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A young mother attends her college reunion.  


Reunion Chapter One Carol had been driving for four hours and was in need of a rest, gas, and something to eat. She was on her way to her twentieth college reunion and had been preparing for it for over a year. While a member of Tri-Delta she had never been very good looking or popular and was generally looked down on by the other girls. But now, the metamorphosis was complete. She was forty, two kids, a great husband and a fabulous body. She had begun dieting a year ago, worked out at the gym three times a week and had a great boob job done. Her smallish breasts were now plump 34-D's and both she and Craig loved them. She had been gone over a day now and missed him. They were quite compatible in the sack and she just loved fucking him. Even after 15 years of marriage she still fucked him at least four times a week and often three times on the weekend. To say she loved sex was an understatement. As she got off the interstate her mind wandered back to Craig. He came so hard and had such a huge volume of cum, she mused. His cock was average in size but he could suck her clit to climax and she loved that. Hmmmm, she wondered, wonder if Alma will be there? Alma was her room mate senior year and they had experimented with lesbianism. She remembers how Alma could suck her pussy and how she had to stifle her moans so they would not be found out. That was a strict taboo at Tri-Delta. Craig did a good job of eating her but nowhere as good as Alma. They had decided to forgo their lesbian experience when each had landed a boyfriend and a steady diet of firm, young, cock. Man meat was way better than plastic anyway! She pulled into a parking space near a long line of over the road trucks still thinking about fucking and Craig. God he could cum, she thought. Very often she would orgasm as his sperm hit the insides of her pussy. His cum shots were voluminous and she feel it hit the inside of her spurt after spurt as he pounded into her relentlessly. It was though her contractions milked the last of his essence from his exploding cock. Some times he would pull from her while still cumming and cover her with it. She loved it when it his cum hit her steaming flesh. Each spurt was a little electric shock to her skin and she would scream uncontrollably at the feeling. Her orgasms were so powerful she would be exhausted and just lie there rubbing his hot cum into her skin and licking it from her fingers. Needless to say, she loved the taste of cum. God, she thought as she parked the car. I better slow down I can feel myself getting wet. Wonder if there are any hot truck drivers around? Put that thought out your mind girl, you've never strayed in fifteen years of marriage; not that she had not had the chance however. There was that time at that dinner party when Craig had really gotten ripped and that guy made a pass at her. Just some deep kissing but she could have easily fucked him if she had the notion. She got out of the car and wondered if the wetness was showing thru her white shorts. Hope not. She was hungry and would get gas later. She was beautiful woman and she accentuated her assets with her clothing. Her tight white shorts hugged her pussy and ass and you could discern her labia thru the thin material. She never wore underwear, hated the panty lines. Her tits were pushed up and out by her Wonder Bra but she kept them from view by wearing a sweater and over shirt but the trained eye could determine what a nice rack lay beneath. She had the face of thirty year old since she had never been a sun worshipper an long flowing dark hair without a hint gray that cascaded from her shoulders to mid way down her back. Deep green eyes and pouty lips completed the look. Some difference from college, just wait until those bitches saw her! It was dinner time and all the tables were full so she sat at the counter on the only available stool between another woman and a guy who was an obvious trucker. Nice looking she thought and he smells clean. Probably just showered in the trucker's lounge. Watch yourself sweetie, you're a little horny and don't get crazy. She ordered coffee and a salad and then he turned to look at her. He had noticed the sweet smell of pussy as soon as she sat down and thought, wow, what the fuck is this? Now he looked at her and thought this is one hot babe. Looks like and smells like a hooker. Lets see if I can score. He said, "If you've got a long way to go, you need more than that to eat." She looked at him, he was very handsome and certainly appeared to be clean and well built and replied, "Why I thought all you long haul guys existed on burgers and fries." "Ha ha, not me, I'm a fitness nut. Eat well, no booze or drugs and get my exercise." "How can you exercise driving all day?" "Haven't you ever seen the inside of a big rig? I have a mini gym in mine." "No way," she said. "I'll prove it. Want to take a look?" "I don't even know your name." "Its Ben, what's yours?" Throwing caution to the winds she said, "Hi Ben, I'm Carol, lets go see this big rig of yours!" I am one lucky sonofabitch, he thought as he escorted to his rig. She looked up at the tractor and it was huge. It must have been twenty five feet of cabin. "He said, the gym is in the back, c'mon" and she followed him back to a side door. He reached up and opened the door and a light went on inside. Carol peered in and saw a treadmill, chinning bar, Stairmaster, free weights hung on the wall and a weight bench plus a mirror. He climbed up and offered his hand and pulled her up as if she weighed nothing. He was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt so she had no idea of his physique but he had a cute ass and broad shoulders. Mats covered the floor. "I use this stuff every night before I turn in when I'm on the road and have a larger version back home in Texas." Carol went immediately to the Stairmaster and began to use it. Her legs were stiff from the drive and all she needed was five minutes to loosen up. She removed her over shirt and he glanced admiringly at her great tits. As she mounted the stairs, he could feel his dick start to harden in his jeans. She had gorgeous legs and he could tell she worked out regularly to keep her shape. It was impossible to determine her age but he knew she was no kid. He could see her firm ass thru the thin material of her shorts and...what? Was there a slight stain at her crotch? Wow, he thought, she's already or has been wet a short time ago. This is my lucky day! He stripped off his shirt and stood there in a muscle tee as Carol glanced approvingly at him from the Stairmaster. He had an amazing physique and she wondered how much was below the belt. He went to the bar and began some chin ups as she admired his body. Now don't get crazy, you're a married mom with two kids, she told herself. But God, wouldn't some strange cock sure feel good? "Ben, can you sleep in this thing?" "Sure can, see that ladder there? Climb up and open that small door and scoot through. I've a full bed and bath up there." She got off the Stairmaster and climbed the ladder as he admired her well rounded ass. He got right behind and inhaled her musky smell without being obvious. Man her cunt sure smells good. He was semi hard as they both climbed into the well made double bed. She propped herself up on the pillows and said, " Wow, here I am a married woman on a strange man's bed...." And laughed nervously; her excitement growing. He sat next to her and said, "Oh we're not strangers, I'm Ben and you are Carol" and gently kissed her on the lips. "No...don't...I really can't..." she stammered as he let his finger tips brush her protruding nipples. "Carol, we are here together, we both seem to want the same thing so let's let nature run her course." " couldn't, I haven't...." and he covered her open mouth with his and kissed her deeply. She pulled back but only momentarily and then put her arms around him and pulled him to her. His tongue sought hers and they sucked each other. First her tongue and then his, She moaned a deep grown from within as he sought her pussy thru her pants. She broke the kiss, pulled off her sweater and let her beautiful breasts free for him. She held them for him to suck. Her nipples were swollen to twice normal size and he bit down on each as she moaned in pleasure. He sucked each nipple fully into his mouth, laving them with his tongue and biting with his teeth and lips. She moaned louder and then cried out softly, "Oh my God, you're making me cum....." and her body shook with her first orgasm. He got off the bed, stood and dropped his pants and took off his shirt. "No, wait she said," and got off the bed knelt in front of him. She caressed his balls and hard cock thru his shorts and he moaned softly. She places her mouth on his shaft but thru the material of his shorts, He could feel her wet mouth on his straining cock. She pulled his cock thru the opening in his shorts and sucked the head softly, his moans increasing. She reached her hands up under shorts and cupped his balls while sucking more of his dick head. "Oohhhh...Carol, you suck me sooo good..." She tasted the first drops of pre-cum and began to suck him harder. He was rapidly losing control when he pulled her head away from his bulging prick. She looked up at him and then at his cock. It was much larger than Craig's with a bulbous head and thickly veined shaft. The head was purple with the strain he was under as she began to lick at the base of his balls. His odor was perfume to her. "Sit on the bed, I have to eat your pussy," he gasped to her. She hopped up on the bed, removed her shorts and opened her legs. He knelt in front of her and stared at her pussy. It was as incredible as she, very large labia now swollen with longing and a huge hooded clitoris that was just peeking out. Her smell was intoxicating as he moved his mouth to her sex. As he got closer the scent increases until he couldn't stand it any longer and sucked her entire cunt into his mouth. "OH YESSSSS....." she cries as she feels her entire cunt sucked into his mouth. She falls back on the bed and just let him eat and suck at her sex. Her thoughts stray to Alma and this is not Alma. She knows there is a hard cock at the end of this and she will get her brains fucked out. There is no thought of Craig or the kids, just this man's tongue deep in her cunt and her clit getting sucked. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire as he bit down on her fully extended clit and the charge shot thru her as she orgasmed again. Her pubis thrust forward and almost broke Ben's nose but he held on with his mouth as her discharge flooded into him. His mouth filled with her sweet essence and he drank thirstily while pushing his tongue in and out. She bucked wildly on the edge of the bed and he had to grab her hips to keep up with her. For once he was glad of the rumbling of the big Cummings diesel as it muffled her shrieks of pleasure. His prick ached to bury itself in hot, wet cunt but he knew that would come in all due time. Her orgasm subsided a few minutes later as he stood over her, his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. He looked over her body and she was beautiful. How did he get so lucky? He was captivated by her tits; they were so perfect. Huge brown nipples, puckered areole and enormous nipples that begged to be sucked. She looked up him, pushed her breasts together and said, "C'mon Ben, fuck my tits...". He jumped on the bed, straddled her and lay his throbbing cock between her silky tits. The effect was electrifying as he slid it up and down and she licked the head of his cock on each up stroke. She pushed her self lower so the full head of his cock would enter her mouth on each stroke and sucked hard on it each as if to coax the cum to shoot. God, this is one hot bitch, I think I can fuck her all day if I want as his cock slid to and fro now lubricated by her saliva. Her tits feel like the silkiest cunt I have ever been. Oh God, I think I'm gonna cum. Oh yeah, I can feel it start! He increased his thrusts and she knew he was ready. She couldn't wait for that first shot of hot, silvery cum to spurt from his prick eye onto her face so she grabbed his cock just as his load started and opened her mouth wide to catch as much as she could. His first jet of cum hit her on the lips and then she pulled his prick deep into her mouth so she could have it all. His cum continued to pulse and fill her mouth and she greedily drank it as it flowed from lips onto her chin. He had a great load and she loved it. But not as much as Craig but a good second best. He pulled his cock from her mouth, the silvery trails connecting her lips to his cock and jerked on it furiously to get more out. He managed three more rather large spurts which covered her face and her gorgeous tits. " look so good with my cum dripping from your lips and covering your face and tits," and he reached behind him, grabbed a digital camera and snapped a photo of her lying there in his cum. "Hey," she cried! ""Only for my private collection which I'll show you. No one else will se it. OK?" "I don't know...." "Promise." She looked up in his beep blue eyes and hoped she could trust him. Oh well, the deed was done, no stopping now and she pulled herself up on the bed lengthwise and opened her legs to him, inviting him to fuck her. He looked down at her, drinking in her beauty. Her long brown hair spread out behind her, her lips partly open and her green eyes with a dreamy look. She legs spread wide and her soaked pussy beckoning to him but he was limp at this point and could not accommodate her desires. Frustration over took him. Here was the most beautiful woman he had ever been with and his dick was limp. "Ben, please, please fuck me. I need you to feel you inside my hot pussy. I want to feel your cock open me and slide down my love hole, please don't wait, I need you, I need your fat prick, fuck me, fuck me, now...." Carol whispered to him. Ben stood there, vainly trying to coax his limp prick to life but nothing happened. Finally he said, "I'm sorry, I can't...". She sat up and smiled at him. "Get on the bed on your belly," she commanded and as a whipped dog he did so. She then began a sensual massage all over his body avoiding any where near his cock, balls or ass. She ran her tongue all over him sucking his fingers and toes. She could see his ass start to move with her and knew she was beginning to have an effect. She licked at his ass and spread his cheeks so the puckered hole was in full view. She flicked at its pungent edges with her tongue and he moaned slightly. Ah good she thought. She pushed her tongue slightly into his ass and he squirmed. Hmmmm, a virgin ass and with that thought in mind she wet her index finger in her saliva and inserted the tip into him. He raised up on his knees and offered his full ass to her. Oh wow, he really wants this. And she inserted her finger to the first joint and began to finger fuck his ass while she stroked his now stiffening prick. His moans became louder now as she pulled on his cock and fingered his ass. He was completely under her control now and she had half a mind to make him cum to punish him for the photo but she put that out of her mind. She wanted to be fucked, nothing else at this time and she had the cock in her hand that was giving her the pleasure she so desperately need, wanted. She rolled him over and there he lay, his cock in his hand and straight up. She kissed it and gave it a long suck and then straddled him on the bed as he positioned his throbbing prick at the entrance to her hot cunt which was dripping pussy juice down his shaft. His cock head was poised just between her hugely swollen labia lips and he strained to gain entrance to the warm, wet folds but she hovered just above him. She was in control and she would determine when his prick entered her body. He groaned, "Oh Carol, please let me fuck you, I need to fuck your hot, tight pussy, now!" "Not yet Ben, you have to pay for the photo and she smiled down at him letting her hardened nipples brush his lips. She let him suck her nipple as she slowly pushed down on his cock. He tried to push up but each time he did, she would raise up as well. This went on for minutes and finally he relented, she would control the penetration but he would fuck her when he was buried to his balls in her wet pussy. She felt him relax as he sucked on her tits and she let his cock head just enter her until she could feel the ring at the base of his bulbous head slip into her cunt. "Oh yes," they exclaimed simultaneously and gazed at each other's eyes. Her eyes began to slowly close and she let him enter her inch by inch. He could feel the warm, wet walls of her cunt envelop him in their wet grasp and he marveled at his restraint to not thrust himself deep into her but this was so much better. He felt the hard ridges on the walls of her cunt as she slowly, ever so slowly lowered herself onto him. She felt the huge head of his cock enter her and his thick, veined shaft begin to fill her pussy. She didn't want the feeling to stop, fill her, fuck, make her cum, NOW! But she restrained and kept the slow pace, tantalizing him, punishing him. He contracted his groin muscles and she could feel his cock swell within her. The man could fuck, no way around that but she would do the fucking. This was her one and only fling and she wanted it to last. She felt her bottom make contact with his curly pubic hair and then she began to raise herself slowly up. "Aw c'mon Carol, let me fuck you, I'm ready to cum, you little cunt tease!" "Not until I'm ready you big, fat prick!" And she raised and lowered herself up and down, up and down, the speed increasing and he met her downward thrusts by pushing his cock as deep as he could. Up and down they went in perfect unison until suddenly Carol stiffened and screamed, "Oh my fucking God, I am cumming, oh fuck me Ben, harder, deeper, harder, oh fuck yes, oh God I am cumming so hard..." and she raised up until just the head of his cock was in her and slammed down and fell on his chest, her body wracked with convulsions from her explosive orgasm. She lay there, panting, sweating , exhausted from her effort but Ben was not through, he had not cum yet and he wanted to fuck her virgin ass. He let her rest and slid off the bed as she lay there , on her tummy, legs spread wide, juices running down her inner thighs. He watched her breathing just so she didn't come down too far and then he got behind her, raised her ass in the air and buried his tongue deep in her cunt, sucking on her labia and clit. "Oh fuck Ben, you are soooo good, eat my pussy, suck my cunt, oh that's so good." And he slipped his hard dick deep in her pussy and began a rhythmic fucking of her and she responded all to eagerly. They were as one fucking together as if they had done all their lives. His balls slapped on her ass and air escaped from cunt like a fart at times. He moistened his index finger and inserted it into her ass up to the first joint. "Oh, that's nice, no one's fingered my ass before." Just as he thought, a virgin ass ready to be fucked. He then inserted two fingers to enlarge the hole and then three as she moaned in delight. He let saliva collect in his mouth and then let dribble on her asshole as he pulled out and gently pushed his huge cockhead at her ass. "No Ben, No!" she cried as he pushed at her ass. She felt her ass stretch and the pain was intense but his cock was wet enough and he suddenly popped thru her sphincter and she relaxed. He was in her ass and slowing pushing his cock in to the full length. He did this slowly as this was her first ass fuck but once he was thru he was sure it would not be her last. She moaned softly as he slowly pulled his dick out to the edge of her ring and then pushed it in a little harder. Her moans became more pronounced as she moved his cock faster and faster. Her ass was like a hot, tight glove and he could feel his cum start to rise in his balls. She yelled out, "Oh Ben, fuck me harder, yes, fuck my ass..." and he plunged as deep as he could go as his orgasm burst from his cock tip. "Oh yes, I can feel your cum hitting my insides, its hot, I love it!" Ben continued to pump at her ass until he went soft and slipped out. To his amazement, she reached her hand under her ass and let his cum flow into it and licked it from her palm. "Oh yes, I want to taste you, eat your cum, you have opened me up to sooo much sex." She rolled over and spread the remainder on her body and rubbed it into her tits. "Carol honey, I hate to end this but I've got this rig on the road..." "And I have to get to my reunion. It certainly has been an experience I will never forget. Have you ever fucked someone's mother before?" "No, and I bet you have never been fucked up the ass before...." "Quite right, something neither of us will ever forget." The two dressed, said their goodbyes and left, each driving in opposite directions. END OF CHAPTER ONE

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