my pants, the rest of my clothes were lying on the floor by my feet by now. Neither of us had ever been able to resist a challenge from the other. She licked her lips suggestively, then grinned. Annie looked down to her matching bra and knickers, a creamy silk set, trimmed with lacy edges, her tanned skin setting off the colour so well. She must have very tiny tits, well her bra is flat against her chest, so I'm guessing A cup. Her legs are long and shapely and currently end in those silk knickers that match her bra.

"Come on, you said if you showed me your willy, then I'd have to show you my tits, well come on then, get it out, show me your willy."

I looked at my scruffy well worn jockeys and shrugged.

Annie, began to gyrate her hips and push her chest out,

"Jamie's gonna show me his willy, Jamie's gonna show me his willy.."

I grinned and slowly lowered my pants, letting her see the one eyed trouser snake. She looked at me, then her mouth open and she screamed .

"What on earth is that?" she said pointing.

"My cock," I said a little embarrassed.

"Oh My God, you poor thing, it's so small." then laughing she whipped her bra up and showed off her flat chest with two tiny pink pin pricks that were her nipples. I gasped and laughed at her tiny pink nubbins, there were no areola around either, just two tiny pink bumps on her flat chest.

"Wow, you've got no tits at all, they're tiny like..."

"Bee stings!" she laughed, and you've got no cock, it's just a big clit." she giggled unashamedly, as I flushed red. Then I laughed at her unabashed enjoyment of the situation. She unsnapped her bra and tossed it to one side.

Then she reached out and ran her finger over my cock, which hardened completely. I reach over and ran a finger tip over her nipples, we both shuddered at the touch of another person. I flattened my hand and ran it round her chest, seeing her nipples harden and just about point out.

"Mmmmmmmm, I like that big brother, keep it up and I might let you into my knickers yet,"

she sighed and pushed her chest against my circling hand. I felt the feint imprint of her buds in my palm as I caressed her heavenly chest. I felt her hand rest over my cock, it just filled the palm of her hand and she began to caress my cock with it. I knew I had very little time before I came, but as I opened my mouth to warn her it happened.

Annie ignored the huge snail trail of cum, running off her hand onto my cock and the floor and continued to gently rub my cock. I gasped as it began to harden again, I'd never managed that before. Annie was now pressed against me her hand on my cock and the other holding my waist as her legs parted round my knee and she was pushing her crotch against it. I came again as Annie gasped and cried and her thighs tightened round my knee.

"Fuck, fuck that's good, oh no, here I come again," she gripped my knee between her thighs and ground herself against me and her thighs gripped and relaxed. She screamed again and shuddered, pushing her chest into my hand and nearly sending me toppling backwards. I put a hand on the floor as I made to pinch her nipples with the free one.

"No not like that, not like that, gently, yes like that, mmmm, like that oh, oh, oh, oh, oooooooooohhhhhhhh."

Annie slumped against me and we fell onto the floor in a heap. We held each other tightly, feeling our naked bodies hard against each other. Later as we cooled down I pulled the duvet off the bed and wrapped it round us, feeling her tighten against me as I dropped into a gentle deep sleep.

We woke almost together, our bodies tangled around each other, arms and legs sticking against the others. We groaned and attempted to untangle ourselves, my crotch glued to her knickers by my dried cum. I winced as she moved to part our thighs, feeling her silky crotch move away from me.

"Oh God I feel rough, we got well bladdered last night," she said, sitting up, then dragging the duvet round her bare shoulders, leaving my legs bare and cold.

I reached up and stroked her hair, then gradually pulled her face close, we kissed. This wasn't a sibling kiss, this was deeper and longer than that. We part and she smiled,

"Mmmmm, nice, thank you," She bent and gently kissed me, then sat up again. "Sorry but I need to pee, come on, you can get the shower going, so it's warm enough for me."

She pushed the duvet off us and stood, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her knickers and slid them down her thighs, turning from me she bent to roll them down past her knees, awkwardly stepping out of them, as I gazed up at her glorious arse spread out before me.

Turning she stood legs slightly apart as I gazed in awe at her bare pubis. Her lips were slightly parted too and I really wanted to view her inner pussy. As if she knew my thoughts, she knelt opening her legs and letting me view her inner sex. I felt a surge in my cock and realised I was fully stiff. Annie gazed at my cock and smiled.

"Hmmm, now I see its full size I think I want it inside me, I'm pretty moist so push it in brov."

She knelt over my thighs and lowered her beautiful pussy onto my cock. I felt her slippery tunnel swallow me up.

"Not bad, feels nice, let me do the work, you concentrate on holding back."

With that she began to gently gyrate her hips, lifting slightly as she eased into a rhythm that was giving me the most incredible feeling. She began to to pant and her hands shifted to my chest as she balanced her body on my cock. The feel of her moist inner self was unbelievable, I felt I had to concentrate to avoid cumming instantly. All the time she was moving and twisting and swaying round my pole.

I managed a creditable twenty minutes by which time Annie was lost in her orgasm. As she peaked I lost it and my cock blasted wave after wave of cum into her exquisite womb.

Coming down Annie dropped onto my chest and my cock, plopped out of her, still leaking cum. I felt the cum I'd pumped into her, dripping back onto my groin, as she lay on me holding tight. We kissed and held each other, until feeling cold we detached and I helped her to her feet and we padded into the bathroom. She sat legs wide open and pissed. A huge thick stream jetting from between her lips, making a roaring noise as it hit the water in the toilet bowl.

I fiddled with the shower until it felt warm enough and told her it was ready. She rose, wiggled, giggled and walked to the shower, sliding the door open she slipped in as I went to the toilet and emptied my bladder on the top of her offering. Finishing I flushed and went to the shower stall. I slid the door open and joined her inside. Soaping my hands I slid them round her chest and massaged her tiny nipples. She sighed and lay back against me. We took our time ensuring we were very, very clean before coming out and drying each other carefully with my warm fluffy towels.

We went back to our own bedrooms and dressed, meeting at the top of the stairs to kiss and go downstairs for breakfast. Moving round the kitchen I prepared tea, toast, cereal, fruit juice, jams and honey.

"I suppose, one of us has to say "we need to talk"," I said, holding her chair out as she sat down.

"Well we do Jamie, what happened happened and things will never be the same again between us," she smiled and reached for her tea.

"I don't regret it, not one second, well maybe the amount of alcohol, but that aside it was the most brilliant sublime day of my life." I grinned and and picked my spoon up.

"I agree with you, thank God I thought you might be all wound up and guilt ridden and stuff." she fed herself as she talked.

"I can see we've set ourselves up for all sorts of trouble, but you know what, I couldn't give a toss, I love you,"

"Love you too brov, I think I always have, just didn't realise it. Oh God what will Mel say?"

I dreaded telling her but couldn't see how to avoid it, we were all very close, keeping in touch, we tell each other everything.

"We should go see her and tell her face to face."

"yeah that will be fun, Hi Mel we're just popping in to say we're bonking each other and we love it. She'll go ape shit."

"Well you could find a way to rephrase that and make it sound a little bit more tender and romantic. I really don't want people to think I'm just your fuck buddy." Annie grinned and scooped the last of her cereal in.

"Oh! ok, I'll work on it while we travel over to her." I grinned and she punched my arm.

"Twit, you know exactly what I mean, and it is more than just sex for you isn't it?" she looked at me pleadingly.

"Yes it is!" I replied, grabbing her hand and kissing it, "This is the best thing that's happened to me, ever."

"Good, now eat your breakfast, then we'll go back to bed and talk it over properly."

"We aren't going over to Mel's are we?"

"Not today honey bun, I think there are some finer details about sex with you I need to check out."

"Is that a complaint?"

"No more a consumer taste test, amongst other things."

"Do you know I've suddenly found I'm completely full!"

"No shit Sherlock?"

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It was five months after Annie and I came together, I had visited her in Aberdeen where our lovemaking had again been brief, but intense. We parted on the promise of her visiting in September / October and then we would tell Mel our older sister. I knew it would be murder talking to Mel and trying not to give the game away. Somehow I managed it.

Annie arrived we make love and caught up, I had a promotion, she had a Directorship offered. She was going to accept it, however, it meant she would be coming to work in London. Her problem she said was that she needed to find a place to live. I stared at her slow smile.

"Would you help me find a permanent base somewhere around this area?"

"You're kidding right?"

She shook her head slowly, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"No, I really need to find somewhere around here so I can commute into town."

"Well, you could stay here for a while, just so you can sort yourself out."

"Can't afford much rent!"

"I'm sure we can come to some amicable agreement on that."

"I bet you do!"

"How long have you known?"

"Weeks and it's been agony not being able to tell you."

"Why didn't you say when we spoke, oh so many times on the phone."

"Because I wanted to be with you when I told you. And... Ohh my!somethings woken up, mmmmm, that's nice. Kiss me."

I felt my lips touch hers then we melded together. My now stiff again cock, sliding into that silken fold, made all the easier from our earlier coupling. We slid over each other, laying joined groin to groin holding on tightly, our hips began dancing against each other. It felt like my cock was wrapped in satin and was being slowly milked by her delicate muscles as she pushed against me.

She groaned and stiffened I felt her walls close in and grip my tool. I lost it and came in her, spurts of cum jetting out and causing me to convulse against her. Annie relaxed on me and we kissed some more.

Later we showered together, using a full tank of water, then ate a meal at the local pub, before returning home and making love again and again, throughout the night.

The next day we left to drive over to Mel's, it was a pointedly silent forty minute drive, both lost in our thoughts about our relationship. We pulled into Mel's driveway, with only her battered Skoda parked on it. We grinned, and held hands, I leaned over and kissed Annie quickly, then we got out and walked towards the door.

The door opened as we stepped onto the front step and Mel flew out and grabbed us, hugging tightly, sobbing and crying. Mel was my height, curvy, big breasts, shoulder length mousy brown hair and generous hips.

"Mel, what's wrong with you, what the hell's going on?" I asked trying to pull her away so we could talk.

"Nothing I'm so glad to see you both, together at last."


"Oh you idiots, it's been obvious for years how you feel about each other, I take it you've finally sorted it, thank God, now come in and tell me all about it."

Mel grabbed Annie and frogmarched her in, I followed grinning. Trust Mel to have it figured. I wandered into the kitchen as Mel was filling the kettle.

"well tell me everything, have you slept together yet, was it good?"

"MEL!" I gasped,

Annie was laughing and helping herself to some sweets from a bowl on the big kitchen table.

"Jamie, calm down, we should have realised Mel would have guessed it, she's never been stupid."

"Oh I have, but that's an altogether different story,"

"Oh go on tell us, that must be a wonderful tale."

"Shut up! I want to hear about you two first, tell me everything, all the gory details, I want to hear it so I can imagine it as if I was a fly on the wall watching."

"So much for discretion and tact and.."

"Shut up Jamie! unless it's about your nights of passion with our sister."

Mel was smiling and pointing at me.

"Mel, I'm not going into details, but..."

"You will, I want to hear everything, is he good in bed, is she adventurous, what position do you like best, how long did it last the first time, did he make you come, did she suck you off? every tiny detail."

"I think I need something stronger than coffee!"

"Later, now give.."

So we sat and gave Mel a blow by blow account, leaving nothing out, and she listened intently, hugging Annie, kissing my cheek and asking for clarification if we tried to skirt round anything.

"Well that was quite a coming together then?" she said as we finished.

"So you're not angry or disgusted with us?" Annie said.

"Why should I be? the whole families been waiting for something like this for years. You two are made for each other. You were so sweet as kids. Annie following you around trying to do what you did. Do you remember when you tried to pee standing up, I thought Mum was going to blow up she was laughing so much."

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me about that."

I sat with a grin remembering Annie pulling her shorts and knickers down like me and trying to pee, it went everywhere. Mum just took her indoors, cleaned her up and explained the peeing facts of life to her.

"and Jamie chasing Pete Rogers because he'd upset you, and getting a black eye for his trouble."

I winced remembering the sudden pain in my eye and the feel of the ground hitting me as I went down from the force of his blow.

Annie grinned and blew me a kiss. I grinned, remembering she had kissed me everyday for weeks afterward to say thank you.

We then started to reminisce, as we always end up doing when the three of us sit down together. We remembered old toys, friends, teachers, houses, holidays with Mum and Dad. Life suddenly felt very good indeed.

As it was lunchtime Mel suggested we stay and join her, as usual she managed to piece together a respectable salad and a bottle of wine was produced. We sat at her table and ate, then realised something was missing.

"Hey where are Bill and the kids?"

"Over at Bills Mums she wanted a hand with some clearing out and they've gone over to help. They'll all be back for a meal later this evening, including Madge, so I'm on major cooking duty today." Mel smiled and picked at her salad.

"Hey Mel is everything alright, with you and Bill I mean?" Annie placed a hand on Mel's arm.

Mel smiled and nodded,

"Yes, everything is fine, Bills a great husband, lover, dad and son, so everything is great." she sighed and reached to refill her glass.

"So what's wrong then, I mean what's really wrong?" I looked at Mel and she allowed her mask to slip.

She sobbed and sat back with a bump on her chair, a spasm of pain dancing across her face. Sh hesitated for a moment before it all came tumbling out,

"I.. I... I started a relationship, late last year, I was unfaithful to Bill, it lasted until about a month back, I haven't told him, but he suspects."

Head down, the tears rolled off her cheeks onto her lap. She whimpered quietly and tried to pull herself together.

"Jesus Mel, what happened, what drove you to that?"

"Is he someone we know?"



Annie looked at me incredulously, a woman?

"She, it was another woman, a friend, a very dear friend no more than a friend, but it's over now, we both had too much to lose." She stared wistfully at the window.

"Who was it Mel?"

She shook her head and whimpered again, then lifted her head, her lips trembling,


Annie's hand flew to her mouth.

"Madge? Madge? What Madge your mother in law?"

"Yes, it was beautiful, she is such a caring person, but we knew underneath that we had to stop, to protect Bill and the kids. We try to minimise contact, it hurts too much to be around each other. But I've lost a friend, a companion, lover, everything."

She sobbed again and shook her head slowly,

"Deep down, we knew we couldn't hurt Bill, he's so loving and trusting and faithful, he'd be devastated, torn apart. Who could he turn to? No we had to stop, be adult and put our feelings aside. Besides which I still love Bill so much, I can't think of a day going by without him being there."

Mel's head went down again and this time the tears dropped like rain. Annie cuddled her as I stood and looked around helplessly. Mel's shoulders heaved and she let out a ghastly shriek of pain. I had so many thoughts in my head. Annie had pulled Mel to her shoulder and was looking at me for inspiration

"How did this start?"

"Jamie?" Annie flashed me a death ray look.

I sat back down next to Mel taking her hand and squeezing it gently.

Mel, however, used the space to compose herself and wiped the tears away on her sleeves.

"No, Jamie's right, I asked you, you have a right to ask back. I need to talk it through anyway."

Sniffing back tears, Mel sat up straight between us and holding our hands, she smiled and pulled herself together.

"When Robert, that's Madge's husband, well when he died, she was so down and low. We tried to include her in more of the things we do. She's quite youthful in her outlook and she's also quite fit, so the kids love it when Nanny goes biking with them or to watch football.

Well it seemed to be working and to be honest she was never pushy and she didn't tell us off if she thought we were doing things wrong in the way we were bringing the kids up. She might say, I used to do so and so, but things are different now, but never unkindly or in a snide way. She just told us what she thought. and never complained at all. She just joined in, did her share of helping to cook or wash up or cleaning. She was a pleasure to have around. She's so good at everything, cooking and flower arranging, she taught me loads."

We exchanged glances, someone who was better than Mel at things, well that was a first, our sister was a superwoman and made us feel tired just listening to what she did.

"I saw that look, but yes she's so good, much better than me. Well I do a gym class and I asked her to come too, just to help her meet other people, she's so young in mind. We had such fun. Well we started to share a family cubicle at the club, it seemed senseless to shower and dress alone and we had so much to talk about anyway. Well I found myself looking at her when she was naked, then wondering what it must feel like to touch her skin. How heavy her breasts where, you know."

"Wow Mel, how cool, you perving on your mum in law." Annie said and her face reddened. Mel grinned and gripped our hands harder.

"Right, anyway, one day we touched, just shoulder to shoulder and it was like some electric current going through me. I don't know why but I suddenly put my arm round her waist and before I knew what was happening, we were kissing, really kissing, a hot passionate real lovers kiss."

Mel reddened and began to clasp her thighs together. I nodded at Annie and looked down at Mel's thighs clenching and relaxing. Perhaps she heard Annie slight gasp, but Mel reddened even more. Annie put her hand on Mel's leg and slid it up to her thigh. I goggled. Annie winked, I don't think Mel saw.

"Anyway, we cuddled and kissed then dried and dressed. We'd arranged to go back to her place for lunch. That never got eaten, we ended up in her bed, making love all afternoon. Luckily Bill was picking the kids up, so I had plenty of time to spare. Bill even said, don't rush back, enjoy an afternoon off with my mum.

She was unbelievable in bed, I am not ashamed to say I have never cum so much as I have with Madge. She just fly's me like her own personal aeroplane. I try my best to do the same for her, but she seems keener to eat me than I am to eat her, not that it isn't enjoyable but I never got the chance to show her how good I am, or at least think I am."

Mel laughed, she was looking at our faces. We just stared completely entranced. Her face was beaming at her remembrance of those days.

"It was a magical time, we had no thought of the fallout or consequences, but gradually as we realised how serious this was, we knew we had to stop, before someone got really hurt. We had one last mad, bad, glorious weekend in London. Then we stopped, before there was hurt or conflagration, we just knew we couldn't carry on and risk hurting Bill or the kids."

"Oh Mel, I am so sorry," Annie kissed Mel and hugged her close. I put an arm round my big sister and kissed her lips gently.

"Mel if I could sort this out I would, I want you to be my happy big sister again."

"Thanks Jamie, thanks Annie."

Mel stood and we all group hugged. Suddenly the door flew open and Bill and the kids flew in, they were noisy and we hugged and kissed them all. I noticed a tall elegant grey haired figure come in, standing by the door, not wanting to intrude. I walked over and wrapped Madge in a hug and kiss, whispering in her ear.

"Mel told us, we're so sorry that it couldn't have ended in a happier way."

I felt her arms wrap tighter round me and she held me for a long time. Annie followed me and again the hug was a bit longer than etiquette demanded. I saw Bills puzzled look and so man hugged him, with much back slapping and hoots. He brightened, still after all these years unused to our idiosyncratic ways. Annie hugged Bill and kissed his lips, gently, I saw his eyes widen. He pulled Annie closer, she grinned as he reddened and she whispered in his ear.

"Annie put my husband down, stop making him frisky will ya!" Mel said with a grin on her face.

She strode over to Madge and they embraced and kissed, holding each other tightly for a little longer than necessary. Bill grinned and nodded at them.

"Those two are so good, I love them both." he said

"And we love you too, honey" They chorused together, grinned, kissed and separated. I watched Mel's hand squeeze Madge's before they moved apart.

The rest of the day went well, we played with Andrea and John our niece and nephew. We chatted, Mel and Madge drifted into the kitchen to prepare the meal, Bill joined us then went to the kitchen, then came back. Later we ate and the kids went to bed, we were asked to stay over but said no. We offered to take Madge home and soon the three of us were in the car heading for her place. After a couple of minutes Madge began to speak, her voice tight with emotion.

"I love your sister so very much, and I know she loves me too. But we can't hurt Bill or the kids, it would destroy them. You realise that?"

"Madge I could say that if they find out by accident the damage could be greater."

"I know, but we have tried to be sensible about this, if there is any sense at all in it."

"Oh Madge how awful for you both."

"No, we're OK, we're strong and we have a chance now and again to be alone together, so we take the chances and live with the rest. How can I hurt my son and his children by stealing the one true love of their lives."

"They love you too Madge, that much is very obvious."

"Thank you and I'm lucky to have that too."

We dropped her off, refusing the offer of a drink or nightcap, pleading an early start tomorrow. As we drove off Annie's mobile rang. It was Mel. Annie told me of their conversation later.

"I've just told Bill, I couldn't lie to him any longer, I wanted to clear the air."

"What happened?"

"he's obviously stunned, he wanted to know if I was going to leave him. I told him I loved him too much to do that. I asked him if he wanted me to go, he told me he couldn't live without me."

"What about Madge?"

"I need to phone her, but I was hoping she was still with you."

"Jamie and I will go back to her place, give us ten minutes, we'll tell her, then you can phone."

All I got at the time was,

"Jamie turn round we're going back to Madge's, I'll explain on the way."

We arrived back and the lights were still on. We knocked and Madge came to the door in a sheer silk dressing gown, and its fit left little to the imagination. I looked in awe at her firm high breasts pressing against the thin fabric. The belt emphasised her slim waist. She grinned and invited us in.

I saw Annie looking at her arse swaying underneath the taught fabric as she walked up the hallway. She turned to me and made a gesture like she wanted to squeeze Madge's buns. I grinned and nodded. In the lounge Madge perched on her chair and asked us to sit.

"Madge, Mel asked us to come and be with you when she phones."

Madge made to speak and raised an eyebrow, when the phone rang. She picked it up and recited the number then listened. Her eyes welled up and she gasped, shuddered and dropped the phone, Annie grabbed the phone as I sat with Madge. I cuddled her to me and felt her body shaking as the tears came. I kissed her forehead and held her. Annie came off the phone.

"Mel says can we go over to their place, Bill and she want to come her to be with Madge."

I nodded and made sure Madge was OK, then we left for Mel and Bills place. As we arrived the door opened and Bill appeared with Mel in his arms crying silently. He thanked us and they went to his car, I went to mine and backed off the driveway to let him out as Annie went inside the house. Returning I found Annie in the kitchen making coffee.

Twenty minutes later we heard Bills car come back onto the drive. I raised an eyebrow and we waited. The door opened and we could hear low voices in the hall, then the door opened. Bill led his mother and wife in, they were huddled together, tears falling down their faces. We stood and vacated the sofa, then Bill and I helped the girls sit down. Bill nodded to the door and the three of us made our way to the kitchen.

"Guys I can't thank you enough for helping out here, we have a small problem and we need some err..."

He faltered and I hugged him, he held me and cried. Annie joined the huddle and we just held him as he let it out. He finally pulled himself together, just as the door opened and Mel and Madge appeared, hand in hand. They watched as we stepped away then almost ran to engulf Bill in their arms. I touched Annie's hand and we slid out.

In the car going back, I turned to my silent sister,

"Phew what a day; time for bed, said Zebedee,"

"Oh yeah big Brov, absolutely and I want to never ever let you go again."

"I love you Annie."

"I love you Jamie."

We drove back silently lost in our thoughts, going straight to bed, so tired that any physical thoughts had evaporated. We held each other tight and dropped off almost immediately.

We woke entwined again about a quarter to nine and I slipped downstairs to make some tea. As we sat sipping the tea in bed, the doorbell rang, we looked quizzically at each other, then I went to investigate. Bill and Mel stood on the doorstep and I let them in immediately, ushering them into the lounge. Annie came down in my dressing gown and I mouthed "Bill and Mel" as I went to the kitchen.

Annie came too and we quickly made a fresh pot of tea and coffee and found clean mugs. We went into the lounge. Neither Bill or Mel seemed surprised by Annie's appearance. Mel had obviously told Bill about us.

As he took his coffee, Bill spoke.

"I understand Mel has told you about her affair with my mother and you know what happened last night, up till you left."

We nodded, Mel smiled and reached for Bills hand, which he willingly slipped round hers.

"Well to bring you guys up to speed, my mother will be moving out of her home as soon as possible..." he paused.

"...because we want her to come and live with us." He and Mel smiled and kissed.

I relaxed and felt Annie letting out her breath slowly.

"We don't know how this will work or what it means for the future, but I can't live without Mel, or my mother and they can't live without me or each other, so somehow we have to make this work. The kids will be over the moon to have Nanny living in, so I guess we all win." he shrugged and sat back.

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"What about the living arrangements?" I asked.

"That may be more complicated, but we're adults and I can't see why we can't figure out a discreet way of making sure we all have our fair share of each other. But we'll see, we'll wing it for a while and see where we head."

"How is Madge this morning?" said Annie quietly.

"When we left she was holding her own in a very messy water fight in the shower room. It was chaos and very wet, so we split to see you guys. Oh and Mel says congratulations are in order, you finally got to get together. Can't say I'm surprised, you two are like a pair of gloves you're so close. I wish I'd had a brother or sister, but if you're willing I'd like to be your older brother."

"You already are Bill, you've always have been that since you met Mel. We knew you were the one." Annie said and moved to sit on my lap.

Bill beamed and Mel kissed him gently.

"So do you fancy staying over for lunch?" I heard myself say. Annie giggled and kissed the top of my head.

"That would be good, although we might have to phone Madge and let her know."

"Well phone her now and say one of us will pick her and the kids up and bring them over." Annie said and looked at me, I nodded, why not.

"You sure? don't you want some time for just yourselves?"

"In the words of the immortal Louis Armstrong, "We've got all the time in the world.""

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