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A married woman finally finds someone (Five part story)  


Gregg had dozed off on the loveseat, so didn't even hear Dorothy enter. She was already kneeling, her hands on his cock as he woke. He looked at the clock. 2:14 a.m. "Don't worry. She just left." she said, and rubbing his cock to erecton, smelled it. "I think somebody got some pussy!" she playfully taunted. Taking another big inhale of his shaft, she said "Mmmmm. I can smell her on you. I'm glad you didn't take a shower." She ran long laps, all the way up the shaft, on it's tummy and back, effectively removing Jen from her secret lover and then, squeezing behind his balls tightly, deep-throated him. Once he was all the way in, she vibrated his cock by screaming and shaking at his engorged cock with her head. Backing off, she asked, "You like that?" Not waiting for an answer, she clutched behind his balls even harder and rammed his cock down her throat again, so that her nose was deep within his pubic hair, touching his skin. She twisted his sac until it was purple and screamed her passionate vibrations into his penis. There was nothing he could do but grab her hair.

Just when he thought he couldn't take it any more, she gave him back his cock and balls and asked, undoing her garter belt, "Did you cum inside her?" "Yeah" responded Gregg. "I thought I smelled some male on you." confirmed Dorothy, peeling off her black stockings. "I wasn't going to do this..." she said. "I can't stay long." Gregg gulped, his erect cock lying helplessly on top of him, it's life-filled urethra exposed and already bulging even after having emptied into Jen two hours earlier. Off came her black panties and the 44-year-old woman mounted him completely and instantly.

She rocked her hips forward and back, milking the 32-year-old single guy. "You have anything left in there for me?" she teased, reaching behind herself and holding his balls. "Huh?" she persisted, quickly licking her fingers and then squeezing his nipples as she bounced. "Always." Gregg managed. He spun her around, and standing, walked her into the bedroom, her still impaled on him. He layed her down on the wet sheet where Jen and he had just fucked. He whispered in her ear, "I popped the question to her already." Dorothy was overjoyed. With any luck, she'd be having an affair with her sister's husband within weeks, maybe days.

"Hurry up and cum in me!" she said, excited. "I have to get back before my husband wakes up." As he fucked her slowly and intensely, he whispered in her ear, "Will you really have my baby?" "Yes, I will, stud." replied the spread-eagled married woman. "Making my husband bring up your child is a betrayal that's almost as good as the cheating. It makes the whole cycle complete." "Thank you, sweetheart." said Gregg. Dorothy was going to say something, but instead she started moaning and then came all over Gregg. "You have a nicer-feeling pussy than your sister." he said, sweating onto his married sex partner's face. "I'll see you here every time she does, right afterward." said Dorothy, gasping for breath, "To wash her pussy juice off with mine. I want you walking around with my scent on you, not hers." After a few moments, she added, "I don't want that bitch to think she owns you just because she's married to you."

Gregg was fucking hard now, and ramming his lips all over the 44-year-old's neck in massive, tender neck-munches. To bring him over the edge, he smelled her left armpit, breathing the heady hormones deep into his testicles. He grabbed at her tits with his teeth and brought her legs up so far that he was also licking the cracks at the backs of her knees.

Knowing that he was about to cum, Dorothy passionately growled, "You son of a bitch, I want your baby!" He ploughed into the wide-open woman, spurred on by her legs clamped behind his ass, pushing hard. He was ready to explode inside her as her husband slept peacefully at home. "Give me your fucking baby!" she yelled, and slapped the side of his head. She came up with the other hand, ready to strike the other side of his head, but he caught it in his own. They looked at eachother, smiled and laughed.

"Show me your wedding ring." he said, hurridly. He kissed it madly and let out almost a crying noise as he came, the ring still pressed to his lips. "That's my boy."she said, gently stroking his hair as he emptied his d.n.a. into her, letting out passionate whimpers and cries.

Dorothy knew that Jen had decided to take Gregg up on his offer of marriage even before Gregg did. The next morning, when Dorothy was dropping her sixteen-year-old boy off at Jens for Jen to drive him to high school later, she sat in the kitchen and witnessed Jen strolling and dancing downstairs at 6:55 a.m. "Well..!" she commented. "You sure look happy..." "Gregg asked me to marry him!" she said, off-handedly, trying to conceal her smile by biting a piece of toast and turning away. "Are you serious? That's wonderful!" exclaimed Dorothy, and she rose to hug Jen. "You must really like him!" "I love him!" corrected Jen. "He's totally wonderful and amazing." "Did you have sex with him yet?" Dorothy whispered so her son could not hear. "Of course not!" Jen objected. "Oh. Well, that's good." approved Dorothy, thinking, "You lying, little tramp. We'll see who he gets pregnant first. We'll see."

Gregg was out buying an engagement ring that noon on his lunch break when he called Dorothy from a payphone, knowing that her husband was out. "Don't propose until tomorrow sweetie." she told him. "My husband's going out to a meeting tonight and I want to see the ring before she does. I want to wear it before her, too." "Definitely." said Gregg. They rendezvoued at another for-sale house, this one a victorian mansion from the 1930's. "Let's see the fuckin' ring." said Dorothy as they entered the house. Gregg showed it to her and she said, "You know how bad I want to destroy this thing?" Gregg followed her into the bathroom and she pulled her black, crotchless pantyhose down and sat on the toilet. Gregg figured out what she was up to. He dutifully knelt and lapped at her pussy, soon smelling the scent of fresh, warm shit waft up from underneath. He kept lapping and she approvingly kissed his head, lying hers on his as she finished up.

She stood up and put her shit on a small saucer. She then placed the ring in it, enough that they could only see the helpless, little diamond sticking it's pitiful head out. "Let's bring this in with us." she said, and they walked to the den and stripped. She lit a candle she had brought and placed the unfortunate ring, the symbol of all Jen's hopes and dreams, beside them as they made love. Gregg penetrated his love Dorothy and they both looked over at the sparkling ring in the shit.., and both laughed.

The ring all cleaned up, Jen broke down in tears of joy when Gregg put it on her finger the next day on a bridge over the river. He had gotten out of work early, just to make Jen think it was a special day to him. She jumped into his arms and he spun her around, doing his best to appear moved by the moment and by her. "I have never met anyone like you in my life, Jen." he said "...and I will love you till my dying day." Jen felt so very special at that moment but the truth was that she was wholly unremarkable. She was probably good breeding stock.., and someone just to cheat on. He could have chosen anyone for that. He'd bring his money home and prove a reliable husband to her and her children, but he would also create a multitude of excuses, to be away from her and in the arms and vagina of her older, sexier sister.

Jen, of course, dragged him into the bedroom as soon as they got back to his apartment after that, so he quickly switched on a hidden camera that took digital pictures every 20 seconds. Naked Jen had no idea she was being taken pics of as a "trophy" for sister Dorothy. He then fucked his fiancee, knowing that as soon as she left, Dorothy would be over, lapping her cum off of him and replacing Jen's essence with her own. Greg always told Dorothy everything about what he and Jen had just done, as well. Dorothy would know all of Jen's secrets.

The wedding was 10 days later, and on that day, it was not Dorothy who was pregnant, but beautiful, radiant Jen. "I demand that you fuck me in your groom's outfit that day." Dorothy had told him soon after Jen and Gregg were engaged. At first, Gregg wasn't sure how to accomplish that task, but right before daybreak on June 11, he was waiting for her behind her house, under the patio,when she suddenly appeared in a sheer nylon nightie. He fucked her up against the house in his groom's outfit as her husband and son slept soundly upstairs. It would be another 28 days before he impregnated Dorothy. He was going to be a dad and his sons would be cousins.

Dorothy was the maid-of-honor as Jen strolled down the aisle, music playing. Gregg's cum was rotting inside Dorothy and her cum was rotting on Gregg and that's the way they wanted it. They especially wanted Jen and all her relatives to smell "that funny smell" on that day, at her wedding. It was the product of Jen's betrayal. It was the proof that her fiance's living cum had been stolen from him and that he had allowed it.

Jen was prettier than Dorothy. She was younger, more bubbly and made more money, too, but in the end she couldn't compete with a woman who was truly exciting. Truly passionate. Dorothy looked in Jen's eyes with scorn and superiority as Jen approached the altar. She knew she could take her husband away from her at that very moment just by asking and that Gregg would walk out of the church with her. She wasn't about to make it that easy on herself, though. She looked forward to the little text messages as Gregg and she were in their respective bathrooms and cars, planning their next move.

Avoiding and deceiving both Jen and Dorothy's husband was an exciting, sexy but sometimes frustrating game that Gregg and Dorothy played for 15 years. Jen suspected something, but didn't investigate and she and Gregg stayed together. Dorothy produced four children; two boys and two girls for Gregg, presenting them to her husband as his own. He must have known, because they had pretty much stopped having sex before Gregg had met his wife. They still went to social gatherings together, and brought the kids right along. Unbeknownst to him, Dorothy had d.n.a. tests done on the children and it proved they were Gregg's.

Gregg and Dorothy had four abortions together, as well. All of it was worth it to them. Anything for a thrill.

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