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A Christmas Gift Part 2  


Santa agrees and Carolyn pushes play on the remote. A rather heated scene pops onto the screen of a guy slamming away at a girl from behind. Carolyn turns away from Santa, pulls her shirt off and reaches for the waistband of her pants. She slowly pulls down her pants (no underwear!)and reveals her moist, cleanly shaven pussy. "I guess I must have a thing for Santa" she says as she lays down on the floor and begins to act out her previous statements. Santa watches the whole scene quietly, his dick now trying to break out of his bright red pants. Soon, she is furiously pumping the pink dildo in and out of her pussy, moaning and writhing and fingering her clit for all she is worth. As she screams out, Santa knows she has finally cum.

Carolyn lies there on the floor recovering from her orgasm and she looks over at Santa. She crooks her cum soaked finger at him and he stands up. When he walks towards her, Carolyn gets on her knees, unbuckles his pants and frees his very large dick! She takes the tip into her mouth and looks up at him. Her husband has gone to such lengths to give her a fantasy she wants to give him the fuck of his life!

She takes his entire dick into her mouth, making sure he can feel the back of her throat with the tip. She grabs his hands and places them on her head, telling him "I have had such a foul mouth this year. I need you to fuck those word right out of my mouth". Santa complies, fucking her mouth with an increasing intensity. WIth her hands free, Carolyn is free to grab Santa's balls with one hand and play with her pussy with her other hand. Both of them are in ecstasy, waiting for the next move.

Carolyn stops Santa and tells him she has thought of a few ideas on how he can enjoy the dildo with herr. "I want you to put your mouth on my clit and fuck me with that dildo then I will give you further instructions"

Santa laughs and takes off the rest of his bright red suit. He says "Lay down on the couch and spread your legs for me, I want to have a look at that wet pussy of yours" Carolyn lays down and spreads her legs wide, revealing her very wet pussy. Santa kneels down in front of her ans lightly touched his tongue to her clit. Carolyn moans as he begins to lick her harder. Santa gets a firm grasp on the dildo and places it on the entrance to her cunt.

"PLease fuck me Santa, fuck me with my present from you" Carolyn pants. Santa slams the dildo into her as he increases the motions of his tongue. Fucking her harder and harder and bringing her to outrageous, screaming orgams with his tongue and the dildo.

As Carolyn recovers from her orgasms, she winks at Santa and tell him to flip her over and fuck her silly, that the night has just begun. Santa's raging dick was happy to comply as he flips her over roughly and shoves his dick into her pussy. He thrusts faster and faster, making Carolyn cum again! She is not done she reaches between them to grab onto his balls and roll them around in her hand.

"Santa, Now that I have covered you in cum, i want you to put your dick in my ass" Carolyn explains "And I want you to go slow so I can feel every single inch of you" Santa never expected this from her, since he previously tried to gain access to her ass and was turned down. He quickly withdraws from her pussy and concentrates on the wonderful sensation her ass is going to give him. He slowly pushes into her, feeling her sphincter muscle tighten as he gets more into her.

"Go slow" She says "I want to do this so bad. I want you to fuck me in my sweet little ass" Santa takes the opportunity to shove a little more into her, waiting for her to be comfortable. She pushes back against him subtly letting him know she is ready for more. He slams his dick home and she screams, not in pain but in ecstasy as she begs for him to fuck her ass, fuck it hard!

Santa slams away at her virgin ass as Carolyn fingers her dripping pussy. "I want you to give me that dildo so I can fuck my pussy while you fuck me in the ass. I've always wanted both of my holes filled" Santa hands over the dildo and she shoves into her pussy, frantic for release. With Santa fucking her ass and a dildo in her pussy, Carolyn is cumming repeatedly, screaming and moaning, almost incoherent.

"cum in my ass, Santa, I want you to cum in my ass!!" She pants and she bucks in the throes of yet another orgasm. Santa picks up his already frantic pace and slams away at her tight ass

"Fuck my tight ass Santa, fuck it hard. I want to feel you cum in my ass. Fuck me fuck me harder, FUCK ME!!!!" Santa thrusts a few more times and empties himself into ass, again and again, fulfilling her wish (and her ass). Carolyn cums all over the dildo shortly after he cums in her ass.

They lay there panting, hoping to die now, to die happy. Neil (Santa) kisses his wife on the cheek and says "Merry Christmas"

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:14 pm