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A Cyber Friend Comes to Visit Part 2  


You had been very good so far and while I wanted to keep you on the edge, you needed a release so I sat between your legs and sipping my drink stuck my fingers in your pussy two at first and then a third. Your hips shifted back towards me with your legs spread squarely under you, your ass stood high in the air. I leaned over with my cool wet lips and gently kissed your ass following its lovely curve up to the base of your spine and down the other side. Sipping my drink I caught a piece of ice with my tongue and returned my lips to your ass, this time concentrating on the cleft between your mounds, slowly sliding my tongue across your hole. Each time I pushed my cold tongue further into your hole laving the inside of your cheeks and forcing you open. By this time you were very close and I wanted to push you over the edge. Reaching around your legs I took hold of you as I slipped my thumb, which had been soaking your juices inside your pussy into your ass with my first two fingers still in your pussy. You were starting to shudder now, you were very close, and I quickly pulled all of my fingers out and slid my dick into your pussy. I swear that you rose off the floor and just as quickly you soaked me in your come. I wanted to taste your come but not yet. I held on to your hips as you bucked jamming myself into you as deep as I could. When the waves stopped, I pulled myself out until only the head of my dick was inside your pussy. The edge of my helmet rubbed up against the lips of your pussy and I waited.
Slowly your hips started moving, rotating around the head of my dick, but when you pushed back I would retreat, maintaining only enough pressure to stay inside you. Each time you rolled your hips to pull me into you I would withdraw just enough and wait at the end of your reach. Finally you realized that I would not give in to you yet and relaxed. Deliberately I moved just the head of my dick inside you, allowing the edge of my helmet to chaff against your lips. Just the minutest of strokes, but with the largest of effects. Reaching for my scotch I scooped up a piece of ice and trailed the valley of your spine and back. As one piece would melt I would use another. Soon you were close again, panting with your face on the floor, your ass in the air, and as you started gushing I pushed hard into you and held on. The piece of ice I held in my hand descended from the nape of you neck to the base of your spine and slipped quite easily into your ass and you shook.
Now it was my turn, grabbing you by your ponytail and placing my other hand on your chest I pulled you back to your knees. I knelt in front of you and kissed your lips and as they fell open pushed my tongue against yours. Darting back and forth our tongues mixed and meshed. I was completely undressed by this time and it took little effort to slide back inside you, and while I didn’t have much range of movement you easily rolled your hips around my dick. It was building again and I knew I wanted to come in your mouth, so I stood grabbed your ponytail and pushed myself into your mouth. Seizing your head in both of my hands I fucked your mouth as you applied a raw pressure with your teeth as I withdrew and with your tongue as I reentered. The pleasure/pain was acute and I knew that I wanted to come in more than just your mouth, so as I shot I pulled from your mouth and aimed my jet at your face and neck at your chest and your tits and your nipples. On my knees again, I rubbed my come across your nipples covered your whole tits in my come and massaged them until they were hard and rigid.
I rose and mixed myself a drink and grabbing a glass of water for you I returned and knelt before you held the water to your lips and let you drink. In between sips, I slide the cold glass along your chest and stomach across you hard nipples and around your neck. With a sudden realization I went to your sink poured a bucket of warm water and grabbed a cloth and began to wash you, your face, your neck, your chest and stomach and your back. Mixing in kisses everywhere I could think of I tasted every part of your body except one. So after sharing my scotch with you I lay on my back on the floor slide my head up between your thighs, put my hands on your hips and gently licked your pussy. It didn’t take me long to find your hard stiff clit and as I rolled it between my teeth you sighed, spread your legs and lowered yourself on to my face. I love the taste of a new woman and I took the time to enjoy your flavor pushing my tongue deep into your pussy. Each time I pulled my tongue out I nibbled your clit, sucking on the lips of your pussy and pushing my tongue back inside you. It happened so quickly that I’m not sure what happened, but you pitched forward and before I could catch you, you were laying on top of me. Somehow you had landed mouth first on my dick. And swallowed me to the hilt.
I rolled you over on your back with my dick still in your mouth and buried my face in your pussy. Stroking into your mouth I could feel you coming and pushed my tongue deep inside you. The taste of you set me off and pushed into you and came in your mouth as you greedily sucked me dry.
Lifting my weight from you I rolled you on your side and washed you down with the warm water. By this time I was hard again, seeing you laying there your hands tied behind your back was very exciting and I wanted more. Sliding my fingers into your pussy and ass I grabbed your ponytail and I rolled you back on your knees. Kneeling beside you I pushed my tongue deep into your ass and licked your hole. You started to moan and I lifted my head and slapped you hard on your ass with the palm of my hand, once, twice, three times, and my tongue was back in your hole. Two more times I spanked you and returned to kiss your ass, gently kissing the angry red welts. I moved around behind you and pushed into your ass wet from my saliva. I slide right in and stroked you hard, the time for gentleness was over you needed a good hard fucking. You’d never been fucked in the ass before, it’s one of the things we had talked about, you wanted it but were afraid to try and now I was slamming into your ass pushing you across the carpet with each thrust. You were moaning and calling me names screaming to push harder. There was no reason for me to hold back now, so I grabbed your hips and jammed into you. Everything in me became electric and I tingled and vibrated as I spasmed into your ass. I could feel you coming as I held your hips and ground in. For moments we were frozen like that too dazed to move. Finally I pulled out of you and wash up with now lukewarm water. I dressed and looked down at you. What a wonderful night. As I unlocked the handcuff from your wrist you weren’t unconscious but you weren’t awake either. I kissed your lips walked across the room and closed the door behind me.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:18 pm