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A first job before college.  


The Ranch

After I finished high school, I needed a summer job to help pay for my college education. I was eighteen years old and I had applied to many companies, but I had no interviews. Then I saw an ad in the paper to work at a horse ranch. I needed to report to a hotel lobby at a certain time. I brought my resume and I had an interview with an older woman about working on the ranch. I was given literature about the ranch and was told I could have the job if I would sign the contract. I told her that since this was my first job and that I was only eighteen years old; I wanted my parents to read the literature and contract. I was to call her if I accepted the job.

My parents thought the job would be a great experience for me. All my room and board would be paid for, plus I would make good money. Although I would be expected to work six days a week, I would be given a day off and the workdays would be only eight hours long. Also, if I was willing to work more than eight hours, I would get overtime.

The ranch was located in the middle of nowhere, and about 90 miles from the city I lived in. The literature said that I would have limited phone privileges, and there was no television reception, so bring books. The contract seemed okay with my parents, except for a clause that mentioned something about corrections would be taken for any misbehavior. So I called her back and told her that I accepted the job on the condition that my parents would take me to the ranch and look it over. If they were uneasy with anything, I won't work there. I was to report to the ranch on a Saturday, a week from now.

When I arrived with my parents, the same woman that interviewed me also showed me and my parents the ranch. I had a nice room for myself, and we were also able to talk to the other workers. Everything seemed great and then my parents asked her about the punishment clause. She told my parents that it involved "the woodshed", and that she would show my parents "the woodshed", but I wouldn't get to see "the woodshed" until I needed to be disciplined.

After my parents saw it, they said that this was a great opportunity for me, and left me there for the summer. They also reminded me that since I was now eighteen years old and an adult, it was up to me to make my own decisions and they left.

The older woman at the ranch was named "Sally". She was thirty-seven years old with two boys who had married and no longer were living on the ranch. He husband had been recently killed in a car accident, and she was left alone with the ranch. There were six ranch hands, and a maid. The maid fixed all of the food and kept the ranch house clean. Sally supervised everyone and also helped in running the ranch.

Sally gathered me and two other new ranch hands together in the living room and explained the rules for working there. The rules seemed simple, we need to be awake and dressed for breakfast at 6 PM, and we needed to be there for the 6 PM dinner. We could either get lunch at the ranch house, or we could take a lunch with us if we were working far away from the house. Also, we were expected to put in a full day's work, and no sleeping while on the job. If we broke anything, we were responsible for either fixing it or for paying for it. There was flaterising with the opposite sex. That was an automatic 30 demerits. Every week on Wednesday, she would have a short job review with the workers, and she would discuss your pay for the week and any demerits. She gave each of us a sheet of paper on how we would earn demerits, and when a twenty demerits or over were reached, it would be taken care of in "the woodshed". She also had us pick out work clothes needed from a special laundry room in the house. Since we were new to the ranch, our first workday would start on Monday.

At first I worked in the barn and stables so that Sally could watch over me. It was a great job! I learned how to ride a horse, and used a horse in the work I was required to do. I also learned how to take care of horses and train them. It was hard work, but very rewarding. On my weekly reviews, Sally gave me extra pay and very rarely earned a demerit.

But one Saturday, I went into the city with the other ranch hands and was told that the car would leave the city at 10:00 PM. If I wasn't at the car at that time, I would be responsible for my own transportation back to the ranch. Anyway, I went to a dance club and found a girl to hang out with. I really liked her, and she dropped me off at the ranch around 3 AM in the morning. I had to work on Sunday, and I fell asleep while repairing the fences around the ranch. Sally had high-powered zoom binoculars that had a built in digital camera. So on Wednesday, during my work review, she showed me pictures of me sleeping. That was automatic twenty demerits, and with the ten demerits I had already accumulated, I had thirty demerits. I was handed a sheet to sign acknowledging my thirty demerits and that I agreed to the punishment. Sally also told me that if I didn't accept the punishment, I would need to leave the ranch by Thursday evening and I would receive payment for the work completed up until now. I really needed the money for my college education, so I agreed to the punishment and signed the paper. She told me to meet her outside of "the woodshed" at 7 PM, after dinner and my demerits would be dealt with.

The rest of the day, I was worried about what my punishment would be like. Since my parents had seen "the woodshed", I felt that it must be okay. At dinner, I didn't eat very much, and I went to my room for a quiet time.

At 7 PM, I met Sally outside of "the woodshed".

"If you don't want to be punished, you can still leave the ranch with the money that you have made so far." Sally said.

"I am using the money to pay for my college education, and you did catch me sleeping. So I do accept the punishment that I deserve," I said.

"You are a smart young man. You are also one of my best workers, but you can't sleep on the job. So follow me inside and let's get this over with." Sally said.

"The woodshed" was a small storage shed attached to the nearby farm. Sally always had a padlock on the doors, and the workers were not allowed to see the inside of the shed unless they were to be punished.

Once the doors were opened, the first thing I noticed was stacks of hay around the outside walls. In the middle was a wooden horse that was normally used to hold saddles. Beside the wooden horse were several modified saddles that didn't have any stirrups. There were also several wooden chairs and stools. On one wall were various crops, whips, canes, and paddles.

"How tall are you?" Sally asked.

"I'm six foot even." I replied.

She took one of the modified saddles and secured it with straps to the wooden horse.

"I am now going to spank you while bent over the saddle on the wooden horse. Since you have thirty demerits, it will last thirty minutes and it will hurt. When was the last time you were spanked?" She asked.

"It was back in eighth grade by my dad for bad grades, so it has been a while." I said.

"Then I suggest you first get an over the knee warm-up spanking." Sally said. "It will not count against your thirty minute spanking, but it will make it easier on your butt to be warmed up first."

"Okay. If you suggest it." I said.

Sally got a wooden armless chair and put it in the middle of the room. "First take of your shirt and then come over here and stand next to me with your hands above your head." Once beside her, she undid my belt and lowered my jeans to my ankles. I felt thankful that she didn't take down my white briefs. I hadn't dated very many girls in high school, so I felt very embarrassed to be nearly naked in front of Sally. "Now bend over my lap so that your hands and feet are on the floor and you butt is high in the air." Sally was wearing a jean-skirt, and she hiked it up just before I lay over her lap. Now everything felt very strange to me. I feel the warmth of her body next to mine, and I could smell her sweet perfume. But I also felt very exposed and vulnerable in this position.

Then Sally began to spank me. It was obvious that she had spanked many people before me. Her spanks went from cheek to cheek, first starting softly, and then growing more intense. "Clyde, you are such a good worker, I was hoping that you would be able to work the whole summer without being punished. Some of my lazy workers I punish on a weekly basis, and then I fire them. So I hope you stay out of trouble." After spanking me for a while and the spanks started to sting, she said, "Now lift up so that I can pull your briefs down and see what your naked butt looks like,"

I hesitated and said, "But then I would be naked over your lap. Do I have to."

"Either walk out right now and lose your job or lift up." Sally said. I reluctantly raised up and I felt her fingernails in the waistband of my briefs and then she slid them down to my ankles. I already had an erection and I was now very conscious of the fact that I was now putting my penis between her thighs. Then I felt even more aroused as I felt Sally's hands on my naked upturned butt.

"Your butt is turning a nice shade of pink, but it will be totally red by the time I am finished with your spanking." She continued to spank my bare butt, but also stopped now and then to feel the warmth of my butt.

"Now stand up and bend over the horse." As I stood up, I attempted to hide my erection with my hands.

"I have spanked my two boys, my husband, and the other workers around here. So you have nothing to hide that I have not seen before." Sally said.

So with my jeans and underwear around my ankles and no shirt, I hobbled over to the wooden horse and bent over the modified saddle. I was now completely naked except for my jeans and underwear at my ankles. Next Sally came around in front of me and said, "Hold on to the bottom rung of the horse. If you let go, your spanking will last longer." Then she gathered some spanking implements and laid them on the floor next to my face so that I could clearly see them. She also picked up a kitchen timer and placed it with the spanking implements.

Sally picked up the riding crop and went around behind me. First she took off my jeans and briefs and then said, "Spread your legs so that they are on the outside of the legs of the wooden horse." I felt a tapping of the crop on the insides of my thighs to spread them even further apart. This was causing me to stand on tiptoe and it was totally exposing my penis and balls. The taps became even stronger as she said, "Spread those legs even more."

After Sally was satisfied in the totally exposed position I was in, she said, "These are the rules of your spanking. First, during your spanking, refer to me as 'ma'am'. Second, if rise up or get out of position, more time will be added to your spanking. Third, if you rise up more than once, I will secure you to the wooden horse. Fourth, you can scream or yell all you want; no one will hear you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do." I replied.

Then I felt her hit me with the riding crop right between my ass cheeks. "What do you call me?" She asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"That's better," She reached down, exchanged the riding crop for a leather round paddle, and set the timer for thirty minutes. "Your spanking will start now!"


Then she started to spank me. The swats started soft, but gradually got harder and harder. Now and then she would pick up the riding crop and hit me on the back of my thighs and between my legs. I was squirming about a bit as I felt my ass get warmer and warmer, but stayed in place. That was until she picked up a long wooden paddle with many large holes in it.


It felt like bees had stung me. I stood up and rubbed my poor sore ass. "That will add more time to your spanking. Please bend over again and spread your legs apart." Sally said.

As I bent down, I saw the timer had fifteen minutes left on it. I spread my legs far apart and waited.


I couldn't help myself, and stood up and rubbed my ass.

"Bend back over, and raise up your left foot." Sally said. Then she exchanged the wooden paddle with holes in it for the riding crop. "This is for getting out of place, twice." I now felt her hitting the bottom of my foot with the riding crop. It really hurt and made the bottom of my foot real tender. "Now give me your right foot." And she continued hitting the bottom of my right foot.

After a while, she put my foot back on the floor, put the riding crop down, and went over to the wall to get something. She came back with some cuffs and rope. "I told you if you moved out of place twice, you would be secured to the horse. So give me your wrists." She put wrist cuffs on me and secured my hands to the bottom of the horse. Then she went around in back of me and put ankle cuffs on me and secured my legs wide apart on the horse. I tried to move, but was unable to even move a little bit. I glanced down at the timer and saw that I still had ten minutes left.

"Here we go, again." She said.


"I'm sorry that you have to endure a spanking like this." She said. "But it's for your own good."


Now my ass was on fire, and there were almost tears in my eyes. But then, the bell rang on the timer. I thought my spanking was completed until she reached down and added five more minutes on the timer.

"The extra five minutes are for moving out of position."


Then with about a minute left with my spanking, Sally put the paddle down and grabbed a cane. "I am going to give you three strokes of the cane so that you will know what to expect if you need to come back to the woodshed. After each stroke, please say the number, and 'Thank you, ma'am'. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am." I replied.


"One. Thank you, ma'am." It felt like a hundred bees stung me in a straight line,


"Two. Thank you, ma'am." I tried to stand up but I was secured to the horse.


"Three. Thank you, ma'am." I was glad my spanking was finally over with, when the bell rang.

She gathered up the spanking implements and returned with a jar of cream. Then I felt her hands applying the cream to my sore bare ass. "Now you ass is nice and red with three stripes. You should go to your room and sleep on your stomach tonight. But first let me ease the pain by applying this cold cream on you."

I was still secured to the wooden horse as she rubbed the cream all over my ass cheeks. It felt so good. Then I felt her hands on my inner thighs and between my legs. "Just relax." Sally said. Then she was stroking my penis and balls with the cream. It didn't take long and soon I came in her hand. After the spanking and milking, I stayed in place even after she released me from the horse.

"You can go to your room now. I hope never to see you in here, again" Sally said.

As I laid on my stomach, I though what a great job I had.


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