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A Loving Family - Samantha's Story - Part One  


Chapter One - Samantha learns something about boys.

A week after Don first began to show his daughter Susan the joy of being held in love by a man, Samantha was alone at home and lying in her scented bath. She had packed lunches for Peter and Susan who were now back at school. Her husband was at his office.

The previous week Don, at Samantha’s suggestion, had gone to Susan’s room each night (where she expected him,) and step by step had taken her from those first nervous and tentative touches; taken her from willing but timid surrender to the realisation of glorious release. Taken her from the shivering acceptance of his finger to the frightening realisation that his impossibly large maleness, poised above her as he knelt between her helplessly spread thighs, was going to stretch and break her. Her mother had heard her first pain, but increasingly her sounds of pleasure.

As Samantha lay there, the aroma of Lavender and Camomile adding to her sensual feelings she thought back, far, far back to her own earliest memories of sexual discovery.


Samantha was an only child but had uncles and aunts on both sides of her family, and several cousins. A female cousin was getting hurriedly married as she was already pregnant. The wedding took place as quickly as could be arranged, and with the many responsibilities of Christmas the Vicar couldn’t make Cousin Angela a respectable married lady until January! Samantha clearly remembered being excited at the morning wedding even though she wasn’t a bridesmaid. Weddings after all were Romantic and happened in True Love and to Knights on White Horses.

January weather in England is very unpredictable. ALL weather in England is unpredictable!! The weather in the days preceding the ceremony was cold but fine, but then the evening before the wedding itself, the clouds rolled in and it started to snow heavily with a strong wind.

The family guests struggled through snow drifts to get to the home of the parents of the bride after the wedding breakfast. The Bride and Groom were snowed in and couldn’t leave for their honeymoon and the hosts rapidly made emergency allocations of rooms and temporary beds for the stranded family members. The Bride and Groom were given the bride’s old bedroom, still with its single bed, and then arrangements were made for everyone else. The different family cousins had beds made up in the living room and Samantha was given an easy chair with footstool so she could stretch out.

Both male and female cousins were in the same room as Samantha. One male was cousin Len, another was Derek, a girl cousin Kath, and then there was Mary. Len had the couch and others had chairs or air beds and sleeping bags.

After a lot of excited whispering Kath and Mary seemed to be asleep. Samantha couldn’t sleep through excitement at the unique sleeping arrangements and heard a lot of laughter as the Bride and Groom went upstairs to bed in the room directly above. Not long after came the creaking of Angela’s bed and Samantha knew her cousin was being made a wife by her new husband. She had heard beds make that noise and had peeked in her parents’ room and seen Dad on top of Mother as she lay with her legs spread wide. She had heard the noises Mother made and heard her say things like “harder, harder” and “yes, yes, yes” then a sort of scream from her and a grunting from Dad. She knew they were doing “IT.” She also knew that her Mother liked what Dad was doing to her. She lay still in her makeshift bed, her heart beating hard as she listened to Angela getting “IT” from her new husband.

It was quite warm in the living room as the heating was on with it being such a cold night.

Samantha was lying on her back with arms out of the sheet, listening to Angela’s bed creaking, when suddenly a hand was stroking softly on her shoulder. She just FROZE. Then the hand went under the sheet and was stroking her front. She was wearing vest and panties with a big shirt of uncle’s over the top like a nightie. An English vest is like a sleeveless T. An undershirt if you like.

She was nervous knowing that this had happened to Angela minutes ago. Being felt by her new husband. Samantha lay still, pretending to be asleep. The hand went under the vest and over her chest, then down and down and slipped under the waist of her panties. His fingers were feeling at the top of her slit. He must have known she wasn’t asleep because he said really softly “open for me. I want to touch you.” She just lay there and didn’t open.

His hand pulled the trembling legs open but she didn’t resist. He was sliding his finger up and down the pouting slit. He was tugging the panties down and she gave the game away and lifted her hips so he could get them off. He climbed into the chair and she realised he was naked. Samantha could feel his boy thing, very hard, pressing on her thigh. He took her hand and wrapped it round it and showed her how to move it up and down for him.

He whispered “get naked” and when she didn’t move he clumsily dragged her panties down and off, and lifted her vest and shirt.

His fingers were rough as he tried to find her girl hole, pushing and trying to force an entry. It hurt her. She was dry but suddenly a heat flushed through her tender body and wetness came from the hole. His finger tip found her wetness and was demanding to go inside. It was in. Suddenly it hurt more and she cried out, trying to push his hand away.

“Be quiet” he hissed “somebody will hear.”

He eased back a little but he kept his finger in and was wiggling inside. His hand took hers and wrapped it round the scary hardness, making Samantha jerk on it the way he wanted. Suddenly there was a throbbing and pulsing in her hand and warm stuff was spurting on her belly. Had he peed on her? She didn’t know about boys cum. Not until then.

“Sam that was great. You’re great. We can do it again if we don’t go home tomorrow” he whispered. Then he got out of her chair and left her all sticky and messy. Samantha lay there. Limp. Hardly believing what had happened. She felt the wetness cooling and touched it uneasily with suspicious fingers. It was slippery. It wasn’t pee. She used her panties to wipe herself. They felt horrible when she put them back on.

The next day the snow was still deep and the families stayed another day and night. The children were undressed by their parents and sent to bed. Once again those awake could hear Angela getting “IT” from her husband. As Samantha lay in her chair she wondered if her cousin had to hold “IT” for her husband and if she wiped up with her panties. Angela’s bed really made a noise in the room below. Everybody must have known she was getting “IT.”

The house quietened, the children slept except for Len. Samantha woke and found Len in her chair. Naked. He made her get naked and then felt and fingered and whispered “toss me off” and put her hand on it.

“Wank my cock” he whispered in her ear. Samantha realised what he wanted her to do and held it, rubbing it up and down. So hot and hard in her hand. So strange. Unexpectedly he was pushing her legs even wider and he moved on top of her, nakedly on top of her. The hard “cock” was rubbing on her opening and then jerking and spurting and he had cum over her pouting slit. That time she used her vest to get dry. Better than wearing wet panties. He hadn’t got “IT” inside her though.

The next day the roads were cleared and the families were able to return home.

Harry and Margaret (Maggie) Johnson and Samantha didn’t live close to Len’s family, and Samantha didn’t see him again until she was nearly fourteen.

Although she sometimes dreamed of Len’s thing, his hardness, what she had felt in her hand and the smooth sticky slipperiness of the strange stuff on her body, she couldn’t picture “IT” in her mind. Samantha didn’t see Len’s “cock.” It all happened in the dark. She had only ever seen a baby boy naked and his tiny thing was impossible for her to imagine as the hot hard “cock” (the word now made her shiver) that Len had forced in her hand and between her legs. She occasionally woke with a desperate itch and an unusual wetness between her legs. She would dash to the bathroom and pee thinking she was wetting herself.


Chapter Two - Samantha makes a life long friend

The adult Samantha continued to think of her early years as she lay warmly in her bath, her mind recollecting the earliest stumbling, confused awareness of her change from girl to young woman.

She was now approaching twelve and knew things were happening to her body. Strange things. Sudden discomforts. Her chest was changing. Tenderness in her chest. Sudden aches in her tummy. Hips getting wider (ohgod was she getting FAT? she wondered) Samantha was getting a shape.

Her mother told her about monthly periods and bleeding (yuck, yuck) and explained about pads and tampons. Samantha’s mother saw the confusion and distress in her daughter’s face and gathered her into loving arms.

“Mummy I could NEVER put anything up there” she sobbed, wherever “up there” was exactly. The thought was revolting. Her mother hugged and comforted her and explained it was because she would soon be a young woman and no longer a girl. It was unavoidable. It would happen within a monthly cycle for maybe forty years. Mummy wiped her tears and gave female comfort for what was inevitable.

“Please God if you Love Me” Samantha thought “don’t make me be a Woman.”


She would be twelve next week!!! Another year and she would be a TEEN Wahooooooooo!!! The adult Samantha remembered very clearly her next revelation.

THAT morning she woke suddenly from a dream. A dream like the book she had read last night, where a Shining Knight reached down from his White Horse and lifted her into his lap. His strong Manly arms clasped her to him. He bent and Kissed her Cheek ... she Swooned in His Arms. As she woke the dream drained away like water on sand and left her with dampness and an itchy feeling.

THAT morning after her pee the itch didn’t go away as it had before. After breakfast it was still there. She stood in the shower and the hot water cascading over her front and back felt somehow special on her young skin. She took her soap, silky smooth Nivea from her Mum’s soap basket and lathered herself. Rinsed off her top part. Reached down to her “dirty” part. Her secret “we don’t talk about this in public” part. She lathered herself.

“Keep yourself clean, Samantha, a girl easily smells. Wash yourself PROPERLY in all the little folds we all have down there.”

The rich creamy soap felt extra specially nice and creamy. Samantha washed more thoroughly. She made sure all her folds were clean. And the itchy place … maybe if she cleaned that extra special too?

As she soaped, her inside tummy, very low, seemed to be filling. Like the shower water filling her. The itch was getting itchier. She was getting more and more full. Where the itch was got bigger. Harder. The water seemed to fill her, to flood her and she was exploding and trembling and making noises she didn’t really hear. Her mind wasn’t her mind. Her body wasn’t her body. Her legs were shaking and couldn’t hold her up any more and she slid down in the shower and sat with the water pouring on her.

She struggled to her feet. Trembling. Legs shaky. Turned off the shower. Wrapped a bath towel around her. Went to her room. Lay naked on her bed. Her mind was spinning ... what had she done? Had she harmed herself? “Oh God forgive me if I was bad.” She fell asleep.

Mummy was shaking her.

Samantha. SAMANTHA. WAKE UP. It’s time for school.

The next day in her shower she dared not touch between her legs.

Three days later the dream came back. The itch came back. The wet came back between her legs.

She washed very carefully using a wash cloth. Felt the need to touch, to satisfy the compelling itch. She discarded the washcloth. Used her fingers. She exploded again

The following day it happened again,

And again the day after that.

After discovering the absolute joy of her own special magic button she had formed a friend for life. She need never again feel lonely.


Chapter Three - A Magical Treat for Samantha - and a holiday is arranged.

The adult Samantha woke from her journey back in time, startled to find she had almost slipped under her bath water. She quickly washed her body and rinsed off the soap.

Dressed and feeling fresh she headed into town, parked and headed for the various travel agents. Catalogues were chosen and were now in her carrier bag for a jolly good browse before the kids got home from school. She checked her watch “Yes” she thought, “Just time to pop into the butcher’s and get some steak for the evening meal.” Now off to her favourite pub, “The Ship at Anchor” to meet her dearest friend Chérie, They had roomed together at University and become firm and intimate friends. It was a friendship that left no secrets between them.

They sat in a corner of the old bar with its genuine oak beams, where polished brasses and pictures of sailing ships adorned the walls. Bottles of liqueurs and spirits stood on glass shelves and in their racks; sparkling glasses were stacked waiting for custom with white wines in a chilled container on the wall. In the air the faint smell of cooking and cigars and beer was overlaid by the polish used by the landlady to enhance the wooden tables.

As ever their conversation was punctuated with laughter and giggles, with raised eyebrows and knowing looks as they exchanged gossip.

“Morning ladies” called the landlord as he entered the bar. “Are you eating today?”

“Yes Freddy” replied Chérie “anything special on? Just something light.”

“Nell’s working on a steak and kidney pie, but I got some fresh crab. Just in from Cromer. Caught last night, cooked this morning. Bootiful” he said in his homely Norfolk accent.

The girls nodded at each other “Sold” called out Samantha “and side salads please, Freddy. As soon as you like.”

The food eaten, their bills paid, the two women hugged and kissed and made a date for two weeks hence. Samantha drove to her home mentally replaying some of the spicy gossip. “Poor old Maisie, pregnant again. Why the hell didn’t she get on the pill? And could it be true - the dentist’s wife having it off with that young man? God he couldn’t be more than twenty. Could he? But Bridget said she actually SAW them parked at the old quarry. I wonder what Bridget was doing there, and who was SHE with?”

Samantha made herself a cup of tea and settled down on the sofa to browse the holiday catalogues. “ Scandinavia ? mmm definitely a ‘will do’ but not this year. Holland ? Tulip time? Another maybe. Hamburg ? Now there’s a thought! She could ask her good friends Patrick and Virginia how they had enjoyed their stay last year. France ? She had always loved France , but where? The Mediterranean area? Paris ? No they had done those. The Charente Maritime - wait - her memory stirred - what was the name of that beautiful rebuilt French town? On the coast. North of Bordeaux . Royan? YES ROYAN where almost 30 years ago …….”


Samantha was now thirteen. Her favourite uncle and aunt were her mother’s brother, Danny and his wife Emily.

Uncle Danny and Aunt Emily had no children. They wanted them but as they hadn’t appeared on the scene they came to treat Sammy as more than a niece. Danny had his own transport and storage business carrying and collecting deliveries all over the UK , Ireland and in continental Europe . They owned a very large Victorian farmhouse in mellow honey gold brickwork, forty five hundred square feet of rooms that seemed to go on for ever and were huge to Samantha’s young eyes. The dwelling had obviously been built for a farmer and his large family, with a kitchen to cater for family and farm workers. Danny had based his successful business there and one room was used as an office. Outbuildings that had been barns and byres were remodelled and extended for his transport fleet and workshop. Secure buildings held goods in transit and for collection, the whole area being smothered with lights and alarms.

Samantha was fascinated by the huge articulated vehicles and the skill of the drivers in parking them to within an inch. When they growled out, diesel engines throbbing and filling her chest with sound, and listening to the sharp hisssss as the air brakes were applied before exiting to the road, Sammy’s imagination was fired by thoughts of them racing west, south, every direction, carrying the needs of thousands of people, thundering along the highways to Romantic Far Off Places.

An impossible, unimaginable dream came true for her early one morning. Her mother shook her gently out of sleep just as Dawn, in her pink silken robes drew back the dark curtains of Night to reveal the quiet rural landscape. It was late February, cold and crisp but with the promise of winter’s end.

“Sammy. Sammy, wake up. Sammy, WAKE UP.”

A bleary eye opened to see her mother. “Worrizit, wazzamatter,” Sammy slurred, intent only on turning over and going back to sleep.

“Uncle Danny gave me a message for you last night after you were in bed.”

The bleary eye popped wide open.

“He said there’s something he’d like your help with. He said only you could do it but you must be at the yard early. You have 45 minutes to shower and dress and have something inside you. Come on Sammy, get a move on or it may be too late.”

Samantha leapt out of bed and hurtled into her bathroom, her heart racing. Awake now and refreshed from her ablutions, she dashed back to her bedroom, naked as a baby, ignoring her father who stood admiring her young beauty as she brushed by him, teasing his senses with the fresh light smell of her adolescent toiletries. Dressed in warm pantyhose, denim shirt and skirt, she gulped a few mouthfuls of cereal and downed a glass of freshly squeezed oranges. She headed for the door calling “Bye Mum, bye Dad” when her mother stood firmly in her way.

“Oh no you don’t, young lady. Back upstairs. You look as though you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards. You can put on jeans with that shirt and I’m going to fix your hair. You look a fright. And wear a woolly too, it’s cold out there.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I will be late.”

“No you wont I’ll take you in the car. Get upstairs NOW.”

Muttering rebelliously Samantha ran upstairs to her room and took off her skirt.

“Wear your bra Samantha”

“But I don’t need one at Uncle Danny’s”

“Samanthaaaa ……” her mother said warningly.

Samantha angrily took off her shirt and covered her swelling breasts, pulled on her shirt again and stepped into jeans.

“Now turn round I’m going to brush your hair and put it in a pigtail so it doesn’t get in the way.”

Finally, all was done to a mother’s satisfaction. “Well it’s the best I can do, Sammy. You’ll pass I suppose. As long as nobody looks at you.”

Samantha sniffed her disdain and Maggie hid a secret smile, her heart melting as she looked at her lovely, slightly mutinous but excited daughter.

They arrived at the yard. A swift warm smile and a kiss “Hi” to Aunt Em, eyes searching for Uncle Dan, seeing the huge truck standing there against which she seemed so tiny, hearing the engine ticking over with its deep ‘tonka, tonka, tonka’ noise.

Uncle Danny appeared from the kitchen carrying two small shoulder bags and a coat. Sammy ran to him “what do you want me to do?”

Dan hugged his niece and gave her one of the bags. “This is yours. It’s your driver’s breakfast and lunch and drinks. Get in the cab we’re off in a couple of minutes. Oh … this is yours too and he handed her a small protective coat, the kind she knew all the drivers wore with “Bure Transport” blazoned on the back in yellow on the dark blue cloth.”

Samantha gasped, speechless with delight. She looked at her mum and aunt standing together, wide smiles on their faces as they saw the young girl’s amazed pleasure.

“Mum you KNEW all the time didn’t you?” Samantha accused.

“Yes darling, Uncle Dan asked us last evening if we’d let you to go with him for the day. Only today, mind you. You’re home tonight. And you had to wear jeans he said, because no way was he going to have other drivers looking up his niece’s skirts.”

“Ohhh Mum thanks you are the BEST. I’m sorry I was a bit grumpy. Tell Daddy thanks. And Aunt Em thanks for the packing up food and thanks for the coat and….”

Aunt Emily was chuckling “Sammy, dear, you had better stop all this thanks it sounds like an Oscar Ceremony. Get in the cab before you’re left behind. Can you manage by yourself? It’s very high you know, and don’t FALL or your mother will kill me.”

Uncle Danny laughed “She’s been in and out of the cabs like a little monkey for the last two years. She’ll manage. Just let her get on with it and don’t fuss.”

They sat together, safety belts clipped securely. The engine’s rumble changed to a controlled growl of power, the brakes hissed and they moved slowly forward. Window down, Samantha’s face beamed down at her mother and aunt who were waving and laughing at her delighted excitement.

They were off. The Open Road beckoned. Samantha was on a Magic Journey, sharing a day with her favourite uncle as they went to discover Romantic Places.

Standing in the yard watching the truck roll away, there was a sudden sadness in Emily’s eyes. “Oh, Maggie, Dan and I would have loved a daughter, just like your Samantha. We love her you know.”

Maggie took her arm and hugged it to her. “Yes, Em, I know. We both know. Come on now; make me a coffee I’ve got something to ask you.”

In the large warm kitchen they sat at an old scrubbed table, coffee to hand.

“Em, do you think there’s any chance you and Dan could get a couple of weeks off and come with us to France ? We could go to one of those lovely chateau holiday sites. There’d be swimming pools there and from what I’ve been told by Katie MacLean they are really lovely and clean and welcoming, and she recommends one at a town called Royan. It’s half way down the Atlantic coast and Katie says the town is adorable ... all French Chic. It had to be flattened by the Allies at the end of the war because of German resistance there. And the town is totally rebuilt. In the French style. Not old, but delightfully modern. We could ferry overnight from Southampton to St Malo and Katie says it’s an easy 250 mile run down through France . Is there any chance you could come? The five of us together?”

Em frowned a moment in doubt, then grinned at her sister-in-law. “Maggie we haven’t had a bloody holiday in 2 years, Danny has been so busy. His chief driver is very capable. A clever man. Intelligent. My sister can handle the admin side. She helps out anyway and has stood in for me before. Hey, girl I’m going to put my foot down with a firm hand and MAKE him arrange it.”

And she did.

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