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A New Family Pt 2 F/M  


My name is Clyde. My parents died when I was 17, and my dad made arrangements for the Smith family to take care of me. Our family shared a lot of social experiences with the Smith family, so it was a good match for me. They also had a daughter named Cindy, who was two years older than me, and we played together a lot.

My dad had put enough money for the Smith family to take care of me and also my college education. As soon as I graduated from college, I would also receive more of the inheritance, but first I had to graduate. In my third year of college, I wasn't doing so well, and I was thinking about dropping out, but then Mrs. Smith informed me about my additional inheritance if I completed college. So she set up a "weekly attitude adjustment session" on Saturday mornings, which included her spanking me. I was also to be tutored by her daughter Cindy, who had just graduated from college with straight A's.

Cindy had gone to college in another city, and was staying at the house until she found her own place to live. She had a degree in business, and now had a well-respected and high paying job at a bank. She only had to work a forty hour week, so she was always home by 5 PM. This allowed plenty of time for her to eat, and then my tutoring sessions would begin at 7 PM.

At my first two tutoring sessions with her, I felt sort of awkward since I had played with her since we were little kids and she was only two years older than me. And although I got home at 3 PM after classes, I usually wouldn't study but watch television or just goof around. But since I was also majoring in business, it was very easy for Cindy to help me with my college courses.

So at the beginning of my third tutor session with Cindy, she said, "Clyde, I'm unhappy with how your tutoring is going. You are not studying ahead of time, and I seem to be doing all of your homework for you. Things need to change."

"But I …" I tried to reply but Cindy cut me off.

"Don't say a word until I finish. Where was I? My time is too valuable to do all of your college work for you. I need to help you with your laziness and your lack of motivation. My mom told me she spanks you once a week and I propose that I also spank you when I believe you are being lazy. If you want me to be your tutor, you will need to accept a spanking from me whenever I feel it is necessary. So do you agree to be spanked by me?"

"I really don't want another spanking, but I still want you to tutor me. So I guess I will accept a spanking from you."

"Since my mom spanks you after your morning shower on Saturdays, I propose that you take a quick shower right now, and then meet me in my bedroom with you wearing only a towel."

"Okay." I said as I hurried to the bathroom for a quick shower. When I returned to Cindy's bedroom, I noticed that there were two pillows in the middle of the bed, with a towel over them.

"I want you to lay over the pillows so that you ass is elevated." Cathy said. As soon as I got in position, she grabbed the towel I was wearing so now I was totally naked on the bed. I looked back, and noticed she had placed two paddles and a hairbrush next to me.

"First, I want you to spread your legs apart, then I want you to turn your head so you can't see me spank you. Also, while your being spanked, I want you to address me as 'ma'am'. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." I replied.

"So spread your legs and turn your head so that I may start your spanking." As I spread my legs, I was aware that this was exposing my penis and balls. I started to put my legs together again, but Cindy tapped the inside of my thighs. "Spread your legs a little bit more." I spread my legs further apart and then I turned my head so that I would not be able to see her spank me.

I now felt very embarrassed and vulnerable lying on her bed. Now I was totally naked and exposed to a woman whom I had played with growing up. But it was also exciting for me because I was in Cindy's bedroom, lying on Cindy's bed, and smelling Cindy's scent all around me.

"I'll start with the hairbrush. I am sorry that you need to be spanked like this, but you need to change how you study."


It didn't hurt too much at first, and Cindy was spanking me so that my entire ass was being spanked. She started soft, and her spanking became a lot harder as she spanked me. She also would surprise me by rubbing her hands on my exposed ass. Now I didn't know what to expect, a caress of her hand, or the sting of the hairbrush.

"Your ass cheeks are turning a nice pink shade. Let me move on to the paddle." Cindy said.


The paddle covered all of my ass and now my whole bottom area was feeling warm. I was also aware of my growing erection. But everytime I would rise up from the pillow because of my erection, I would feel the sting of the paddle and lower myself, again.


I was experiencing the pain from the paddle, but being in Cindy's bed also aroused me. I also knew that Cindy was able to see my erection since my legs were spread wide apart and my penis and balls were dangling down.


"Now I'm going to switch to the paddle with holes in it." Cindy said.


That paddle really stung me compared to the other paddle. I began to squirm about.

"Hold still, or else I will use the cane on you."

But that paddle stung so much, that I kept moving about.

"Since you won't hold still, I'm going to get my mom's cane. Stay right there and don't rub your ass." Cindy said.

I really wanted to rub my ass, but I kept my hands away. Since I was unable to see the doorway, I didn't want extra strokes of the cane because I rubbed my ass.

I heard her footsteps and then she said, "I'm going to give you six strokes of the cane. Please count them and say 'Thank you, ma'am', after each stroke. Do you understand, Clyde?"

"Yes, ma'am." I replied. I really didn't want her to cane me, but I figured it would hurt less than being spanked with the paddle with many holes in it. I felt her tap my ass with the cane, and heard the cane's distinctive whistle.


"One. Thank you, ma'am." I replied. It felt like a lot of bees stung me in a straight line.


"Two. Thank you, ma'am."

"Will you study when you get home from school?" Cindy asked.

"Yes, I will study." I said.


"Three. Thank you, ma'am."

"And will you not watch television until after your tutoring session?"

"Yes, ma'am." I replied.


"Four. Thank you, ma'am."

"I'm sorry I need to cane you, but I want to make sure you finish college, and also get good grades. You have always been a good friend, and I want to help you with your studies. Also, my mom would always spank me like this, so I know what it feels like." Cindy said.


"Five. Thank you, ma'am."

"After this last stroke, stay in position and I will put some lotion on your warm and red ass." Cindy said.


"Six. Thank you, ma'am."

"Please keep looking away as I put the lotion on your naughty naked bottom." Cindy said.

I jerked a little when I felt the cool lotion on my ass. It felt so good to feel her soft hands all over my ass. She also rubbed the lotion into the six parallel welts that were left from the cane. Then I felt her hands on my inner thighs and between my legs.

"Please keep looking away and allow me to give you a reward for taking your spanking so well." Cindy said. Then I felt her hands on my penis and balls. She stroked my penis up and down until I exploded my cum into the towel on the pillow. It felt so wonderful.

"When you are ready, you can clean yourself up and go back to your room to study." Cindy said. "I am looking forward to your next tutoring session and spanking."

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:08 pm