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a mothers love  


hi! my name is betty. i'm 34, but can easily pass for 25.i think it's my little girl face, and the fact that i've always took pains to keep my skin nice and smooth.i'm 5'6" tall, and weigh 119 lbs.i have brown, shoulder length hair,slightly curly. i have, what i consider, very nice breasts, 32c. i'm long waisted with nice legs. i know they're nice because of reactions i get every time i wear short shorts.

i'm married to a wonderful man, phil., and am the mother of two. brian,15,and mark.12.
my husband, phil, is a construction engineer,and spends a lot of time away at job sites. he can be gone one to three weeks at a time,depending on the site location.sometimmes they're out of state,whitch is the case in this story.
i have a stronger than average sex drive,but i'm not a flirt. i keep myself pasified with books videos and masterbation,while phil is away,and had never considered cheating.
we own a house and five acres about two miles from town. it was friday. mark had asked if he could get off the bus at his friend jeff's,and spend the night there. i called jeff's mother, and she said they would be happy to have him, so i gave him my permission.
i work in at an insurance office in town, and since it's friday, and we were not very busy,my boss told me i could leave early if i wanted,so at 3:30 i was out of the office and on my way home.
i parked the car in the drive,and gathered my purse and keys and went inside, with thoughts of a hot bath,and perhaps one of my sex toys. i had been so horny all day. god,i wanted to get off so bad.i put down my purse and keys,kicked off my shoes,and headed for the bathroom to start filling the tub.our house has a large living room,joining the dining area,and between the two is a doorway that enters the hall,whitch leads to the bedrooms and bathroom.straight across from that doorway is a door that enters my son brian's i entered the hall i noticed brian's door was slightly ajar. i could see a good portion of his bed through the opening,and what i saw stopped me in my 15 year old son was lying on his bed, totally naked. he was proped against the headboard,with one hand feeling his balls, and the other slowly stroking his cock,and what a cock!!!i knew from birth he was larger than average,but i had not saw him nude since he was about 9 or 10. this thing was at least 8" long,and thick. it suddenly occurred to me,how turned on i was at seeing this. he obviously didn't realize i had entered the house. he just kept stroking that beautiful hunk of manhood. i hurried on into the bath, not wanting to embarass him. he would hear the water running anyway,but at least he wouldn't know i had been watching. i started the water,and striped off my clothes. then standing in front of the mirror,naked, i began running my hands over my breasts and crotch. i could see a picture of that magnificent cock in my mind,and fingering my pussy,and my hard nipples,i thought how great it would be to suck it, and feel it inside me.suddenly my eyes opened wide, and i told myself, god, betty!!this is your son. mothers don't fuck they're sons.but the picture of his big hard dick refused to leave my head.i got into the bath and and continued to finger myself,forgeting about the sex toys. i layed my head back and vigorously stroked my clit, outer lips, and vagina,while thinking of my sons young body. how i could enjoy that big dick, and scolding myself at the same time for the thoughts i was having.then telling myself it's just a fantasy,i continued those thoughts as my hands did there work on my on my body, and i brought myself to an orgasm.i finished my bath and pulled the plug, and dried myself. then slipped on my robe whitch i kept hanging on a hook in the bathroom, and went out into the hall. brian's door was open now, and he was dressed.
hi mom! i didn't know you were home. i lied and said i didn't see you either. i thought you were out with one of your friends.all the time, thoughts of his naked body filled my mind,teasing and torturing me. as hard as i tried they wouldn't stop. i had to have him!! i was filled with lust,and desire for his young body. i said,how about something simple for dinner? i can make burgers easily enough. brian said,great! so burgers it was. i wrestled with myself all through dinner,about my obsession with his body and the morality of it,mixed with fear of not knowing how he would react,if i tried to seduce him. would the fact that i'm his mother disgust him, and if so would he tell his dad? as i put the dishes into the dish washer, i closed my eyes for a moment,and told myself,betty, your going to have to make a decision!!! so with the picture of his lovly body, and that huge wonderful cock filling my head, i made that decision. right or wrong, if i can seduce him, i'm going to fuck my son.
i started the dish washer, and went back into the bathroom. i made sure my hair looked alright and freshened my makeup. then i adjusted my housecoat, so that if i stooped or leaned, i knew it would fall back enough to give him a full view of one breast, and made sure it wasn't wrapped to tight to give him an occasional look at my thighs,and i went out into the hall, not knowing for sure how i'm going to go about this.
brian had went back to his room,leaving the door open,and was back on his bed,wearing only his pants.he was holding the control for his nintindo,but i could see he hadn't started the game, so i went in. walking around his bed, i laid down next to him,on my side and leaned on my robe fell away from my body like i knew it would. ok if i join you? sure, he answered.i said we don't get to spend much time with each other, or at least not alone. he turned his head to look at me, and i could see his gaze go straight to my breast. a surge of excitment went through my body.i raised my hand to his head and ran my fingers through his hair. then taking the back of his head i pulled him to me, in the pretense of a hug. i knew his face was against my breast. i could feel his breath on my nipples were hard, as if begging to be sucked,and i wondered if he noticed. i wanted my hard nipple in his mouth. he raised his head,and i said so,what have you been up to lately? he was still stealing glances at my breast,and trying not to be noticed. i could tell he was a little nervous seeing this sight. he said,nothin'. just the usual stuff. i said, no girlfriend yet? he said well, i hangout with susan around school. you know. she's the one i was talking to at the picnic on the 4th. i said, oh, yes. you two snuck off somewhere. no hanky panky goin on there is there? mom!!he said. i giggled, and said just kidding. but maybe it's time for you to learn. you are interested in sex. right? sure!he said. i thought, this is taking to long betty, go for it. with that, i took his hand and and pulled it to my breast.he said, mom! and i held his hand there,his palm firmly against my hard nipple.he was trying to speak,but all he could manage was a's and ah's.i released his hand,and he didn't move it. instead he began to fondle it. i glanced down at his jeans, and i could see them begin to bulge. the sight of this sent a charge through me. my pussy tingled, and i was very aware of the hunger my mouth was experiencing. reaching up i pulled his head to me again,and his hand moved,as i pulled his face against me. his lips parted,and my breast slipped into his mouth. my hand went quickly to his fly,and i squeezed his hard dick. my hands trimbled with excitement. he fondled and sucked my breast as i rubbed his hard dick through his jeans. i moved my hand axiously to the belt on my robe,and pulled it loose.and catching the edge of the robe i threw it behind me,now exposing my other breast,along with the rest of my naked body. brian had let my breast slip from his mouth and was looking at my nakedness. his breathing was heavy, in short gasps,and he said "god!mom!!" i took his hand and pulled it to my abdomen,and leaning toward him i began kissing the side of his face,and his ear. i said,touch me,feel me. his hand slid down through my pubic hair, and between my legs. his fingers exploring every crevice. my body still trembling from excitment and lust.he was sucking my nipple again as his fingers continued to explore my hot,wet pussy.i sat up, pushing him down on his back. i pulled his zipper down and unbuttoned the waistband, and slid his jeans down as he raised his hips,releasing that big cock that i had been fantasizing all evening. i couldn't wait any longer. i took it in my hand and bent forward,sucking that large head into my mouth. my mind seemed to shout at me. "i'm doing it!!i'm sucking my son's big cock!!" that thought sent excitment through me,and my heart raced. my head seemed to reel from the very thought of what i was doing. i turned on the bed,to allow him access to my crotch as i sucked him,and then, grabbing his hand i pulled it between my legs,and continued sucking him. i felt his hand slip from between my legs,and i was a little confused for the moment. then i felt his face against my legs,and i lifted my leg and brought it up to rest on his side.then i felt his mouth,opened wide,and covering my pussy. his tongue wildly running over my clitoris,and into my vagina. stabbing my body with such joy. i felt like i was sixteen again. so excited my body shook. my head bobed up and down,taking as much of this big dick as i could. i felt his body quiver and his face slipped from my cunt,and i knew he's going to cum. i let part of his cock slip from my mouth, and pumped the base hard,with my hand, his body exploded,and his cum was flowing in waves,filling my mouth,and covering my tongue and throat with tangy,but sweet ectasy. his orgasm subsided and rising to my knees,i swung one leg accross his body,and lowered myself onto his still hard manhood. looking into his eyes i could see,he had an expression,as if he had just flown around with peter pan.he said,god mom! that was awesome.but what if dad finds out? i leaned down and kissed him,full on the lips,and said,now we'll just have to make sure he doesn't,won't we? then working my hips up and down on this wounderful dick, i said, now it's time for you to make me cum! with that,i moved off him and onto my back. then pulling him on top of me, i felt his big cock slip into me once more,and all the way in,untill i could feel his balls against my cheeks,and i knew my son was about to give me the fucking i so needed.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:13 pm