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A New Family  


My name is Clyde. When I was growing up, we lived in a small college town in Kansas. My dad, at first, was an elementary school teacher, and later on, taught at the university level. In fact, the small town had one of the universities of Kansas. I was the only child in our family, and my mom was a stay at home mom. Although my dad taught courses in economics and business, we lived in a modest house and didn't spend much money.

Our family did a lot of things with the Smith family. Their mom worked in the student records department at the university, and the dad worked as an over the road salesman. They also had a daughter named Cindy, who was two grades (two years) ahead of me. We lived fairly close together, and we went on many school and family events together.

I remember playing a lot with Cindy. Although I didn't see much of her dad, her mom was always very nice to me. Our parents also played cards together, about every other week.

Everything was going great for me until I was sixteen years old. My parents died in a tragic automobile accident. My father, being quite the businessman, had arranged it so that my college tuition would be paid for, and that I could live with the Smith family. He also had it arranged so that the Smith family would be paid every month for my expenses, out of a trust fund.

Since I had spent a lot of time with the Smith family, it was fairly easy to move in with them. I had my own room and everything seemed to go real well. Six months after I moved in, Cindy, their daughter, went off to college in another state. This made it easy for me to concentrate on my schoolwork, and I was a well-behaved boy.

But once I entered college, I found out the class work was a whole lot harder than high school. The first two years were so hard that I only made B's and C's in my classes. The first part of my third year, I was making D's and F's. I felt very depressed, and this depression was allowing me not to study, and I even started to drink.

Since Mrs. Smith worked in student's records, she was aware of my grades. She also knew that I would inherit a lot of money after I had graduated from college, which I was never told about. But I had to graduate from college before I received the money.

So one Friday evening when I came home from classes, she sat me down and we had a little conversation.

"How are you doing in college?" She asked, even though she knew the answer.

"Not very good." I replied. "My grades are dropping, I'm depressed, and I feel like quitting school."

"Don't do that." She replied. "You don't know this, but once you graduate from college, you will inherit a large lump sum of money from a trust fund your dad set up for you. But you have to stay in school and graduate to get this money."

"I didn't know about any inheritance." I replied.

"I know." She replied. "It was in your father's will and it was to be a surprise for you, once you graduated. Your dad never thought that you would consider dropping out of college."

"So, can you help me with my depression and stay in college?" I asked.

"I think I can if you allow me to change your life a little bit. Let's get together in the morning and I will come up with a plan to keep you in college and improve your grades." She said.

"I would really appreciate that, Mrs. Smith." I said. "And I thank you for everything you have done for me so far."

"You have been like a son a never had." She said. "So let's meet again in the living room about nine o'clock Saturday morning."

That night I slept very well. I was finally going to turn my life around, thanks to the help of Mrs. Smith. I knew that Cindy, her daughter was always a straight A student, even in college, and I was hoping she could do the same for me.

On Saturday, I ate breakfast, showered, brushed my teeth, and met Mrs. Smith in the living room at nine o' clock. I had on an old T-shirt and shorts, and I was surprised because Mrs. Smith was dressed in a white blouse, black jacket and a black short skirt. It seemed very business like to me.

I was curious as to what she had planned for me, so I asked, "So what will you do to help me get through college?"

"I see your situation having to components to it. First, you need an attitude adjustment, which needs to be enforced on a weekly basis. Second, you will need help from a tutor to get your grades back up where they should be. To accomplish this, you will need to follow everything I tell you to do, with no questions asked. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" I said. "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to graduate from college."

"That is good to hear." She said. "The second part of a tutor is easy. I talked to Cindy last night, and she would be willing to move back here and tutor you. She will be working a full-time job during the day, but is willing to help you with your class work in the evening."

"It will be nice to see Cindy again." I said.

"Your attitude adjustment will take more work on a weekly basis. Since I see your records at the college, I will be able to verify your grades, so you won't be able to hide anything from me. I propose that every week we get together and talk about your grades and progress, and that I give you an incentive to keep in college and improve your grades."

"That sounds terrific." I said. "Can we start right now?"

"Clyde, you haven't heard how the incentive will work." She said. "I propose to spank you every week until you graduate or until you are a straight A student."

"A spanking?" I asked.

"I spanked Cindy through high school and college, and I also currently spank my husband, when he has been naughty. I also know that your parents spanked you. Is that correct?"

"Yes, they did spank me while they were still alive." I answered.

"I suggest that every Saturday morning we discuss your grades and progress, and then you will receive your spanking. If you are doing well, you will receive a very light spanking or no spanking at all. But while you still need to improve, you will receive a severe spanking. So what do you want to do?"

"I guess my parents did help me get good grades because they spanked me, so maybe it will work now. And with Cindy tutoring me, I should be able to graduate from college. So I think you have a good plan and I will allow you to spank me."

"Good. Your spankings will take place in the office. Please follow me." She said. The Smiths had an office that had a large wooden desk with a computer, plus many wooden chairs. There were many filing cabinets and a paper shedder. The office is where Mr. Smith worked out of, when he was home. The family also used it for answering e-mails on the internet. On the desk was an hourglass egg timer, a wooden paddle with many holes in it, a riding crop, and a cane.

Pointing to the spanking implements she said, "These will be used on you during your spankings, but I will start with a warm-up over the knee spanking." She sat down on one of the wooden chairs that had no arms. "Now come over and stand by me with your hands on your head."

After standing by her, I felt very embarrassed as she unbuckled my belt, unzipped my shorts, and soon my shorts were around my ankles. "Now take off your T-shirt." I took it off and was now standing before her in a skimpy pair of white briefs. Mrs. Smith spread her legs and said, "Now bend over my thighs for your hand spanking."

I felt like a naughty little boy. With both hands and feet on the floor, she adjusted me so that my ass was high up in the air. Then, to my surprise, I felt her fingertips in the waistband of my briefs.

"Please leave them on!" I pleaded.

"I always give a spanking on the bare bottom." She replied. Then I felt her pull my briefs to my ankles and then she yanked my briefs and shorts completely off of me. Now I completely naked and lying across Mrs. Smith's thighs for a spanking. She spread apart her thighs a bit, allowing my now erect penis to dangle between her thighs.

"Your hand spanking will always last for three minutes." She said, as she reached over to the desk and turned over the three-minute egg timer. She spanked me first one cheek than the other. First starting lightly, and then spanking me harder and harder as time went on. My ass began to warm up a bit, and I began to squirm about.

"Stay still on my lap or I will give you another three minute spanking." She said. So I stayed as still as I could.

After she stopped spanking me, she caressed my ass. "Now you bottom has a nice pink color to it. When I spank you next week, I expect you to take a shower before your spanking, and wear only the towel around your waist. That way you will be completely naked for your spanking. So stand up, rub your bottom, and then lean over the edge of the desk."

At this point I quickly rubbed my sore ass, ignoring the fact that my penis was fully erect and was close to Mrs. Smith's face.

"We don't want your spanking to last all day, so lean over the desk." Mrs. Smith said. After I leaned over the desk she said, "Now spread your legs apart." I spread them but I guess it wasn't enough. "A little bit more." Then I felt her put something on my ankles and fasten them to a wooden rod. "Normally I will want you to keep your legs spread on your own, but I will help you this time with this spreader bar." I felt so vulnerable, because now my penis and balls were hanging out in the open, totally exposed. I tried closing my legs together, but the spreader bar kept my legs stretched wide apart.

The spanking implements were right by my face, so I could clearly watch her pick up the riding crop. "Now your spanking will continue with three minutes with the riding crop." She said. With my legs spread wide apart, she was able to spank me on my inner thighs and all over my poor bare ass. Near the end of the three-minute period, she used the riding crop to hit my dangling balls and penis. "I want to make sure you stay awake during your spanking." She said.

Next, she picked up the paddle with holes in it and started the three-minute timer. This paddle really stung my ass. Now I could see why she used the speader bar to keep my legs spread apart. I really wanted to pull my legs together. After the three minutes ran out, she put down the paddle and picked up the cane.

"Have you ever been caned before?" She asked.

"No!" I replied. "My parents only spanked me with their hand, paddle or yardstick. I have read in some books that a cane was used in some schools in Britain."

"Normally, you will receive at least six strokes from the cane. But since you have never felt the cane before and this is your first spanking from me, you will only receive three strokes. Please count them and say, 'Thank you, Mrs. Smith', after each stroke. If you move out of place or forget to count, the stroke will not count. Do you understand, Clyde?"

"Yes, Mrs. Smith," I replied. I heard a swishing sound as she tested the cane in the air. Next, I felt the tip of the cane tapping my poor naked ass.


It felt like a hundred bees stung me in a straight line on my ass. I wasn't expecting this, so I quickly stood up and rubbed my burning ass.

"Since you stood up and forgot to count, that stroke will not count." She said. "Please bend over the desk again for three more strokes of the cane."

"I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much." I said as I slowly bent over the desk.


This time I said, "One. Thank you, Mrs. Smith." I felt her tap my ass with the cane, and heard the whistle of the cane.


"Two. Thank you, Mrs. Smith." I was grateful that there would be only one more stroke of the cane,

"Stay bent over the desk after the last stroke. I will put lotion on your poor red bottom to ease the pain."


"Three. Thank you, Mrs. Smith." Then I saw her put down the cane and open a desk drawer and pull out a bottle of lotion. She kept my legs spread apart as she applied the lotion. She also took advantage of me being in this position because she also applied the lotion to my exposed penis and balls. Although I had just received a spanking, which included four strokes of the cane, now everything felt so good.

Then she released my legs from the spreader bar and I was able to stand up and rub my poor ass. I could feel four parallel welts on my ass and it felt really hot.

"I look forward to next Saturday morning, when I get to spank you, again." She said. "Remember to first shower, and arrive wearing only a towel. So now you better study."


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