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A sultry afternoon  


A sultry afternoon

It was hot and there was a power outage. Lakshmi was sweating. She cursed the summer, the heat. There was only one way she could beat the heat, at least temporarily. Lakshmi decided to have a shower. At age 25, Lakshmi looked sensuous. Her skin was a smooth, deep brown, her hair, a rich black upto her shoulders. Her breasts were heavy, maybe 36c, but firm. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared gently under. Lakshmi knew she was a head-turner and enjoyed it. She teased the boys at the college. She even dared girls.

But right now, nothing mattered except the cool water of the shower on her body. Her hands unbuttoned the nightgown. Button by button. Sweat rolled off her neck into her cleavage. She walked toward the dressing table with the huge mirror. She lifted the nitie and took it off her body in a swift motion. She flung the lemon-coloured garment on the huge double bed. Lakshmi looked at herself. She had on, only a lemon-coloured sheer panty. She tugged at it, slipped out.

Lakshmi looked at her naked body in the mirror. ‘Mmm…’ she said aloud, looking carefully at her hairy mound. It jutted out prominently. She sighed, looking at her large breasts with large aureole and thick nipples. She ran her hand over each nipple in turn. She felt her cunt getting wet.

Naked, she walked across the bedroom and flung the heavy green curtain of the window open. Her window overlooked the bedroom window of her neighbour in the other block, Shikha and her family. Lakshmi had often done this: walk around her bedroom naked, expecting Shikha would look. Shikha was younger to her by three years, but had a body she could die for. Light-brown skin and a figure that made her wet…maybe 34-25-35. Shikha always wore shorts at home, and that too, without panties.

The point was, was Shikha home? The curtains to Shikha’s flat were drawn, and there seemed no sign of life inside. Sighing to herself, Lakshmi turned away from the window and walked into the bathroom. She took off the clip that held her hair together, placed it on the cistern of the WC. She turned the shower on.

Cool water hit her in soothing jets. Lakshmi threw her head back and let the water wet her breasts, her flat stomach, her bushy mound and voluptuous thighs. She turned around, wetting her luscious thighs. She turned back again, taking the jar of bathing lotion in her hand. She poured some lotion on her breasts. She rubbed, producing foam that she wet her breasts and back with. She entered the shower again, this time soaping her mound. A moan escaped her as her fingers touched her clitoris. She rubbed it further, cognizant of the pleasure. She rubbed her breasts.

Lakshmi was almost lost in the mounting pleasure when she heard the doorbell. She came out of the reverie and wrapped a large bathrobe around her dripping-wet body. She turned off the shower and walked to the door in her bathrobe. She peered through the eyehole.


The doorbell rang again. Grinning, Lakshmi opened the door. Shikha was clad in grey shorts and a red tee. She looked taken aback seeing Lakshmi, her bathrobe clinging precariously to her breasts.

“Oh! Sorry!! I’ll come later!” Shikha said, turning.

Lakshmi held her arm and invited her in. “Its okay Shikha, I’m almost through. Just give me five minutes and I’m done.”

She bolted the door behind Shikha and grinned at her, moving into her bedroom

Shikha sat uncomfortably in the living room sofa, observing Lakshmi close the door behind her, but not bolting it.

Lakshmi entered the bathroom, removed the bathrobe, and turned on the shower. She had to think quickly. She had to seduce Shikha. How? Standing outside the periphery of the shower, Lakshmi towelled herself dry. How to seduce the lovely girl sitting in her living room? She then remembered that Shikha’s block of flats had a severe water problem. What if she invited Shikha to have a shower? She would, somehow, sneak in while Shikha was showering. Yes. The ruse would work.

Lakshmi draped herself in the bathrobe once more and opened the bedroom door, stepping into the living room. Shikha was reading a film glossy, one thigh crossed over the other. She turned, looking at Lakshmi.

“Do you still have water problem in your flats?”

“Yes…it’s been ages since I had a decent shower.”

“Want to shower now?” Lakshmi asked, with a purr in her voice.

“But I haven’t got my towel and change of clothes…” Shikha said, uncertainly.

“I’ll give you a towel silly. And my nitie must fit you fine…”
“If its really okay by you…” said Shikha, bending her head shyly.

“You don’t have to be that formal,” said Lakshmi walking toward Shikha, stretching her hand. “Come.”

She took Shikha into the bathroom careful not to let her bathrobe drop.

“Wow! Nice bedroom!” said Shikha, flopping on the lush satin-covered bed, looking around.

“Thanks,” said Lakshmi, handing Shikha a bathrobe that was placed neatly on the table. Lakshmi then walked to the dressing table, sat in front of the mirror, pretending as if she didn’t notice Shikha. She started to comb her hair, parting it in the middle. The bathrobe was coming loose.

“Would you rather I went out or something Shikha?”

“No, no, “ Shikha said, “its okay.”

And then, as if she were alone in her bedroom, Shikha lifted the tee shirt off her shoulders, dropped it on the bed. She tugged at the elastic of her shorts and slipped out of them. Shikha was now clad in black bra and matching lace panties. She hesitated a bit, and then unhooked her bra, slipped it over her smooth arms and flung it on the bed. Shikha then slid out of her panties, bending, at the same time, to grab the bathrobe, which she tied around her breasts. In a flash, Lakshmi saw the black triangular thatch between Shikha’s thighs. Breathing heavily. Lakshmi said, “With a figure like that you must try modelling Shikha…”

Lakshmi rose from the dressing table, the bathrobe threatening to fall of her body. She took a couple of steps toward Shikha, while discreetly tugging at the edge of the bathrobe, so that it fell off her body and she stood naked, in front of Shikha.

Lakshmi walked toward Shikha, her breasts jigging slightly. Shikha gasped.

“ooohh…” the expression of amazement escapes Shikha’s lips.

“Can I see you?’ said Lakshmi, tearing the bathrobe away from Shikha’s body.

“Godd…you are…”

The two women stood naked, facing each other, drinking in each other’s voluptuous charms. Shikha recovered first.

“Why do you stand naked at your window?”

“So that you would see me Shikha…” Lakshmi whispered.

“So could my dad…” said Shikha.

Lakshmi touched Shikha’s stomach, sliding her hand up. “That would be a double treat honey…”

She started to caress Shikha’s firm breasts. Shikha stood there, panting. She was getting excited.

“You mean you wouldn’t mind if dad…saw you?”

“No. Mmm…your thatch isn’t bad either…just like I imagined…” murmured Lakshmi, caressing the wild bush that was several inches away from Shikha’s navel.

“Please…lemme shower…”

“Do you mind if I watched you?’

“Yes, definitely,” said Shikha, “and I have to get back. Dad’s at home.” Shikha closed the bathroom door behind her, but not all the way.


“So nothing,” Shikha teased from inside the bathroom.

“Shikha?” Lakshmi called out.

“Yeah?” came the counter question from inside.

“Is he big? Your dad?”

Shikha opened the jar of bathing liquid and poured some on her breasts and worked up lather.

“What did you say?”

“I asked if your dad was big…”

Shikha pressed her thighs together.

“Yes…” she whispered.

“How do you know?”

“I saw him several times, almost naked…”

“Not completely naked?”

“That, too…” Shikha replied, “so long and soo thick..”


“His rod”


“My father’s cock…” Shikha’s voice trailed off. Shikha opened the bathroom door and beckoned Lakshmi to join her, which Lakshmi did gladly. Shikha faced Lakshmi. She looked into Lakshmi’s eyes intently and said:

“Do you know where I want it?”

“Where?” Lakshmi gasped, looking at Shikha’s wet body.

Shikha held Lakshmi’s hand and guided it to her cunt.

“Here! I want that long fat cock in my cunt!”

Lakshmi started to rub Shikha’s clit and slid her fingers deeper into her cunt. It was tight. Virgin, like her’s. Shikha started to caress Lakshmi’s mound.

“I want more fingers! More! I want it to feel like dad’s cock…”

Lakshmi inserted three fingers and started to finger-fuck Shikha.

“Does he look at you?”

“Mmm…he does…my breasts…especially my ass…and my thatch…aah…I don’t wear panties at home, for his sake…”

“Do you like it?” Lakshmi asked, now frigging Shikha fast.

“Aaaah…Yesssss…” moaned Shikha in answer.

She kissed Lakshmi hard biting her lips, while giving a counter-thrust to Lakshmi’s fingers. “Oooohh…fuck me!”

“Suck my tits,” Lakshmi demanded, drawing Shikha’s face to her luscious breasts. Shikha sucked…

“Ahhh…” Lakshmi moaned.

“I’m almost jealous that his cock goes into mommy’s cunt..”

“Did you see them together?”


“Lets call him over here Shikha…”



“What if he refuses?” said Shikha and then added, “No, he won’t refuse…”

“Your mom’s lucky,” said Lakshmi, holding her breasts in her hands, rubbing the nipples against Shikha’s nipples.

Lakshmi turned off the shower, which Shikha didn’t notice. She thrust her breasts into Lakshmi’s in response. She slid her hand down Lakshmi’s cunt and rubbed the clitoris, making Lakshmi moan loudly, making her come.

“Your turn,” Shikha grinned, hugging Lakshmi, stroking her hair gently.

Lakshmi recovered quickly, spread Shikha’s thighs apart and pressed her mound against Shikha’s. Lakshmi then peed, urine running over her thighs as well as Shikha’s.

“Aaaaaaaah……..” Shikha moaned. “Bitch!”

Lakshmi tucked her finger into Shikha’s cunt stroking her clit, faster and faster. Until Shikha exploded into an intense orgasm. Her body shook with the force. She bit Lakshmi’s lips vi0olently. “Mmmmmmmmmm….aaaaaahhhh” she moaned. Slowly, by and by the shudders stopped.

The women recovered, bathed in sweat.


Shikha turned the shower on. The cool water jets hit their bodies. They showered in silence, aware of the course of action. They dried themselves quickly and walked out of the bathroom naked.

Shikha took an inventory of Lakshmi’s dressing drawers. She picked up a Calvin Klein, raised her arm, spraying the perfume in her hairy armpits.


Lakshmi grabbed the bottle. She raised Shikha’s arm once again, sprayed the perfume. She then kissed Shikha’s cleavage and sprayed some more perfume there. She kneeled, bent her head, smelling Shikha’s cunt, taking in the musky aroma. She kissed Shikha’s inner thighs and sprayed the perfume there.

“Mmmm…” moaned Shikha softly, “you’re turning me on…”

“Yes. Lets get dressed.

“Do we call him over here?” Lakshmi asked.

“Lemme think…”

They were silent for a while. Lakshmi walked to her wardrobe opposite the dressing table.

“We’ll go to my place…and seduce him…” said Shikha, adding, “if he needs seduction…”

“How’s that gonna be?”

“What's your most revealing top?”, Shikha asked, sliding her panties up.

“This one,” Lakshmi said, drawing out a sheer cotton top in white.

“Put that on, and no bra…” said Shikha, now back in her shorts and tee. “No panties either.”

Lakshmi did as instructed, pulling on the top and a pair of silk shorts, with red flowers on it.

“You still have your bra on…” she complained to Shikha.

“I’ll take it off the moment we’re home, silly!”

The two women walked out of the house.

“You look yummy,” said Shikha, as they descended the plush elevator. “Unbutton the top though, the top-most will do..”

“Why only the top-most?”

“Coz you have heavy breasts…” Shikha answered, caressing Lakshmi’s thigh. Lakshmi unbuttoned. She folded her arms over her breasts so as not to attract too much attention. The two women got into another elevator and reached Shikha’s flat. Lakshmi dropped her hands. Her cleavage showed clearly, and the fabric could not hide the hint of her nipples, which were now erect. Shikha rang the doorbell.

Ravi, Shikha’s father answered the ring, opening the door with a large grin on his face. Tall, muscular, he was now clad in only a pair of denim shorts.

“Hi! Lux!!” he greeted.

The women stepped in. The television was on.

“Lux, mind sitting with dad for a while?” Shikha winked at Lakshmi, walking toward her bedroom.

The channel on the television was FTV.

“No, not at all,” said Lakshmi, sinking into the plush sofa, he cleavage very visible. She was in a reckless mood. The channel was showing lingerie. Ravi flipped the channel to BBC.

“Its okay by me uncle, if you want to watch FTV,” said Lakshmi, spreading her thighs slightly, reclining further into the sofa, her mound prominent through the silk shorts. Ravi flipped the channel back to FTV, staring a Lakshmi’s crotch and thighs. He walked over from where he was sitting and sat beside Lakshmi. A bulge started to form at his crotch. Model after model walked the ramp, clad I sheer lingerie. And then came Lara Dutta. She walked tall, her buttocks swaying. One could see the trimmed cunthair through her panties. Tall, dusky body, firm breasts. Just like Shikha.

Instinctively, Ravi put a hand on Lakshmi’s thigh. The bulge in his crotch became a full erection. He caressed Lakshmi’s thighs and whispered, “Shikha…”

Lakshmi sat still, feeling the wetness between her thighs, staring at Ravi’s erection through the shorts. Lara exited the ramp. Ravi came to his senses. Shocked, he withdrew his hand away from Lakshmi’s thigh. Lakshmi, too, acted coy, glancing over her shoulder as she heard Shikha’s bedroom door open.

Shikha was clad now in a sheer slip and white panties. She walked into the living room, aware of the effect of her body on her father.

Ravi’s heavy glance was fixed on Shikha’s tall, lithe body. He had a raging erection.

“Wear something…Shikha…” he stammered.

“I am, dad…I’m wearing what you love most…am I as good as Lara Dutta?” she teased.

Lakshmi extended her hand and stroked Ravi’s cock. She then unbuttoned his shorts, gasping, looking at his phallus.

Ravi stood up, facing Shikha.

“This is what you wanted to see…isn’t it?”

Shikha ran into her bedroom as Lakshmi rose from the sofa, sliding out of her shorts. She held Ravi’s cock in her hand.

“Uncle…” she moaned, rubbing the nine-inch rod back and forth.

Ravi rubbed Lakshmi’s breasts roughly. He was gasping now.

“I want Shikha to see this!” groaned Ravi, yanking Lakshmi’s top off her shoulders. And then he added, “I want to see her…naked.”

Shikha emerged from the bedroom, now minus the slip. Her firm, young breasts jiggled.

“Come here quick!” urged Lakshmi, kneeling in front of Ravi’s rod as he started to masturbate. He stroked it first and then started to draw it back and forth, back and forth…a drop of precum formed at the tip. Shikha kneeled beside Lakshmi, naked now. The girls looked at the man, lost in masturbation.

Lakshmi drew Shikha’s hand to her cunt and Shikha started to stroke it instinctively. Lakshmi stroked Ravi’s balls.

“Aaaaaaaaaah……! I’m coming…..”
The women held their breasts in their hands as Ravi came in thick spurts. The hot cum fell on Shikha’s breasts and then Lakshmi’s. Shikha smeared her father’s semen all over her breasts, especially her nipples. Ravi quickly directed his spurting cock at Lakshmi’s breasts, spewing white lava. She, too, smeared the semen all over her breasts.

Shikha was excited like a bitch. “Daddyyyyyy….” She moaned.

Ravi’s orgasm was over. Lakshmi leaned forward, sucked on the tip of the fat cock, taking in the lucky drops.

(Next part to Cummm…)

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