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A night for sore eyes  


It was another normal Friday night, out drinking with friends, having a laugh. My girlfriend, who we will call G, was looking stunning as always. She was wearing one of her tight little skirts, which show off every curve of her tight ass and a low cut top, which purposely shows just a little of her bra and firm breasts.

As the night went on I became tired and decided to call it a night, I told G that I was going and that i would see her when she got back.
I arrived home and thought that was no point in waiting up, so headed off to bed.

I don't konw how long I'd been asleep, but was awaked by the front door opening and G talking and laughing. I couldn't make out who or how many came in, so I layed there listening. I could hear the sound of the tv going on, but then it faded as if it was beening tuned down. The talking and laughing went on for a bit, but then suddenly stopped. There seemed to be no noise coming from them, I quitely got up and proceded gently down the stairs. As I reached the bottom I looked aroung and could see only two pairs of shoes, one being G's and another larger pair. Another think that struck me was there were no lights on. As walked on I could see the light from the tv, but the living room light was, agian switched off.

I now slowly krept towards the door, which was half open, as I got closer I could hear soft moans. Looking in through the door I was shocked to see G sitting on someone else lap. I couldn't at this point make out who it was, as G was just in the way. I wanted to rush right in there and ask what they hell was goin on, but for some reason I didn't. Instead I stayed where I was and wathced on.

They were both still fully clothed, but G's skirt was hitched up her legs, enabling her to sit on his lap. She was moving back and forth slowly on him, grinding her self against his crotch.
Suddenly she got off him and they both stood up. I could now see who it was. It was one of our friends, wo will be called M.
G slowly sank to her knees in front of M and began to kiss and lick the front of his crotch. M begin to moan and allowd his head to fall back. I could see the G was encourage by this ,so she began to unfasten his trousers. She pulled them down and expected to find his cock streaning out of his boxers, but as she looked back up, she was surprised to see that he wasn't wearing any. His cock which wasn't fully hard yet, was twitching waiting for G. Althougn it was erect I could already tell that it was much thicker and longer than mine and I knew G would enjoy every last inch of it.

to be continued...

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:18 pm